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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

14 February 1969. Thought for the Week: "Man has gained the mastery of the material world before knowing himself. Thus, modern society has been built at random, according to the chance of scientific discoveries and to the fancy of ideologies, without regard for the laws of our body and soul. We have been the victims of a disastrous illusion - the illusion of our ability to emancipate ourselves from natural laws. We have forgotten that nature never forgives. In order to endure, society, as well as individuals, should conform to the laws of life".
Alexis Carrel in Man, The Unknown.


"President Nixon, declaring that his policy to Russia was 'negotiation rather than confrontation', yesterday urged prompt Senate approval of the treaty to ban the spread of nuclear weapons. The move was a clear signal to the Soviet Government that the United States no longer considered the invasion of Czechoslovakia a stumbling block to the improvement of relations between the two superpowers". - The Australian February 7.

The doubts, which many conservative Americans held about President Nixon before his election, are starting to become realities. It is ironic that the nuclear ban treaty was initiated by the Johnson Administration. Mr. Nixon went on record as saying that while he supported the proposed treaty in principle, he did not favour immediate Senate action during the Presidential election campaign, this would indicate approval of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. Presumably President Nixon feels that, in spite of the naked Soviet bullying of Czechoslovakia still continuing, he can enter into "negotiations" with the Soviet criminals without too much public concern in the U.S.A. And, of course, the Presidential election is now safely behind him.'
Australians should note that Red China has attacked the nuclear ban treaty and continues to push ahead with its massive nuclear programme.

The Australian Government should refuse to sign any treaty, which will prevent Australia from providing itself with a nuclear deterrent if it is necessary to attempt to protect Australia's future. Mr. Harold Wilson's retreat from "East of Suez", and now President Nixon's clear warning that after Vietnam the U.S.A. will never again intervene militarily on the Asian mainland, even if asked to do so by Asian nations, should alert all thinking Australians to the necessity of a realistic defence programme.

A realistic defence programme for Australia requires that Australian policy makers face the harsh truth that the Soviet strategists only participate in negotiations, and sign agreements, when they believe that by doing so they will advance their general strategy of world conquest. Now that President Nixon has made it official to the Soviet Leaders that their invasion of Czechoslovakia will be forgotten, the Soviet global strategy can be advanced by further moves, safe in the knowledge that the West will take no effective action. Effective action will only be taken when there is an upsurge of determination amongst the peoples of the West.


"Australia would be crazy to open its doors to coloured migrants, a retiring Australian diplomat, Sir Reginald Sholl, said at Freemantle yesterday. Three years in the United States as Australia's Consul-General had convinced him of this, he said." - The Sydney Morning Herald, February 8.

Sir Reginald Sholl's warning is most opportune as it comes from a man who admits that when he was younger he believed Australia should have a quota system for other races. But his years in the United States had shown him the problems and disorders, which result from having racial minorities. Australians have been described as "lucky people." They should take advantage of their good luck and not import problems they do not have. They should heed the experiences of other people who are suffering the problems of races of completely different backgrounds attempting to live together.


This fund advanced by another $839.80 over the past week and now stands at $1502.20. Only those who did not contribute or pledge to the 1969 League of Rights Fund are requested to contribute to the Deficiency Fund. $5000.00 is required by the end of June.


"An influential member of Parliament called on the Government today to invite France, the Soviet Union or the Netherlands to station troops in Malaysia after the British withdrawal in 1971. Mr. Tazuddin Ali, a member of the ruling Alliance Party, said the troops could be kept at Terendak when Commonwealth troops leave it at the end of this year or early in 1970". - The Australian, February 6.

The Soviet strategists would be delighted to be asked to station troops in Malaysia, in the same way that they were delighted when they were invited to establish diplomatic relations with Malaysia and Singapore. There is a deep-seated fear amongst many Malays that the Red Chinese are their only danger. The Malays recall that the Communist guerilla campaign in Malaya during the fifties was led by Chin Peng and his predominantly Chinese supporters. But Malaysia will discover to its deep regret that the Soviet leaders are just as ruthless as the Red Chinese, if it invites Soviet Troops in. It may be argued that Malaysian politicians are merely bluffing with talk about Soviet troops, in an endeavour to influence Australia to maintain forces in Malaysia after 1971. If this is so, then it is further evidence that South East Asians realise their dependence on Australia, and New Zealand.
Australia has never had a greater opportunity for demonstrating some real leadership in South East Asia.


