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6 June 2014 Thought for the Week:
Remember I have already lived in your future and it didn’t work: It is really puzzling to me that having just buried one monster “the Soviet Union” another remarkably similar one “the European Union” is being built. The Soviet Union was governed by 15 unelected people who appointed each other and who were not accountable to anyone. The EU is governed by 28 people who also appoint each other, meet in secret and are not accountable to anyone and whom we cannot sack.
One might say the EU has an elected parliament; well the Soviet Union had a sort of parliament too. The Supreme Soviet who just rubber-stamped Politburo decisions pretty much like the EU does, and where speaking time is restricted to political groupings, and with a time limit of just one minute per speaker. In the EU there are 100,000’s of Eurocrats with their huge salaries, pensions, servants, privileges and lifelong immunity from prosecution, simply shuffling from one position to another, no matter what they do or fail to do. Is this not exactly what life in the Soviet Union used to be too?...
The old Soviet Union system was incapable of reform. So is the EU. But there is an alternative to being ruled by these two dozen self-appointed officials in Brussels - it is called independence. You don’t have to accept what they have planned for you. After all, you have not asked if you wanted to join. Remember I have already lived in your future and it didn’t work…
The European Union and Soviet Union similarities – 2013 Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky, a UKIP member, is a leading member of the dissident movement of the 1960s and 1970s in Russia - Writer, neurophysiologist, and political activist, he now lives in Cambridge.
Watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KIc7jLx8RA

The Free Nations of Europe are being enslaved by the EU! “Salute to European Youth” Watch the video on Occidental Observer’s website: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2014/01/video-archive/

Euro Sceptics Revolt - Brother Nathanial: http://brothernathanaelchannel.com/watch_video.php?v=6Y11GXAM4SRM


from Donald Hank, USA
Below is an email (translated) I received from my friend Bernard Chalumeu, founder of France Libre: “Indeed, my friend, indeed we are making progress. I hope our British friends will also have made such good progress. The EU Moloch has taken a hit. But, its villainous institutions are allowing it to hold on. More hard blows must be dealt it, not only from France but also from other nations, to defeat it once and for all so that they can all be sovereign and free. - Yours in Friendship, B. Chalumeau
I am in a celebratory mood over the wonderful news from France. I don't know if even the Brits are aware of how much ground has been won just now and why it is important for their cause. I just now heard from Nigel Farage's assistant who reminds me of some unfortunate remarks made by Jean-Marie LePen, Marine's father. I told him they are not the same person, that I receive the FN newsletter and find Marine to be a fine and decent, and intelligent, lady. The Front National is absolutely not the 'far right' and dangerous party portrayed in the far left media. I have noticed that both Mr. Chalumeau and Marie LePen have something in common which should be communicated and taught to other sovereignty fighters elsewhere, and that is altruism. When one world leader gains ground in his home country, they celebrate that, congratulate that person and wish him well, as LePen did Putin (because of their shared appreciation of this thing called sovereignty). This kind of altruism, I think, reflects a higher form of intelligence, namely the ability to see the analogies between one's own struggle in one's home country and those of other leaders and to identify with these leaders and show outstanding results in their countries.


In an interview Marine LePen shared her views on Russia, Putin, Sovereignty and European Civilisation. 23 May 2014. https://www.americandailyherald.com/pundits/donald-hank/item/europe-longs-for-the-sovereignty-it-has-lost

Marine LePen
Marine LePen

I did not see anything on this in English, yet, but just happened to see a report on this on French cable TV, whereupon I did a search. I am sure most of my UK correspondents will be thrilled by this news because, together with the expected similar results in UK and Holland, this is a body blow to the EU. It's being described as a shock, and it is indeed that. As a reminder here is a link to my recent commentary and translation of Marine LePen's interview with the Austrian news site Kurier: https://www.americandailyherald.com/pundits/donald-hank

Highlights are: Front National (France's answer to UKIP in UK) got 25% of the votes, more than any other party. I just now saw this being discussed on TV5. The members of the other parties looked terrified. One commented that it was a crying shame that this was happening in France, one of the founders of the EU. Poor things. The Prime Minister (soon to be jobless) said 'This is a grave moment for France.' LePen: “The EU must give back what it stole. It must return sovereignty to the people” http://lesalonbeige.blogs.com/my_weblog/2014/05/elections-europ%C3%A9ennes-les-r%C3%A9sultats.html


