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On Target

28 November 1969. Thought for the Week: "Everything secret degenerates; nothing is safe that does not show it can bear discussion and publicity"
Lord Acton.


"A majority of the All-India Congress Committee of the ruling Congress Party today declared the 'expulsion' of the Prime Minister (Mrs. Gandhi) from the party invalid after voting unanimously yesterday to oust the party (Mr. S. Nijalingappa). Mr. Nijalingappa and his supporters in the old guard of the party earlier this month when they declared Mrs. Gandhi expelled." - The Age, Melbourne, November 24.

Step by step Soviet tactics in India are moving that unhappy country towards a situation in which the Communists hope that they can take over. Having encouraged Mrs. Gandhi to take steps, which eventually resulted in a major split within the Congress Party, the Soviet tacticians are moving to make her progressively more dependent upon the Socialists and Communists to retain power. The ultimate objective is a Coalition Government between Mrs. Gandhi's supporters in the Congress Party and the Communists. If this objective can be reached, the Soviet's local representatives will be in the position to take India over "legally" in the same way that they took Czechoslovakia over in 1948.


"Women's rights campaigners have moved a step closer to their objective of giving Switzerland's 1,800,000 women the vote - but they still have a long way to go. "- The Herald, Melbourne. November 24.

If the vociferous supporters of "majority rule" for Rhodesia were logical, they would be conducting an international campaign in favour of Swiss women having the political vote. This is a project, which Miss Judith Todd might perhaps take up. At least the Swiss women might be expected to have some understanding of what voting means, which the great majority of Africans do not at their present stage of development. But even large numbers of Swiss women are not very interested in voting.
There is one society, which works against women having a vote. The members are all women!
These women claim that Church, home and children should be the main interest of women. It would be instructive to hear from some of our well-known "political scientists proving whether the Government of Switzerland is any worse than those Governments elected on a different type of franchise.


"The Prime Minister, Mr. Gorton, came under strong fire at today's meeting of the Parliamentary Liberal Party. Four backbenchers, including the former National Development Minister, Mr. David Fairbairn, criticised Government policies and leadership... Fairbairn lashed the Government for lack of leadership, particularly in Commonwealth-State relations. Mr. Les Erwin, Mr. Peter Howson and Sir Wilfrid Kent-Hughes criticised Government policies which 'failed' at the October 25 elections." - Newsday, Melbourne, November 24.

In last week's special issue of On Target we examined the basic problems which the Government must face if it is to survive. There is growing agreement that something must be done to improve the relationship between the Commonwealth and the States. But any genuine improvement in the situation requires a drastic change of thinking amongst Canberra's policy makers. Most of the important policy makers are top officials in the Federal Treasury, and their major argument against a return to financial sovereignty for the States, is that this would upset their attempts to "control" inflation. This is a false argument, as inflation is the result of the inflationary credit policy being imposed by the Federal Government.
If the Government can reverse its inflationary policies, then it will be much easier to resolve other problems.

(Adequate supplies of last week's special On Target are still available for selective distribution. 36 cents per dozen from Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne.)


The present state of the $25,000 fund for 1970 is ridiculous. There has been a further advance since our last report, with donating and/or pledging $991.80 taking the total to $ 6,025.60. But judging from several remarks we have heard indicate that many who are going to contribute believe that there is plenty of time. Forward planning in depth requires a firm assurance of financial support NOW. Time is not with us. So please get those donations and/or pledges in IMMEDIATELY.
All Northern N.S.W. and Queensland contributions to Mr. Don Martin, P.O. Box 3, Paddington Brisbane.


"Bernadette Devlin, the 22 year old Irish firebrand who is Britain 's youngest MP, said today she once devised a plan to blow up a US base." - The Sun, Melbourne, November 22.

The truth about North Ireland's "civil rights" leader, Miss Bernadette Devlin, is slowly but surely emerging. Presented by the mass news media as a "devout Roman Catholic ", Miss Devlin is in fact against all Churches. Her autobiography, The Price of My Soul, is most revealing. We recommend it to all those dupes who have been so active in presenting Miss Devlin as some type of modem Joan of Arc. She informs her readers that, "I've often wondered why the Irish Republican Army is so keen on blowing up bridges when Northern Ireland offers much greater possibilities for disruption and international publicity. In Derry, there is a U.S. communications base, which is used as a lookout post for the rest of Europe."

Miss Devlin goes on to suggest that her plan was to set fire to a forest park to divert Northern Ireland police and fire brigades, and then "With the entire country running around putting out fires, it would take not more than six hand grenades over the wall of the communications base to create a very nasty diplomatic incident."
BUT after revealing her darkest thoughts, Miss Devlin then says that she could not reconcile herself to the thought that someone might be in the forests. Most revealing!


