Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

19 Dec 1969. Thought for the Week: "The world today is showing increasing alarm at the pollution of its material environment and rightly so. It is our firm conviction that this is but the outward and observable aspect of the far more dangerous pollution of our spiritual and philosophical bases which is so far and incessantly advanced."
Horton Davies Chairman of League of Rights Church Committee in Annual Report to General Meeting of The League.


"Victorian trade unions yesterday urged national servicemen in Vietnam to lay down their arms in mutiny against heinous barbarism perpetuated in Australia's name. A meeting of 32 unions representing more, than 150,000 workers, decided in Melbourne to call on all conscripts to refuse to accept orders which were against their conscience." - The Australian, December 16.

As a result of the American policy, imposed upon South Vietnam, and followed by other allies, of not officially declaring war against the Government of Hanoi, opponents of the war in Vietnam have been left free to engage in every conceivable form of opposition. This situation has delighted the Communists. Much of the opposition has been openly subversive. But the ultimate in opposition has been reached with the decision of trade unions to try to persuade Australian troops in Vietnam to engage in acts of mutiny.
Troops who mutinied would, of course, be court-martialled immediately. Those responsible for the trade union resolution must be aware of this fact, which raises the question of whether they are genuinely concerned about the Australian troops.
It is hard to believe that any genuine Australian, irrespective of his views on Australia's involvement in Vietnam, could urge that Australian troops engage in mutiny.

Hanoi will, of course, be delighted with reports of Australian troops being urged to throw down their arms in the presence of the Communists. If the war in Vietnam had been officially declared and the objective of victory against the Government of Hanoi openly stated, then Australian trade unionists, or anyone else, advocating that Australian troops mutiny, would nave been severely dealt with. But it is most unlikely that a Government, which has announced that it is following the American retreat from Vietnam, will do more than verbally slap a few wrists. And if Prime Minister Gorton thinks that his announcement of a withdrawal of Australian troops will appease his critics, he is in for some rude shocks.President Nixon has found this out.

Encouraged by the policy of withdrawal at a time when Hanoi has shown no sign whatever of agreeing to anything at the "peace" talks, domestic opponents of Vietnam resistance have intensified their efforts. While there appears to be little doubt that the military and security situation inside Vietnam is better than it was twelve months ago, the Communists are always taking the long view of a situation. The British expert on guerrilla warfare, Sir Robert Thompson, who directed the 12 year war against Chin Peng's guerrillas in Malaya, has recently toured Vietnam and reported as follows to President Nixon:
"I would say quite definitely at this moment that the South Vietnamese and the Americans have the upper hand on the military side." However, Sir Robert went on to warn: "But I'd like to make a point that you can't really, in a war of this nature, divorce the military, political economic and so on. The position at the moment is that their (the communist) side could still win."

The greatly intensified international campaign is directly linked with the Communist campaign in South Vietnam. President Nixon's announcement of the withdrawal of 50,000 more American troops from Vietnam by April 15 of next year, comes at a time when it is conceded in Washington that the infiltration of troops from North Vietnam into South Vietnam is running up to ten times higher than a few months ago. However, President Nixon says he has decided to take the "risk", expressing hope that the South Vietnamese will be able to fill the gaps left by the American withdrawals.
And equally important, of course, are the American Congressional Elections in November of next year!

In the meantime, Communist activities are being intensified in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Australian defence in the broadest sense is the most important subject Australians should be concerning themselves with. What is the Gorton Government's policy for the post Vietnam era? If it cannot produce a realistic policy, then it is failing Australia just as much as are its critics on the Vietnam War.


The Usurpers tells the explosive story of how control of Government in the U.S.A. has been usurped by power - hungry men prepared to work together with the Soviet to establish World Government. Sheds blinding light on Vietnam. Price $1. 13 post-free.

At last Patrick Walsh's Behind The World-Wide Student Power Movement is in print. This is a real "winner". Price 45 cents post-free. Essential reading for every student.


"The Japanese Government has publicly suggested high level official talks between Japan and Communist China to improve relations between the two countries. ... The invitation to Peking came yesterday - with emphasis - from the Prime Minister (Mr. Sato), the Foreign Minister (Mr. Aich) and another top member of the Government, the Chief Cabinet Secretary (Mr. Hozi). The Age, Melbourne, December 15.

Coinciding with the open Japanese move to improve relations with Red China is the news that the U.S.A. and Red China have come closer to a resumption of the formal talks suspended more than two years ago in Warsaw, Poland. At the same rime secret talks have been going on between Moscow and Peking since October 20, allegedly on the subject of disputed border issues. Periodically press headlines shriek that the Soviet and Red China are on the "brink" of major war - which to date has not eventuated. It does not appear to have occurred to the superficial press pundits that the talks between Moscow and Peking could be about matters other than border disputes.
Behind all the verbal warfare there are top Communists in both Moscow and Peking who see eye-to-eye.