Donald Hank wrote:
My translation from the German of part of a recent interview with Marine LePen, whose anti-EU party Front National is trending to become the most popular in France, follows. This trend bodes ill for the EU but well for the French people. The issue is sovereignty - the right of a people to determine their own way and their own future. The same trends prevail throughout most of the EU core countries, which are sick and tired of a small oligarchy controlling their lives, regulating business out of business and taxing them into poverty. The interview: http://kurier.at/politik/eu/marine-le-pen-putin-verteidigt-die-werte-der-europaeischen-zivilisation/65.991.041

Q: You maintain relations with the Russian head of state. His representatives have wished your party success. You have expressed sympathy for Putin.
LePen: I want to be at the head of a non-aligned state, which is not beholden to either the U.S. or Russia. To talk to these two powers as an equal. Without waging a cold war such as that waged by the EU in an absolutely stupid manner and completely against the interests of the European people. Maintaining good relations with a power like Russia is the least one can do in terms of peace because the EU talks a lot of peace, but wages a lot of war. A war of words, diplomacy, economics. I want peace.

Q: How do you explain the sympathy that Putin's camp has expressed for your "Front National"?
LePen: Because Mr. Putin is a patriot. He upholds the sovereignty of his people. He is aware that we defend common values. These are the values of European civilization. He probably will not find these qualities of courage, sincerity and respect for identity and civilization in other political movements in France.

Q: So you find that Putin represents those values?
LePen: Yes, yes, I believe it. So (slightly delayed), at least from everything that is expressed [by Putin—Don]. The way he leads the country, this is a man whose values are important. Assuming one accepts these values. The Socialist Party does not recognize these values.

Q: European values?
LePen: Yes, the values of European civilization. The values of our Christian heritage (laughs meaningfully). Because we do not question the Christian heritage of European civilization.


Minister for the Environment
The Hon. Greg Hunt M.P.
Parliament House Canberra
A.C.T. 2600

Dear Mr. Hunt
I draw your attention to the letter published in "On Target", 4th April 2014, [the weekly journal of the Australian League of Rights] written by Malcolm-leaun Roberts. His letter refutes the reasoning being advanced by you and your Government relative to climate change, global warming, carbon [sic] pollution, [sic], etc, and he challenges you to respond to a series of questions chief of which being you provide him with empirical scientific evidence of your proof of “human induced global warming." His published letter is in response to a letter sent by you to him. Your Reference No: MC13-001921. I note his repeated attempts to gain intelligent responses from you and your apparent refusal to answer what seem reasonable, logical questions.
Given that sea level rise is claimed to be one of the most alarming aspects of human induced climate change [global warming] you may find the below interesting.
Mr. Dean Lukin Jnr. and his family own the old B.H.P. wharf and associated coastal land. They have undertaken on behalf of the Pt. Lincoln City Council, a Development Plan Amendment to undertake a major project involving converting the old B.H.P. wharf facility into a modern, much needed, all weather marina fish handling facility for Australia's biggest fishing vessels involving Southern Bluefin Tuna and the associated pilchard fishery. Together with the planned wharf redevelopment is a major fishing industry industrial zone and substantial coastal residential subdivision.
As part of the D.P.A. Mr. Lukin employed Mr. Brian Caton to compile a report on projected sea level rise. The entire B. CATON report can be read as Appendix L within the D.P.A. entitled "City of Pt. Lincoln, Part of Deferred Urban Zone" but better known as The Lukin Project land and wharf facilities. Mr. Caton's report [Appendix L] is titled "Coastal Flooding and Erosion Study”. He quotes from CSIRO and BOM reports that, quote, "Global average mean sea level for 2011 was 211 mm above the level in 198O."..... That’ s an increase in tidal levels here of over 9" since 1980 and they are predicting accelerating rates!

