Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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18 July 2014 Thought for the Week:
From Stockholm to Kyoto: A Brief History of Climate Change.
“In 1949, the UN Scientific Conference on the conservation and utilization of resources (Lake Success, New York, 17 August to 6 September) was the first UN body to address the depletion of those resources and their use… It was not until 1968 that environmental issues received serious attention by any major UN organs. The Economic and Social Council on 29 May was the first to include those issues in its agenda as a specific item and decided -- later endorsed by the General Assembly -- to hold the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.

Held in Stockholm, Sweden from 5 to 16 June 1972, the UN Scientific Conference, also known as the First Earth Summit, adopted a declaration that set out principles for the preservation and enhancement of the human environment, and an action plan containing recommendations for international environmental action. In a section on the identification and control of pollutants of broad international significance, the Declaration raised the issue of climate change for the first time… Over the next 20 years, as part of efforts to implement the 1972 decisions, concern for the atmosphere and global climate slowly gained international attention and action. In 1979, the UNEP Governing Council asked its Executive Director, under the Earth Watch programme, to monitor and evaluate the long-range transport of air pollutants, and the first international instrument on climate -- the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution -- was then adopted...
Article Vol. XLIV, No. 2, June 2007 - -

Quadrant Online - Discovering Maurice Strong
The man who managed to get the climate industry to where it is today is a mild mannered character by the name of Maurice Strong. The whole climate change business, and it is a business, started with Mr Strong. Maurice Strong, a self-confessed socialist, was the man who put the United Nations into the environmental business, being the shadowy-figure behind the UN secretaries general from U Thant to Kofi Annan. His reign of influence in world affairs lasted from 1962 to 2005. Strong has been variously called “the international man of mystery”, the “new guy in your future” and “a very dangerous ideologue”.


Source: Joanna Nova website
To recap — using an optimal Fourier Transform, David Evans discovered a form of notch filter operating between changes in sunlight and temperatures on Earth. This means there must be a delay — probably around 11 years. This not only fitted with the length of the solar dynamo cycle, but also with previous independent work suggesting a lag of ten years or a correlation with the solar activity of the previous cycle. The synopsis then is that solar irradiance (TSI) is a leading indicator of some other effect coming from the Sun after a delay of 11 years or so.

The discovery of this delay is a major clue about the direction of our future climate. The flickers in sunlight run a whole sunspot cycle ahead of some other force from the sun. Knowing that solar irradiance dropped suddenly from 2003 onwards tells us the rough timing of the fall in temperature that’s coming (just add a solar cycle length). What it doesn’t tell us is the amplitude — the size of the fall. That’s where the model may (or may not) tell us what we want to know. That test is coming, and very soon. This is an unusual time in the last 100 years where the forecasts from the CO2 driven models and the solar model diverge sharply. Oh the timing! Ponder how ambitious this simple model is — the complex GCM’s only aim to predict decadal trends, and have failed to even do that. Here is a smaller simpler model proffering up a prediction which is so much more specific. The Solar Model has not shown skill yet in predictions on such short time-scales, though it hindcasts reasonably well on the turning points and longer scales. It cannot predict ENSO events, and obviously not aerosols, nor volcanoes. But if the notch-delay theory is right, the big drop coming is larger than the short term noise.

As we head to the UNFCCC meeting in Paris 2015 where global bureaucracy beckons, a sharp cooling change appears to be developing and set to hit in the next five years. Yet consortia of five-star politicians are not preparing for climate change, only for global warming. Around the world a billion dollars a day is invested in renewable energy, largely with the hope of changing the weather. Given that 20% of the world does not even have access to electricity, history books may marvel at how screwed priorities were, and how bureaucratized science cost so much more than the price of the grants. As Bob Carter has been saying for a long time, politicians need to prepare for everything the climate may throw at us — see Climate the Counter Consensus… Jo


by James Reed
Does anyone out there remember the maxim from the dopey, dope-ridden 1960s: “Make Love, Not War”? Well, I prefer “Make Carbon, Not War!” Clive Palmer and his team of eager PUPies appear to have sunk the carbon tax, and also Abbott’s “Direct Action” plan. I bet the Libs let out their air with a “hissssss” at that one, all of them secretly happy to see it all go… well, up in smoke.
But wait – what’s Clive doing sharing a stage with Mr. Politically-correct-on-climate- Al Gore? I mean to say, Clive is a mining baron and he intends to export $60 billion worth of coal to China over the next twenty years. This is a great move towards liberating masses of greenhouse gases, which is what we need to hold off any ice age.
I say: the more carbon that is burnt, the better. Go for it Clive!


