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29 August 2014 Thought for the Week:
“There can be no adequate understanding of the suicide or survival alternative facing humanity, without a proper perception of the financial reality that it is the abuse of the role of money which is the root cause of all economic evil, and hence of most of the social disorders threatening the future of society. In a sense money must be priceless. It is the priceless lifeblood and catalytic reactor of the economic body. It is the priceless measurer of prices which the community uses to value its own real wealth of natural resources and talent. It reflects the priceless credit and faith which the community has in its own ability to produce goods and services. It is a flagrant violation of the community's common good, if individuals are legally permitted to pervert the community's own most priceless possession, its financial lifeblood, by monopolizing the creation and supplying of all money, and also by manipulating its planned scarcity for their own base personal profit and power. Once a nation loses control of its currency and credit to selfish private interests, it matters little what political party is in power or who makes its laws. Usurious banking, by its intrinsically evil and antisocial nature, will wreck any nation once it usurps power and will ultimately destroy itself, as will any finite self-centred positive feedback evolutionary system. Until governments of countries resume control of the issue of their currency and credit and understand that the creation of the lifeblood of the economic body is its most godlike activity and responsibility, all talk about real democracy is just hypocrisy and deceit. The same applies to all the statements of Christian leaders about Social Justice, Development and Peace, as long as they fear to bite the hand and overturn the tables of the avaricious money mongers in the global marketplace to whom they have sold Mother Nature’s children into the slavery of unpayable, exponentially growing, compound interest burdened debt.
Peter Lock in “Malice in Plunderland” August 2009

“There is one unchanging feature of every social, economic and military conflict of the last two thousand years at least. Government systems may change, kings may be replaced by presidents or dictators, feudal customs may give way to oligarchies or soviets. Through them all runs the dual thread of money and prices. Yet this purely artificial, and fundamentally helpful, system has been the target of attack throughout the ages. Not once, but many times, men have arisen to denounce the evils which they have traced to its perverted use. And all of these men, so far as I am aware, have come to the same conclusion. The evils which have arisen from a defective use of the credit system are without exception due to the use of it as an instrument of policy and not an accounting and distributive system. This is the financial embodiment of the basic cleavage between Socialism and Social Credit, between Judaism and Christianity. No one with any knowledge of the question ever said: “Money is the root of all evil”; but the greatest have said, “The love of money is the root of all evil”…” (italics added…ed)
Programme For the Third World War” by C.H. Douglas first appeared in The Social Crediter between April-August 1943.


By James Reed
The cultural cringers here are waiting, salivating in fact at the thought that their favourite communists – Red China – may soon be “No1”. However people better in the know, such as former Bank of England governor, Mervyn King, see China as vulnerable. (The Australian 5 August 2014, p.17). China is losing self-sufficiency with increasing amounts of food and commodity imports.

Then there is its militarisation and the increased probability of the outbreak of conflict. The situation is similar to that of Germany on the eve of World War I. An insecure system, generated by China’s build-up of submarines and land-based missiles to deal with the US, could lead to accidents happening, and war.


Well, well. Readers could be more than interested in Andrew Bolt’s 21 August 2014 article where the headline reads: “Clive Palmer loses again. Is his money now running out?”

Hedley Thomas of The Australian writes:
In the Federal Court in Perth, then a short time later in the Federal Court in Sydney, the resources tycoon copped a legal belting yesterday… Palmer desperately needed a win in the Federal Court to provide leverage to salvage something from the wreckage of his increasingly costly commercial battle with China’s state-owned international investment company, Citic Pacific. The two emphatic judgments he got have severely undermined his negotiating position…

[A]t their nub is a valuable, powerful prize: control of the port of Cape Preston, the hub for the shipment of iron ore. China’s money built this port and its infrastructure… Iron ore from West Australian tenements controlled by Palmer’s company, Mineralogy, has been shipped through the new port since December… The reason Palmer is unhinged about all of this is simple. As he runs out of money, and as the ships keep turning up to deliver iron ore to Chinese mills, his demands for royalties for himself remain bogged down in litigation… If things had gone his way [in court] — if he had wrested back some control of Cape Preston, sufficient to stop those ongoing shipments of iron ore — ... he might have been able to stall the resources project and tightened the screws until he had achieved a royalty deal to his satisfaction… Palmer’s defeat in both Federal Court matters will cut deeply.