"Two Czech leaders today appealed to their nation to work for a closer alliance with the Soviet Union. They asked that the Kremlin be forgiven for the invasion of Czechoslovakia last August. The leaders are President Ludvik Svoboda and Communist Party Leader Alexander Dubcek. "Telegraph (Sydney) February 7.

It cannot be reiterated too often that Dubcek at no time proposed to overthrow Communism in Czechoslovakia. He and his colleagues proposed to introduce reforms, which would make their regime more acceptable to the people. Superficial observers claimed that the Soviet leaders would almost certainly kill Dubcek when they took him to Moscow after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. But Dubcek is much more valuable to the Soviet continuing on as Communist Party Leader. By his acts he continues to serve Communism.


"The Soviet Communist Party's most authoritative journal has officially rehabilitated Stalin as an outstanding military leader, repudiating as inventions the tales told by Mr. Krushchev at the 1956 party congress. Kommunist, the political monthly of the party central committee, in its latest issue, just available, performed the rehabilitation in a review of memoirs written by a half dozen Soviet marshals." - The Australian, February 5.

The rehabilitation of Stalin comes as no surprise to the student of the fundamental nature of the communist conspiracy. When Krushchev launched his anti-Stalin campaign this was a typical communist dialectical step backwards in order to advance International Communism. Although Khrushchev played a leading role in Stalin's mass liquidations, by his verbal denunciation of Stalin he was able to present himself to the non-Communist world as a "mellow" Communist who believed in "peaceful co-existence". The anti-Stalin campaign was continued just so long as it served Communist purposes. The fact that Stalin is now being rehabilitated indicates yet another shift in Communist tactics. All the evidence suggests an open hard line, based upon the belief that the West has now been softened to the point where no real resistance will be offered to Communist expansion.


"Australia today resigned from the United Nations National Special Committee on Colonialism. The Department of External Affairs confirmed this in Canberra today after reports were received from the United Nations." - Daily Telegraph (Sydney) February 5.

Large numbers of Australians will warmly welcome the significant Australian decision to withdraw from a committee, which has served little more than Communist purpose. Australia was a founding member of the committee, formed in 1962 as a result of the 1960 General Assembly declaration granting independence to colonial countries and peoples.

Reporting from New York, Frederick Knight in The Australian of February 6, states that the UN has been rocked to its fragile foundations by the official announcement of Australia's resignation from the 24 - nation special committee on decolonisation."

Australia had come under increasing attacks on its policies in Papua New Guinea. Eventually the committee on colonialism forced through a draft resolution to the General Assembly of the UN in November, 1968 calling upon Australia to fix a date for granting independence to the peoples of Papua New Guinea, with free elections on an adult franchise being conducted under UN supervision. The resolution was carried in the General Assembly by 72 votes to 19, with 24 Abstentions. Now the Australian Government has indicated to the UN that it does not intend to have its policies on Papua New Guinea fashioned by the UN, it should be logical and refuse to participate any further in the UN campaign against Rhodesia.


"If Australia and other countries, particularly major powers, did not make a prompt protest against the crimes being committed on the Jews in Arab countries they would be accessories to those crimes" a Liberal MP Mr. E. St. John said last night.
Mr. St John, who is the Federal Member for Warringah, NSW told a Jewish meeting in Brisbane protesting against last week's hanging of nine Jews in Irak that world opinion was a potent force and an outcry would help." - The Australian, February 3.

No rational and civilised person would waste time in attempting to defend the present Government of Irak, or several other Governments in the Middle East. But it is conveniently forgotten by Israeli apologists like Mr. Eward St.John, a man with a very selective spirit of indignation, that the extremist, anti-Western Governments which have come to power in the Middle East over the past twenty years, are the direct result of the West's betrayal of pro-Western Arab leaders, many of them long since dead, in order to placate International Political Zionism, which forced the creation of the State of Israel at the expense of over one million Arab refugees. We cannot recall Mr.St. John urging that "world opinion" be aroused against those responsible for this shocking crime.

