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17 October 2014 Thought for the Week:
A thank you to a brave lady: Sylvia Stolz -- Champion of Freedom
It happens that "Stolz" means "pride" and that "stolz" means "proud". Sylvia Stolz was Ernst Zündel's lawyer. In court she showed such courage that she was arrested, sent to prison for more than three years and had no right anymore to be a lawyer for five years.
We call her "the German Joan of Arc". She is married to Horst Mahler, who is currently in jail serving a twelve-year prison sentence for revisionism. “Sylvia Stolz - Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial” Her courage brought to mind the four Liberal politicians who failed to show at a recent World Congress of Families event in Melbourne, Australia. What can one say as to their lack of conviction and moral courage (never mind physical courage) when compared to Sylvia Stolz’s?
Watch here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoJY5cBxmdw


by Richard Miller
There was great excitement among the political class and new class elites, with the publication of Noel Pearson’s contribution to the Aboriginal Constitution recognition debate, his “Quarterly Essay” “A Rightful Place”. The editorial in The Weekend Australian (13-14 September 2014) praises this piece and an extract was published in that same edition of the paper. Pearson gives many arguments but his main one is that the concept of race mentioned in the Constitution is outdated because “Today we understand that there are no distinctions to be made among people on the basis of race. We are a human race.”

There is an enormous amount of scientific material refuting this universalistic “anti-racialism” and a good starting point is Nicholas Wade’s new book “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History” (Penguin, 2014), which assembles the evidence for racial differences across human populations. We intend to publish regular reviews of relevant scientific racial material. So, intellectual fairness means that if Constitutional change is to be based, in part, on such anti-racism, that the largely suppressed case for race be heard.

Further to this, if races don’t exist, then that would undermine in part other politically correct Acts such as the Racial Discrimination Act. How can one vilify that which does not exist? If there is just “the human race”, then Aboriginality itself cannot be a biological construct. How then can one go on to justify a separate parliament for the “Aboriginal race”? Likewise, proposals made by others for up to five seats in the Senate to be dedicated to Aboriginals lacks objective foundation if race is just a myth.

Wilson Tuckey, writing in a letter to the editor The Australian 17 September 2014, points out that the 1967 Constitutional Referendum, allegedly to also “recognise” Aboriginals, did not have a “No” case put to the people. The “Yes” case explicitly promised that the Constitutional change would not override state rights. But “Within a few years, as a result of a High Court decision on a Land Title dispute between a Torres Strait Islander and the State of Queensland, the Commonwealth government used this constitutional change to rewrite Australian property law in contravention of the States’ right to property management. Then followed a series of other measures aimed at restricting economic development in the States and used by white activists.

In 1967 the agenda was not so plain to see, but today it is. It is significant that few of the Constitutional advocates can restrain themselves and offer the “minimalist” change that Abbott seems to think they want. No, on the contrary, big changes are wanted and any Constitutional change at all will be sufficient for the lawyering class, a thousand times more dangerous today than in 1967, to go on a politically correct frolic of its own.

It is likely that the referendum will occur in 2017, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum. That gives us a little time to prepare for the fight of our lives.

WORTH NOTING – from Andrew Bolt’s Blog

Andrew Bolt wrote 22 September 2014, “If I also talked about “neo-traditional Aborigines” could we then have this important debate?

Professor Rolf Gerritsen avoid(ed) the legally dangerous area of questioning definitions of Aboriginality - and giving examples to illustrate the problem - but he does raise an issue that I tried to discuss, too:

