Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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5 September 2014 Thought for the Week:
“… A quarter of a century ago, I participated in some well-attended demonstrations against apartheid. I never imagined we’d see demonstrations of that size again, but last Saturday’s turnout in Cape Town was as big if not bigger. Participants included young and old, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, atheists, blacks, whites, reds and greens … as one would expect from a vibrant, tolerant, multicultural nation. I asked the crowd to chant with me: “We are opposed to the injustice of the illegal occupation of Palestine. We are opposed to the indiscriminate killing in Gaza. We are opposed to the indignity meted out to Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks. We are opposed to violence perpetrated by all parties. But we are not opposed to Jews”. (emphasis added…ed)
Taken from a statement by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu: “My Plea to the People of Israel: Liberate Yourselves by Liberating Palestine” published by Haaretz.


The headlines read: “32 White Farmers Killed in 30 Weeks”
As of 18 July 2014, thirty-two - yes 32 - South African farmers have been killed over a 30-week period. That's more than one farmer murdered per week, over 30 weeks. If this were happening in Australia, America, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Canada - in any country around the world - this would be an outrage. It would be on every front page - how the farmers were being slaughtered. Yet, South African farmers have been murdered in this manner for over 20 years now, and the world isn't interested in their story. It's not interesting enough.

Well, here's one farmers' account, who was made to watch as they gang-raped his wife and 8-year old daughter, and then watched as they butchered them to death - after they'd gang-raped him and tried to bludgeon him to death as well. His 6-year old son survived, apparently unharmed…. But, the world just shrugs, and says, that's Africa. Leave if you don't like it there. Yes, leave - where to? If you don't have the opportunity, or if you can't leave, or if you don't want to leave, then what?

Yet, South Africa - just like most colonised countries in Africa - was once a peaceful, successful and mostly civilised country once upon a time. All that hard work was thrown out the window the day the country was handed to a bunch of terrorists, headed by Saint Dead Terrorist, whose only legacy will be that he couldn't control his own people, and he ruined a once great country through crime, corruption, lies, hatred and greed.

The farm attacks are also a way to keep the White people in South Africa traumatised, scared and disheartened. For those of you out in the world who are interested in what White South African farmers have to live with, read the story here…

It's just one of many.

Report by Eddy von Maltitz
I post a true story, told by a victim in his own words: He was raped, his daughters and wife also raped and killed. The reporters were warned that they will be arrested for obstruction of justice and charged with racism if they published anything about the case, before any arrests are made. Why?? The criminals are still at large.

When reporters approached the police for a comment about the frequency of such attacks, they simply responded by saying this attack, like many other unsolved cases cannot be added to any statistics since murder has not been proven yet.


by Richard Miller
Following the Abbott government’s cowardly cave-in to the ethnic/ multicultural lobby by abandoning its election promise to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act questions concerning race, immigration, multiculturalism and free speech are as urgent as ever. Let us consider some recent “debates”.

Clive and China:
First is Clive Palmer’s eruption on the ABC’s Q&A programme, where he abused the Chinese “communists”, swore at them, and calming down a little said of the Chinese: “They’re communist, they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country”. (The Australian 27 August 2014, p.7) Of course the system went into a state of moral panic not seen since the Pauline Hanson days. The usual anti-racist police began foaming at the mouth, eyes on stalks, screaming for his resignation, because, well, the wealth of our elites depends upon trade and saying a few nasty words about China will affect “our” prosperity. Yes, once it was the high moral ground, but now all is cashed out in money. And no, such comments wouldn’t and shouldn’t affect trade, which is not based on moral sentiment, but on the logic of business and money.
Further, if such remarks could free us from a “free trade” deal with China, which will almost certainly lead to Australia getting the rough end of the pineapple, then so much the better!