He points out that, quote, “climate change projections have been summarized and discussed every 5-6 years since 1991 by the International Panel on Climate Change." End Quote.
The Summary of These Mathematical Projections based on Tidal Gauges Out in the Pacific Ocean is: 1. The current mean rate of sea level rise of 4-.3 mm per year will accelerate.
2. Sea levels in the region will be 20cms higher by 2030.... The figures are taken from, quote, “Copenhagen Diagnosis" 2009; they are in line with Coast Protection Board Policy Projections of 30 cms by 2050 and by 100cms by 2100." End Quote....
That is to say these global warming experts are stating sea level rise in this region will increase by over 410 cms, or about 16 inches, using 1980 as their base line over the next 15 or so years. I have lived here for over 50 years and I have to deal with REAL tidal height on a daily basis. The published data on which you and your Government are predicating major sea level rises is not accurate for this region. I continue to drag my aluminium dingy over the same sand bars and concrete ramps at low tide as I did 50 years ago. Had there been sea level rise as projected above, that is some 9 inches increased sea level as at 2014, the sand bars would not be exposed. It is simple common sense. Please respond intelligently to Mr. Roberts’ letter. I advise I have sent copies of this letter to The Australian League of Rights, The Pt. Lincoln City Council, The Lukin Family and Mr. Rowan Ramsay, Member for Grey.

I look forward to receiving confirmation you have read this letter and an explanation as to why the reality of existing sea levels is not obeying the mathematical projections of the I.P.C.C. and similar global warming proponents.
Yours Faithfully PETER W. DAVIS - Boston Island South Australia


Source: Cyrus ManzOWNER… as predicted here a month ago.
I have stayed up examining the exit polls for the European Union Parliament where 28 countries competed to gain seats. Preliminary results suggest that The French National Front and UK Independence Party (unknown in the EU parliament) have gained many seats, while the three big liberal, leftists and Green parties all lost seats. This outcome gives great powers to those who want to abolish the EU as a union and in particular it places the future of the EU green energy drive in disarray, as most of these new parties have clear anti-green energy policies.

Take UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) energy policy for example
It argues that the theory of man-made climate change is unproven and implausible, and that even if the theory were valid, the costs of the Climate Change Act and other measures designed to reduce climate change will greatly exceed any foreseeable benefits. UKIP believes that the UK's current energy policy, dictated by Brussels, with its heavy reliance on wind, is seriously undermining the UK economy and driving jobs, industry and investment off-shore. It is forcing millions of households and pensioners into fuel poverty. And over-dependence on renewables threatens security of supply, and raises the probability of electricity shortages by the end of the decade. https://www.ukipmeps.org/news_608_UKIP-launches-new-energy-policy.html
The EU has been the epicentre for climate fraud where trillions of dollars worth of the taxpayers’ money has been pilfered in the pursuit of the so called "green alternatives and renewables". This community sees these shocking election results as a good start to the dismantling of climate nonsense in the EU and wishes all the best for the new winning political contenders. https://plus.google.com/+CyrusManz/posts/RjM4vEvWvjc


By Peter Greene.
The cuts to welfare and health in the Budget have been described as “Almost an Act of Suicidal Heroism” (The Australian 14 May 2014 p.48). About $25.8 billion over four years has been cut from health and welfare programmes, far beyond all the recommendations of the national Commission of Audit. Little of this reduces the deficit because it goes to paying for other projects of the Coalition to meet their globalist agenda.
I hypothesize that the higher global financial elites have told Tony Abbott to deal with Health and Welfare : take it away from the plebs! You have one term to get that one in. Then we will put Labor in to work on the Cultural programme again (e.g., use discrimination laws to eliminate free speech and common law rights).
Hit ‘em with the right, then hit ‘em with the left. Joe Hockey will be so punch drunk he won’t know what is happening to “his” country.


by Richard Miller
If you haven’t yet read these two vitally important books by Dr. Amy McGrath, then please, please do so because they are essential reference works for actionists. The two books are “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Fabian Communists Wage a Secret War on the West” (Towerhouse Publications, 2012) and “Wolves in Australia” (Towerhouse Publications 2013). These are not systematic treatises but vast co positions of selected material showing the Fabian communist drive for world control. The Fabian strategy is based upon the inevitableness of gradualism : achieving evil globalist, collectivist aims, one task at a time. Communism of the Marxist-Leninist variety, is just one type of globalist collectivism. Today global capitalism can achieve, or at least is believed by the elite to be able to achieve, most of its goals of creating a subordinate world community. This is the theme that unites the material of the books.