Rolf Gerritsen: ... The Aboriginal population of Australia is increasing dramatically; it’s more than doubled since 1981 at a rate far greater than natural increase, and it’s because people in the eastern states are basically identifying as Aboriginal.
Sarah Dingle: Is the increase of people identifying as Aboriginal in metropolitan cities, for instance, exacerbating the flow of resources away from poor Indigenous communities?
Rolf Gerritsen: It is. Because of the way the Commonwealth Grants Commission calculates disadvantage, Indigeneity is an indicator of disadvantage. So if lawyers and public servants and et cetera and workers in cities identify as Aboriginal, then that benefits their state. So it’s, in the last round of GST allocations, it probably cost the Northern Territory Government $100 million…
Sarah Dingle: So you’ve got a disengaged population in remote areas who are getting less Commonwealth money overall because more people in bigger cities are identifying as Aboriginal?…
Rolf Gerritsen: I mean there’s serious problems in other parts of Australia with Aboriginal people, but the real problem is that if we had a national forum for Aboriginal people, then the remote Aboriginal people, the neo-traditional Aboriginal people of central and northern Australia would be swamped.
Sarah Dingle: And the same divide would be entrenched?
Rolf Gerritsen: Yeah. I mean, there’s a divide that occurs now, but we’re just not sort of aware of it. Because, I mean, let’s be honest, there’s a political correctness.

Andrew Bolt continued: Not mere political correctness. We now have laws and judges to actually suppress certain debates. Hence Gerritsen’s complaint that “we’re just not sort of aware of it”. Who dares discuss it? I would like to show you how Aboriginal grants, prizes and jobs are going to people you might not think need race-based assistance, but my lawyers have repeatedly warned me not to. Result: people you might think most need special assistance tend to miss out.


by Peter Ewer
The South Australian Liberals intend to introduce into parliament new laws that would make South Australian members of the “stolen generation” eligible for compensation without even having to go to court. (The Advertiser 24 August 2014, p.2) There would be ex-gratia payments taken out of the Victims of Crime Fund. Each person would receive about $50,000. This is promoted by the Liberals as an important part of “reconciliation”.

Never mind that there was a long debate which established that, at least for conservatives, that there was no “stolen generation”, but rather a “saved generation”, which is to say that there was no systematic attempt to “breed out” mixed race children, but rather an attempt by the governments at the time to help such children.

Mistakes are always made but claims of “genocide” are misplaced. The result today is that almost no such children are removed, given fears created by this political climate and many children suffer abuse. But at least the white liberals feel happy with themselves, and that, after all, is all that matters, isn’t it?


From Russia Comes the Antidote! By Gabriele Kuby
“Twenty-five years ago, when the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was still holding its conventions in the Kremlin under the iconic hammer and sickle, no one would have dreamed what would happen there on September 10 and 11, 2014:
Inside the Kremlin, the heart of Russia, a two-day international conference was held with the title “Large Families and the Future of Humanity” — pro-life, pro-family, aiming to protect the moral foundation of family and society.

Powerful, influential people were on the podium:
Patriarch Cyril, primate of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), his foreign affairs representative Metropolitan Hilarion; the grand mufti and chief rabbi of the Russian Federation; Elena Mizulina, chair of the Russian parliament’s Federal Assembly of the Committee of Family, Women and Children, sponsor of the law on “protection of children from information negating traditional family values”; Oligarch Vladimir Yakunin, confidant of President Putin, and his wife Natalia Yakunina, both chair of the Andrew the First Called foundation, who is the official organizer of the Forum; Konstantin Malofeev, chair of the St. Basil the Great foundation.

Sharing the podium were high-level politicians from Hungary, France, Nigeria, Greece and the Philippines. President Putin sent a greeting, and Archbishop Paglia, head of the Pontifical Council for the Family, sent a video message. Attendees included more than a thousand people from all parts of Russia and from 50 countries around the world — many were key players in the current culture wars. The people in the hall certainly don’t agree on Putin’s behaviour in the Ukraine conflict. They do agree, however, that we are in a global anthropological crisis that is attacking the nature and identity of the human person, and they share the same determination to rise against it.

Topic Not Simply ‘The Family’ but ‘Large Families’
The topic here was not simply the family, but large families, because they can reverse the demographic crisis that threatens the future of Russia, not to mention that of most countries in the West. However, here the problem and its causes were put out in the open: U. S. journalist Donald Feder, advisor to the World Congress of Families and a wise, practicing Jew, said, a false perception of sexuality is the cause of the demographic crisis, specifically the idea that sexuality is for enjoyment only and must have no consequences.