Clive though, soon issued not one, but two humble apologies, and his own “Wang was Lobbied Over China Apology”, to use a headline. (The Australian 28 August 2914, p.6) It is a pity that Palmer initially responded with terms of abuse rather than cool logic and argument because there is much to criticise about China beginning with China’s monitoring of overseas Chinese, or as an article published at the same time as the Palmer controversy put it: “Chinese Australians are being lectured, monitored, organised and policed in Australia on instruction from Beijing as never before”. (The Australian 19 August 2914, p.9) So much for national respect!

Then we have Palmer United Senator Jacqui Lambie who seems to be running two contradictory lines. First she supported Abbott’s abandonment of amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act because “non-ethnic Australians” must be protected: “Just as our ethnic minorities are offered legal protection from offensive insults – so too must non-ethnic Australians be offered the same legal protection from the growing group of radicals, who go out of their way to insult … those born under the Southern Cross”. (The Advertiser 27 August 2014, p.4) A noble sentiment, but one which ignores the fact that anti-racism is the new religious tyranny of the age and the entire spectrum of the new class and professional ethnics use section 18C.

It has never been used by Anglo-Australians as the lawyer class see it as a way of protecting minorities. Insulting and vilifying Anglos has become institutionalised now. Thus the only way forward is to see section 18C as the ethno-political weapon that it is, and fight for its eventual elimination.

Lambie made headlines for her proposal that China will attempt to invade Australia and that the country should build missile shields and defence systems. (“Prepare for Chinese Invasion”, The Australian 20 August 2014, p.5) She said: “If anybody thinks that we should have a national security and defence policy, which ignores the threat of a Chinese communist invasion – you’re delusional and got rocks in your head. The communist Chinese military capacity is at an unprecedented and historical high. They come at a time when Australian military spending and capacity is at historic lows. Today China is controlled by an aggressive, anti-democratic, totalitarian government. We need to double the size and capacity of our military right now. Both Labor and the Liberals/Nationals have failed to build an Australian military that is able to defend us – and stop our grandchildren from becoming slaves to an aggressive, anti-democratic, totalitarian foreign power”.
Well put – China is already engaging in a cat-and-mouse game of proto-war with the US, from cyber attacks to its recent “dangerous intercept” of an American navy surveillance aircraft in international air space.

The outgoing Indonesian president has expressed fears that China/US tensions and territorial disputes between China and other Asian nations threatened to destabilise the region. (The W.E. Australian 23-24 August 2014, p.1) Consequently it is wise to strengthen defences because all the signs of a future war are there to be seen. However thoughts along such lines are now “racist” because well, they may offend a trading “partner”.

Nothing prevents old section 18C being used on those who do raise such objections. All that is needed is for someone to be “offended” and nothing is easier than that. That is the real problem with section 18C, as it makes speech about almost any racial matter out of bounds by definition. Sure there is the supposed section 18D defence, but that is virtually useless because it requires a “good faith” act and the courts simply see any controversial claims in this area as not in “good faith”. In the case of the China debate, this could prove fatal to national survival.


Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian, Friday 9 May 2014.
A little late but worth reading: “Economics took a battering after the financial crisis, but faculties are refusing to teach alternative views. It's as if there's only one way to run an economy.

The Post-Crash Economics Society at Manchester University has arranged an evening class on bubbles, panics and crashes. "I don't care who writes a nation's laws – or crafts its treatises – if I can write its economics textbooks," said Paul Samuelson. The Nobel prizewinner grasped that what was true of gadgets was also true for economies: he who produces the instruction manual defines how the object will be used, and to what ends.

Samuelson's axiom held good until the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which triggered both an economic crisis and a crisis in economics. In the six years since, the reputations of those high priests of capitalism, academic economists, have taken a battering.