Back to the Brisbane case, it remains Palmer’s greatest challenge. The allegations of “fraud” and “dishonesty” [over $12 million Citic claims Palmer took from them] ... are to be determined in a hearing in which hundreds of documents about where the $12m went. It will also rule on a so-called “sham” port services agreement that was allegedly clumsily pulled together by Palmer’s company after the withdrawals, but backdated, in a bid to justify the withdrawals of the Chinese funds from a National Australia Bank cheque account in August and September last year. Palmer signed the cheques, and Beijing suspects its funds wrongfully bankrolled his party into the federal election. Palmer denies wrongdoing…” (emphasis added..ed)

Link that news to the following report and then try to envisage just where Australians will fit into this new Asian-Australian world.
If you go to the website first2move.com.au you will read the following: "1 out of 7 of the 10 million wealthiest families in China intend to migrate to Australia" “The rationale for this growing appetite for Aussie bricks and mortar is more than just financial. Chinese investors are lured by the prospect of one day moving to a country with clean air, a good education system and a strong legal system. Indeed, the only country Australia ranks behind as a desirable destination for Chinese immigrants is Canada, where new restrictions have been put on foreign investment and immigration. Existing regulation, administered via the Foreign Investment Review Board, restricts non-residents to new properties. There is anecdotal evidence that these rules are circumvented to illegally allow foreign capital into established properties, but the extent of that is hard to estimate, says CLSA senior analyst Andrew Johnston. (Source: Sydney Morning Herald 15 Aug 2014)”

The message continues: Email us the “link” of your Vendor's property from your website and we will translate the listing and upload it onto first2move.com which appears on the overseas pages of 9 of the top 12 real estate search portals in China.

first2move.com.au is a Vendor paid Mandarin search portal so we trust your Vendor will think that $49.95 per listings, is pretty good value for money. Just email your Vendors’ “link” to listings@first2move.com and we will translate, uploaded and send you back the link on first2move.com.au within 48 hours.

The following graph can be found on the Foreign Investment Review Board website

Australian Investment Graph
FIRB: Foreign Investment Review Board.

CLSA: Website claims: “CLSA is Asia’s leading and longest-running independent brokerage and investment group. The company provides equity broking and execution services, corporate finance and asset management services to global corporate and institutional clients… CLSA’s parent company is CITIC Securities, one of Asia’s leading investment banks.”
Source: https://www.clsa.com/about-clsa.php

In Clive Palmer’s case, what should be added here is that Civic Pacific is in reality a financial department of the Communist government of China!


ABC News:
“Tasmania’s PUP member today emailed a media statement and “opinion piece” regarding her boss Clive Palmer's tirade on Chinese “mongrels” on ABC programme QandA last night.”

Ms Lambie

“In an inflammatory statement, Ms Lambie writes, “If anybody thinks that we should have a national security and defence policy, which ignores the threat of a Chinese Communist invasion - you’re delusional and got rocks in your head. Today China is controlled by an aggressive, anti democratic, totalitarian government. We need to double the size and capacity of our military right now.” She continues to support Mr Palmer on the “general point made about Communist China’s military capacity and threat to Australia.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt after serving my country in the Australian Defence Force for 11 years and listening closely to our veterans, it’s this: The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Clive Palmer’s comments on the ABC’s Q&A are a timely warning and highlight the appalling national security and defence policy failures of both Labor and the Liberals/Nationals. Both Labor and the Liberals/Nationals have failed to build an Australian military that is able to defend us - and stop our grandchildren from becoming slaves to an aggressive, anti-democratic, totalitarian foreign power”.”


Time Now to Scuttle Abbott’s Aboriginal Referendum by Richard Miller.

It seems that everywhere one turns, there are people making what the multicultural/ethnic establishment calls “racist” remarks, even without the benefit of a repeal of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. As we all know, the Liberals cravenly caved in on free speech (to paraphrase Professor James Allen, The Australian 6 August 2014, p.12) even though Tony Abbott as Opposition Leader in a speech to the Institute of Public Affairs, Sydney 6 August 2012 said: “Freedom of speech is an essential of democracy”.

