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Edmund Burke
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On Target

29 May 1970. Thought for the Week: "Civil liberties must have a basis in property, or Bills of Rights will not preserve them".
Charles A. Reich, Professor of Law. Yale University, U.S.A.


"Government backbencher Kevin Cairns (Qld) last night expressed concern about the Government's proposed $100 million Industry Development Corporation. He told the House of Representatives: "I am concerned at a financial institution being developed which may be outside the control of Australia." - The Courier Mail, May 15.

The implications of Mr. Cairns remarks constitute matters of tremendous importance so far as the future sovereignty of Australia is concerned. If Mr. Cairns worst fears are realised then Mr. McEwen is involved in foisting upon Australia an organization, which will open up the way to international forces to dictate our national financial policies.

It is of real significance that Dr. J. Cairns earlier spoke in eulogistic terms about the Government's plan to establish the Industry Development Corporation. Dr. J. Cairns, who led the Moratorium march where the only flags to fly were those of international Communism, understands much better than any other politician in Australia what is needed to push this nation towards the Marxist state. International control of our financial system is essential for this purpose. Lenin pointed out that International Communism could not succeed without an international financial system.

Mr. McEwen with his penchant for international trade as an end in itself is either a knowing or unconscious tool of forces which seek the destruction of all national sovereignty. The greatest pressure needs to be exerted by electors to ensure the full reality of this proposal is examined and brought to light before it becomes law.


"About 100 Russian pilots have been sent to the Arab Republic in recent weeks to man three or four squadrons of jet interceptors, according to American and other Western intelligence analysts." - The Courier Mail, Brisbane, May 15.

The above move is of some interest when it is remembered that in the past the Soviet has only supplied technicians and advisers to foreign battlefields where the Red Army was not already installed. This is true of Vietnam, Cuba and Africa. Communist strategy is to use the Red Army only before the final point of disintegration is judged to arrive. However in the Middle East this move can also be seen as a means of keeping the tension at a high point. Undoubtedly the Soviet has knowledge of American intentions and has proceeded as part of keeping the Arabs and the Israelis on collision course.


"Sir Robert Menzies said last night a Federal system was essential for a continent of Australia's size, diverse resources, and local interests. - The Courier Mail May 13.

As he did so many times in his political career, Sir Robert Menzies has pointed up the great advantages of the Federal system. But he has also demonstrated time and again that his belief in the Federal system was undermined by his confusion over the role of financial policy in securing the independence of the States, so essential to the survival of the Federal system. In talking of financial wrangles between the Commonwealth and the States Sir Robert said it was his experience that "These matters were on the whole pretty fairly dealt with." However the legacy we have today with the Liberal Party under John Gorton inheriting from Sir Robert's long term as Prime Minister a situation where the States are in danger of destruction from the centralism, which Sir Robert abhors, is the strongest indictment of his failure to preserve the real basis of Liberalism.

Described as the "founder of Liberalism" when giving the oration at the first Sir Robert Menzies lecture to commemorate his contribution towards founding the Liberal Party, Sir Robert may well have been the main factor in establishing the seeds of destruction in his own creation. Sir Robert in his oration poured cold water on the use of the Senate to oppose financial bills initiated in the House of Representatives. As it is financial policy, which is destroying the sovereignty of the States he denies to them the true function of the Senate, the reason for which it was created. To protect the States against the avariciousness of the Commonwealth, words, and oratory, by themselves are not sufficient. Policies, with proper sanctions to back them are what are needed.


What did ex-Warrant Officer Yau Wiga, the New Guinea natives' own World War II hero, say to the Queen during their recent chat in Canberra? - The Courier Mail May 13.

Mr. Yau Wiga released the text of his remarks to the Queen on the subject of independence for New Guinea. "Plenty fella man bilong Parlimin bilong Canberra 'e talkim plenty too-much long self-guvmin long New Guinea. Fella bilong Canberra 'e no savvy New Guinea. "New Guinea 'e piccaninny country. Self-guvin may be 25 years - maybe." "Missis Queen" me say, "you givim self-gumin New Guinea now. New Guinea 'e all bugerup." And what did the Queen say to that, "Missis Queen she say, "Ooh! Ah: Ooh!"


"Queensland's acting Premier "Mr. Camm" - the Queenslander most vitally concerned in the Gorton-Fairbairn credibility row - last night accused the Federal Government of reneging on an assurance to the States." The Sunday Mail, Brisbane, May 17.