But – a reader who may have casually meandered on to this site armed with a science background might say – what about all the evidence about climate change? What about the massive summaries given by Professor Guy McPherson at his site Nature Bats Last?

Well against all of these papers from Nature, Science, Nature Climate Change and the like, we have the tremendous book “Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies about Climate Change” (Kelpie Press) by Bob Carter, John Spencer and others. Although this book is directed towards rejecting carbon tax, the book is much more and destroys every part of the UN-inspired climate change hoax. In fact the book details that our present weather is completely within the range of natural variation. There has been no increase in extreme weather events such as cyclones or superstorms. These events have, unfortunately, always been with us, and always will be, being part of the processes of nature.

I found “Taxing Air” very easy to understand, so people potentially interested in the book can rest assured that they will not be ‘drowning in science’. No one knows less about science than me, and even I came to learn that global warming is just a mass of hot air. Buy this book, you will not be disappointed.

Taxing Air

Taxing Air: Facts & Fallacies about Climate Change - Bob Carer & John Spooner - $25.00 plus p&h

Are human industrial carbon dioxide emissions causing dangerous global warming? If it is so then climate change surely is one of the great moral challenges of our time. But is it possible that the so-called consensus science around anthropogenic global warming produced by lavishly funded research institutes and with its own international political lobby organization - the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - is wrong? Could it be that the emperor has no clothes?

Accessible, clearly written and illustrated with simple scientific illustrations, and accompanied by brilliantly wry and telling cartoons, Taxing Air answers - without the spin, evasions or propaganda that pollutes most official writing on climate change - every question you have about global warming but are too intimidated by the an oppressive 'consensus' to ask. Your essential guide to the science and politics of global warming.


By Brian Simpson
This question was asked by Ricardo Duchesne at the Council of European Canadians website -. All living things have a tendency to divide the world into in-group and out-group, and this is as true for humans as it is for elephants. While all other groups of humans are permitted to have a preference for their own ethnic group, white Europeans, primarily those of Nordic (northern Europeans) background are not. Although Social Science recognises that ethno-racially diverse societies, still Nordics must overcome their sense of self-preservation, become minorities, and accept extinction, according to the official line.

Professor Duchesne is concerned to refute the version of this racial poison advanced by a panel of scientists, but does not come back to answer the fundamental question: Why Us? Why do Nordics engage in all of these processes of racial suicide? The Japanese, Chinese and Africans don’t.

As noted in the article “The Fairness of Whites as a Critical Weakness” the universalism of the northern European sense of fair play and honour – altruism – is readily exploitable by those ethnic groups who do not play by our rules. Yet, Leftists in particular, are always open to ignoring any ethnic double standard in their attempt to always nail the blame for the world’s woes on their own people.

This sense of misplaced altruism is the great weakness of our race. Its origin, I speculate, arose thousands of years ago when Nordic/northern Europeans had to co-operate to survive. Natural selection favoured altruists, and over time, altruists survived and out bred egoists/individualists. This altruism predisposed our people to accept universalist doctrines and the belief in ideas such as the “brotherhood of man” – now conceived as conceptions of universal humanity. In other words, our race has no “selfish gene”, but the “racially suicide gene”, a predisposition to indiscriminate, promiscuous altruism, which over time has mutated into racial self-hatred and out-group love.

What can be done about this? Clearly we have a major problem on our hands if this weakness of altruism has become intertwined in our genetic nature. There will need to be some process by which these dangerous genes are bred out of our gene pool. Perhaps the low birth rates of Leftists, Feminists and the like will be our saving grace.


