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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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8 May 1970. Thought for the Week: "It is the way of all governments, when they tend towards Socialism, to take charge of a nation's youth. The reason is two-fold: The government first wants a complacent younger generation imbued with its ideas so that the system will be made permanent. The second reason is that no socialistic government seems to think that parents are capable of caring for their young especially in the educational field."
Timothy A. Mclnery in The Private Man.


Washington May 4. - "President Nixon's decision to invade Cambodia - and particularly the manner in which it was done - have transformed the spirit of this capital.... The capital is angry with all this on the surface, but underneath, it is puzzled and troubled. It cannot understand or explain the events of the past 10 days." - James Reston. Editor of the New York Times, reported in The Age, May 5.

Whatever else President Nixon has done in exercising his executive right to send American troops into Cambodia he has confounded all those pundits, politicians, and advisers who for so long have dictated American policy. Not by a long chalk can it be said that the Cambodian decision can alter radically or rectify past mistakes. President Nixon has repeated all the old timeworn clichés about withdrawing once communist troops are flushed out. There is no indication that he intends to go to the heart of the matter, which would include at least dealing with Soviet supplies coming into Haiphong and both Chinese and Soviet supplies coming from China by rail over the Red River Delta. Going to the real heart of the matter would mean an open confrontation with the Soviet and Red China.

However there is no doubt that the Cambodian venture is a change of policy which has enraged the deeply entrenched establishment of politicians, newspaper men and intellectuals who have always controlled American Vietnam policy since the time of John Kennedy. They were not consulted and the decision indicates a complete departure and challenge. James Reston's article entitled "What Goes On In The White House" almost weeps tears of mortification that such a decision could be made without the apparatus of which he is a part could not be privy to.

Two important items of information to be considered is that first, President Nixon does not read the press columnists, as did President Johnson. Secondly President Johnson has been visiting President Nixon and from reports in the Australian press of May 4, he complained to Mr. Nixon that his administration had been undermined and let down by the advisers he had around him. Mr. Nixon could well have come to this decision in a frame of mind without the influence of such benign forces, for it is well known that Mr. Kissinger, his chief adviser is no better than Robert McNamara, Walt Rostow, Arthur Schlesinger, Dean Rusk and others who all pressed for a "no-win" policy of compromise and retreat when advising Kennedy and Johnson.

The voice of General Macarthur, so long admired by Mr. Nixon, may be penetrating his conscience with his famous dictum, "there is no substitute for victory." To reverse back along the trail, which leads from Korea to Vietnam, would be a momentous task involving factors so succinctly summed up by Mr. Nixon in his broadcast to the American people last week. "It is not our power which is in question, it is our will."


"The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne (Dr. Frank Woods) said last night he had 'some sympathy' with Friday's Vietnam moratorium," - The Age, May 4.

As there was no reference in the report quoting Dr. Woods to the disastrous policies which have dragged out the Vietnam war, and made it a propaganda base on which every facet of civilised society has been attacked by the world wide communist conspiracy, it must be concluded that Dr. Woods like so many of his fellow clerics lacks a clear understanding of the forces using Vietnam to attack Christian civilisation, or what there is left of it.

It would appear that such church leaders have lost certain powers of conviction in deciding what they are purported to understand more than other sections of the community - the difference between good and evil. Thirty years ago the position of the Christian faith and its spokesman in regard to Communism was quite different. It would have been difficult to find any Church leader other than odd individuals like the Red Dean of Canterbury who would concede sympathy for an obvious Communist propaganda campaign. Today many of them are marching alongside communists and anarchists.

A former Anglican Archbishop and Primate of Australia, Hugh Gough, several years ago explained what we are now witnessing in the Christian Church. "The Communists as we know, are adept at brainwashing, the art of destroying a man's will to resist, and the Western World, in losing its sense of right and wrong, is playing into their hands."
Dr. Woods will be praying for peace on the day of the Moratorium. Will he and those Christians who have "some sympathy" for the Moratorium pray for a peace, which brings freedom, knowing clearly the price, which may have to be paid to achieve that freedom. Again Archbishop Gough was explicit. Christianity stands for Freedom and the nations who base their policy on the Christian doctrine of Freedom have always regarded this as the greatest treasure that man possesses, and to safeguard it life must be willingly laid down."


After a few days in the United Kingdom Mr. Eric Butler sends the following report

London based revolutionaries are exploiting the crisis in Ulster. The harsh realities behind can no longer be denied. Even if rather belatedly sections of the Roman Catholic press in the U.S.A. have come to admit that Miss Bernadette Devlin and her friends are rather different than what the romantic stories would have the gullible believe. It might be observed in passing that Miss Devlin was elected to the British House of Commons from one of those "gerrymandered" electorates we hear so much about.
Even the Cameron Report found that revolutionary extremists were in control of a large minority of the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland.