In the 258 pages of “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” ample confirmation of the globalist agenda can be found. The United Nations has substantially contributed to the communist/collectivist cause such as through programmes like “Agenda 21” which aims to undermine private property rights with the façade of “ecological sustainability”. There is an environmental crisis, to be sure, but it would not be “solved” through collectivism for this is merely a disguise for the high finance wolves to sink their fangs into more of the Earth. No, saving the world’s environments requires having more private property, not less, because things one owns, one treats with respect.

The classic essay “Tragedy of the Commons” by the late Professor Garrett Hardin (http://eesc.columbia.edu/courses/v1003/lectures/population/Tragedy%20of%20the%20Commons.pdf) arises because the common is not owned and hence collectively polluted. It is therefore collectivism which leads to environmental degradation. Fortunately, as pages i-ii of “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” tells us, some US states such as Alabama are adopting laws banning Agenda 21 and its “inspired” legislation and initiatives from non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations such as ICLEI – the International Council of Local Government Initiatives.

The two books take the reader from the formation of the global conspiracy to create a one world government, during the Enlightenment, to the formation of the communist wing of the Agenda with Karl Marx and the going’s on behind the Russian Revolution. Ample evidence is provided of the influence of the major globalist banks in financing Lenin’s grab for power. Likewise with the rise of Hitler. Reproduced are many hard-to-get documents, such as Winston Churchill’s warnings about who was behind the Russian Revolution, made on the front page of the Illustrated Sunday Herald February 8, 1920. The goals behind shadowy globalist entities such as the Institute for International Affairs and the Council of Foreign Relations are also portrayed and are found to be the same collectivist dream of one world government.

Both books deal extensively with financier George Soros whose activities include raiding economies, forming “shadow governments” and championing the globalist philosophy which includes abortion rights, drug legalisation, feminism, gun control, gay marriage, mass immigration and open borders. In the Australian context, former PM Julia Gillard’s socialist past is fully detailed and the Fabian backgrounds of other Labor prime ministers – Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd – exposed.

I particularly liked the discussion in “Wolves in Australia” p.121 of Arthur Calwell (1896-1973) who was Minister for Information (1943-1949, i.e., propaganda) and then Australia’s first immigration minister. Calwell, although celebrated by some as a “nationalist” and a defender of White Australia (which he did pay lip service to), was responsible for the mass post-World War II influx of non-British people that led to “multiculturalism” and later to Asianisation.

Calwell whilst supporting the White Australia Policy in print, apparently voted with the majority of the Labor Party to eliminate support for White Australia from the Labor party platform. Calwell today is celebrated by the multiculturalists in their books, which should put one on immediate alert. But “Wolves in Australia” p.121 delivers the punchline: Calwell in a visit to Russia in 1967 at the peak of the Cold War was given and accepted a Soviet era medallion commemorating V.J. Lenin and the anniversary of the October 1917 Russian Revolution. The medallion is now at the Arthur Calwell collection at Old Parliament House Canberra.


Wolves in Australia Amy McGrath $25 posted

Our Australian Minister of the Keating government at once intimated they would consider surrendering our sovereignty in part immediately with a further increment in 20 years. Hence the first stage was named Agenda 21. Our then Labor government signed up to the first stage which gave the right of access to all our local government councils, known as International Councils Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) which, before long, was centered in Bonn, Germany.....Whitlam had won the Silver Plate of Honour of the Socialist International as an outstanding statesman of his time in 1976, presented to him in Sweden. I found my copy of Laurie Oakes' biography of Whitlam, published in 1973. Therein lay the photograph of Whitlam with the Chancellor of West Germany, Willy Brandt, but no answer as to how he earned the award.....He had joined Australia to the Socialist International, founded by Willy Brandt in 1961, as a full consultative member in 1966, while it was still largely confined to European members organised from the City of London.

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Amy McGrath $30 Posted

Dr. McGrath has done us all a great favour by compiling ‘a compendium of the voices of others’ in “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing’. 
The summary of the nature of the people referred to echoes back to Christ’s warning to his followers: "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves (Matt. 7:15). Dr. McGrath writes: "Communist Fabian wolves (disguised) as sheep (seek) to hide the truth, they would destroy our past as Lenin did in Russia in 1917, unleashing wolves who led to Stalin’s murderous regime."


by Peter West
John M. Headley is professor emeritus of history at the University of North Carolina, and author of “The Problem with Multiculturalism : The Uniqueness and Universality of Western Civilization” (Transaction Publishers, 2012). This book is one of a number by both conservatives and liberals who criticise multiculturalism for its lack of recognition of the universalising processes of the West, including the belief in a common humanity and universal human rights and the legitimacy of diversity. Along with these Enlightenment values is secularisation, freeing the West from “the tentacles of religion and religious culture.” Headley writes as a “political liberal” (presumably a Democrat).