By Peter West
We are constantly told that foreign investment ‘is good for us’ – like vaccinations or vegetable oil. But the reality told even by the media itself, off Page 1 is different. For example unlawful foreign buy-ups of homes in Melbourne and other capital cities is “rife”. It adds another ten percent to the cost of houses making it almost impossible for local buyers, Aussies, to compete. (The Australian 23 June 2014, p.6) Chinese and Malayan investors are rolling in money and are using the temporary resident loophole to buy up. The government could easily stop this, but does not because, well, its job is not to protect Australian interests but to faithfully serve as a colonial slave for Mother China.

Don’t believe me? Think I exaggerate? Well consider this: “The Abbott government is allowing overseas dentists to flood the local market while university graduates struggle to secure adequate work, dentists claim”. (The Australian 23 June 2014, P.4) What government serving Australian, rather than Asianist/globalist interests, would do this? All of these facts, sitting exposed every day in our conventional media, constitutes evidence alone to see Parliament House, Canberra, as occupied territory.


by Richard Miller
The great buy-up of Australian resources and real estate continues – largely unregulated. “Real Estate Boom by Foreign Buyers Escapes the regulator’s net” The Australian 11 June 2014, p.1. It has been revealed that since foreign buyer breaching rules for preventing investment in established homes in Australia were changed in 2010, there has been not a single prosecution for any breach!

The idea was to stop foreign buy-ups driving up the price of Australian property but it has not worked because the law hasn’t been enforced – no doubt because the weak Australian authorities don’t want to offend the Chinese. Further to this, the $85,000 fine is regarded by the Chinese as the price of doing business and doesn’t worry them much given the amount of money that they have to splash around. For example, $5 million was paid by a Chinese buyer for one of Adelaide’s top homes “The Myrtles”, but nobody knows how Foreign Investment Review Board approval was obtained. What a joke – but the joke’s on us.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
After a pretty uneventful career, I will at least die happy if I succeed in waking up the freedom movement to the limits of law. As regular as Mother’s Day there comes the next eager Freedom Fighter who thinks that he has found some technicality which one he/she argues it out in court, will change the course of Australian history. But whether or not they are right in the abstract, the court, if the issue is considered at all, will quickly dismiss the matter, perhaps on public policy grounds or some technicality of their own.

For example, I recall reading a scholarly constitutional law paper in a leading journal, where the point was made that by the originalist theory of interpretation (that is, in accordance with the intentions of the Founding Fathers) women would be denied the vote. Of course the lawyer’s way around this is to simply use another theory of interpretation which gives them the results which they want. The “living” interpretation says, for example, that words should be interpreted in terms of contemporary meanings. Bingo – women voters are constitutional.

Those who believe in the Law, or THE LAW, should consult Professor Steven D. Smith’s “The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse (Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA, 2010). Smith’s general complaint is that in public policy debate there is no longer (if there ever was) serious argument. Choose your debate – say gun control – and typically the politically correct side twists every fact to suit their policy.

This failure of reason, the triumph of unreason, is also seen in the courts Smith argues. A substantial number of US Supreme Court decisions have “no rational basis” and involve “a range of legal subjects, that condemn public enactments as being expressions of prejudice or irrationality or invidiousness”. Worse, “to a remarkable extent our courts have become places where the name-calling and exaggeration that mark the lower depths of our political debate are simply given a more acceptable, authoritative form”. (p.9)

Smith also quotes legal philosopher Jeremy Waldron who has said about contemporary judicial reason that “the alleged reason-giving advantage associated with courts is a sham. What courts call “giving reasons” is an attempt to connect the decision they are facing with some piece of abstract and ill-thought eighteenth-century prose. Or it is an attempt to construct desperate analogies between the present decision they face and other decisions that happen to come before them (in which they were engaged in similar distortions)…”

To go further will involve technicalities, but enough has been said. You may rightly believe that THE LAW is or should be a reflection of Divine Rule, but while that sounds good to me in principle, today when we see those sitting on the bench, I have my doubts.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
A late comment. It was good to see a mainstream journalist, in this case Adam Creighton (“Too Many Laws, Too Many Lawyers” The Australian 10 January 2014, p.19), taking the lawyers to task. He noted that from June 1999 to June 2008, the number of people employed in the legal services industry increased by over 25 percent to 99,000. In New South Wales, which has approximately 40 percent of the legal market, god help it, the number of practising solicitors exploded by 51 percent over the same time to 22,105. Today as I see it, the end product of this overload of law has been, well, an overload of law.

