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13 June 2014 Thought for the Week:
The Law of Civilisation and Decay: “American author Brook Adams book, “The Law of Civilisation and Decay”, is a study of the importance of evolutionary theory in human history. Brook Adams tried to account for the continual revival of old institutions and forms of life by certain peoples, for example, the revival of the Roman empire by the Teutonic peoples. Surveying the present epoch he finds many nations who have affinity with the Roman empire, but no indications of the peoples who will renew it — certainly not the American people, and in this he was perfectly right. This regenerative power will not come from without; it must come from within through the quickening of the spirit. It must spring from the soul and will only be possible when we grasp the Christ Impulse in all its living power…
Reflect upon these words for they are of momentous importance: out of the spirit new creative possibilities will arise! The power of the spirit must work unconsciously within you. And this depends upon the idea of resurrection. That which has been crucified must arise again. This will not come to pass by passively waiting on events, but by quickening the spiritual forces within us, by quickening the creative power of the spirit itself…” Brooks Adams (1848–1927), also wrote “The Dream and the Reality” in 1917. He predicted that by the mid-twentieth century the two great Powers in the world would be America and Russia. American prosperity would contribute to the decay of American democracy because great wealth exercises power without responsibility.”
Rudolf Steiner: “For an Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha” 1917


from François de Siebenthal
The Second Initiative Has Been Launched in the Campaign for Monetary Reform! Switzerland will hold a vote on whether to introduce a basic income for all since conception, in a further sign of growing public activism over pay inequality since the financial crisis. A grassroots committee is calling for all adults in Switzerland to receive an unconditional income of $2,800 per month from the state, with the aim of providing a financial safety net for the population. The new money is not coming from taxes or salaries but from the money creation powers actually given to the bankers by billions or even quadrillions. These ‘quantitative easings’ are to be given to the people, not for wars or bonuses for the happy few.

Swiss Open Society to a Real Economic Democracy
Let's distribute the incomes from more and more automation, thanks to robots, computers and machines. A new society, animals are free, now it's our turn, let's free human beings from the chains of serfdom. Automation will bring benefits to all. Let's share the massive productivity, by a dividend for all Swiss people, inhabitants of all the States of the Swiss Confederation.

In two or three years time, Swiss citizens will vote on basic income. They will be the first citizens in the whole world to be asked this powerful question: do you want a basic income? Do you want everyone to have their needs met without condition?
 Can you imagine that for almost a year and a half, we, a bunch of average people (not political parties) were on the streets collecting signatures? Whether it was cold, hot, snowy, there we were, with our petition in hand, listening to people, watching their eyes glowing with wonder and surprise, or even full of doubts. We were there, all volunteers, simply for the sake of freedom, the happiness to share, the faith in humanity, convinced that our society needs to change, convinced that it is possible if each of us does their part.

We were there, because the idea of basic income is not about money, it is about life, about what is really important for you, for me, as human beings. When I ask someone if they want basic income, what I really ask them is; how do you really want to live your life, what is important to you, what gives meaning to your life? What would you do if you could choose? Such powerful questions, that we can’t often ask!

The Swiss People’s Initiative:
Switzerland is politically unique in this regard as the Swiss Constitution provides a political instrument known as the Volksinitiative (Peoples’ Initiative), which enables Swiss citizens to launch an initiative aimed at changing specific provisions within the Swiss Constitution. To do so requires first of all the collection within an 18-month period of 100,000 valid signatures in support of the initiative. Should this hurdle be surmounted, the initiative would then be put to a national vote. (Edited for ease of reading…ed)
The campaign can be followed here… http://bien.ch/fr/labels/basic-income


cautions Wallace Klinck, Canada
While we at OT have reported on the Swiss Initiative we would be failing our readership if we didn’t include this warning by Canadian social crediter Wallace Klinck:
A major move towards centralised control and manifestation of the Will-to-Power? Creativity and Initiative are Protean
: Credit is what allows the efficient acquisition and mobilisation of productive resources. Therefore, it is imperative that credit be widely available and free from centralised control. This emerging proposal for the prohibition of creation of money by banks with this function being transferred from banks to the State can surely be only a major move toward centralised control of society and a manifestation of the will-to-power. I believe it was a spokesman for Political and Economic Planning in Great Britain (read further here www.alor.org/Volume18/Vol18No49.htm) who said that major social changes can only be effected in times of crisis. The recent major financial failure appears to be an engineered crisis of such proportions which can now be used to justify further major power-concentrating modifications to the financial system - with the alleged object of stabilizing it for everyone’s “protection” and “safety”. Mankind does not need the allocation of credit to be administered by any “committee”, Supreme Council or what have you.

