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Edmund Burke
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On Target

16 October 1970. Thought for the Week: "He who is neither anxious to please nor afraid to displease men enjoys true peace."
Thomas a Kempis.


"Reports of the recent World Council of Churches grants to combat racism have given a most incomplete and inaccurate impression of the action taken …Each of the liberation movements receiving funds is in control of a substantial portion of a country and the funds given to these are for the development of education, health, and social services in these regions. An example is the Mozambique Institute of Frelimo, which receives $16,000 for the organisation of farmers' co-operatives and similar rural service in areas under its control." - Mr. Vaughan Hinton, Secretary Public Relations, Australian Council of Churches, in a letter to The Toowoomba Chronicle (Queensland), September 24.

In his ABC TV clash with the Rev. Alan Walker last week, Mr. Eric Butler charged that those supporting World Council of Churches financial support for Communist-backed African "liberation" movements were either extremely naive, or something else. Mr. Walker objected to the Communists being mentioned in the discussion. Mr. Vaughan Hinton's letter was apparently issued in an attempt to offset criticism of the policy of The World Council of Churches. But in fact it provided confirmation that Communist-backed African organisations are to be financed.

Mr. Hinton mentions the Frelimo organisation. This organisation nearly collapsed following the assassination of its former leader, the notorious Eduardo Mondlane. A triumvirate was set up to take Mondlane's place, and Red China and the Soviet Union struggled to obtain complete control. Eventually the Soviet won the struggle, with Red China's man, the "Rev" Uriah Simango, claiming that he had to flee to the sanctuary of Chinese protection in Zanizibar. That was late last year.
Present leader of Frelimo is Samora Machel, trained as a guerrilla fighter in Algeria.

The Red Chinese are not expected to accept Soviet domination indefinitely, and further internal friction is anticipated. But presumably the World Council of Churches does not bother itself whether Frelimo is run by the Soviet or Red China. The suggestion that Frelimo is in control "of a substantial part" of Mozambique is completely false. Mr. Hinton in Rhodesia, states that $20,000 has been given to two African organisations for the relief of destitute African families and particularly of several thousand mothers and children in Zimbabwe whose breadwinners are either in prison or dead." Obviously Mr. Hinton is referring to the Zimbabwe African National Union and the competing Zimbabwe African People's Union, both backed by the Communists, and now operating terrorist organisations from bases in Tanzania and Zambia.

It would be instructive to learn from Mr. Hinton just what is the "substantial part" of Rhodesia these "liberation" movements control. The truth is that they have been rejected by the overwhelming majority of the Rhodesian Africans, who provide over 90 percent of the Rhodesian troops on the Zambesi border.

Mr. Hinton refers to the African National Congress as a "South African political party now banned." Is Mr. Hinton so poorly informed that he does not know that the African National Congress has been primarily a Communist-front organisation, and that it has promoted violence? Mr. Hinton and his colleagues in the World Council of Churches are entitled to hold the view that the racial policies of South Africa, Rhodesia and the Portuguese territories do not accord with their concept of Christianity. But they are not entitled to try to persuade unsuspecting people that contributions to the organisations mentioned by Mr. Hinton are primarily for humanitarian purposes.

It is interesting that the World Council of Churches never appears to concern itself about Communist oppression in those countries where the Communists are in power. In his TV discussion with Mr. Butler, the Rev. Alan Walker actually endeavoured to equate South Africa with the Soviet Union. We presume that even Mr. Walker knows that there are no Iron Curtains around South Africa, and that the biggest problem is to control the migration of Africans into South Africa, not to stop Africans from leaving.


Carefully documented, this document has been described as one of the most sensational ever published by The Australian League of Rights, showing clearly how professing anti-Socialist parties at Canberra are taking Australia down the Socialist road at an ever-accelerating pace.

The advance along the Socialist road must be halted if genuine democracy and freedom are to be preserved in Australia. A selective widespread distribution of this brochure before the Senate Elections will help halt the rot. Prices: 10c single copy; $1.00 per dozen; $3.00 per 50; $5.00 per 100. Order from Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne, 3001 or from League State Headquarters.


"By being over tolerant, are we allowing a breeding-ground to develop for hooligans, malcontents, and immature youth to destroy and subvert in the name of protest." - from Weekly Bulletin of the Victorian Chamber of Manufactures, as reported in The Age, Melbourne, Friday, October 9.

The views put forward by the Victorian Chamber of Manufactures are like a breath of fresh air blowing away the fetid miasmas of confusions, apathies, and even cowardice and subversion, which have emanated from this whole issue of protest, especially student-protest. As the Chamber's bulletin goes on to point out, students are NOT a breed set apart from the demands of society. The University campus is NOT a sanctuary to which troublemakers can retreat after disrupting the lives of others. The student revolutionaries, and their much more sinister backers, have misjudged the climate of opinion concerning their activities. The man in the street is sick to death of their juvenile larrikinism, of their typical adolescent stupidity, which allows them to be inflamed and manipulated to ends they don't understand.
Lenin, revered by many of these misled young people, himself acknowledged that the young are often stupid.