On the contrary, sexuality’s foremost purpose is the creation of human life in the bond of love between man and woman. Because pills and condoms cannot always obstruct this creative force, we kill 50 million unborn children around the world every year. And we continue to do so despite the obviously menacing consequences, because we have a false concept not only of sexuality, but also of freedom. This false freedom knows nothing but the autonomous, commitment-free, self-defined individual, fed by gender ideology that denies God and nature.

After a buffet, at which no one would have noticed that Russia is starting to suffer under its own agricultural sanctions, there was a spectacular show among the Kremlin’s three cathedrals. The golden onion domes lit up in the evening sun, the play of light added enchantment to the facades, and choirs, dancers and singers celebrated life and homeland. The second day’s enormous program took place in the conference rooms of Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the “St. Peter’s Basilica” of the Russian Orthodox church. In 1931, Stalin had the cathedral levelled and replaced with a public swimming pool. It was reopened for the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of Christ.

Parliamentarian Olga Batalina spoke about the successes of Russian family policy: Improved parenting skills, a ban on abortion advertising, extending the abortion waiting time to a week, and offers of counselling and assistance during this time. There is also a generous state subsidy for the second child. And the five-year results? Thirty percent fewer orphans, an increase in the birth rate from 1.3 to 1.7 children per woman during the same period. Leaders of the international pro-life and pro-family movement gave 10-minute presentations. It would have been interesting to hear something from the Chinese representative about their country’s one-child policy, but that might have been inopportune.

In fact, for any person from Western countries it was inopportune to speak at this Forum. The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT organization in the U. S., promptly reacted: They demanded that the U.S. Department of Treasury investigate the World Congress of Families to see if they had violated sanctions against Russia. Originally, it was actually the World Congress of Families that wished to hold its international conference in Moscow this year, but due to the Ukraine conflict they gave the event over to the Russian hosts. Thomas Ward, President of the National Association of Catholic Families in England spoke of a “brutal culture of planned demographic collapse”. He said our culture’s Achilles heel is parental rights. Only parents can protect their children and guard them against sexual indoctrination in the schools.

In the afternoon, there were ten roundtable discussions each with 20 or more speakers. Each was to give his message within seven minutes - no time for questions or discussion. However, the organizers evidently wanted to make the knowledge of international experts on the culture of life available to Russia. Elena Mizulina says, “Russia has decided. It is holding on to traditional family values. All religions in the Russian Federation are for the family. Ninety-five percent of the population rejects same-sex partnership. But the U.S. and the Western nations are waging ideological war against us.” Everything discussed here is to be published on the Internet (www.st-andrew-foundation.org). Natalia Yakunina believes that because the forum is taking place in the Kremlin, all of Russia will hear the message.

Lenin Had To Repeal the Agenda – Too Much Social Chaos
The migration of ideology and its consequences is astounding. In 1884 Friedrich Engels, the collaborator of Karl Marx, saw in the “antagonism” of man and woman in monogamous marriage the first “class-conflict”. In 1917, Alexandra Kollontai, the first female commissar of the Soviet worker’s council set about the sexual-political destruction of the family. However, even Lenin had to repeal the agenda — to the frustration of Western communists like Wilhelm Reich — because it caused social chaos that stood in the way of creating his socialist utopia.

The communist agenda migrated westward and gained a full head of steam in the 1960s student rebellions, marching through the institutions to the very top. Today, deregulation of sexual norms for the purpose of destroying the family is being implemented around the world by the United Nations and the European Union and their network of NGOs, billionaires’ foundations and corporations.