Oliver Heydorn’s warnings should be noted with grave concern
“I just received an e-mail this morning from François de Siebenthal concerning Martin Wolf's call to strip private banks of their power to create money and to hand the power of money-creation over to the state as a monopoly. This is deemed necessary in order to deal with the present system's potential for bank runs and to therefore put an end to the system's instability, etc. From what I can see there is no recognition of an underlying and chronic deficiency of consumer purchasing power.

I think that when someone from the Financial Times makes this kind of suggestion we should be very cautious. Giving the state the sole power to create and issue money is fraught with dangers of various sorts. While I think that all producer credit could be created by a NCO in a Social Credit economy, the power of issuing that credit would still have to be the normal and untouchable prerogative of a multitude of private banks operating on a decentralised and competitive basis for profit.

We do not want to inadvertently re-introduce the monopoly of credit in an even stronger format by blindly jumping on this or that 'monetary reform' bandwagon. Total state control of money would be a fine basis for the introduction of a totalitarian society. I don't want to live in the Soviet Union no matter how well such a regime change may be marketed.”

Bottleneck lies essentially and increasingly in sphere of consumption
Wallace continues: As noted by Oliver the solution to our many financial problems does not lie in a policy of centralisation of credit. Nor does it lie primarily even in the area of credits for production. The “bottleneck” in the modern capital-intensive economy lies essentially and increasingly in the sphere of consumption, which is currently starved of sufficient consumer income to effect an immediate and dynamic defraying of producers’ financial costs while simultaneously effecting the full transfer of ultimate goods to the consumer. Douglas’s proposed remedies, viz., the Consumer Dividend, Compensated Price and National Credit Account are the appropriate power-dispersing mechanisms to accomplish the desirable financial, economic—and social—ends.

There is a vast difference between merely accounting the spontaneous production and consumption of a nation and centralising the issue and control of the nation’s credit. The State has a justified limited responsibility for issuing effective demand equitably to all citizens to balance it with final prices but it does not have a natural right to exercise a monopoly over the issue and creation of credit for the purposes of activating productive activity. Beware the “Wolf”!

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." - - George Orwell.

Readers need to purchase Oliver Heydorn’s latest books to get a firmer grasp of the absolutely fundamental issues involved – all relating to your Freedoms!

Social Credit Economics

Social Credit Economics Oliver Heydorn Ph.D. $35.00 posted from UK

By presenting the key economic ideas of Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952) in a clear, systematic, and comprehensive fashion, this work constitutes an academic standard of reference for those who wish to obtain a more advanced understanding of Social Credit economics. It is divided into three parts covering Douglas' diagnosis regarding the nature and cause of economic dysfunction in the modern, industrialized world, his prognosis, including an evaluation of the conventional methods of macroeconomic management, and, finally, his remedial principles and proposals. Just as Douglas' analysis goes to the very heart of what is structurally wrong with the financial and economic systems of contemporary civilization, "Social Credit Economics" effectively captures and distills the essence of his economic thought, rendering it more easily accessible to the broadly educated and reflective reader.

The Economics of Social Credit and Catholic Social Teaching

The Economics of Social Credit and Catholic Social Teaching Oliver Heydorn Ph.D. $15.00 posted from UK

Dr. Oliver Heydorn argues that it is high time that all Catholics take seriously and examine closely the economic ideas of Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952). By surveying the key principles contained within the Church's social doctrine in conjunction with Douglas' Social Credit proposals and their underlying philosophy, the author demonstrates that (in stark contrast to the dead-ends of Austrian economics and the 'Christian socialism' of 'liberation theology' et al. and the half-way houses of classical distributism and economic personalism) it is Social Credit which most fully merits the support of Catholics as the best alternative to the economic status quo.