Masses of state and federal law Legislation drown commerce and crush individual freedom. Law overload is occurring right across the West and it is strongly correlated with the rise of political correctness and evil ideologies such as feminism. Sadly, the rule of lawyers is also correlated with the decline and fall of civilisations. If you want a metaphor, just think about the weeds in my garden that strangle all my vegies.


by Richard Miller
What has immigration done for Melbourne? The Australian Bureau of Statistics updated population forecast estimates that Melbourne would have a population of between 7.5-8 million by 2050. We guess that the majority of these will be non-white. Immigration well serves the interests of the building and housing lobbies which make mega bucks from treating people like sardines. But the costs are pushed on to the wider community. Affordable housing has gone, traffic is murder and the city now barely works. Throw in millions more people and expect only chaos. But capitalism only has a short time horizon, so the future is “discounted”.


by James Reed
Eric Butler and the League had opposed the nationalisation of banking in Australia because all that this entailed was the replacement of one monopoly by another. As I heard Eric put it: “Would you really have wanted the likes of Gough Whitlam controlling banking?”

The same scepticism should be shown to the IMF proposal to dethrone the bankers and slash private debt by 100 per cent of GDP by replacing the private bank-created money by state-created money. Lenders would once more need to supply 100 per cent reserve banking for deposits and gone will be the days when banks were able to create credit by the process of lending, out of “thin air”.

The new “Chicago Plan”, an update of the 100% money idea of Irving Fisher and Henry Simmons, would see the end of “fractional reserve banking”. That could be good, but is still a long way from social credit and in the long-term could have the unexpected result of killing off the development of a social credit economy. If the 100% money idea alone is tried, and is observed to fail, then people will lose faith in social credit for a number of generations. And we no longer have the luxury of that time to save civilisation.


By James Reed
Chris Berg “True Economic Liberty Means More Open Borders: Economics & Deregulation and Ideas & Liberty” The Drum, 17 June 2014, has a “good” article showing, unintentionally the ultimate absurdity of immigration Libertarianism. For Berg immigration restriction is not “libertarian” or “free market”. For him living standards have risen because goods and capital move freely. No proof of causality is given – it could just as easily be argued that living standards rose first, then goods and capital moved, which fits actual history better. However, even if it was true that free trade did cause wealth increase, free migration or open borders will not. Berg says, “what could be more respectful of the tenets of individual liberty than allowing individuals and families to travel across national borders to make a better life for themselves?”

Follow the thought experiment through. Open borders will lead to racial swamping – billions of the Third World will take up the generous offer to better themselves. Berg considers the argument that open borders will destroy the welfare state, saying that new immigrants should not get welfare, initially. Well isn’t that contrary to the liberty principle as well as being ad hoc? But it doesn’t avoid the socio-environmental argument that open borders will just lead to a “tragedy of the commons” and make us the new Third World.

Finally, all ideas have their limits including liberty. The liberty of unending migration treats the liberty of us who oppose migration as non-existent, and our liberty should count for more than that of those who want to come merely to better their life.

As a footnote, I personally dislike “libertarian” “thought” tied to modern ideas of markets and money and divorced from conceptions of community, people and race. It is an alien philosophy of capitalism and I hope that it will soon pass.


by Chris Knight
US writer James Howard Kunstler’s article “Hard Choices?” takes a well-deserved swipe at US immigration. The US was built upon European immigration (primarily British), and immigration was once controlled at the ports of entry. Immigrants were required to assimilate prior to the 1960s and most migrants were keen to do this. Kunstler believes in peak oil and fossil fuel decline, which of course we here do not, but just substitute your chosen environmental variable of decline – any way managing migration is necessary for ensuring that future population decline is by choice rather than by the cruelty of nature.