Abbott backed down because of intense lobbying from the ethnic/multicultural lobby. Indeed, ethnic groups who do not normally work together, co-operated to oppose any changes to the Race Discrimination Act, section 18C being originally brought in on the basis of earlier ethnic lobbying. The Act has come to be something of a symbol of multiculturalism. Although early government statements of multiculturalism defined it as essentially ethnic pluralism and racial diversity within the framework of liberal democratic values, we learn now that multiculturalism is not that at all. It is just a policy of Anglo-Saxon democratic displacement, of keeping the Anglos quiet using the fist of the Law, until this ethnic group is reduced to minority status. And even though the politically correct Canada repealed its own version of section 18C last year, Abbott’s government hasn’t the minimum amount of courage to make even this very modest change.

That being so, the Institute of Public Affairs took out a full page advertisement in The Australian (8 August 2014, p.7) quoting Tony Abbott’s claim that “freedom of speech is an essential foundation of democracy” and saying that even if he won’t fight to repeal section 18C, they will. Bless them.

Abbott’s suggestion that a majority of the Australian community supported section 18C because the majority of the submissions to the government favoured it, staggers belief. Those submissions were from highly organised ethnic groups. The average voter probably hasn’t heard of section 18C at all. As Michael Sexton notes, there is a paradox in Abbott and the ethnic lobby’s argument in appealing to allegedly majority opinion because one of their arguments was that section 18C was necessary to protect the “powerless” minorities against the “powerful” majority. (The Australian 8 August 2014, p.12) Consistency is not one of the values of this debate.

On the bright side Family First senator, Bob Day, who also vowed to lobby all crossbench senators to oppose Joe Hockey’s budget policy to kick young people off the dole for six months, will also champion free speech through introducing a private senator’s bill to remove section 18C. He has been quoted as saying: “Someone has to champion the cause of freedom. You can’t allow yourself to be intimidated by any particular group”. Bless him too – and he needs encouragement and support by everybody out there who loves freedom. Write to him at Parliament House Canberra.

The lesson shown by the crushing of freedom of speech by the “New Class” – a politically correct establishment of ethnics, lawyers, human rights experts, those that Nick Cater (The Australian 12 August 2014, p.12) describes as “the enforcers of political correctness who remain firmly in control of Australia’s cultural institutions” - is that the ordinary Australian has been dispossessed. This is not a League of Rights idea, it is now ‘out there’ for all to see. Along with this is the eschewing of traditional liberal values by this new class elite.

All can see the Abbott government for what it really is. Further, there is the lesson of Ken Wyatt, the Abbott government’s first lower house indigenous MP, who threatened to cross the floor to defeat changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. He thinks that “common sense” has prevailed and now he can get on with the job of pushing for a change in the Constitution to recognise Aborigines. (The Australian 6 August 2014, p.5) But if the majority of Australians cannot have free speech because powerful politically correct organisations play identity politics, then now is the time for Anglo-Australians to register their discontent with their dispossession.

The proposed Aboriginal recognition referendum needs to be firmly identified as part of the politically correct new class strategy to further dispossess Anglo-Australia. But this time the oppressed have a vote and a right to say “No!”. The coming battle should revisit what was done to destroy the hope of restoring some measure of free speech in this country, and link it to the referendum.

All those opposing mass immigration, Asianisation, multiculturalism and political correctness should send a message to Abbott by voting “No!”. On this one we can all “come together”.

Update: The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA) has mounted a worthy campaign to bring the Liberals/Nationals to account on this one aspect of freedom of speech by insisting they honour their pre-election promise. ATA write: “Senator Bob Day has already announced he will be introducing a private members bill to fix 18C by removing the words “offend” and “insult” and Liberal Senators are lining up to say they will support him. Senator Bernardi has confirmed he will be co-sponsoring the Bill, which also has the support of Senator James McGrath. Senator David Leyonhjelm has also stated his preference that all of 18C will be repealed, but will be supporting this effort.”

ATA asks all concerned Australians to join in the campaign

Go to http://keeptonyhonest.com.au/


An Open Letter to PM Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey

Dear Mr. Abbott and Mr. Hockey,
I listened with interest to all political parties pre Federal election speeches and promises. Post coalition election victory I have listened to Tony Abbott and cabinet members braying about the terrible financial mess you have been left to deal with. In answer to criticism about your rather drastic measures to rein in the Federal Budget deficit Tony Abbott stated we, the people, hadn’t been paying attention.