For those with a head for accounting procedures study the outline for a Social Credit National Accounting system prepared by Victor Bridger. Some of the subheadings are: A National Balance Sheet : Construction of a Balance Sheet : A Realistic Approach to a Balance Sheet.

In an Introduction to a National Balance Sheet, Victor Bridger explains:
Under current government financial accounting there are two aspects. First, all government expenditures and receipts are subject to appropriation through the Budget, which is set by the government each year. Second, the activity within the economy is recorded, not in accordance with current accounting principles but based on economic principles that do not reflect the correct financial situation. The figures that are compiled are recorded in a National Income and Expenditure Statement that by definition as set down by economists must be in balance. Briefly this is based on an assumption that in any given financial period the money paid out in disbursements to people, i.e., the national income is equal to the national expenditure in the same period and therefore is equal to and provides a figure valued at factor cost that is referred to as the national output. This national output is regarded as the creation of wealth by the nation’s industry.

We need not concern ourselves with the fallacies contained in the simplistic approach in the above except to point out that if there is any use at all for the compilation of such figures it would be for the purpose of obtaining information on trends that may occur. These trends may offer assistance in obtaining statistical information on changes that may be occurring within the economy.

However the information does not reflect the true state of the economy.

The contention that is being presented here is that the nation should be regarded as being similar to a large company and the accounting conducted on similar lines but not the same principles. A starting point would be to regard the nation, e.g., Australia as Australia Ltd. A number of fundamental basics for the compilation of a National Balance Sheet would include:
(a) An inventory of all national resources including people.
(b) A change in the method of the original creation and distribution of money (credit which when used becomes money).
(c) The establishment of a Statutory Financial Authority with specific functions.
(d) The setting up of special national accounts.
(e) An alteration in the government budget process.
(f) A realistic assessment of the real situation in the economic process with regard to Production, Consumption, including Exports and Imports, and Appreciation and Depreciation.
(g) A recognition and acceptance of the principle that all citizens are shareholders in the Nation and should receive the benefits of their association, and their cultural inheritance.

In detailing the particular aspects of the above grouping it will be seen that a change in certain philosophies will be necessary. It is no small assertion to state that it is precisely certain philosophies that have been and are a hindrance to the attainment of a change in national financial accounting principles for the betterment of the people in the world.

Balance Sheet
It should be understood that all production is the result of conversion of natural resources into another form and this conversion of matter from its natural state into another is attained by the use of energy. Energy can be from a natural source such as solar energy in the form of coal, oil, the sun, wind and water. It can also be from mechanical, electric or human energy. Mechanical and electrical energy are originally based on the use of natural resources converted by the use of human energy…

Read further here… https://alor.org/Library/Social%20Credit%20and%20National%20Accounting.htm


by Richard Miller
Gerard Henderson (“No Right to Make Your Case” The Australian 24 May 2014, p.24) had commented on the strategy of various socialist groups who are particularly active following the Budget, to deprive people of their freedom of speech. Violent demonstrations are one strategy. He refers to the Marxist Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) of the Frankfurt School who in his essay “Repressive Tolerance” advocated that Marxists should have tolerance of all movements from the Left but intolerance of all movements from the Right. He goes on to quote the views of a contemporary Left-wing academic who said that the physical attacks were “the traditional university way”.

These points are all accepted. However the “Right” is equally as intolerant of criticisms of immigration and racial debates. There is no tolerance of the rejection of the policy of Asianisation, and the economic Right and politically correct Left both are intolerant of those defending traditional Anglo Australia, which for both wings of politics is now beyond the pale.

The economic Right does not resort to straight out violence against so-called far Right critics, but it deals with them in ‘respectable’ ways. For example no ‘far Right' academic, say holding views similar to those expressed by the likes of Alfred Deakin on the legitimacy of the White Australia Policy, exists at any Australian university. If he or she did, she would not hold her job for long because such sentiments would be taken to offend against the sacred international student marketing. Library shelves in the Social Sciences sag under the weight of multicultural/three-cheers-for-immigration books, with no critique appearing in mainstream presses of the religion of immigration.


by James Reed
At the moment Mr. Mean Abbott is in damage control as he tries to “sell” the Budget to people who just hate the sight of him. See, I told you that we will look back to the utter misery of Gillard/Rudd and long for those “good old days”. Why, it looks like we won’t even get the racial vilification legislation that ‘nailed’ Andrew Bolt knocked over.
I like the anonymous criticisms made by the Coalition itself. For example: “We told people here’s the solution to a problem you didn’t know you had. It was like Work Choices”. Yes, only now there is no choice about work, it’s work until you die.

