Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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12 Dec 1969. Thought for the Week: "I do not think ... that many, if any, of those top men are traitors in the classical sense of simply betraying their own country, the U.S.A. to another country, say the U.S.S.R. I think that many of our top leaders in government and business have participated in a usurpation of power through which they hope to manage rather than represent the American people. I think further that they hope to participate in the management of the world, and that they do not envisage this as possible without ultimately merging with the Communist bloc."
Medford Evans in The Usurper.


"The New Zealand Prime Minister (Mr. Holyoake) said yesterday it was a fair assumption "that Australia and NZ troops would be withdrawn from Vietnam before the end of 1970." - The Age, Melbourne, December 5.

The Gorton Government continues to remain silent on what policy, if any, it now proposes on the Vietnam issue. Time is running out fast for the Government as the floodgates of retreat from Vietnam are opened. A carefully co-ordinated international campaign built around the My Lai affair has the U.S.A. now hopelessly on the defensive. The sickening hypocrisy of the hatchet men of the press is demonstrated by their new cry that it is the "moral duty" of the Americans and their allies to withdraw. What is "moral" about leaving the Vietnamese to the bloodbath, which the Communists promise?

Documentary evidence has been provided that the Viet Cong have already prepared lists of hundreds of thousands to be murdered first. There is no doubt that the prolonged war in Vietnam has been a brutalising affair. This is one of the disastrous results, which have flowed from the no-win policy imposed upon American military leaden by either traitors or dupes in high places in the policy-making departments of the U.S.A.

In order to understand what has really happened in Vietnam, Australian politicians could profitably make a start with The Usurpers, by Medford Evans, former Chief of Security Training for the United States Atomic Energy Commission. (Price $1. 13 post free from Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne.) Evans shows how the usurpers of power in the U.S.A., the Dean Rusks the Robert McNamaras and others, have poured enormous American production into a war in Vietnam they had no intention of winning, and one which will result in another major Communist advance, with the Communists taking over the permanent capital equipment and development which the Americans must leave behind in the retreat.

No one with any experience of the type of warfare being waged in Vietnam doubts that civilians have been killed. But civilians were killed by the tens of thousands in the massive bombing during World War II without much moralising. Leading Zionist, Professor Julius Stone, is one of those now beating his breast about the necessity of a "moral" withdrawal from Vietnam. We do not recall Professor Stone condemning the official Israeli policy of "collective punishment" of Arab villagers who do not co-operate with the Israelis against Arab guerrillas in their midst. Whatever the truth about My Lai, one can imagine an army unit's self-control collapsing in the attempts to defeat Viet Cong disguised as civilian villagers.

No civilised person can condone atrocities, but the hysterical campaign concerning My Lai obscures the important facts that
(1) The U.S.A. army had nine months ago, without any public pressure, set in motion an investigation of allegations of atrocities, and
(2) Lt. Cawley had been indicted for murder long before the world-wide campaign on My Lai broke, and at the time the incident was not generally reported.
The My Lai campaign was launched just prior to the last big anti- Vietnam demonstration in the U.S.A. with a release from a Communist - controlled "news agency."

The Vietnam retreat must inevitably lead to further retreats in South - East Asia. We have warned over recent years of the bitter price America and her allies would pay for their no-win policy in Vietnam and failure to directly challenge the whole Communist conspiracy. But there is still time - probably just enough to at least learn from this disaster and take constructive action.


One of our veteran supporters and his wife, who had already made their annual substantial donation to League funds have written in expressing concern about why more supporters are not helping to fill the $25,000 Fund 1970, and enclosing g another cheque for $50. Surely this will be an inspiration to others? During last week a further $1050 was received, but from only 22 supporters, a high average of $48 each. 209 supporters have now donated and / or pledged a total of $9944.75. Can we hear immediately from the great majority who have yet to join the ranks? Donations to League of Rights Box 1052J G.P.O. Melbourne. Northern N.S.W. and Queensland to Mr. Don Martin, P.O. Box 3, Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland.


"Allan Dowsley has taught his last class at Traralgon Technical School. If he reports for work this morning he will be assigned to 'school duties' - supervision in the yard', his head master (Mr. J.H. Canavan) said last night. 'After that it's up to the Education Department whether they give him the sack or transfer him to Woop Woop', he said." - The Age, Melbourne, December 8.

There has been a spate of publicity in the Melbourne press concerning a Victorian headmaster who took firm action against one of his teachers because he "has brought his Monash University Labor Club and pro-Communist views to this school." The teacher, Mr. Allan Dowsley, 24, was ordered from the Traralgon Technical School last week, after he had sent a letter to a local newspaper attacking a CMF military display at the Traralgon Show. Obviously an old-fashioned type of patriot, headmaster Canavan, an ex army man and vice-president of the local RSL, has revealed that not only did Mr. Dowsley claim that the mock army attack on a village was sadistic and a degrading influence on children, but that previously he had had trouble with Mr. Dowsley in his school, who objected to school prayers.