Mr. Gorton's humiliation last week was the direct result of his refusal to face the fact that even in politics morality cannot be completely discarded without bringing dissension. The debate in the House last week produced remarkable scenes when Government spokesmen time after time while testifying to the honesty and integrity of Mr. Fairbairn, at the same time argues he must have been mistaken in his belief that he had made the States specific promises on behalf of the Federal government in regard to off-shore minerals legislation. The State Mines Ministers and the States themselves are adamant that Mr. Fairbairn gave such assurances.

The whole episode only epitomizes the depth of disillusionment with the Gorton Government, so amply illustrated by the reported remark of one Liberal who said in referring to Mr. Gorton's leadership. "He will drag us down with him." However the Liberals still refuse to face the fact that their whole party is in disarray because, on the whole, it has departed from its fundamental proclamation of faith in decentralised government, State Rights, and the independence of the individual. They are continually being forced to deny, compromise, and finally reject the basic tenets, which Australians expect them to defend.

The Fairbairn accusation is only a symptom of a much deeper causative factor. Whether there is sufficient strength to institute a complete house cleaning even at this late stage is highly problematical.


South Vietnam's President Thieu "has no intention of negotiating a peace and is responsible for lack of progress in the Paris talks, former chief U.S. negotiator at the talks, Mr. Averell Harriman, declared yesterday. - The Courier Mail, May 16.

Mr. Harriman is always portrayed as America's elder statesman. It is true he has for many years been traveling the world representing American diplomatic "interests" in various places. His career stretches back at least to that era when he was telling the American people that Mao Tse-tung was only an agrarian reformer, and had also "advised President Roosevelt at Yalta, when so many disastrous decisions were reached, involving the future control of Eastern European nations The sellout "negotiated" at Yalta, along with such men as the exposed member of the Communist Party, Alger Hiss, also "advising" President Roosevelt, set the pattern for Soviet domination of countries, which today are still writhing under the tyranny of Communist oppression.

Similar advice from Mr. Harriman down the years always has favoured the Communist conspiracy. His elevation to the role of chief adviser to the Paris peace talks to give credence to a charade, which would result in acceptance of a coalition government with the communists in South Vietnam if Mr. Harriman could get his way, is perhaps his final contribution to the communist cause. He is irritated with President Thieu for refusing to commit political suicide and his country to fall into the same traps, which Mr. Harriman has prepared in the past. While the Paris talks are "failing" it can he said the South Vietnamese are winning the dialectical battle of words to decide the future of their country. At the moment it can be said they have the measure of their opponents.


'The noisy minority who had successfully opposed the South African cricket team's tour of England had shown up a serious threat to the rule of law, Sir Robert Menzies said yesterday. - The Age, Melbourne, 25th May 1970.

The vast majority of people will concur with Sir Robert's statements. It is a great pity that fine sport should have been debased by dragging it through the mire of international politics. Especially as the pressure of political propaganda against South Africa is applied overwhelmingly from Left-wing pressure groups. This is merely the intensification of the psychological "war" against Southern Africa, now extended into the domain of sport.

As we have repeatedly pointed out, the control of Southern Africa by International Communism is absolutely essential to its plans for world domination, its OWN stated aim. International Communism is not yet able, OR, is not yet ready, or both, to bring down Southern Africa by force of arms; BUT, if internal dissension, coupled with all sorts of external pressures, can bring about the overthrow of the strongly anti-Communist Governments of South Africa, Rhodesia, and the Portuguese Provinces of Angola and Mozambique, then leading on to "democratic" (i.e. in Communist jargon, pro-Communist and totalitarian) governments in these countries, much expense and bother could then be avoided, for virtually the same result.

A little slower perhaps, but then International Communism has it that its victory is 'historically inevitable' and it obviously prefers the steady course of subversion for desired results, rather than start the slumbering Western politicians into consciousness by dramatic, forceful, over-action prematurely, with the ever-receding danger of retaliation by them.

It may well turn out that Mr. Harold Wilson, and his pack of Socialists, will be hoisted with their own petards. The British like fair play, and even died-in-the-wool Labour supporters may turn against the British Socialist Government over this issue, giving thereby 'protest' votes to the Conservatives and Liberals, or abstaining from voting altogether. (Voting is not compulsory in the U.K.) We hope that the blade of the British Left-Wing's vengefulness is turned against itself; it deserves to be.


The fourth Annual Dinner of the W.A. Council of the Australian League of Rights will be held on Saturday, 20th June, 1970 at the Postal be Institute Rooms, 1st Floor, Zimple's Arcade, St. George's Terrace, PERTH. Cost $5.00 per head. The guest speaker will be Mr. Eric Butler, National Director of the Australian League of Rights, whose address will bear the title - "The Struggle for the World". The gentleman to contact is Mr. Ray White, on 71 4176. or 74 6625. The new address of the League in W.A. is "P.O. Box 16 Inglewood, W.A. 6052."
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