The West’s universalising process involves “destroying localism, dissolving tribalism” and the promotion of secularisation to contain religion and produce a better, humanistic world. That world, is of course a globalist, cosmopolitan world: “In its effort to transcend or dissolve the particularistic cultural expressions of religion, secularity strives towards a medium of uniformity and equality commensurate with cosmopolitanism. The apparently neutral openness of secularity welcomes the creation of that uniformity and equality present in cosmopolitanism”. (p.21)

Headley in supporting secularisation, does recognise in Chapter 3 of his book that in the West Christianity has had an impact upon the development of civilisation in the formation of the concept of a common humanity. However, he applauds the European Union in its 2004 drafting of its Constitution for omitting even in the preamble any mention of Christianity or God. It is an Enlightenment document, and religion has served its purpose.

Multiculturalism denies the uniqueness of the West and holds that civilisations and cultures are incommensurable, with no common denominator. This is the doctrine of cultural relativism, that civilisations and cultures cannot be criticised from the perspective of Western values of the Enlightenment. Not only are the achievements of the West denigrated, but the West itself is seen as racist and an oppressive colonial institution.

Headley laments this but his liberalism prevents him from seeing that multiculturalism is the logical conclusion of the West’s denial of localism, tribalism and racialism. Seeing Western values as “universal” and denying the realities of race is leading to the breakdown of Western societies. Multiculturalism merely pushes the diversity component further. Secularisation also acts as an acid, breaking down Traditionalist links to the past.

In short, in attempting to accommodate all of humanity, outside of the northern European tribe, the West has sown the seeds of its own destruction - unless we wake up soon to the source of the disease!


by James Reed
Judging by the material on the universities following the Budget, this sector, or at least some parts of it are very concerned about survival. Thus The Australian’s higher education editor Julie Hare (“Pyne’s ‘Freedoms’ a case of Nothing Left to Lose” The Australian 14 May 2014 p.7) says that the Budget “introduced some of the most radical changes since the Dawkins reforms of the 1980s”. In particular the proposal for universities to determine their own fees is part of the Liberal’s free market ideology. This has consequences : “Markets create winners and losers. But would the government let its ideology win over voter approval; would it really let a large public university go to the wall? Some are close now; this could push them over.”

I am no lover of free market economics but in this case such libertarianism could do some good. At this late stage of the game the universities have become intrinsically evil and as far as I am concerned, the more of these degenerate politically correct “institutions” that are eliminated, the better. I am very glad to hear that some are close to collapse and I wish them a speedy demise.


by Len the Dispossessed
While getting newspaper to use to keep warm, I found a piece “Hong Kong Billionaire’s Next Target in South Aussie Buy-Up” (The Advertiser 18 May 2014,). The colour page celebrates the “Cheung Kong Group’s Burgeoning Empire”. There is a 51 percent stake in the SA Power Networks, Cheetham Salt, Qualco West and East vineyards, Miamba Vineyard, Schuberts Vineyard, Bussorah Vineyard and Dalmeney Vineyard.
In all, the Hong Kong group owns a total of 5,800 ha of vineyards across Australia and 1,500 ha in New Zealand. Interstate they have a 50 percent interest in Vodafone Hutchinson Australia; a 51 percent ownership of the Victorian power distributors Citipower and Powercor and much more. The article speculates that the group may bid for the Port of Melbourne and the Port of Newcastle. Any chance of buying Parliament House Canberra?

Is it any wonder that me, an ordinary Aussie, calls himself “dispossessed”. Only a deracinated country, whose national identity has been destroyed by immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation would permit so much of the country’s wealth to be owned by foreigners. The Chinese would never allow it.