Many of us have been paying close attention to the political chicanery and venal legislation for many years. For instance: the federal budget deficit has increased considerably in the short time since the coalition came to power. No doubt you can come up with some form of waffle to place the blame on the out going government for that.

I hear you saying what you are doing is in the National Interest and you are going to support our manufacturing industries to increase productivity. Sounds very impressive. Then you allow a $15 million contract be given to an Indonesian company to manufacture boots for our ADF in preference to an Australian company. Now that’s really helping our manufacturing industries!!!

Let’s look into the past for a moment

Our forefathers built roads, rail lines, power stations, powerlines, telegraph lines, built our manufacturing and agricultural industries, airports, air line industries, sea ports and shipping industries, snowy mountains hydro electric scheme. Built dams such as Burrinjuck to maintain a reliable water supply for generations to come. Yes we inherited productive capital assets because of the foresight, hard work and national pride of those industrious pioneers backed by the people they elected as their representatives in their parliaments.

We had a steel manufacturing industry producing the worlds finest steel. They gave us smelters, sawmills, a vast number of vehicle, road and farm, manufacturing and assembly plants. Australia, the lucky country, had near full employment in 1978, freedom and quality of life beyond the comprehension around the globe it came at great cost and years of building infrastructure, roads railways and public transport to increase the economy’s productive capacity and future earnings.

This was thanks to our pioneer and builder generations.

Then Along Came the Termite Generations

In 1975 the Whitlam government agreed, in principle, to the Lima Declaration and the Fraser government signed the deal in 1976. The essence of this declaration was Australia would send all manufacturing industries to developing countries and import the finished product and Australia would become a service industry and consumer nation.

Was it not understood when workers are unemployed they, their families and the country as a whole loses? Workers and their families lose wages, and the country loses goods or services that could have been produced. In addition, the purchasing power of these workers is lost, which can lead to unemployment of other workers not forgetting the taxes lost to the government.

You now stand up and propose answers to our declining manufacturing industries when both major political parties agreed to the voluntary de-construction of industries back in 1975. Those industries are still leaving the country in case you haven’t noticed.

The majority of our call centres are now operated off-shore. This is where some of our citizens afflicted with disabilities could have been employed!

In 1995 the Australian government signed on to the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services. It is under this agreement or perhaps because of this agreement State and Federal governments of the Termite generations are now selling off all the public assets built up by the pioneer and building generations.

Selling off the peoples’ assets into private hands, privatisation, can only be described as national asset-stripping. Our governments are, in fact, acting in the manner of corporations after taking over a company they wish to eliminate.

You have, for some time, been using the media to condition the minds of the Australian public with predictive programming. Governments, over the years, have created a nation of people with no real sense of common unity. To obtain control over public opinion it is first necessary to divide and confuse it!

United Nations AGENDA 21

All our governments have been working, surreptitiously, toward dismantling private land ownership by instituting the UN Agenda 21 regulations. A report on UN habitat conference dealing with sustainable development declared, in part…… “private land ownership contributes to social injustice… public control of land use is therefore indispensable". It further states. “All countries should undertake a comprehensive national inventory of their land resources and develop National land management plans.”

The UN’s Global Biodiversity Assessment would “reallocate” property rights and have “stakeholder groups” instead of property owners, make decisions on private land use. Before you start denying any involvement in UN Agenda 21 confirming you are the pied pipers of deceit and delusion. The Keating government agreed to Agenda 21 at the United Nations Earth Summit Conference, in Rio de Janeiro, in June 1992 committing Australia to a second Earth Summit in the same city in 2012.