However, in 2014, Russia, under the pressure of the demographic crisis, sets the course for family and its ethical foundations, recognizing, as it is said in the program: “Humanity must move forward into the future based on the understanding that the natural family has been and remains the foundation of civilization; and the family was – and still is – and forever will be the marriage between man and woman with many children”.
https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/from-russia-the-anti-family-poison-spread-and-now-from-russia-comes-the-ant 16 September, 2014

Gabriele Kuby, German sociologist, book author and international speaker. Her main issue is the ideology of genderism which undermines the family and democratic liberty. Her latest book, Die globale sexuelle Revolution – Zerstörung der Freiheit im Namen der Freiheit, (The Global Sexual Revolution – Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom) has become an instrument of resistance in many countries.


Ebola death camps unveiled in Liberia; disease victims to be rounded up and removed from their own homes by force - by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Tuesday, September 23, 2014 According to the Washington Post [1], the World Health Organization has announced a program which would round up Ebola victims across Liberia and herd them into "Ebola death camps" in order to isolate them from their families. Although they aren't called "Ebola death camps" -- the sweet-sounding public name for the facilities is "community care centres" -- their purpose is "to move infected people out of their homes and into ad hoc centres that will provide rudimentary care," says the Post.

It is obvious from the context of these reports that Ebola victims' relocation to these centres will not be voluntary. In other words, people who refuse to go will simply be arrested and made to go. Reportedly, a total of 70 such centres are planned on being deployed across Liberia, each hosting 15 to 30 beds. In all, these facilities will handle about 1,500 Ebola patients. Yet these numbers are meaningless in a pandemic disease outbreak that the CDC is now publicly predicting "... could have a staggering 550,000 to 1.4 million cases by late January," reports USA Today. [2]

In other words, the number of Ebola victims may outstrip the number of medical beds by a thousand to one. It is difficult to imagine how the existence of one hospital bed for every 1000 infected Ebola victims will have any impact whatsoever on halting the spread of the viral pandemic. Similarly, the U.S. military's efforts to "build facilities for 1,700 Ebola patients across Liberia" as reported by the Washington Post is nothing more than a token publicity stunt to create the appearance that the American government is "doing something" to halt the disease…

Governments everywhere are in a state of denial over the true magnitude of the Ebola outbreak. Even the New York Times is now reporting that the real Ebola fatalities in Africa are far worse than local governments are acknowledging. Bodies are piling up in local cemeteries, but government officials are only counting a fraction of those deaths as being from Ebola.

"...As the cemetery records show, the challenge facing the government might be of a different magnitude than previously thought," reports the Times. [3] "International health experts here had no explanation for the striking discrepancy between the government's tally of the dead in the capital and the cemetery crew's statistics."

The paper goes on to report how most of the bodies needing burial are those of young, healthy people, clearly indicating a pandemic is causing early death: The majority of the recent deaths recorded at the cemetery were young people -- young adults, people in early middle age, or children -- with very few elderly people on the list. Several of the deaths also occurred in a concentrated area, sometimes in the same house, suggesting that a virulent infection had struck.

How will the outbreak ever be contained after infecting one million people?

Given that the CDC is now predicting the possibility of 550,000 to 1.4 million cases of Ebola by January, I'm personally wondering how anyone in the medical world thinks this outbreak can be restrained to the continent of Africa. How do one million people get infected with Ebola and not a single person travels outside the country to infect others in Europe or the Middle East? How do 3,000 U.S. troops conduct operations in Africa without a single one of them contracting Ebola and carrying it back to the states?

It is very difficult to imagine this outbreak being contained to Africa once it surpasses a few hundred thousand infections -- a scenario which could easily unfold before the end of 2014, according to CDC estimates…”

Sources for this article include:
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Learn more:


by Richard Miller
Cop this Aussie: “China’s Dairy Churn: We Can Get More Milk Out of Your Cows” The Australian 17 September 2014, p.1) China’s Ningbo Dairy Group is buying up Australian dairy farms and claims that it can get more milk out of the cows than local dairy farmers. The article socks it to us: “The Ningbo Dairy Group says that to produce as much fresh milk as it would like to fly to China from its Victorian farms, profitably and rapidly, it needs to bring in Chinese employees, fast-track construction of a new processing plant and cut through government red tape”. And: “Australia and New Zealand are the best countries in the world for dairying and that is why I expect more Chinese like us will come here”.