Kunstler points out that those who think like the Libertarians who want free migration, assume that America (and countries like Australia) are unsettled and waiting to be filled. Such countries were filled long ago, but if the immigrationists have their way, these countries will be emptied when systems collapse occurs.


27 June 27, 2014
Has President Obama spent the last 4 years negotiating two secret trade deals that would give away American sovereignty? According to analyst Daniel Mills, the answer is yes. Those two trade deals are the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The second one is known as T-TIP for short. We brought you a cutting-edge report about a June 25 Washington conference held by the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue. There, a Belgian delegate stunningly revealed that, in her estimation, T-TIP is a means to actually merge the U.S. and Europe. Writing for the pro-middle class Economy in Crisis online journal, Mr. Mills noted: "The TPP and T-TIP would take away the United States' ability to govern over large portions of our economy."

However, Mills believes things could get even worse
Leaked documents show a new secret agreement would further enlarge the ongoing give-away of U.S. sovereignty and channel it to an unelected multinational body. It's called the Trade In Services Agreement, which is considered even more secretive than the TPP and T-TIP. This Trade-in-Services plan covers 50 countries and 68.2% of world trade in services. The U.S. and the European Union are its main proponents. They also are the parties to T-TIP. Wikileaks: On June 19th, WikiLeaks released what it calls "the secret draft text for the Trade in Services Agreement Financial Services Annex". According to this whistleblower website, the draft text comes from the April 2014 negotiation round—the sixth one held since April of 2013. The most recent negotiations wrapped up June 27th in Geneva, Switzerland. A WikiLeaks' news bulletin also notes that the Services Agreement's draft text covers "cross-border data flow." WikiLeaks added: "The leaked draft also shows that the U.S. is particularly keen on boosting cross-border data flow, which would allow uninhibited exchange of personal and financial data." The chief concern is that consumers' privacy could be put jeopardized regarding their use of cyberspace.

WikiLeaks added that in a significant anti-transparency move, the Trade-In-Services draft has been classified to keep it secret not just during negotiations, but for five years after it enters into force. Moreover, this Services Agreement would further deregulate global financial-services markets. Its draft Financial Services Annex sets rules to assist the expansion of financial multi-nationals—mainly headquartered in New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt. The main reason that's a concern is that the multi-nationals have a heavy hand in creating the financial rules. And the entire regime of free-trade agreements allows for distant tribunals through which corporations can sue entire nations for so-called anti-business practices, using rules largely outside the scope of elected legislative bodies.

Trade can be a good thing, of course. But accountability comes first, which seems to be seriously lacking. Besides, nations instead could mainly produce goods and services for their own domestic markets and limit trans-national trade to only exporting surpluses, while only importing those things which nations cannot make themselves. But these trade schemes take things to a much higher level--apparently to rig the game for financial insiders.


by Betty Luks
Let me set a background to this story: I remember the Lindy Chamberlain case. Lindy was charged with murdering her baby Azaria whilst holidaying with her family at the public campground at Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru). I went to a public meeting in the Adelaide town hall organised by folk concerned that Lindy received justice. One of the speakers was a dingo expert who referred to the fact the dingo was not native to Australia and was ‘a cousin’ to the Indian ‘wolf’ or ‘dog’. Of course I am relying on memory here. (Read Lindy’s own story here…

Author Rodney Liddell in his book “Cape York, The Savage Frontier” (first published in 1996) filled in many gaps for me of the link between the Indian wolf/dog and the Australian dingo and modern Australian Aboriginals. It is a fascinating story and whilst Liddell focuses more on the early history between the Aboriginals and early settlers, it is his references to the Pre-Dravidian background of the Aboriginals that took my attention.