Australia submits environmental performance reviews (EPR), and Australia provides reports to the World Summit on Sustainable Development. (WSSD)

Further reports state… With deployment of very large government funds real progress was made towards implementing reforms, in particular land property rights and water access entitlements were separated in all states and territories and the institutional arrangements for water trading were put in place. (Enter the Murray Darling Basin Authority and the Murray Darling Basin Plan)

All Australian governments have agreed to stop loss of Native Vegetation through land clearing. (Hence Native Vegetation Legislation)

Some correspondence in relation to land clearing states:-

“Regulations of large stationary sources are not backed up with sufficient inspection and enforcement. Serious breaches of regulations are inadequately prosecuted in some jurisdictions.” (Hence people receiving heavy fines for trying to maintain property viability)

The UN is an unelected body of people

Anything they decide only becomes law because our parliaments make it so by passing legislation in accordance with UN directions. It appears the Australian government allegiance is to the United Nations not to the Australian people as set down in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as gazetted.


By Ian Wilson LL.B.

I have nothing to add to young Richard’s comments about the Libs dropping changes to the RDA but – I told you so! It was clear even to the proverbial blind Freddy that it was all smoke and mirrors. And my, how silly they all look. Yet is all for the best. If changes were put into place, such changes would be so diluted that they would achieve little, beyond allowing “conservatives” to go back to sleep. Now they clearly have to face betrayal by Abbott – does it get any better than that!

It is no longer conspiratorial to argue that we simply cannot trust Abbott with the Aboriginal recognition referendum. Any changes made, – and I mean even a comma, could be used, and will be used, by the lawyer class, to construct a bill of rights. A politically correct bill of rights giving affirmative action, forever.

Our High Court has been inventing “rights” for some time, out of thin air, with no legal justification. Where does the limited right of prisoners to vote, found by our High Court, come from? Apparently from the Constitutional passage saying that Australian senators shall be “directly chosen by the people”. Figure that one out!

In this environment there must be no change whatsoever to the Constitution. Even if you believe that Aborigines should be “recognised” one cannot trust those who say that there will be no consequences. Consequences are, the name of the game.


by Brian Simpson

The American race realists school, as seen in Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance, although doing good work for the White cause, hold that Asian IQ is about 5 IQ points greater than White IQ. That refers to the mean. Sometimes it is put that “Asians are just smarter than us”. Not so, for even if the East Asian mean IQ of the Bell Curve=105, and whites’ mean=100, there is still a greater “spread” to the right of the curve for whites. Also, “whites” are broadly defined to include groups other than Nordics such as Alpines and Mediterraneans.

In this context it is interesting to reflect on remarks made in Amy Chua’s (Chinese American) and Jeb Rubenfeld’s (American Jew) “The Triple Package” (Bloomsbury 2014): “In a comprehensive review of fifty years of studies, IQ expert James Flynn found that higher IQ could not explain disproportionate Chinese American success. According to Flynn, notwithstanding their economic and academic outperformance of white Americans, Chinese American’s mean IQ is no higher than that of white Americans.” (p.171)

Indeed, James Flynn found, contrary to race realists such as Richard Lynn who champions the Asian superiority thesis, that Chinese American IQ in China is 101, it is 110 in Singapore and 116 in Hong Kong. Clearly these capitalist enclaves constitute a biased sample of higher IQ people correlated with the historical construction of these enclaves. It is like taking the IQ of whites, in say, Silicon Valley and making representative of the whole.

Richard Lynn also has written of Jewish intellectual dominance. However “The Triple Package” quotes Ron Unz, “The Myth of American Meritocracy”, “The American Conservative”, 28 November 2012, who observes that “Jews dropped from more than 40 percent of US Math Olympiad top scores in the 1970s to 2 percent since 2000. From 1950 to 1990, Jewish high schoolers made up roughly 20 percent of the finalists in the prestigious, nationwide Intel Science Talent Search; since 2010, only 7 percent. In the Physics Olympiad, Jews accounted for 25 percent of the top scorers as recently as the 1990s; in the last decade, just 5 percent”. (p.194)

Chua and Rubenfeld agree that Unz has his critics, but all agree that the trend of Jewish academic performance is one of decline. Thus “this drop-off would throw a wrench in the belief held by a lot of people: that Jews do better academically for the simple reason that they have higher IQs”. (p.194) Obviously enough, the explanation of Jewish and East Asian success must lie elsewhere.