Leaked New York Times Memo Admits MSM Being Made Redundant by New Media, 15 May 2014. But report ignores the elephant in the living room writes Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

New York Times Building
NY Times Building (Wiki Commons)
A leaked New York Times memo admits that the newspaper, a bastion of the mainstream press, is being made redundant by new media, but the report ignores the elephant in the living room – that trust in the establishment media is collapsing because of its refusal to act in an adversarial role against the state. The 96-page internal New York Times report, obtained by Buzzfeed, bemoans the fact that the newspaper “is hampered primarily by its own storied culture” because it is staffed by “a cadre of editors who remain unfamiliar with the web” and social media.
Although the report lists a number of organizational failures at the Times which have left it trailing new media startups, the memo completely fails to mention the primary factor why establishment outlets like the NYT are losing their audience – because of a complete collapse in trust on behalf of the public.

From infamous lies about weapons of mass destruction before the invasion of Iraq to more recent embarrassments regarding fabricated anti-Russian propaganda, the newspaper is emblematic of a widespread perception that the mainstream press has become de facto state media.

As former New York Times correspondent Daniel Simpson revealed after he resigned in 2012, the newspaper is a “propaganda megaphone” for the ruling elite. “It seemed pretty glaringly obvious to me that the ‘news fit to print’ was pretty much the news that’s fit to serve the powerful,” Simpson remarked, adding, “The way that the paper’s senior staff think is exactly like those in power - in fact, it’s their job to become their friends.”

The new memo isn’t the only indication that the New York Times, and by extension the dinosaur media as a whole, is on the ropes. Back in February the New York Observer interviewed more than two dozen current and former NY Times writers, virtually all of whom were unanimous in acknowledging that the Old Gray Lady is becoming increasingly insignificant. “I think the editorials are viewed by most reporters as largely irrelevant, and there’s not a lot of respect for the editorial page,” one source told the newspaper. “The editorials are dull, and that’s a cardinal sin.” The NY Times’ editorial content is increasingly seen as “utterly predictable, usually poorly written and totally ineffectual,” according to another source.

Regurgitators of the Official Narrative
On the whole, faith in the accuracy of mainstream media is rapidly on the decline, with a recent Gallup poll finding that just 23 per cent of Americans trust the institution of television news. From November 2012 to November 2013, MSNBC lost almost half its viewers over the course of just 12 months, shedding 45 per cent of its audience. CNN also lost 48 per cent of its viewers over the same time period. The figures make bad reading not just for the networks and newspapers, but also for the White House given that large portions of the establishment media now serve as little more than regurgitators of the official narrative, routinely failing to challenge the Washington consensus.

As Glenn Greenwald outlined in a recent interview, the mass media is increasingly becoming “neutered,” “impotent” and “obsolete” because most reporters only seek to “amplify mindlessly claims of the government,” which is why the corporate press is losing its audience to new media outlets that are more dynamic and at least attempt to get to the truth of an issue while taking an adversarial stance against authority in the public interest.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. URL to article: https://www.infowars.com/leaked-new-york-times-memo-admits-msm-being-made-redundant-by-new-media/


A new book by Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin, “The Murder of Marilyn Munroe: Case Closed”, claims that Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide but was murdered because she was about to publicly reveal dirty secrets about the Kennedy’s. Monroe had been having an affair, first with the President John F. Kennedy and then his brother Bobby. Bobby, it is alleged, had co-conspirators in the murder including his brother-in-law and Monroe’s psychiatrist. Bobby had come to Monroe’s house with two members of the LA Police Department’s Gangster Squad who, off the books, performed illegal operations for the LAPD.

Bobby threw her to the floor and one of the thugs drugged her with a shot to the arm of Nembutal. Monroe had said that she had a little red book full of dirty Kennedy secrets. Bobby searched frantically for the book. Monroe did not calm down so Bobby’s goons stripped her and gave her an enema with 13-19 Nembutals and 17 Chloral hydrates, easily enough to kill her.

Monroe was later discovered by her housekeeper – still alive. He called an ambulance. The attendant was suspicious about the alleged suicide scene as there was no vomit and no odour of drugs from her mouth. The attendant got Monroe breathing again on resuscitation equipment. That is when her psychiatrist arrived. The psychiatrist ordered the resuscitation equipment turned off. The psychiatrist removed a hypodermic syringe with a needle on it from his bag and attempted to inject her through the chest. It hit a rib, but the psychiatrist pressed on, snapping the rib. Later the LA Coroner would say that no needle marks were observed.