And Mr. St. John, like many others, is a little weak on history. He is reported, as having told the Brisbane meeting that an appeal should be made to the Arab nations to let "the Jews they held return to their own State of Israel". Large numbers of Jews have lived in peace for centuries with Arabs. These Jews have rejected the Zionist State of Israel. It will come as an astonishing revelation to many to know that Egyptian Jews, for example, have fought in the Egyptian armed forces against Israel. Israel has had comparatively little success in persuading Jews throughout the Arab world to go to live in Israel.

The Canadian On Target of January 27 quotes an Ontario paper's report of an address in London (Ontario) by the eminent Jewish expert on the Middle East, Mr. Alfred Lilienthal, who said that - Israel did not win the 1967 Middle East war, Russia did. Mr. Lilienthal warned that the whole Arab world was turning to the Soviet in the absence of a Western policy of justice. He stressed that Arabs also have rights. "If the West spent 10 per cent as much in helping the Arabs as they did the Jews, we wouldn't have the problem", he said.

Eminent anti-Zionist Jews like Mr. Lilienthal rarely obtain any publicity. By all means let Australia condemn the unjust policies of Arab regimes but why should Australia take a partisan stand on the explosive Middle East at the behest of a small minority whose first loyalties appear to be directed towards a foreign State, Israel?


Prime Minister Gorton has said that he does not think Australia would become a republic in his lifetime, and that "I believe that the constitutional monarchy is a good form of Government and perhaps the best form of government that has yet been evolved…
The Queensland Minister for Health, Mr. Fletcher, has said that his department will not tolerate the distribution of anti-conscription leaflets at Brisbane High Schools…
President Suharto of Indonesia has followed the Soekarno tradition concerning West New Guinea (West Irian). If the natives of West Irian decide later this year that they do not want to be part of Indonesia, this will be treated as treason.


Constitutional Rights and Federalism

We return to the subject under discussion in our bulletin of January 31. It is vitally necessary that we develop and extend an understanding of the fundamental principles on which the freedom of the individual is based. While the various spokesman for State Governments often protest against the injustices of economic centralism being pursued by the Gorton Government, they seldom point to the much more serious consequences, the destruction of individual liberty, freedom - and the human personality.

If the argument is simply to reside on whether the States have enough money, such a situation could well be resolved while the process of political centralism continued. The States would merely administer the funds made available for the specific purposes directed by the central government This is what is now happening in fact. Therefore we should remind ourselves again about the true purpose of a Constitution, for we have come to accept that the rights of Australians are guaranteed under our written constitution - The Federal System being that division of powers between the States and the Commonwealth.
The Australian constitution establishes the Boundaries of those powers.

We must ask ourselves, how is it being undermined? A Constitution establishes the rules under which society is governed. Under rules, there has to be an underlying philosophy. The Constitution of the USSR upholds the philosophy of Communism and enables the Central Government to veto any decision of any lower government body. The individual under Communism is always subservient to the State.
The Australian Constitution following the tradition of our British forefathers stems directly from the Christian philosophy. Because of their belief that under a Christian Government man is responsible to God and that this is an essentially individual responsibility, our forefathers worked and gave their lives to limit the powers of Governments. They sought to ensure that the individual not only had the maximum freedom to work out his own destiny and relationship with God, but also that man could not through the State assume the role of God, directing and controlling the destinies of others.
It was readily recognised that therein lay the basis for destroying Christianity.

"No man can serve two masters". It was therefore very necessary to enshrine the individual in very specific rights. The theme of the growth of constitutionalism in British countries centres completely upon the individual and basic individual rights. Therefore in British countries constitutions were concerned with the sovereignty of the individual. Without the freedom of the individual it is impossible to obtain individual responsibility the basis of genuine progress. Magna Carta, that historical document which played such an important part in establishing the individual in his own rights, sought to establish the individual with equal rights, and with individual responsibility when it stated, "all persons, officials, no less than private individuals, are equal before the law, are judged by the same tribunals, and are subject to the same rules".

Lord Hewart, former Lord Chief Justice of England said there had developed, "a well contrived system, producing, a despotic power which…places Government departments beyond the sovereignty of Parliament and beyond the jurisdiction of the Courts." Therefore Government departments and their officers acting under the powers granted to them are placed beyond and above that fundamental principle of Common Law which makes "all persons, Officials, no less than private individuals…equal before the law."

The restitution of Common Law to the nation as a whole, enshrined in a strong constitution is essential to the future welfare of civilisation.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159