He writes in Chapter 1: The Aboriginal Invasion of Australia
“Whilst researching the history of Cape York, I found it necessary to re-trace the “Origins of Man” on the Australian Continent. It soon became apparent that the “original Australians” were definitely “not” the people we now refer to as aboriginals. For over 200 years, Australians have been constantly indoctrinated into accepting the dark skinned natives that Captain Cook saw in 1770, as being the original Australians. Yet, truth is stranger than fiction. For all the latest anthropological evidence shows very clearly that the original Australians were “Papuans”, who came down from New-Guinea when both countries were connected by a natural land bridge estimated to have been 100 miles wide [160km], consisting of vast lowlands and undulating hills. The final separation was caused by rising seas which flooded the lowlands, leaving only the highest parts above water, thereby, creating 200 islands within a shallow sea now known as the Torres Strait. The breaching of this land bridge is generally believed to have occurred around seven thousand years ago. [6500-8000].

Prior to the separation, the Papuans had access all over the continent, including Tasmania. It is a point of fact that the Tasmanians were positively identified last century as being of a Papuan race. In 1930 a book titled “Artists in Strings” was published. The author was Kathleen Haddon [Rishbeth]. She was the daughter of one of the worlds most highly acclaimed anthropologists in his day [Alfred Cort Haddon]. She had travelled the world with her famous father and in reference to the Australian aborigines she stated:
“Long headed, broad nosed people of ‘Pre-Dravidian’ stock, they are connected racially with the ‘Veddah ’ and certain jungle tribes of South India, rather than the neighbouring Papuans and Melanesians. These ‘Pre-Dravidians’ appear to have displaced an earlier, woolly haired people, who had come into Australia via New-Guinea and who survived until recent times only in Tasmania. ”

This statement is but a portion of a mass of evidence which proves that the original Australians were “Papuans”, who were brutally massacred by the Pre-Dravidian invaders, whom we now erroneously refer to as the “Aborigines of Australia”, but who in fact were the “Aborigines of South India and Ceylon”.

In April 1898, Professor Haddon led the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to the Torres Strait, and later carried out further research in Australia. He clearly identified the Australian aborigine as being of the same Pre-Dravidian race as the following:
INDIA Gond, Bhil, Kurumba, Irula, Veddah.
CEYLON Veddah.
CELEBES Toala. . In 1909 Haddon published “The Races of Man” and exposed the invasion of Australia by the aborigines [Pre-Dravidians]. He states: “Australia was originally inhabited by Papuans or Negritoes, who wandered on foot to the extreme south of that continent. When Bass Strait was formed, those who were cut off from the mainland formed the ancestors of the Tasmanians. Later a Pre-Dravidian race migrated into Australia and overran the continent and absorbed the sparse aboriginal population. The latter being driven off, “exterminated”, or even partially assimilated, but the formation of Bass Strait prevented the entry of the Australians [Pre-Dravidians] into Tasmania. ”

Further evidence that the aborigines invaded Australia comes from Professor A. P. Elkin, Emiritus Professor of Anthropology, University of Sydney, during the 1950’s. Professor Elkin was said to be the leading authority in his day on this vital subject. He also claimed that the aborigines were the early aborigines of South India and classified all the Pre-Dravidians as “Australoids”.

In his book “The Australian Aborigines”, he states:
“Was there a preceding race in Australia, namely the Tasmanians? The latter were a Negroid group related to the Melanesians and Papuans. If the Tasmanians were living in parts of Australia at the time the aborigines commenced their invasion, they must have been either conquered and absorbed, or extinguished. It is also possible that the Tasmanians were already in their island home as well as on the mainland at the time of the Australoid Invasion.”

Still further evidence comes from E. R. Gribble who wrote “A DESPISED RACE”. He states: “The first inhabitants were a negroid race being curly haired. Later came the “Dravidians” [Pre] A straight haired race driven from Egypt, through the north of India. In both these places indications of the use of the boomerang have been found.

In Tutankahamen’s tomb [The boy king of Egypt] there were two model boomerangs wrought in silver. These “Dravidians” [Pre] were huntsmen and brought the dog with them. They conquered the “Negroids” and intermarried. These two types of hair were found as far as the southern portions of Australia, showing the intermixture of the two races. On the other hand, in Tasmania, only the curly haired were found, and no dingoes. Another difference was the status of the women in a tribe. In Tasmania they were well treated, but on the mainland they were regarded merely as goods and chattels, i.e. slaves. ”

More than 150 asylum seekers being held on Customs boat

Indian Boat
ABC News: Take note of the boat in which the asylum seekers sailed from India

When the invaders left India, in their canoes and rafts small groups dropped off along the way and settled in Malaya and the Celebes where they are known as the “Sakai” and “Toala.”