Project this ‘trend’ on, and milk will go the way of local crayfish. What is good for milk, is good for all food, so sell off all Aussie farms! That is the logic of globalism. Then in the future Third World Australia will know real hunger as food riots become a daily occurrence. Or, the Aussies will passively starve to death, huddled in a corner, in fear of being called “racist” and “nationalist”.


by P.F. Louis https://www.naturalnews.com/z046981_GMOs_GM_corn_Cargill.html

GM Corn
Trading giant Cargill sues Syngenta over lost profits due to unapproved GM corn

Cargill is a vast USA-based agribusiness with a multinational empire that dominates the food industry in exporting grains, producing food additives and providing processed food products to McDonalds. Cargill is in the food-trading business purely for control and profit, and they are pro-GMO, of course. Nutritional quality is of no concern. But they don't like it when their export sales are spoiled by a GMO company's effort to insert their corn product into a large shipment exported by Cargill to China, a nation that hasn't approved it.

The corn was from Syngenta's Agrisure Viptera (MIR162) seed, which was approved for cultivation in the United States in 2010. But the Chinese government had not approved this genetic strain. Earlier, China had declared GMOs safe and acceptable and became the target of GMO producers and grain traders, especially Cargill. But the mood in China has been changing since then. In August of 2014, China's Ministry of Agriculture refused to renew certificates that allowed Chinese research groups to grow genetically modified rice and corn. China also refuses to import foods with genetic modifications not approved by the government.

Cargill says that, since November 2013, China's Ministry of Agriculture has refused more than 1.4 million metric tons of corn after finding traces of Viptera on corn-carrying ships. Cargill has filed a $90 million suit for damages from the rejections. It doesn't seem like much among multi-billion-dollar multinationals and their billionaire owners. But that's only because the shipments rejected by China were diverted by Cargill to other ports where they were accepted. Observers feel that Cargill is imposing a punishment on Switzerland-based Syngenta for poor business conduct, basically being sneaky with their products. Mark Stonacek, president of Cargill's grain and oilseed supply chain in North America, announced: "Unlike other seed companies, Syngenta has not practiced responsible stewardship by broadly commercializing a new product before receiving approval from a key export market like China. Syngenta also put the ability of U.S. agriculture to serve global markets at risk, costing both Cargill and the entire U.S. agricultural industry significant damages."

Syngenta claims that the suit has no merit. But wouldn't it be nice if the Big Ag companies and GMO seed producers got involved with more conflicts among each other?

There are other incidents of food exports rejected because of GMO contamination
The worldwide effort by GMO seed companies to control all the planet's food has come across a shrinking market lately. There has been growing resistance to these GMO multinationals in Europe, South America, Mexico, Africa, Japan, South Korea, China and Russia, which gave a blanket nyet to GMOs in a very big way.

Now China refuses to accept dried distillers' grains, which are known in the industry as DDGS, a byproduct of corn used to manufacture ethanol. The Chinese government has declared them to have a high risk of MIR162 contamination potential.

Several US wheat farmers found their export trade hampered from Monsanto's contamination of their crops during field trials conducted in an effort to gain USDA approval. The approval never happened, but several non-GMO fields were contaminated, causing their exports to be rejected. So far, there are no approvals for GM wheat. This means GM wheat is illegal, and instead of Monsanto having the legal ammunition to tyrannically sue farmers for patent infringements after their crops were involuntary contaminated from GMOs, now the worm turns. The wheat farmers can go after Monsanto for its negligence to obtain damages legally. Because GM wheat is not legally sanctioned, even if Monsanto has the patent, they are now vulnerable for damages instead of having the legal upper hand to victimize the farmers with patent infringements after their fields are contaminated.