And another: “There’s been no narrative. It’s been all over the shop. One minute we say there’s an emergency, the next there’s $8 billion for the Reserve Bank, $12 billion for fighter jets, and we’re still splashing out on the paid parental leave scheme”.

The last comment is my favourite. Of course it is not about saving. It is about cutting down the lifestyle of working Australians in an agenda to make us all part of the Asia Pacific Third World. Socialists will be happy when we are all equal at the bottom of the great economic ‘wheelie bin’.


by Betty Luks
Gilad Atzmon doesn’t know what a favour he has done for us all. In his book “The Wandering Who?” he offers an outline of the strategies and tactics used by Jewish leaders to control the Jewish communities and their ‘social conversations’. Whilst writing of the tactics used by such Zionists as Theodor Herzl to counteract the “imminent threat of Jewish integration and assimilation” amongst the people of the lands in which they live, it becomes as clear as day it is the same or similar dialectical tactics that are used throughout the world of politics and ‘social conversations’.

First an issue is raised which will most certainly polarise communities, and this ‘right/left’ polarisation, this dialectical confrontation, is then used to control not only discussions but political outcomes. It is practiced by all main political parties and all mainline media.

When people begin to see ‘the wood’ instead of jus t ‘the trees’ the tactics and strategies become clearer. The important point is both ends of the polarized ‘conversation’ are controlled by key people who actually share the same philosophy of centralisation.

Atzmon sees the tactics used by Herzl as illustrating “the essence of separatist ideologies – the aim to put barriers between people. Separatism is a strategy of ghetto-building and Zionists have followed this strategy since the late nineteenth century”, he writes. Other groups, including political parties, use the tactics and strategies to hold on to their political power and voter base, whilst keeping a nation’s people divided and alienated into opposing groups – all the time betraying the nation as a whole.

The Wandering Who?

The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics - Gilad Atzmon $35 posted

A series of brilliant illuminations and critical reflections on Jewish ethnocentrism and the hypocrisy of those who speak in the name of universal values and act tribal. Relying on autobiographical and existential experiences, as well as intimate observations of everyday life, both informed by profound psychological insights, Atzmon does what many critics of Israel fail to do; he uncovers the links between Jewish identity politics in the Diaspora with their ardent support for the oppressive policies of the Israeli state. Atzmon provides deep insights into ”neo-ghetto” politics.This book is more than a "study of Jewish identity politics” insofar as we are dealing with a matrix of power that affects all who cherish self-determination and personal freedom in the face of imperial and colonial dictates.

Monstrous Financial and Political Hoax Being Played Upon the Peoples of the World
Geoffrey Dobbs dealt with this monstrous hoax being played upon the peoples of the world in Chapters 5-7 of his essay “The Local World” by at first focusing on the “Exploitation and Conservation of the Green Movements”. He wrote: “In my book "On Planning the Earth" (1951), of which this (The Local World) is a sequel, I gave a contemporary account of the first large-scale centralisation of power over people and the whole landscape in which they lived (the Tennessee Valley) by the financial and political use of environmentalist propaganda. The sequence of events which has been followed ever since in one form or another, was as follows: first create a public scandal by monetary means. Then raise a great public outcry, blaming its victims as irresponsible and in need of 'taking over.' Then take over, amid tremendous propaganda about 'democracy,' conservation, the environment, etc. and perhaps carry out a few useful practices, but on a petty scale compared to the expenditure on the real purposes for which the whole project is undertaken. When this finally emerges and causes a public outcry, the whole business can start again…”

Found here… https://alor.org/blog/entry/the-local-world-part-vii-by-geoffrey-dobbs Do yourself a favour gentle reader and download “The Local World” from the League’s website. There are 12 chapters altogether and they cover a man’s lifetime of observation, experience and comment.