The main groups are believed to have landed on Cape York Peninsula and other areas of Northern Australia. Professor Elkin states: “We may picture them reaching Australia finally by raft or canoe, bringing with them the dog (dingo) which is not indigenous and had to rely on man for its transport to its new home. The aborigines landed in Northern Australia, probably on Cape York Peninsula.”…”

Now you may be wondering why I have brought this subject up at this point in time. I think it has relevance when considering the recent news of a couple of boatloads of asylum seekers attempting to reach these shores – sailing from India.

Egyptian Boat I am not sure that the boat in which the asylum seekers sailed is any more seaworthy than the Egyptian ship of 1250BC. But the point is that if these people can sail from India in 2014 – couldn’t their (Pre) Dravidian ancestors have done so earlier – bringing their wolf/dogs with them? Egyptian Boat2
Caption: Mr. Langton calls attention to the rope truss in this illustration, stiffening the beam of the ship. No other such use of the truss is known until the days of modern engineering.

Further interest to those who want to follow up the historical links



Part of a series on Dravidian culture and history
Trade Routes
Ancient Trade Routes
The Ancient Spice Trade: the cultivation, preparation, transport, and merchandising of spices and herbs, an enterprise of ancient origins and great cultural and economic significance. Seasonings such as cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric were important items of commerce in the earliest evolution of trade. Cinnamon and cassia found their way to the Middle East at least 4,000 years ago. From time immemorial, southern Arabia (Arabia Felix of antiquity) had been a trading centre for frankincense, myrrh, and other fragrant resins and gums. Arab traders artfully withheld the true sources of the spices they sold….

Whatever part the overland trade routes across Asia played, it was mainly by sea that the spice trade grew. Arab traders were sailing directly to spice-producing lands before the Christian era. In East Asia the Chinese crossed the waters of the Malay Archipelago to trade in the Spice Islands (the Moluccas or the East Indies). Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was another important trading point. In the city of Alexandria, Egypt, revenues from port dues were already enormous when Ptolemy XI bequeathed the city to the Romans in 80 BC. The Romans themselves soon initiated voyages from Egypt to India, and under their rule Alexandria became the greatest commercial centre of the world. It was also the leading emporium for the aromatic and pungent spices of India, all of which found their way to the markets of Greece and the Roman Empire. Roman trade with India was extensive for more than three centuries and then began to decline, reviving somewhat in the 5th century AD but declining again in the 6th. It had weakened, but not broken, the Arabian hold on the spice trade, which endured through the Middle Ages…”


Two Causes of Australia’s Decline: Two causes of Australia's decline ('Politics in crisis and a nation in denial', 2/7) are the gradual atrophy of Christian leadership and the confusion caused by demographic changes to our population. Christian sacred tradition requires a reformation more profound than that of the 15th and 16th centuries. This is because the coming together of the world's cultures in the last two centuries, together with the profound research into comparative religion and ancient history that has occurred since the deciphering of the Egyptian hieroglyphics, has exposed so-called theological orthodoxy (whether Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant) as containing serious error and misunderstanding.
Instead of addressing this deficiency, church leadership has become too focused on 'social justice' issues or simplistic evangelism. Thus political leaders lack adequate guidance and congregations wither or retreat into clap-happy irrelevance.

As for the development from British outpost to multicultural nation on the fringe of Asia, Australia needs to separate for a happy future those inherited institutions and customs which promote liberty and economic growth from their now antiquated trappings, rather than abandoning both (a throwing out of the baby with the bath water). In both contexts left-wing, secular and humanistic ideology (virtually a pseudo-religion) needs to be opposed, as do materialistic selfishness and unjust usurious financial policies.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Victoria, Letters, The Australian 3rd July 2014

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159