One of the major factors behind the Japanese and other moves to establish friendly relations with Red China, is the prospect of gaining entry to an enormous export market. Deluded by the myth that a nation's domestic economy can only be made to work by exporting an increasing amount of production out of the country without equivalent imports (the favourable balance of trade dogma), Japanese and other businessmen together with primary producers like Australian and Canadian wheat farmers, can be manipulated to increase the growing campaign to have Red China recognised seated at the UN.


We wish to extend our Christmas Greetings to all our readers, both old and new. The bearer of unpleasant truths has never been popular in history, but we were told a long time ago that the truth shall make us free. We extend a special welcome in this, our final issue for the year, to those receiving On Target as a Christmas gift from their friends.

What do we stand for? Briefly, the free society, with all its institutions, in which the individual has both rights and responsibilities. We will be taking up the cause of truth in the New Year, on January 16. We trust that all readers will find 1970 a rewarding year for them in every way.


"There is still excess steam in the Australian in spite of the apparent easing in the demand for labor during November". Economist Kenneth Davidson in The Australian December 16.

The "excess steam" referred to is what is described as "demand pressures expanding more strongly than industrial capacity." This is sometimes also referred to as an "overheating of the economy", which from time to time needs "cooling." Translated into simple English this jargon claims to mean that consumers are making demands on the industrial system, which are hard to meet.

But how are demands made on the production system? Only through the "money vote". If consumers have too many "money votes" compared with productive capacity, how has this state of affairs come about? Industry issues "money votes" in the process of production. No business organisation can possibly issue "money votes" in excess of the prices of its production. Even a certified economist should be able to understand that!
If there is an "excess" of money votes - which the great majority of consumers would strongly dispute as they strive to buy their requirements with a constantly shrinking dollar - this is the result of the financial, policies of the government and its "advisers".

The first essential for an understanding of economics is to know the answers to the following simple questions: What is money? How is it created? And by whom? The answers will be found in The Institute of Economic Democracy fact booklet, The Creation and Control of Money. (Price 35 Cents post-free).

Freed from all unnecessary restrictions, the free enterprise system can easily provide Australians with all their requirements, including a much more effective defence system than they have at present. A new financial policy is the first essential.


"Israel issued a delicately worded rebuttal early today to the latest American Middle East peace plan ...The U.S. Secretary of State Rogers) announced the plan under which Israel would withdraw from occupied territory in return for specific security safeguards." - The Age, Melbourne, December 12.

As we have often pointed out, it is certainly true that the Soviet is pouring vast quantities of military equipment into the Arab nations, and is also progressively expanding its influence, but the Zionists never start at the beginning of the story, and mention that the new State of Israel only came into existence in 1948 because of the military, diplomatic and other support from the Soviet, whose strategists correctly assessed the long-term implications of the Zionist penetration into the Arab world.

It is now unrealistic to talk about destroying Israel. But unless the genuine grievances of the Arabs can be met, then they are going to turn more and more to the Soviet. It is elementary that one of the first essentials is that Israel gives back to the Arabs the territory taken in the war, which Israel declared in 1967. But there are Zionist leaders in Israel who are determined to exploit the situation in order to incorporate these conquered territories into Israel permanently.

It is generally forgotten that two years ago a British sponsored resolution was carried unanimously at the United Nations, with constructive provisions for peace. The Arabs agreed to accept the terms of this resolution, which they were prepared to have implemented under the strict supervision of the Security Council. It was Israel, which rejected this, insisting on the tactic of "direct negotiations", that the Arabs could not accept this. There is every evidence that this tactic is being used to camouflage Israel's real policy: permanent control of the areas taken in the 1967 war and further expansion.

The double-talk of the Zionist leaders matches that of the Communists. Prime Minister Gold Meir put the real Zionist policy clearly on August 15 when she said that, "we will not budge from any inch of the occupied Arab territory". Also that "wherever we settle, that is where our borders will be.


Since the League of Rights launched its 1969-70 $25,000 fighting fund, donations and/or pledges have been coming in at the average of approximately $1000 per week. Last week only 22 contributed $1020.38 to advance the total to $10,965,13. The fund can easily be filled because only 231 have as yet participated. But please do not let us drag this matter out. What we would like to see is a flood of smaller contributions, much as we do thank those who have made substantial contributions. Why not a real Christmas present for the League? Get it away TODAY.
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