The Queen herself asked why hardly any of them saw the crash coming, while the Bank of England's Andy Haldane has noted how it rendered his colleagues' enchantingly neat models as good as useless: "The economy in crisis behaved more like slime descending a warehouse wall than Newton's pendulum". And this week, economics students from Kolkata to Manchester have gone on the warpath demanding radical changes in what they're taught. In a manifesto signed by 42 university economics associations from 19 countries, the students decry a "dramatic narrowing of the curriculum" that presents the economy "in a vacuum". The result is that the generation next in line to run our economy, from Whitehall departments or corporate corner-offices, discuss policy without touching on "broader social impacts and moral implications of economic decisions".

The problem is summed up by one of the manifesto's co-ordinators, Faheem Rokadiya, at the University of Glasgow: "Whenever I sit an economics exam, I have to turn myself into a robot". But he and his fellow reformers aren't seeking to skimp on algebra, or calling for a bonfire of the works of the Chicago school. They simply object to the notion that there is one true way to do economics, especially after that apparently scientific method has been found so badly wanting.

In their battle to open up economics, Rokadiya et al have one hell of a fight on their hands, for the same reason that it has proved so hard to democratise so many aspects of the post-crash order: the forces of conservatism (the entrenched…ed) are just too powerful. To see how fiercely the academics fight back, take a look at the University of Manchester.

Since last autumn, members of the university's Post-Crash Economics Society have been campaigning for reform of their narrow syllabus. They've put on their own lectures from non-mainstream, heterodox economists, even organising evening classes on bubbles, panics and crashes. You might think academics would be delighted to see such undergraduate engagement, or that economists would be swift to respond to the market. Not a bit of it. Manchester's economics faculty recently announced that it wouldn't renew the contract of the temporary lecturer of the bubbles course, and that students who wanted to learn about the crash would have to go to the business school.

Students trained to ‘digest’ economic theory and ‘regurgitate’ it in exams
The most significant economics event of our lifetime isn't being taught in any depth at one of the largest economics faculties in the country. So what exactly is a Russell Group university teaching our future economists? Last month the Post-Crash members published a report on the deficiencies of the teaching they receive.

It is thorough and thoughtful, and reports:
"Tutorials consist of copying problem sets off the board rather than discussing economic ideas, and 18 out of 48 modules have 50% or more marks given by multiple choice". Students point out that they are trained to digest economic theory and regurgitate it in exams, but never to question the assumptions that underpin it. This isn't an education: it's a nine-grand lobotomy.

The Manchester example is part of a much broader trend in which non-mainstream economists have been evicted from economics faculties and now hole up in geography departments or business schools. "Intellectual talibanisation" is how one renowned economist describes it in private. This isn't just bad for academia: the logical extension of the argument that you can only study economics in one way is that you can only run the economy in one way.

Mainstream economics still has debates, but they tend to be technical in nature. The Nobel prizewinner Paul Krugman has pointed to the recent work of Thomas Piketty as proof that mainstream economics is plenty wide-ranging enough. Yet when Piketty visited the Guardian last week, he complained that economists generate "sophisticated models with very little or no empirical basis … there's a lot of ideology and self-interest". Like so many other parts of the post-crash order, mainstream economists are liberal in theory but can be authoritarian in practice. The reason for that is brilliantly summed up by that non-economist Upton Sinclair: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it". (emphasis added.. .ed)


by James Reed
One of the great illusions of the Asianists is that Australia can become a “food bowl” for Asia. Not much has been said in criticism of this mania, but Colin Bell of the Australian Food and Agriculture Company Limited, has said that the idea is “nuts”. And he doesn’t mean, peanuts. (The Australian 23 July 2014, p.17)

The “dining boom” was an idea pushed by Julia Gillard and taken up by Abbott. Mr. Bell has added a spot of realism to the debate: “Agriculture won’t take over from the mining boom. Our scarcest resource is water. To produce a whole lot more crop you need more water and that just isn’t going to come out of thin air”. Not only that but Australia has limits on the supply of arable land. “We just haven’t got the ability to double production here. We can get more efficient and if we are good at it, generate 15-20 per cent more product. (The Asian food bowl goal) is a nice ambition to have, but isn’t very realistic”.