By Peter West

Remember “ border control”? Remember : we will decide who comes to Australia? Well according to an article in The Advertiser (17 August 2014, “We Offer Refuge from Hell”) “Stopping the boats will help Australia rescue thousands of Iraqis and Syrians fleeing persecution and the murderous reign of Islamic terrorists”. That will be 2,200 Iraqis and 2,200 Syrians, a drop in the ocean compared to “legal” migration. But in all these cases the Australian public’s opinion and opposition to mass migration has been ignored. It seems that every world crisis provides the capitalist Right and politically correct Left, an opportunity to bring in more, more, more people of other cultures and colour.


“We’re ill-prepared if the iceman cometh”, Opinion The Australian 14/8/2014

“What if David Archibald’s book, “The Twilight of Abundance: Why Life In The 21st Century Will Be Nasty Brutish and Short”, turns out to be right? What if the last 50 years of peace, cheap energy, abundant food, global economic growth and population explosion have been due to a temporary climate phenomenon? What if the warmth the world has enjoyed for the past 50 years is the result of solar activity, not man made CO2?

In a Letter to the Editor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Usokin et al, produced the “first fully adjustment-free physical reconstruction of solar activity”. They found that over the last 3,000 years the modern Grand maxima which occurred between 1959 and 2009, was a rare event both in magnitude and duration. This research adds to growing evidence that climate change is determined by the sun not humans”.


The Editor, Wangaratta Chronicle, 12th August 2014

Dear Sir,
On 5th August 2014 a Victorian Government Media Statement reports The Ombudsman Victorian Deborah Glass has tabled in Parliament a report titled ‘investigation into allegations of improper conduct of the Office of Living Victoria’. This investigation, begun by the former Ombudsman Victoria G E Brouwer during his 10 year contract, is important to the future of rural/regional Victoria.

It is difficult to have confidence in governance when the powers of the Victorian Ombudsman and the Broad Based Anti-Corruption Commissioner are limited by parliament and parliamentary representatives lack communication. On 2nd August 2014 a position of Deputy Ombudsman was advertised inviting applicants. Have you noticed the Federal Government appointment of former CEO Rural City of Wangaratta Doug Sharp as a member of the Hume Regional Development Australia Committee and on 8th August 2014 an advertisement in Wangaratta Chronicle for applications for appointment of a Regional Development Australia (RDA) Coordinator for Hume Region placed by the Victorian Department of State Development, Business and Innovation. How does this affect decisions about Wangaratta District Market Yards ?

Wangaratta Chronicle is one of many local newspapers which provide information for research of local governance. Since Local Government amalgamation of the rural shires of Wangaratta and Oxley with Wangaratta City to form the Shire of Milawa, later renamed the Rural City of Wangaratta, Wangaratta Chronicle provides opportunity for discussion and protest. For example the coverage given to the Ford Street development which involved the City Car Park, Big W, the demolition of the Memorial Town Hall and Senior Citizens Club. Present Administrator Irene Grant was mayor 2002, 2003, 2004 covering this period. More recently coverage has been given to the Rural Land Strategy protest and funding arrangements for the Co-Store Car Park.

• Minutes of Wangaratta Rural City Council March 2008, when Doug Sharp was CEO, record “That Council endorse the Sustainable Communities Project as outlined and commit to its completion as a vital planning tool for the Central Hume sub-region”

• Attachment to the Rural City of Wangaratta council minutes 18th March 2008 explains Council commitment to the Sustainable Communities Project a CSIRO Research Project.

• A report The Hume Strategy for sustainable communities 2010-2020 was published by the Urban Development Division of the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development July 2010. It was prepared by the Hume Region Management Forum. The accompanying Hume Region Plan July 2010 was also prepared by the Hume Management Forum. I understand the Hume Management Forum has no legal status. Consultation was held with community leaders selected by local government CEO’s.

Irene Grant (former Mayor RCOW) is listed contributing as Manager Stakeholder Relations for Central Hume Sub Regional Strategy Group, Department Education and Early Childhood development. Wangaratta Rural City Council CEO Doug Sharp is listed June 2010 as Deputy Chair of Hume Regional Management Forum. Were our elected Councillors involved in this consultation?

• What do we know about the Hume Regional Growth Plan-Endorsement of Plan by Council attachment to the Wangaratta Rural City Council – Ordinary Meeting 17th September 2013? Final draft for consideration by councils. When was our elected Rural City of Wangaratta Council dismissed and replaced by administration ?