Aren’t They ‘Lovely’? I will not attempt to comment because the English language does not provide me with the requisite tools. However, I have more or less assumed this to be the case for obvious reasons. Good to observe that an American academic has had the courage and integrity to raise the alarm. The Babylonian system of government, i.e., the "eyes and ears of the King".
Wallace Klinck, Canada Sun May 4, 2014

The US National Security Agency (NSA) directly sends all of the intelligence that it gathers to the Israeli regime, a political analyst tells Press TV. “We now know that all of the NSA’s spying is going directly to Israel,” James H. Fetzer, a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth, said in a Saturday interview. “I believe that all of our allies should discontinue sharing their intelligence with the Unites States unless they are willing that it should go directly to Tel Aviv,” the analyst said.

Babylon It would be advisable for the United Nations to undertake an exploration of this because it appears to be a violation of national sovereignty for one nation to be spying on the communications of its highest executive officials,” Fetzer added. He said even if the UN passed a resolution against spying, there would be no guarantee that the two countries would stop their illegal acts of espionage. “That would be a very appropriate thing for the United Nations to do. But I must admit that Israel and the United States have regularly violated international law and its constraints with impunity,” Fetzer noted, adding, “So, there is no guarantee that even if the United Nations were to pass a resolution against it, that they would discontinue their massive spying efforts especially on the leaders of foreign nations.”

The remarks come against the backdrop of revelations by US whistleblower Edward Snowden, a former employee of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who leaked two top secret US government spying programs against American and foreign nationals. The NSA scandal took even broader dimensions when Snowden revealed information about US espionage targeting friendly countries.

Last October, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff canceled a visit to Washington after it was revealed that her cellphone was monitored by the US surveillance program, as were the state oil company Petrobras and Brazilian citizens.
Source: http://presstv.com/detail/2014/05/04/361217/all-nsa-intel-goes-directly-to-israel/


It is to the region once known as The Land of Sumer, giving way to the Babylon civilisation, that the ancient biblical "Great Whore of Babylon" can be traced. Babylon was then the religious/financial power that was known to early Christians (and New Testament readers) as 'Mammon'.

In his brilliant paraphrasing of chapters 17,18,and 19 of the book of Revelation, author Peter Lock explains for us the Great Whore of Babylon, and helps us to understand that the Great Whore was not a person but a symbol for an international financial power. A power which had, over time, prostituted the role, the true purpose, of money.

He writes: "The Grand Madam of Babylon was drunk and in maudlin mood. She sat on her throne beside the meeting place of the abundant waters from many rivers. All peoples, all nations of every language congregated here in submissive obeisance to her. All the kings and rulers of the world had come to her and committed fornication with her. All the dwellers of the earth had offered tribute to her and become drunk with the wine of her dalliance and adulterous deceit… Once more she would ride out into the desert and survey the wilderness her greed and financial follies had created…" www.alor.org/Volume38/Vol38No43.htm


by Chris Knight
What would you think if the Australian Department of Agriculture (do we still have one?) put in an order for submachine guns and body armour? Would you be alarmed? Well as far as we know the Australian authorities haven’t yet followed the American Department of Agriculture, which on 7 May 2014 put in a solicitation for lightweight machine guns and body armour. Now why would they want that – to shoot sick cows or insect pests?

Add to this concern to purchase by the Department of Homeland Security of 450 million rounds of ammunition and 100 million rounds by the FBI. That is well over two bullets for every American. The official explanation is that the agencies buy in bulk to save money. Maybe so, but that begs the question about why it is necessary to have so much ammunition, all of it contrary to the Geneva Convention using expanding/dum dum-style rounds? Such rounds are not for military use, but are especially designed to kill civilians.

So what civilians will be targeted? My hypothesis is that the American Establishment is getting ready for Civil War II, that is, they are planning for a war against a possibly rebellious civilian population, probably during a time of economic collapse. Gun confiscation will be undertaken, following the “false flag” massacres to come. In the wake of armed US citizens taking a stand against the Bureau of Land Management agents in the Cliven Bundy confrontation, the establishment must, naturally, be alarmed.