The Dowsley case draws attention to the type of poison being poured into the educational system. More and more Dowsleys are being turned out of the Universities and then paid to influence young minds. Headmasters of the Canavan breed will progressively die out and be replaced by the Dowsleys. If parents had effective control of the education of their children, and their educational system, they would be able to produce their children with some protection. In the meantime the headmasters like Mr. Canavan should be given every public support.

Typical of his type, Mr. Dowsley has made the suggestion that "If the school's not big enough for us he (the headmaster) should go." This appears to reflect the Mao Tse-tung "line" of the Monash Labor Club, whose most notorious member had been Albert Langer.


"Britain is not yet in the Common Market -and may never be, despite the agreement among Market Ministers at the end of a two day meeting. The agreement specified that, by June 30, the Six would establish a negotiating position for talks with Britain and the three other applicant countries, Denmark, Ireland and Norway." Howard Williams reporting from The Hague in The Age, December 4.

Prime Minister Harold Wilson is shrewdly exploiting the Common Market issue as a potential election winner. Conservative leader Edward Heath has always been a dedicated Marketeer, a major cause of the Conservatives defeat at the last British elections. Wilson created the impression that he was against surrendering British sovereignty to an international bureaucracy in Brussels, knowing that the British people are opposed to the policy. But once elected he did his best to get Britain into the Common Market. But now he is keeping his options open, no doubt hoping that Heath will firmly pledge the conservatives to the Common Market, enabling Wilson to say later, "We now find after exhaustive examination that the price is too high, and that therefore we cannot work for British entry."

The European Economic Community has the backing of the world's most subversive power groups. Once the United Kingdom was absorbed into a monopolistic structure of this type, not only would British sovereignty be surrendered but also any prospects of regenerating the old British Commonwealth would be destroyed.

The European Economic Community has been a major disaster. It has solved no problems, but has created many. The farm policy of the European Economic Commission bureaucrats has produced incredible results. There is a mountain of unsold primary production while French women from places like Calais make shopping excursions across the English channel to England to buy the French butter a 4/2 a pound which in France would cost them 9/- a pound.

With a system of subsidies, British farmers have become more efficient, while prices to the consumer remain comparatively low. It would be criminal madness for any British Government to accept the farm programme of the European Economic Community. Australians with friends and relatives in the United Kingdom should urge them to press to stay out of the European Common Market and work to preserve the old British Commonwealth.


"The world might be plunged into depression if the United States failed to curb inflation, a Senate House economic sub-committee was told here yesterday. Mr. Douglas Dillon, a former Secretary of the Treasury under President Kennedy, said inflation in the U.S. threatened the stability of the dollar ... Max Frankel, of the New York Times writes:
President Nixon's attempts to escape from inflation has become at least as risky and dramatic as his efforts to withdraw from Vietnam." - The Age Melbourne. December 5, 1969.

World-wide inflation is the inevitable result of the policy of debt financing and heavy taxation, a policy which has the warmest approval of the Socialists. Under present financial rules the only way in which inflation can be slowed down is by severe curtailment of the rate of credit expansion. This produces an increasingly revolutionary situation as unemployment grows and industry starts to slow down to the point where some organisations collapse completely.

The Federal Reserve Bank's severe credit squeeze in the United States is already taking its toll. A report from Washington states that "Industrial production and retail sales are down unemployment is creeping up and profit margins are shrinking." But, even so, the price level, still continues to move upward in exactly the same way that it has in the United Kingdom under the even more severe credit restriction policies of Harold Wilson. Only with a major depression is it possible to have a reduction in the price level - with desperate business men subsidising prices as long as they can out of profits and reserves before going bankrupt.

No student of real history disputes that the Great Depression of the thirties was deliberately produced for the purpose of advancing revolutionary programmes for the re-organisation of society.
"Controlled inflation" - the dogma of the Fabian Socialists - is being used to further the programme as witnessed by what is happening in Australia. As we anticipated, the new Federal Treasurer Mr. Leslie Bury, formerly an official with the International Monetary Fund, and a centralist, has informed electors that he endorses the financial policies of his predecessor, Mr. McMahon. In other words he is merely another public relations officer for the same permanent policy makers. The destructive results of the policy of inflation can be seen everywhere. The Australian of December 10 reports under the headline,
"The Australian wool industry faces economic ruin unless the Federal Government curbs inflation and adopts a long term economic development policy for the industry...

There is, of course a genuine solution: the implementation of the Liberal-Country Party's program of 1949: Every pressure must be applied to force the Government back in its own original policies.


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