We have warned before, and we warn again, that if the University authorities do not show some moral backbone, and assert their authority, we shall move towards the anarchy and bloodshed which have disgraced University campuses in the U.S.A. But it is encouraging to note that the Monash University Council has ruled that the penalties recently imposed on seven revolutionary students shall stand. More parents should show strength and assert parental authority over unruly students. One father informed us last week that if his son, in first year Medicine at Monash, is involved in any disturbance whatever on the campus, that his own discipline will be much swifter and surer than any which Vice-Chancellor Mathieson can impose. The family is the basic unit of society, and it is in this unit that the lessons concerning the necessity for proper authority in society should be taught.


"Prime Minister Edward Heath has confidently served notice that he intends to restore Britain's influence.. . Winding up the annual Conservative Party conference. . He declared: 'we are returned to office to change the course of History of this nation - nothing less," - The Sun, Melbourne, October 12.

Mr. Edward Heath's brave words cheered the ranks of his Conservative supporters, but he is not the first political leader to make ringing speeches, which later are shown by events to have no real substance. Mr. Heath's major internal problem is the same one tearing the very fabric out of every Western society: continuing inflation. Unless Mr. Heath and his colleagues are prepared to break with the Fabian Marxist policies which have all but wrecked Britain, the much publicised industrial "reforms" will prove to be highly explosive.
If Mr. Heath had as much confidence in the United Kingdom restoring its international influence, he would not have placed himself in the vanguard of the groveling campaign to sink British sovereignty in the European Economic Community.

A British Prime Minister of vision and courage would have boldly proclaimed that, as the founding member of the British Commonwealth, particularly the Crown Commonwealth, the Government of the United Kingdom was going to initiate a conference of the Commonwealth nations with a view to evolving constructive policies for the utilisation of their unlimited resources. But as one critic of the Common Market venture suggested, those advocating it seemed to feel that Britain's mission was now reduced to one of trying to sell washing machines against the Germans in Dusseldorf!

Much more realistic than Mr. Heath is one of his Conservatives colleagues, Mr. Ronald Bell, who told the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Canberra last week "The British Common would collapse if Britain joined the European Economic Community... "(The Sun, Melbourne October 8)
Mr. Bell correctly observed that Britain's sovereignty ultimately would be merged into a European system where it would be a 'minority component!' "To pretend that the Commonwealth connection could survive that development is futile", he said.
It was also refreshing to read that Mr. Bell said that the delegates "really must not assume that Britain will join."

The campaign to force the United Kingdom into the EEC is an example of the type of campaign, which powerful international interests can mount to achieve an objective. Most of the comment on the Common Market issue is irrelevant in the sense that there is little reference to what the British people feel about the question. All the evidence proves that the feeling of the British people is overwhelmingly against surrendering to government by a supra-national bureaucracy in Brussels.

If Prime Minister Heath really wishes to restore British influence he will turn back immediately from the Common Market trap and propose that the old Commonwealth Dominions get together to provide some sanity and stability in a world, which desperately needs it. Australians and New Zealanders should tell their Members of Parliament to stop sniveling about the terrible things that will happen when the United Kingdom joins the Common Market, and to challenge the British people to consider a constructive programme of mutual benefit for the peoples of all the members of the British Commonwealth. What is wanted is a little vision. But we doubt whether Mr. Heath has it.


"A small group of demonstrators wearing swastika arm bands yesterday called the South Australian Labor Premier, Mr. Dunstan, a 'red rat'. Mr. Dunstan was greeted by a group of banner waving slogan-shouting National Socialists as he arrived at a barbecue in Brisbane hosted by the Fabian Society." - The Australian, October 12.

As regular readers of this commentary know, we hold no brief for Premier Dunstan, but no worthwhile cause is advanced by resorting to hooliganism. Australia has a tradition of maintaining a homogeneous people without resorting to the type of abuse directed against Mr. Dunstan. Defence of Australia's immigration policy is not assisted by people carrying slogans stating "Race mixing stinks." We strongly disagree with Mr. Dunstan's stated policy of breaking down Australia's immigration policy, and will express our opposition in robust language. But we are quite certain that larrikin attacks on Mr. Dunstan can only discredit those who wish to defend the immigration policy without in any way abusing people of non-European backgrounds.

Having said this, we turn to Mr. Dunstan's reported remarks concerning the problems facing Socialists in Australia. The South Australian Premier warned his Fabian colleagues not to rely upon nationalisation, but to make use of the managerial state. Many of the earlier Fabians stressed the same tactic: Foster the growth of economic centralisation, which automatically fosters political centralisation. A "managerial elite" is then necessary to run the highly centralised State.

The task of the Fabians is to become dominant in the managerial elite, thus exercising the power necessary for the central planning of society. Ironically, the very National Socialists abusing Mr. Dunstan on his immigration policies, would find themselves at home philosophically with him on the subject of central planning by an elite.


"Barbados' Minister of Caribbean and Latin American Affairs, Mr. Cameron Tudor, said here today most of the criticism of West Indies cricket captain Gary Sobers for his recent visit to Rhodesia was out of proportion to the offence." - The Herald, Melbourne, Oct. 12

Sobers became the centre of a storm of controversy because he could see nothing wrong in going to Rhodesia to play cricket. Early in the year Sobers was viciously attacked in England because he made it clear that he had no objections to playing cricket with the South Africans if their schedule tour took place. Following the Sobers visit to Rhodesia, where he was warmly welcomed, Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of Guyana said that Sobers would not be welcome in his country until he apologised for his Rhodesian visit. The Sobers affair clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of those who keep shouting about "racism". . They use race to advance their particular politics.

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