Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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24 October 1969. Thought for the Week: "As only the Catholic and the communist know, all education must be ultimately religious education. I do not mean that education should be confined to postulants for the priesthood or for the higher ranks of Soviet bureaucracy; I mean that the hierarchy of education should be a religious hierarchy. The universities are too far-gone in secularization, they have too long lost any common fundamental assumption as to what education is for, and they are too big. It might be hoped that they would eventually follow, or else be relegated to preservation as curious architectural remains; but they cannot be expected to lead."
T. S. Elliot from the essay, Modern Education and the Classics.


"The widespread demonstrations throughout America would not affect the US stand over Vietnam, the Minister for External Affairs (Mr.Freeth) said at Albany today. President Nixon would not be turned aside from his Vietnam decisions and his resolve would not be shaken 'by this kind of protest', Mr. Freeth said. "There are a lot of Americans taking part in this protest but there are a lot of Americans who do not want to sacrifice previous efforts by quitting now:" - The Advertiser (Adelaide), October 17.

Every time Mr. Freeth makes a statement on foreign affairs he displays an ignorance that is frightening. He misleads the Australian people with his suggestion that President Nixon has any resolve about Vietnam. As we have constantly pointed out, the war in Vietnam has been a major disaster, not because the Americans and their allies intervened, but because they announced to the Communist enemy that they had no intention of defeating him. This placed them in an impossible position, with the Communists in the position of being able to conduct the conflict on their terms while waging increasing psychological warfare on the Americans in their own communities.
Mr. Freeth and his associates must be poorly informed if they do not know that President Johnson was destroyed politically by this psychological warfare.

President Nixon has, naturally enough, a strong desire not to suffer President Johnson's fate, and so he has left no doubt that he proposes to disengage in Vietnam. His only problem is how to get the best face-saving formula. No community is prepared indefinitely to go on fighting and bleeding, while experiencing internal revolution in a war, which has no clear objective. In the United States the position has been reached where even outstanding opponents of Communism, men like Cardinal Cushing, are raising their voices in protest against bleeding indefinitely for no constructive purpose. The attitude of these leaders is: Either let us decide to win, or let us get out.
If Mr. Freeth is not aware of the erosion of Australian public support for involvement in Vietnam, stemming mainly from the attitude of his Government, then he will be a little better informed after the election counting finishes!

While Mr. Freeth is trying to persuade Australians that President Nixon has any resolve about any worthwhile objectives in Vietnam, the Soviet Union has signed a new agreement with Hanoi to continue supplying massive military and economic aid to North Vietnam. The agreement was signed in Moscow by Soviet leader Kosygin and the North Vietnamese Premier, Pham Van Dong. In a Kremlin dinner for the North Vietnamese, Mr. Kosygin said" "As long as a peaceful settlement is not achieved, the Soviet Union, being true to its internationalist duty, will give every possible support and aid to the Vietnamese people in repelling the imperialist aggression."
The Soviet Union is the major base from which the Communists are maintaining their pressure on the Americans and their allies in Vietnam and elsewhere in South-East Asia.

The Soviet strategists are confident that, as their opponents have said they have no intention of winning, this leaves them to win. And these strategists must be delighted with the statements of the Freeths of the Western world, who continue to urge that the West accept the view that there is no alternative to "peaceful co-existence" with an enemy who says he will "bury" the West.
The harsh truth is that the Americans, their allies, and the non-Communist world generally, have taken a major mauling in the international struggle waged around Vietnam. In order to avert any further similar disasters, the first essential is to reject politicians like Mr. Gordon Freeth.


"Britain was strong enough to remain outside the Common Market if the terms were wrong, the Minister for European Affairs, Mr. G. Thomson, said yesterday in his first speech since his appointment. He could not prophesy the outcome. ...British entry would mean changes in trade patterns in the Commonwealth, but these were changing in any case." - The Australian, October 17.

While it is true that Commonwealth trading patterns have changed, the campaigners to force the United Kingdom into the Common Market have been responsible for intensifying this change by telling Australians and New Zealanders for years that it was "inevitable" that Britain would join the European Economic Community, and urging them to develop other trading patterns, while at the same time telling the British people that the members of the old British Commonwealth are no longer interested in maintaining the British link.
This divisive tactic has unfortunately paid some dividends to the traitors working to complete the destruction of the British Commonwealth.

The destruction of the British Commonwealth has been one of the major objectives of those powerful international groups seeking to create the World State. A study of what is happening inside the European Economic Community continues to reveal the hypocrisy associated with this programme for centralising power in Western Europe. The members are not even maintaining their own rules on agriculture and the movement of finance-capital. The Bank of Italy has recently imposed restriction on the movements of finance-capital just as rigid as those imposed in the United Kingdom by the Bank of England. The bureaucracy at Brussels continues to grow.

All these developments are not being overlooked by the British people, with the encouraging result that in spite of what their party leaders state, they are showing progressively less enthusiasm for a proposal to surrender what remains of their national sovereignty. Mr. Enoch Powell, once again quick to measure the political pulse of the British people was reported in The Age, Melbourne, October 6, "Whip the application back from the table in Brussels. It will barely be noticed amongst the wrangles and quarrels of the members of that ramshackle organisation, the Common Market."
We once again express our conviction that the revival of close unity between the British peoples of the World is one of the major essentials for salvaging what remains of Civilisation.