Unlike America, Anglo-Australians in this land are not a problem, and our eradication will be conducted, not by bullets, but by biological control – limiting our food resources, limiting birth rates and demographic replacement by mass migration. This program of quiet genocide is already well advanced but the little white bunnies just keep on nibbling on what remains of the land.


by Peter West
Tony Abbott has said that he should not have winked to Jon Faine during the 774 ABC Morning radio show. The now famous wink occurred when a pensioner claimed in her call that she was forced to make ends meet by working as a telephone sex worker. Abbott claimed that it was just his way of communication with Faine and that he “should have been more focussed on the caller”.

Yes, it was a form of communication. Anyone with practical wisdom would know that such a wink is a non-verbal way of communicating that the person of interest is talking garbage and that one is just playing along. The wink is a symbol of the Abbott mindset of cynicism about genuine suffering that his IMF/globalist inspired reforms are bringing to people. It was right for Abbott to be criticised for winking, but few people understood its real significance. That wink says more than a dozen newspaper/economic sermons.

Politicians Greg Johnson’s “New Right vs. Old Right” by Colin Liddell
Source: Occidental Observer 20 May 2014. At the micro level it is still possible to call America a democratic country — with various local officials being elected by a citizenry fortified by the right to bear arms and express their opinions. But at the macro level — that of cities, states, and the nation itself — the level at which people need to be represented in order to implement real change (or stop it happening), it is quite a different story. Here, America is a masterpiece of anti-democracy — a society controlled by oligarchic elites that agree on most things and which use their power (the media, the judiciary, and the political parties they pay for) to check any independent impulse that arises from the People.

The cunning beauty of this system is that the sheep who are controlled still think that the shepherd and the sheepdogs controlling them are just other sheep. The false political consciousness that this reveals is also bolstered by relative prosperity and material comfort, especially for the more potent and intelligent members of society. The consequence of this is that America is a de facto political desert in a way that other countries of the West are not. Unlike France, Finland, or Hungary, or a number of other European countries, where there is a considerable variety of political options available for voters, in America there are no meaningful choices outside the false duopoly which is merely a disguised monopoly.


By Alexander Clackson, Global Research, May 26, 2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said recently that his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this week in Shanghai marked a new stage in Russia-China relations, and that the two countries will roll out all-around cooperation. China and Russia signed a $400 billion (237.1 billion pounds) gas supply deal on Wednesday, securing the world’s top energy user a major source of cleaner fuel and opening up a new market for Moscow as it risks losing European customers over the Ukraine crisis. Furthermore, the two countries began joint military exercises in the East China Sea in a clear show of strength against Japan, a western ally.

The Chinese President has also openly demonstrated his desire to create a counter-alliance to the U.S. Speaking on May 20 President Xi Jinping called for the creation of a new Asian structure for security cooperation based on a regional group that includes Russia and Iran and excludes the United States. Clearly pointing a finger at the United States he called NATO an outdated thinking of the Cold War. According to him, “We cannot just have security for one or a few countries while leaving the rest insecure”. In his speech Mr. Xi Jinping offered an alternative vision for the region based on an all-inclusive regional security framework rather than individual alliances with external actors like the United States.

China’s proposal to push forward with the ambitious Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific met an especially chilly reception from the U.S., which is focused on a 12-country trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which excludes China. The move has clearly unsettled the Western establishment. Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that China and Russia are becoming more aggressive as they perceive the U.S. pulling back from world affairs. In other words, Russia and China are standing up to the American hegemony and pushing back against the U.S. aggression that the world had witnessed over the last few decades…” Source: https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-russia-china-counter-alliance-to-us-nato-aggression/5383873

Editor’s comment: Now what did C.H. Douglas predict would happen as a result of war in the Pacific during WW II? “The Programme for the Third World War” is most enlightening. It first appeared serially in The Social Crediter between April and August 1943. Found here… https://alor.org/Library/Programme%20for%20the%20Third%20World%20War.htm#1a

C.H. Douglas’ works are available on the website to download.