I agree: it is good to see a bit of common sense in this wild and woolly field. The motivation for the food bowl nonsense, as I see it, is simply to play to the Asianist sentiment and show that Australia is doing its part to dissolve itself. Those that advance this idea never consider the real environmental problems which Australia has which threatens agricultural sustainability – water availability, soil degradation, salinity and so on. Australia will be lucky to feed itself in the future.


by James Reed
The Chinese are set to spend $20 billion in local tourism and property as Chinese tourist numbers are likely to double in the next six years. (The Australian 28 July 2014, p.4) Those of us who remember when Japan had a moment in the sun will recall how this works: the Chinese tourist will be serviced from start to end by Chinese owned property, with all of the profits going back to China, just as was done in Queensland in the late 1980s/1990s with Japan. Don’t expect our weak investment authorities to do much – even though there is a widespread belief that foreign investors are flouting the purchase of established home regulation (purchase of an established home is banned in all but a set of special circumstances) – only 1 percent of such home sales are examined. (The Weekend Australian 26-27 July 2014, p.6)

Matthew Parris “China, These are Your Salad Days: Enjoy Them While They Last” (The Australian 28 July, 2014 p.7) points out that there are costs to empire building and that feedback mechanisms are set up that inevitably tear such empires down. With the growing economic and socio-political turmoil that the world is spiralling into, the Chinese salad days will diminish.


by Peter West
Although Catholicism seems to be given a positive run at this site recently – I hate to remind everybody that the Catholic Church, along with the Protestants, champion political correctness, mass migration, etc, etc., as intensely as any other group. A few token statements about the evils of capitalism does not atone for, in my opinion, the bad works done on the racial front.

Indeed, I may be a lone dissenting voice here, but the economic question is a minor one in the context of the rise and fall of civilisations. Economies and economic systems come and go. What is important are the races, the people who create the systems. Ignore the racial survival question, and despite whatever good work one does with economic enlightenment, expect any good you have to achieved to benefit other races, whilst your kind faces oblivion.

But I digress. The Catholic League has said that it is good with the “Black Jesus” character on the Adult Swim network. Black Jesus drinks, smokes and tries to pick up women, but has “many redeeming qualities”. The characterisation was not condemned because it was thought that the show “could actually draw viewers to the spiritual light”. When was the “end justifies the means” part of Catholic teaching?


Well, the Department of Defence have and are actively promoting it! Having received a copy of the notice the Dept. of Defence is promoting (a “Wear it Purple Day” to be held on 29 August), I thought it would be worthwhile to be reminded of our human nature by republishing an article by Dr. Louise Eickhoff, M.D., M.R.C.Psych., D.P.M. I met Dr. Eickhoff when in the UK in the 1990s. As I remember, she worked with troubled young people.

METAMORPHOSIS AND THE HUMAN BEING by Louise F.W. Eickhoff, M.D., M.R.C.Psych., D.P.M. - reprinted from Home journal February 1982.

Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation.”… Metamorphosis - Wikipedia
Dr. Eickhoff writes: “There is nothing haphazard in Nature. Everything is planned on universal schemes of a simplicity that permits infinite variation of the main themes traceable throughout creation. One of these themes is the division of the individual life span into two prime stages, the immature or preparatory, and the mature or adult; the former being totally asexual [1], and directed towards the survival, maintenance, extension and perfection of the individual creature; the latter, the adult phase, being sexual, aimed towards the union of two formerly divergent individuals; and geared solely to the maintenance, perfection and survival of the Species, and involving incidentally partial or total, temporary or permanent, sacrifice of the life of one or other partner, sometimes of both united individuals.