"The basic assumptions shaping Australia s foreign policy had to be re-examined in the radical change in the United States' attitude to Asia an expert on international affairs and strategic arms studies said yesterday. The expert Professor Hedley Bull, Professor of International Relations at the Australian National University Canberra, was addressing a meeting of the Australian American Association in Sydney. He attacked the Australian Government for failing to recognise the course of U.S. foreign policy in Asia and for not expanding contacts with the other great powers, notably the Soviet Union and Japan." - The Australian November 21.

Professor Bull must have a very superficial understanding of the realities of international politicians if he thinks that Australia would improve its "bargaining position" with the United States by political co-operation" with the Soviet Union. Professor Bull provides a clue to his politics by his attack on the DLP "and some backbenchers of a lack of political sophistication in rejecting overtures to the Soviet Union by the former Minister for External Affairs, Mr. Freeth."

Professor Bull has just returned from America and claims that there was "a McCarthyite atmosphere... The bandwagon of opposition to the Government's policies is breeding intolerance and hysteria, making difficult the expression of opposing views and the soldiering on in Vietnam if this becomes necessary."

If Australia had taken a firm stand on the conduct of the Vietnam War, openly supporting the "win policy" advocated by America's military leaders this would have substantially increased Australia's status. But now the war is bleeding towards its end with the Nixon Administration striving to find a formula for retreating without too much loss of face and impact on American public opinion.
The resignation of President Nixon's chief negotiator Mr. Cabot Lodge from the Paris talks must be regarded with the greatest satisfaction by the Communists. The only point made by Professor Bull with which we agree is that American friendship is best sought by uncritical support of American policies. But an independent Australia foreign policy must be based upon a realistic defence policy. Greater defence is practical with a more realistic financial policy.


"Preparations on a massive scale for the possibility of war with Russia have gained momentum in China in recent weeks… Recent troop movements have included shifting of some units toward the coast, and there is evidence that accelerated defence production is turning out increased numbers of weapons, including aircraft, artillery and light infantry armament. - The Age, Melbourne, November 24.

The headline to the report above reads. CHINA GETS READY TO FIGHT RUSSIA. We now have a massive file of press reports hysterically claiming that major conflict was about to break out between the Soviet Union and the Red Chinese. We have no doubt that the masters of Red China are engaged in "feverish" preparations for war. But such preparations are always useful for keeping a restive population under more effective control.
As we have often pointed out, there is no doubt about the bitter controversy between Moscow and Peking. But the Communist leaders in Moscow and Peking are not likely to let this controversy reach the stage of a major military conflict within the foreseeable future. Such a conflict could threaten both the two major bases of International Communism. In the meantime report of the imminence of major conflict assists the Soviet to pursue its psychological warfare strategy.
If some "experts" are to be believed the Soviet submarines and ships moving around Australia are really there to help defend Australia against the Red Chinese!


The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly yesterday in favour of a manifesto outlining eventual black majority rule in southern Africa. The voting figures were 113 to two." - The Australian, November 22.

This is another move towards attempting to increase the pressure on the South Africans, Portuguese and Rhodesians to capitulate to demands, which, if agreed to, would produce in Southern Africa the same bloodshed, and chaos so prevalent in "independent" Africa. The Portuguese delegate, Mr. B. de Miranda, pointed out that the UN manifesto was asking his country to betray the overwhelming majority of the people of its African territories and to hand them over to foreign-armed movements.
As Australia has not been listed as having abstained from voting on the attack on Southern Africa, we must conclude that the Australian representative at the UN cast an affirmative vote. The new Minister for External Affairs, Mr. W. McMahon, should be asked a few searching questions.


"Russian influence in Cuba is about to intensify after a week's visit here by the Soviet Defence Minister, Marshal Andrei Grechko, and a high-ranking military delegation that included no fewer than five generals and at least one admiral." - Henry Miller reporting from Cuba in The Age, Melbourne, November 24.

Miller claims that a senior Cuban official told him that, "We are closer friends of Russia now than we have ever been." At one time there were reports that Castro was disillusioned with the Soviet and pursuing an independent policy. Those who knew the facts and stressed the truth had their viewpoint confirmed with the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet. Castro came out in defence of the Soviet.
Current Soviet activities in Cuba are undoubtedly a development of the visit to Cuba of a flotilla of Soviet warships in July, the first visit of Soviet warships to a Western port. Since then there has been an increasing stream of Soviet shipping to Cuba.

There is little doubt that the Soviet military build up is being intensified. While the U.S. is deeply involved' in a "no-win" war in Vietnam, it is apparently unable to prevent the Soviet from building up its major base in the Western Hemisphere, only 90 miles from its own shores.


The British Socialists' Race Relations Act is producing some humorous developments. A Scottish doctor living in England has discovered that his press advertisement for a Scottish help to cook for his family is illegal. A West End theatrical agent has been barred from advertising for colored dancers for an all-colored revue. A Municipal body was unable to advertise its preference for a Scottish solicitor qualified in Scottish law. With tongue in cheek, one Tory MP has drawn attention to the practice of the Yorkshire Cricket Club playing only men born in Yorkshire!
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