The book alleges that a cover-up by the LA Police occurred. All of this is interesting and supports a whole array of conspiracies associated with the Kennedys. What did they get up to that the public doesn’t know about? It must have been very interesting for Bobby to allegedly kill a high-profile figure such as Marilyn Monroe. These secrets may explain the Kennedy assassinations.


by John Steele
I had a beer with an ex-army mate at his place and watched the “manhood rising” movie “Fightclub” (1999) starring Brad Pitt. This is a “cult” classic movie dealing with the alienation that men face in a consumer society where swords and guns, and hand tools, have been replaced by paper and computers.
Men that still have jobs grow fat from the unhealthy activity of sitting. Muscles turn to putty, strength fades and stomachs rise giving men, often as early as their 30’s, ‘paunches’ that look like pregnancies with ‘man-busts’.

In “Fightclub” the solution is that men first get together to fight each other and then this movement evolves into “Operation Mayhem” a direct attack on the financial/lending institutions. Watch this movie and be amazed because after 9/11 there will never be anything like it.

This brings me to the Packer/Gyngell fist fight. The significance of this to me is that it shows that despite the level of wealth one has, in certain situations people will have to fight. Sometimes it is just unavoidable.
In centuries past, people were well aware of this; in say Viking society, freemen always carried weapons. The domestication of modern man in passive consumer culture has seemingly removed all threats to consumption, but I see a day coming when that false security will end and we return to reality. It is best to live, if only for an hour as a lion, than to spend a long life as a domesticated fowl…


Crisis - Crisis & More Crisis
The Editor, The Chronicle, Toowoomba Queensland. 26 May 2014
Dear Sir,
There is nothing like a man-made financial “crisis” to make us suffer and do as we are told by those not affected by their own devised “crisis”. In a world overflowing with an abundance of goods, services and wealth, those who made it all possible and who also paid the most taxes over their lifetime, are now being denied access to their life’s and continuing work.
This allows those with more money than they have honestly earned, to live lavishly and endlessly on the fruits of our and our forefathers lifetime labours.
While we remain stupid enough to believe we are the problem, while at the same time believing those who have never contributed an hour’s work for the nations' benefit are genuine leaders, then we will end up where all such previous leaders have sent their sleeping peasants.
J. Brett Highfields, Queensland.

To Abolish Local Governments
The Editor, Wangaratta Chronicle, Victoria
Dear Sir,
The Current Federal Government budget proposes a cap on financial assistance grants to Local Governments. This is another move towards abolishing Local Governments and elected Councillors. Regional Government is being developed with intention to bypass State Governments. For example look at the HUME ALLIANCE in North East Victoria which includes representation from The Hume Regional Management Forum, the Hume Region Local Government Network and the Hume Regional Development Australia Committee in. The Hume Alliance Secretariat address is Level 4,100 Collins St., Melbourne. P 03 9654 4799.

This has developed following the July 2010 release of the HUME STRATEGY for sustainable communities 2010-2020. The HUME REGIONAL PLAN 2010-2020 is included in this document. Published by the Urban Development Division, Department of Planning and Community Development, Victoria.
Rural City of Wangaratta CEO Doug Sharp is listed as Deputy Chair of the Hume Regional Management Forum. Currently appointed Administrator Rural City of Wangaratta and Mayor 2002, 2003, 2004 Irene Grant is listed as Manager Stakeholder Relations for the Central Hume Sub Regional Strategy Group as representative of the Department Education and Early Childhood Development. The Hume Regional Growth Plan was developed from this document and submitted for endorsement to the elected Rural City of Wangaratta Council at the 17th September 2013 meeting. The Council was dismissed on 18th September 2013.

Whether from ignorance or neglect of responsibility our local members of parliament have failed to explain administration of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). Controlled by the Prime Minister who sets the agenda and chairs the meetings COAG is administered through the Office of the Prime minister, thus by passing democratic government.

Constitutional Government rules for the States to control land and water. The Commonwealth (Federal) Government was established by the independent states. In 2010 a Senate Select Committee inquiry was held into the Australian Federation. The present Federal Government is proposing further consultation. It is time for the integrity of government elections to be restored with a supervised ELECTION DAY and abolition of pre-poll and postal voting.
Alison G. Walpole, Wangaratta Victoria

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