The People's Democracy is run by extremely able Trotskyites whose aim is quite clear: to exploit the situation in Ulster, overthrow the Government and establish a Cuba-style Republic. Now there is new and disturbing evidence that the People's Democracy and another influential Civil Rights group, the Londonderry Unemployed Action Committee, have links with revolutionary groups in London. There is a link between the Londonderry Committee and the Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front, a Maoist group with a London address. Members include anarchists, revolutionary Socialists and student activist. Its aim is an armed rising in both Northern Ireland and Eire.
The key figure is Edward Davoren, 28, the man mentioned in the Cameron Report as former Secretary in London of the Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation, and as having links with extremists in Ulster.
Davoren also played a major role in organising the 1968 anti-Vietnam march in Grosvenor Square.

The London group's contact in Londonderry, one of the major flash points in Ulster, is a leading member of the Unemployed Action Committee. There is also a disturbing link between Eamonn McCann, chairman of the Derry Labour Party and a founder member of the People's Democracy, and the Revolutionary Socialist League in London. The revolutionary Socialist League claims to work within the British Labour movement, but it is a Trotskyist movement whose clear objective is to foment a major revolution in Ulster.

The revolutionaries in London are not only concerned with Ulster. It is estimated that there could be as many as 50 revolutionary groups in London, engaged in assisting revolutionary activities in the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world. The British Black Panthers have close links with America's Black Power extremists; they are distributing their literature in London and the Midlands.

All types of revolutionaries appear to have no trouble in visiting the United Kingdom. In March the self-styled Foreign Minister of FRELIMO the revolutionary movement fighting the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique, addressed a meeting at the London University. He urged his audience to take disruptive activity against Barclays Bank DCO, which is financing big projects in Angola.
If Karl Marx were alive today working away in the London Museum, he would be delighted with all this revolutionary ferment in the city, which gave him hospitality for so long.
We should also recall that it was at the 1903 conference in London that Lenin obtained acceptance for his revolutionary programme.

The coming South African cricket tour of the United Kingdom is going to see the revolutionaries, and their dupes, intensify their efforts to use sport as a major instrument in the overall strategy against South Africa. Prime Minister Harold Wilson has surely thrown away all claims to being a responsible man with his open support for the anti-South African demonstrators. He creates the impression that he welcomes violence so that the tour can be ended as quickly as possible. Snide journalists are also carrying the anti-South African "line", and in effect encouraging the agitators.

I learn that sophisticated methods have been carefully worked out for stopping or disrupting games. Small groups are to operate separately. Transistor radios will be played at full blast when batsmen are trying to concentrate. Small but troublesome animals like rats and mice are to be let loose on the cricket grounds during play. Mirrors can be used to dazzle a batsman. Balls hit into the crowd will disappear. The organisers of this despicable campaign are confident that they can have 2000 people every day to protest outside cricket grounds while psychological warfare is waged inside.

All the evidence strongly indicates that the great majority of the British people want the South Africans to tour, and to be able to see the best cricket team in the world performing. But if the revolutionary minority has its way, for the first time in the history of cricket a revolutionary minority, backed by a Prime Minister, will violently impose their will on the great majority. It was the great Duke of Wellington who said the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of England. It is clear that another decisive battle will be fought on those same playing fields in the coming English summer.


"It requires a deliberate effort to maintain and to strengthen the institutions in which we all believe, and on which the practice of constitutional Monarchy and parliamentary government are based. This sense of responsibility is an important factor in keeping international stability, and in supporting the Commonwealth of Nations which contains so many nations of like mind." from the Queen's speech to Australia, as reported in the Daily Telegraph (Sydney) 27th April, 1970.

Despite all the sophisticated jibes of the republicans and the knockers, the visit of the Royal Family to Australia has touched off some remarkable demonstrations of love and affection, notably, and surprisingly from young people as well as old. This nation still has vast reserves of spiritual power, loyalty, and proper values. It is certain that we will need every last reserve in the storms ahead. We join with all loyal Australians in wishing the Royal Family "God speed." and offering our gratitude for all that they have left behind.


"The President of the World Jewish Congress (Dr. Nahum Goldman) said last night that he expected the world powers to intervene in the Middle East conflict within a matter of months or a year." - The Age, May 5.

Dr. Goldman did not answer the sixty-four dollar question as to how unity was to be achieved amongst present opposing viewpoints to bring about intervention by the big powers. Nor did he say which big powers. The question is pertinent because not so long ago while in Australia Dr. Goldman said in effect that without anti-Semitism the Zionist cause did not excite very much sympathy, and he gave as his opinion that there was little sign of anti-Semitism in the world today. Since then the campaign against the ill treatment of Jews in Soviet Russia has been stepped up. We may expect then if this campaign is to be continued that the big powers intervention will not include the Soviet.

Meanwhile King Hussien of Jordan visiting America indicated the lengths he is prepared to go in patience hoping that traditional Western support will be given Jordan to save his country being drawn into the Soviet net. He revealed that throughout all the troubles of recent years his country had accepted any form of support from the Soviet. The tragedy is as the young King revealed, he might be forced to change this policy as the need for self-protection becomes paramount. He rightly told the American people that the U.S.A. had let him down.

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