The passage from the one phase to the other is no mere transition or growth process, but a true metamorphosis. Although the process can be followed in all creatures above those forms where propagation is effected by simple fission, it is most lucidly defined in the insect world, particularly in moths and butterflies, where until relatively recently the caterpillar, chrysalis, and winged adult forms, in appearance and habit so unlike, were taken to be three different organisms, unrelated, belonging to separate subspecies in the insect order.

The three “forms” are repeated in the human, but the outward physical similarity has obscured the constitutional and mechanistic differences in the child (caterpillar), the adolescent (chrysalis) and adult, which apply to the whole of living, not only in the physical (as in the insects and other lesser orders) but in the personal, or psychological, spheres. The child and the adult are the exact inverse or antithesis of each other, the two ends of a long scale or spectrum, the black and white of it, in all aspects of their being. Like the caterpillar, the child is a simple entity concerned with and able to “see” barely and only what is directly in front of it, or what touches it intimately. It lives in a localized, circumscribed habitat, an existence extremely uninviting and dull compared with the adult’s, unvaried, routinized, and repetitive.

This is essentially so, for its life pivots around the alimentary tract (just as does the caterpillar’s), highlighted by the orifices at both ends, and the urge to fill itself, through the orifices at the head end (the Victorians said that a child was all eyes and ears!) with all it comes across, to submit to digestive and metabolic processes (intellectual and emotional as well as the animal physical) geared only to the simple diet.

Constitutionally, neither the child nor the caterpillar is built for anything more varied, exciting or interesting. And not only are both caterpillar and child “innocent” of all mature matters, the sexual aspects, the adult interests and way of life, but there are incorporated into the immature system innate barriers to becoming prematurely involved. The whole sexual apparatus (structures, mechanisms, knowledge of or ability to work them and incorporate them into the life process) remains rudimentary in the immature.

In the child the personal aspects are being laid down continuously in the unconscious, as rudiments to remain as dormant as the insect’s physical components until the end of metamorphosis. The child is as earthbound (anal-bound) as the wingless caterpillar in respect to sexual matters; nor can it rise above that level however much it is fed on adult material. Adolescence is like the chrysalis, a stage of metamorphosis when every system undergoes a transformation that will enlarge perception and capacity, horizons and spheres; and enable all functions as befitting the translation of the creature into a new form of being with a novel mode of living free of former ties and dependence, and a previously unknown, completely different ‘diet,’ nectar instead of leaf, reality instead of fantasy.

In the human, for instance, the balance of lymphocytes to leucocytes in the blood is inverted. Bony epiphyses cease to be laid down and begin instead to fuse; and the brain, heart and respiration, and sleep rhythms, the physical proportions and glandular activities alter according to a recognized program standard throughout humanity. Mental processes, attitudes, orientations, values and relationships undergo this same transmutation. The sex organs enlarge and start to work; and sex and its orifices become the hunger and the avenue of satisfaction to take precedence, in maturity, over the alimentary orifices and functions. And in both insect and human, the threshold for excitement becomes ultimately raised so that “flight” becomes possible without damage to the constitution or the environment.

Western man has lost touch with how to live and let live
This present age, having lost sight of the realities of human postnatal development, not only fails to give adolescents the opportunity for retreat and quiescence that every chrysalis needs (and which is still accorded in what we call “primitive” societies, which know better than the educated Westerner how to live and let live), but we are attempting to feed the ‘caterpillar’ on nectar, adult food, and we toss it up into the adult sexual world to give it the experience of going through the air in preparation for its mature flying existence."

I have seen a Garden Tiger Moth which had its pre-metamorphosis wandering thus artificially interrupted. It came too quickly out of the imperfectly formed pupa, climbed the privet stem, as it would have done in its natural habitat, but retained some of the chrysalis about its tail. It dried its wings and spread them but never flew. It stayed as it was until its death a few days later.