Change is inevitable. I am concerned at lack of understanding regarding changes to rural land and water legislation and government administration. If you hold a Victorian Government registered land title I suggest you start asking questions about the Rural Land Strategy and Water Law Review in Victoria NOW.

The attempt to introduce recognition of Local Government in the Commonwealth Government Constitution has major constitutional ramifications.

Yours sincerely, Alison G Walpole, Whorouly South - Rural resident ratepayer.


We received notification of Patrick Moore’s coming visit to Australia from Case Smit of The Galileo Movement. https://www.galileomovement.com.au/

These folk are bringing Patrick Moore out to Australia and Case explains why: “Australia is hosting a “climate information” visit by Dr. Patrick Moore (co-founder of Greenpeace) in October – November this year. Rather than lecturing to the “converted”, the principal purpose of this visit is for him to meet with opinion leaders in the media, politics and business to convey a rational environmentalist’s views on why policies instituted because of the “catastrophic climate change” scare need to be realistically addressed.

Australia was the first country to impose an economy-damaging tax on carbon dioxide emissions which the current Government has now repealed. However the Government still believes that the public wants to see “action on climate change”, so it continues with policies requiring billions of dollars to be spent to stabilise the global climate. Those opinion leaders that Patrick meets with will realise, as Patrick has done himself, that virtually all climate change is natural and that mankind’s contribution is minimal; they will then be able to convey this to the public…”

A worthy project and I am sure many will give their support to it… but. Until the financial system is rectified we will all be ‘chasing our tails’ – genuine environmentalists as well. The government is spending these billions of borrowed-debt money to keep the economy producing and the people with their noses to the grind stone – not because Australians cannot feed, clothe and house themselves.

As Peter Lock writes in “The Great Harlot”: “Most financial policy today encourages the ritual worship of the clay club-footed idol of the god of Mammon. It is no wonder then that the subservient economic systems all throughout the world are becoming increasingly inadequate to cope with the very grave problems besetting them. In any formal system of knowledge, if its conclusions and predictions are demonstrably inconsistent and lead to contradictions then it is evident that its premises or postulates are at fault. An era of errors is drawing to a close…”

“All servicing of debt demands that the outputs of goods-producing industries grow continually, not diminish. Consumption for the sake of mere consumption becomes the norm of existence in this, now throw-away society where only crass deliberate obsolescence will permit continual economic growth alongside the new industries of rubbish disposal and recycling. Maintaining a policy of full employment militates against industrial efficiency, for to achieve the former we must sabotage the latter by producing unwanted, shoddy and inferior articles. Creating such jobs for all can only lead to total environmental destruction…”

The A+B Theorem: What does this word mean?

In this chapter, there is the word "the gap between Demand and Supply". What does this word mean? “The word "gap" comes from the A+B theorem. It is the "gap" between income and prices, or the "gap" between supply and effective demand. Effective demand is demand that is backed by money. I may want, or demand, something, but I can only purchase it if I have the money to do so.

What Douglas is saying here (Social Credit by C.H. Douglas) is that there's an abundant supply of consumer goods, or at least a potential abundant supply of consumer goods, but many don't have access to them for want of effective demand (inadequate income).
“It has already been, it is hoped, made clear that the gap between Demand and Supply has nothing to do with the ability of the production and industrial system to meet the calls which are made on it; it has to do with the organisation which stands in between Demand and Supply, that is to say, the Financial or Ticket System.”

Go to “A+B and All That” by Victor Bridger found here… https://alor.org/blog/index.php/a-b-and-all-that


America’s industrial/military complex is now geared mainly for war; not for providing the people with their needs. The headline reads: No Money For Peace And $642,000,000,000 (billion) for the War Machine (https://www.informationclearinghouse.info/)

“Shoddy U.S. Roads and Bridges Take a Toll on the Economy” - Los Angeles Times

“... America's transportation infrastructure, once an engine of mobility and productivity, has fallen into such disrepair that it's become an economic albatross ... Age is a key factor. Most of the major highways were built decades ago. America's transportation structures look all the more frayed next to those in advanced economies in Europe and Japan, or in China, which has been busily constructing high-speed rail and new airports ... Roads with "acceptable ride quality" fell from 87% in 1995 to 82% in 2010 ... A quarter of the country's 147,870 bridges are deficient or obsolete ...”

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