".........evidence from a member of the Government, Gideon Mutiso Assistant Minister for Education that
(1) Strange and primitive oath-taking ceremonies have swept through Kiluyuland, with the same rituals being performed as that of Mau-Mau.
(2) Eighty one children, aged between eight and nine, were forced to leave their school play-ground to take the disgusting oaths.
(3) One man has been battered to death and many others seriously injured because they refused to comply.
(4) Former Mau-Mau oath administrators are again reviving the old bestial ceremonies, and because of fears of the consequences, it is estimated that most of the 1,750,000 Kikuyu have taken the oath." - Alan Chester, in The Sydney Morning Herald, 3/10/69.

The Herald in Melbourne, September 29 reported a strong protest lodged by Sir Eric Norris, British High Commissioner in Kenya against the deporting of three British journalists, amongst who was Alan Chester. The three men were given less than three hours to get out of Kenya. The Kenyan Government gave no reason for the deportations. Those who have studied the Corfield Report, which was tabled as a White Paper on the Origins and Growth of Mau-Mau, will have some understanding of the utter depravity with which oath administrators gripped the simple tribal Kikuyu people in a superstitious vice, in complete contravention their own tribal traditions, let alone civilised rule of law.
It is clear that the Mboya assassination has already released the potential of full-scale tribal war.

The concept of African nationalism is impossibly idealistic in an atmosphere where tribal loyalties have been ingrained for so long. Recent history has already shown that the native of Africa has only one chance of progress, which is the guidance and protection of his "elder brother" (to use the words of Dr. Schweitzer) the European. The political dominance of the Kikuyu has, since independence, disenfranchised the smaller tribes "one man one vote" never worked in Kenya, and odds are that they will end up with no vote at all.


The inverted values, which dominate governmental thinking were emphasised in the recently announced NSW budget. For example, providing defense for those who cannot afford legal representation in court will cost taxpayers $55,000 this year. Religious instructions to prison inmates will cost $16,400 - a paltry enough tribute to the basic Christian teaching that Our Lord regarded each soul as infinitely precious. Tea money estimates for the various Government Departments on the other hand, will cost $164,000, which does not include Government business undertakings!
This reminds us of C.H.Douglas' timely reminder that "The merry game of voting one's self benefits at someone else's expense must stop."

The Federal Government has an even worse record. The Daily Telegraph l3/8/69 tells us "The running costs of every Federal Ministry will rise this year, increasing the overall cost of running the nation by $42.6 million"


"Centralised control of education through Canberra could lead to children being politically indoctrinated at school, New South Wales Minister for Education, Mr. Cutler, warned yesterday." - The Australian, October 14.
Mr. Cutler warned that political indoctrination of children in highly centralised educational systems already existed in some countries.

It is heartening to note comments of this kind. Already the influence exerted through financial control from Canberra in education is producing very undesirable results in education. The scholarship system controlled by fund's from Canberra has undermined parental, state and institutional control of the student, and has created opportunities for those who seek to use the universities for other purposes than education. Provision of funds should not be divorced from responsibility, when it is, breakdown must occur.

Mr. Cutler was quite correct when he said, "Education must be close to the people and its administrators must be close to the people. There are still difficulties under decentralised State education. How much more difficult it would be for all if control were centralised in Canberra."

He would have been even more correct had he advocated that the ultimate form of decentralised control is when parents control the funds, which supply the educational needs of their children. If we accept T.S.Elliot's words of truth in our Thought for the Week it is obvious that there are two forces vying for the control of education. Either that which believes education serves the growth of the spiritual nature of man, or that which sees the educational process as a means of controlling mankind.

Financial ability and responsibility vested in the parent would at least allow a genuine choice between the two religious hierarchies's. The increasing financial dependence of the individual on the State ensures that religious hierarchy of communism predominates.


"A loosely organised network of anti-war groups and individuals is helping thousands of American servicemen to desert to Canada.... It is providing shelter advice, false identification papers, money and transport…Each night in Montreal dozens of Americans can be seen sleeping in the park near McGill University. . . . (There is) a steadily increasing rate of desertion from the armed services, now running at about 73,000 a year. A change in immigration policy by the Canadian Government ... openly welcomes American deserters." - Sydney Bulletin 11/10/69.

It is hardly surprising to those who have learnt the truth about Pierre Elliot Trudeau to know that the Canadian Government is aiding and abetting treasonable activities in a friendly country on her border.
Election comment authorised by Eric D, Butler, 273 Little Collins St. Melbourne 3000.



We are sure many would have read last week's Thought for the Week with interest. We have to thank Kingstown - NSW V.P.A. for sending it to us. It is worth reproducing and using as a basis of discussion.

"Our species is the only creative species, and it has only one creative instrument, the individual mind and spirit of man. Nothing was ever created by two men. There are no good collaborations whether in music, in art in poetry, in mathematics, in philosophy. Once the miracle of creation has taken place, the group can build and extend it, but the group never invents anything. The preciousness lies in the lonely mind of a man." - John Steinbeck.

The writer has endeavoured to make a positive statement, which is beyond argument. There is room for disagreement on the statement "Our species is the only creative species," in its purest form. Man has never created the life forces, which he uses. He has discovered them, not created them. That privilege was the creator's.
However, the intent of the Steinbeck statement is vitally important, and it contains that fundamental truth which when harnessed to moral laws constitutes progress by man in molding environment to his benefit.

If "the preciousness" of individuality is to be preserved, and extended to as many as possible, our task is to build a society where the maximum freedom for individual diversification is possible. A good question to consider in this regard is, "Is the purpose of education to define a pre-determined end for the individual?" How would you define the purpose of education?"

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