Japan and South Korea have nixed shipments of wheat from the USA because of GMO contamination concerns. Once GMO contamination is discovered in grain imports, that market becomes less inclined to have GMOs pushed on them or accept products from GMO exporters. A shrinking GMO market is a good thing for the world. So far, America is too dumbed down and corrupt to help shrink that market in its own yard.

Sources for this article include:


by James Reed
Now that the chattering classes’ teeth have stopped…well chattering about “racism”... over the Japanese “off-the-shelf” submarines purchase, perhaps there can be some “sane” debate. According to Hans Ohff, former ASC head, buying the Japanese submarines has an enormous security risk, making us a direct target for Chinese spies. (The Advertiser 13 September 2014, p.37).

You see the Chinese would already know details about Japanese subs “down to the last decimal point”. Subs built in Australia can be more secure. Not that that is a concern for the globalist Abbott government where ‘overseas’ is by definition better than Australian- made.


by Mrs. Vera West
Was Australia “better” 50 years ago? Is that a trick question? A Newspoll survey found that two out of three Australians surveyed believe that children had a more “carefree and relaxed” life in the 1960s. (The Weekend Australian 19-20 July 2014 p.9) Well, how could it be otherwise? Today childhood has been virtually destroyed, with children sexualised even before puberty.

A friend who is a relief teacher told me recently that when he called out the Year 7 roll book in the morning one girl did not answer. The class quickly told him that she was absent because “she was having a baby”. I rest my case; that would have been so rare 50 or more years ago.


by Mrs. Vera West
Now I am sure you want to know this… Scarlett Lenh was crowned the 2014 Homecoming Princess for Sand Creek High, (USA) at its football game. That may not sound all that surprising. But Scarlett was born a male, Andy Lenh, and only this year identified as transgender. Scarlett was voted Homecoming Princess (wasn’t it once “Homecoming Queen”?) by her junior class over three female candidates. And Scarlett is free to use the female toilets. The principal told one girl who complained that if she felt uncomfortable in the toilet when Scarlett was there, she could leave. Perhaps he could have said: sounds like someone should home school to me.


By Brian Simpson
S. Kuhn and J. Gallinat (“Brain Structure and Functional Connectivity Associated with Pornography Consumption”, Jama Psychiatry journal, 28 May 2014), conducted a study of the effects of pornography consumption on the grey matter volume of the brain in a sample of 64 otherwise healthy adult males. The subjects watched on average around four hours of on-line porn a week. Using magnetic resonance imaging it was found that the grey matter volume of the right side of the brain was smaller the greater use of pornography. It is possible that individuals with a smaller part of the right hemisphere (lower striatum volume) may require more porn to experience pleasure or it could be that porn consumption leads to “wearing and downregulation of the underlying brain structure” – that is, porn rots the brain!
More research, naturally enough, is needed to decide this.

If in fact porn does rot the brain, then it is interesting to speculate about the impact of other diversions that soak up the energies of the great mass – football and sports viewing, gambling and on-line entertainments.

The Romans had their gladiatorial games to keep their masses under control, but our elites tend to use electricity.


By Richard Miller
“The idea is that creative genius – the ability to make a breakthrough – is extremely rare because it requires a combination of high intelligence and high ‘psychotocism’ – which is a personality trait defined by Eysenck that include both high creativity plus a constellation of personality attributes most of which are helpful or necessary for genius.” - - Professor Bruce G. Charlton, United Kingdom

Professor Bruce G. Charlton in his article “How could English genius apparently disappear between the 1960s and 1990” http://charltonteaching.blogspot.com.au, says that English genius did not disappear, but rather the expression and recognition of it did. The abruptness was too quick to be due to genetics and biology. The cultural revolution that began in the 1960s led to less people able to exploit the fruits of genius: “during the 1960s into the years beyond, rapid social changes caused a sudden dilution of genius-product recognizers and genius-product users until by 1990 they were outnumbered, overpowered and ignored”. By 1990 “English society had also become incapable even of recognising genius; and unable to detect and use the products of genius”.