The children we interfere with retain childish and adolescent features into their adult years. They can function sexually but fail to make the full flight into that love union that makes a permanently committed marriage, and translates the woman at the birth of her first child into that maternal being who alone can make, not only the mother-child bond, but tie the father, through herself, to the child. It is this unique relationship that makes the foundation of all religious understanding and the happy acknowledgment of a loving Supreme and caring Authority, the basis of all quality and enrichment of life.

[1] The sexual component of all acts and relationships in the immature human goes direct to the unconscious, bypassing the conscious.

Department of Defence
DEFGRAM 462/2014

Issue Date: 20 August 2014
Expiry Date: 28 November 2014
1. Wear It Purple is a youth-led organisation that exists to support and empower rainbow (ie sexuality and gender diverse) young people. Founded in 2010 by two Australian teens, Wear it Purple Day has grown into a world-wide celebration of diversity and pride. The message has travelled around the globe and people have joined in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.
2. Wear it Purple has a simple message: you have the right to be proud of who you are. Sexuality or gender identity does not change this. The idea is simple: Wear it purple if you agree.
3. As outlined in the Defence Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2012–2017 ( trategy-Web_version.pdf), Defence seeks to create an inclusive workplace by driving long-term, sustainable awareness and support structures which will counter any lingering culturally based exclusion.
4. By participating in celebratory activities, we can gain an understanding of how diversity in Australia enriches this nation. As such, individual workplaces are encouraged to celebrate Wear it Purple Day in their own way on Friday, 29 August 2014.
5. There are many ways you can celebrate Wear it Purple; your team might employ some, or all, of the following examples:

a. Promote a purple themed lunch or morning tea! The theme doesn’t have to stop at what you’re wearing. You could have purple food, purple drinks. The purple possibilities are endless!
b. Make your own purple ribbons to wear on the day. A roll of purple ribbon and safety pins are all that is required to make your own!
c. Suggest a discussion item be tabled for the first five minutes at a section meeting on inclusion in the workplace and what personal behaviours will help to encourage people to feel included at work.
d. Place official Wear it Purple celebratory artwork/posters (available from the Wear It Purple website soon ( around the office area.
e. Promote the Wear it Purple Video (2013) ( watch?v=J3O133o_uBs) to your networks and keep an eye out for the 2014 video, soon to be released!

6. While some may think it superficial to wear purple or to have purple themed morning teas, that simple act may indicate to someone in your work area who is unsure, that it’s OK to be themselves.
7. For further information, and access to the artwork/posters, visit the Wear it Purple website at Wear It Purple (
Richard Oliver
Head People Policy and Culture Defence People Group
Distribution: Defence Restricted Network, overseas
Contact Officer: Ellen Swavley
Director Diversity
Telephone: 02 6127 2997

P.S. It does caution the notice would be “Uncontrolled If Printed”


“Mr Burns said the ruling would go down in case law...

"Today's decision will set a precedent for future cases that not only is vilifying homosexuals illegal, but you can't use the Bible or religion as a valid legal defence," said Mr Burns.” The above words come from a press release issued by homosexual activist, Garry Burns. Mr Burns released it after the NSW Civil and Administrative Decision Tribunal ruled two weeks ago that a Christian candidate from Victoria, Tess Corbett, could not appeal against its finding that she had vilified homosexuals.

Tess found herself in hot water for simply and honestly responding to questions from her local newspaper while campaigning for the 2013 Federal Election. Tess was asked her views about proposed changes to Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws. Tess stated that she:

• supported laws that allow Christian organisations to refuse employment to homosexuals,
• believed homosexuality and paedophilia were moral issues, and
• was concerned that paedophiles would use anti-discrimination laws to gain the same ‘rights’ as homosexuals.

We now live in a world where it is legal to campaign for paedophiles to gain the same rights as homosexuals. But it is illegal to say that you oppose this idea. We now live in a world where it is legal for Christian organisations to discriminate against homosexuals. But it is illegal to say that you support this.