Whose Service is Perfect Freedom” with a foreword by Dr. Tudor Jones. Essential reading for those who wish to understand events which paved the way for World War II. http://www.alor.org/Library/PerfectFreedom.htm#1a

The Brief for the Prosecution”: Douglas’ last major work. In his Introduction L.D. Byrne wrote, “The Brief for the Prosecution” is an indictment of those persons, groups and organisations responsible for the systematic sabotage of Western Civilisation as a prelude to fastening upon a bewildered and deliberately demoralised humanity, an all-powerful World Government – a tyranny of unspeakable horror”. https://alor.org/Library/BrieffortheProsecution.htm#1a


Military personnel have requested that the Australian Defence Force allow them to wear uniforms at pro-life and pro-marriage rallies. Spokesman for the newly formed Defence Force Conservative Action Network, Bernard Gaynor, says that he expects permission will be granted in line with the precedent set by Defence's decision to allow uniformed members to parade in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

"There are a large number of military personnel and military families who feel very strongly about pro-life and pro-marriage issues and they are now seeking the same rights that homosexual Defence members have," Mr Gaynor said. "Defence has stated that it is committed to diversity. This will be a true test of Defence's willingness to do more than talk the talk. It would make a mockery of Defence diversity policy if it allowed members to attend pro-gay marriage rallies in uniform but refused to extend the same permission to those members who wish to show their support for traditional marriage."

Mr Gaynor said that the Defence Force Conservative Action Network (DEFCAN) was being established along the same lines as the Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS), and would be seeking the same level of Defence support. "DEFGLIS has campaigned for gay marriage and to remove funding from religious organisations. That is their prerogative and it has not gone unnoticed that DEFGLIS has received official Defence support," Mr Gaynor said.

"DEFCAN has now been established to assist Defence members with conservative social views to campaign for their rights. DEFCAN is staunchly pro-life and pro-marriage. DEFCAN expects to receive the same level of support from the Australian Defence Force as DEFGLIS. Anything less would be discriminatory and would make a mockery of the ADF's claim that it respects all of its members."

Mr Gaynor said that the idea to establish DEFCAN came after he was contacted by hundreds of serving personnel, their families and former veterans who were concerned about uniformed military involvement in the Mardi Gras. "Let's not try and obscure the facts. DEFCAN is not our preferred course of action. We would have liked the ADF to end uniformed support for the Mardi Gras and maintain the existing policy allowing private political activity. Unfortunately, the ADF has chosen not to do that. So while we believe that it is preferable for ADF members not to wear their uniforms to political events, given the circumstances, we have no option but to seek permission to do so. It is the only way conservative members of the ADF can campaign for their values on an even playing field." Source: www.bernardgaynor.com.au 28 April 2014

Update from Bernard Gaynor, 4 June 2014:
Defence involvement in Gay Mardi Gras in doubt
The Australian Defence Force’s future involvement in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has been thrown into doubt by a decision acknowledging that military personnel cannot attend political events in uniform. A senior officer, Lieutenant Colonel Buxton, has refused permission for Defence personnel to attend a separate event, the March for Babies in Melbourne, because Defence policy forbids uniformed involvement in political activity. Lieutenant Colonel Buxton wrote on 3 June 2014 that “it is considered that the activity is political in nature and involvement of ADF personnel in uniform would be contrary to ADF policy and the apolitical requirements of the Defence organisation.” Continue reading here… www.defcan.com.au


Len the Clear Thinker
Sunny winter days make me less depressed - I love how global warming is giving us such ‘tasty’ weather! Thus, beaming with lots of Vitamin D, I turned off Rundle Mall (in Adelaide’s CBD…ed) to have my almost good mood shattered. There was a huge poster – huge by Uncle Len’s standards – with the following message on it: “Australia Says Stop the Boats to Avoid Aboriginal Genocide. Stop Great Britain’s Illegal Migration to Australia”. My blood pressure instantly exploded!

Well, I thought, we are but a Marxist-book-toss from two universities so I imagined that one of the little socialist cubs roaming these centres of learning may have plastered up the sign. Or perhaps it was off-campus socialists? Nevertheless the rhetoric deserves some comment.

The writers no doubt thought that they were oh-so-smart to try and turn the argument against asylum seekers back against Anglo Australia. But wait, if the British committed genocide by displacing the Aborigines, then multicultural Australia, coming in the boats from 1947 onwards, continues the process. Come on you young Socialist cubs, don’t you think you are skating mighty close to “racist”? Gasp!

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159