Brett Stevens (“How the leftists Take Over: Ignore Excellence, Reward Obedience”, 18 May 2014 at https://www.amerika.org comments on Charlton. He thinks, rightly I believe, that what Charlton is observing is “one prong of the Leftist strategy of thought control in public media”. Stevens points out that the politically correct Establishment has now redefined “genius” in every field where it can. Thus in literature no one producing material which is not PC would get published by a mainstream publisher, let alone be regarded as a genius. Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair has become the ruling principle of the day. As Stevens concludes, the end result of all this is “that we have as a society systematically excluded genius and even insight from culture and media, and replaced it with propaganda”. Cultural renewal requires beginning and then winning the battle to regain/rebuild our institutions from the insane, the criminal and the just plain evil.


by James Reed
Lord Adair Turner, a member of the UK’s Financial Services Authority, and the House of Lords, has put the case against the “aging population” argument, constantly served up across the West by the mass immigration Lobby (See: http://project-syndicate.org/print-adair-turner-makes-the-economic-case-for-demographi9s- The benefits of a slightly shrinking population outweigh any adverse effects.

The alleged adverse effects, in conventional economic terms, of an aging population, can be managed. Not so for rapid population growth which “makes it impossible to accumulate per capita stocks of physical and human capital at the pace required to drive rapid income gains”. As well, in rapidly growing populations “jobs cannot be created fast enough to absorb the growing work force”. There will be the social harm of rising youth unemployment rates, which could lead to political instability. Adair must have been reading “The Precariat”.

I wonder if Tony Abbott and friends are listening?


by Peter Ewer
In the UK there were 9,000 cases of TB, an increase of five per cent from 2013. These cases are from “high risk countries” in Africa and Asia (India) and although migrants from these regions are given a chest X-ray, that is only capable of detecting the advanced stage of infection. The routine administration of a blood test is not performed.

In 2013 it was reported by the US Centres for Disease Control and prevention that “totally drug-resistant” TB had been found in South Africa, particularly in populations already stricken with HIV, that is, people with weak immune systems. What are we to expect? If/when the West collapses, are we to expect a return of the plagues - to a street near you?


The Editor of The Age, 22nd September 2014
South Africa now has such enormous social and political problems, with soaring crime rates, that it is a bit rich for Archbishop Desmond Tutu to tell us how to interact with our Aboriginals ('Tutu joins push for Australian truth and justice commission', 22/9). What has happened to southern Africa (including Rhodesia, Angola and Mozambique) in the past forty years is a terrible and unnecessary tragedy brought about by a combination of foolish idealists and ruthless overseas elites seeking gain. One lesson for us to learn from the disasters is not to succumb to potentially divisive nonsense about 'indigenous self-determination' and 'constitutional recognition of our first peoples'.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria

To The Editor, Wangaratta Chronicle, 19th September 2014
Dear Sir,
INTEGRITY—soundness of moral principle and character, uprightness, honesty. (Macquarie Dictionary). I
t appears this is ignored by our present Victorian Parliament. How could elected members “sack” our elected local government, Wangaratta Rural City Council, without reference to legislated legal standards of integrity? When did they consult the independent bodies appointed by the Victorian Parliament with different responsibilities, setting high standards of conduct, to hold government to account and investigate corruption; the Auditor –General’s Office, the Ombudsman, Independent Broad based Anti-corruption Commission, and various Parliamentary Committees.

After little consultation or debate the Victorian Parliament rushed through an Act of Parliament preventing investigation of our local government by Councillors we elected. Now the Victorian Government is attempting to rush through parliament legislation to alter Victoria’s anti-corruption regime. Reports from the Auditor-General, Ombudsman and other independent bodies are tabled in parliament. We need elected members who read, understand and explain them to us. INTEGRITY is the lead requirement for candidates for the coming Victorian State election.
Yours sincerely, Alison G Walpole Rural resident ratepayer RCOW.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159