And we now live in a world where a single homosexual activist in Sydney has the power to silence anyone he disagrees with via the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Together, they have decided that they have the power to investigate and prosecute anyone in Australia for almost everything that they do or say. The NSW taxpayer foots the bill for this entire apparatus and every time Garry Burns wins a case, he gets to pocket the fine.

So far, Garry Burns has won every single time. And because he makes so many complaints, he is probably keeping half the staff at the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board employed.

Now he has set his sights on me. Garry Burns has lodged seven complaints against me and I am resigned to receiving a new complaint every time I write from the Christian perspective about homosexuality. It is obvious that homosexual vilification laws have been turned into a weapon to be wielded against those who dissent from the views of the ‘Thought Police’… These laws are an attack on morality. They are an attack on freedom. And they are an attack on truth.

Shocked Boy That means they are very dangerous. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the photograph below. It shows a naked homosexual man exposing himself to a horrified child at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. Because I objected to the behaviour of the man in this photograph (and the child's parents), Garry Burns has lodged a complaint against me.


Source: JoanneNova website.

“Finally, the secrets of why the Australian BOM changed cooling trends to warming trends... BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) finally explains! Cooling changed to warming trends because stations “might” have moved!

It’s the news you’ve been waiting years to hear! Finally we find out the exact details of why the BOM changed two of their best long term sites from cooling trends to warming trends. The massive inexplicable adjustments like these have been discussed on blogs for years. But it was only when Graham Lloyd advised the BOM he would be reporting on this that they finally found time to write three paragraphs on specific stations.

Who knew it would be so hard to get answers. We put in a Senate request for an audit of the BOM datasets in 2011. Ken Stewart, Geoff Sherrington, Des Moore, Bill Johnston, and Jennifer Marohasy have also separately been asking the BOM for details about adjustments on specific BOM sites. (I bet Warwick Hughes has too). The BOM has ignored or circumvented all these, refusing to explain why individual stations were adjusted in detail. The two provocative articles Lloyd put together last week were Heat is on over weather bureau and Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures, which I covered here (“The heat is on. Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’ — The Australian”).

This is the power of the press at its best. The absence of articles like these, is why I have said the media IS the problem — as long as the media ignore the BOM failure to supply their full methods and reasons the BOM mostly get away with it. It’s an excellent development The Australian is starting to hold the BOM to account. (No sign of curiosity or investigation at the ABC and Fairfax, who are happy to parrot BOM press releases unquestioned like sacred scripts.)

Graham Lloyd sent the BOM a draft of his feature article for The Australian last Tuesday or Wednesday. The BOM finally replied at 5.30pm on Friday night as the last draft was almost ready to print. I’ve copied the whole BOM response here. (“Australian BOM responds to Graham Lloyd, at The Australian”) I explain below why this is a good response for skeptics. The BOM rely on the usual vague wordy explanation with the unscientific reasoning that homogenization is necessary according to “international literature”. (I guess there is a consensus then, and we all know what that’s worth.) It is the scientific equivalent of saying “we’re experts — trust us”. No one would accept that from a company accountant, why from a scientist?

Read on …


In case you haven't heard, the movie 'FREEDOM' is now showing in Australian cinemas - it opened late last week. It may not be on for long, so check your local cinemas for screening details.

FREEDOM, subtitled 'John Newton's Amazing Grace', is the story of John Newton (the author of the hymn Amazing Grace about God's transforming and amazing grace), along with the story of the escape of a slave, Samuel Woodward and his family 100 years later...

Produced by Heritage Films, it is the sequel to the stunning film 'Amazing Grace'... about slavery, John Newton and William Wilberforce. See the movie website for details, trailer and more info: Cinema details: See then choose your state.


We have been asked to report on the following Petition to be sent to New Zealand’s leading milk producer. “Stop GMO's in New Zealand Dairy!” Genetically engineered feed is being imported into NZ and fed to dairy cows

To: Fonterra - New Zealand's Leading Milk Producer
The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

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