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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

30 October 1970. Thought for the Week: We must secure the goodwill of teachers and Professors in schools and Universities, of Liberal Ministers of religion, and of the pacifists and reformers of the world, in order to create a mental barrage in the minds of the capitalist youth which will forever bar them from participating in a carnal conflict with the communist order."
A directive by Lenin as quoted by the California Senate Investigating Committee Report on Education (1956)


"They are not French-Canadian nationalists. They are anarchists or nihilists. Their aim is to destroy the democratic system." - Mr. Mitchell Sharp, Canadian Minister for External Affairs, The Age, October 26.

Mr. Sharp recently negotiated Canadian recognition of Red China and acknowledged that Canada now only recognises one China. Taiwan under this recognition becomes a part of Red China in Canada's eyes and whatever may happen in the future to the thirteen million anti-communist Chinese and Formosans is of no consequence to Mr. Sharp and Mr. Trudeau's Government. Or does it?
Perhaps the lesson is being driven home.

Canada also recognises Cuba, which Roy Macartney in his report to The Age, says the Canadian Government is just discovering was the training ground for the FLQ terrorists! The Canadian League of Rights has been warning the Government for years of this fact. Just as the Canadian League of Rights warned the Canadian people of the true Fabian pro-Communist background of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and brought increasing support for the League in Canada. So now the League will be looked again by increasing numbers of Canadians to supply a lead to reverse the disastrous policies which have led to the present situation.

If Mr. Sharp is going to be consistent, and not pursue the double standard so common in politics today, as Minister for External Affairs he must advocate the breaking off of all diplomatic ties with all those countries behind the "anarchists and the nihilists" he refers to.


"The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has reported FLQ members had been recruited from 'disaffected students' and youths of extreme political views." - The Age, October 26.

Developments over the last two years on the campus of Australian Universities shows, a similar pattern. Will the Australian Government deal with the situation now, or allow a similar deterioration, which led to the tragic events in Canada? The Age report points out that the SDS (Students for Democratic Society) is strongly organised in Montreal. So it is throughout Australian Universities. The SDS in Montreal is organised in compartment cells - operating separately to one another, giving maximum protection against detection. These are traditional communist tactics.

The RCMP estimates there are about 300 members of the SDS in Montreal and the FLQ is backed and directed by 2000 revolutionaries. Roy Macartney reported that the terrorists frequently knew planned moves by police and Government "from within and without the establishment before they were made."

The Australian Government should be made to realise that there is a similar force operating in Australia. Firm action could now obviate tragedy later. Under the present Commonwealth scholarship and bursaries system there are plenty of "disaffected students" who are ready material for the "teachers and professors" referred to by Lenin in our Thought for the Week. Mass education which has reduced universities to the role of factories churning off the production line thousands of ready made spare parts to fit into the mass think, mass employed-controlled society, must in the very nature of things produce those who want to rebel against the process.
Those agitating the process should be dealt with immediately, while alternative policies to deal with the roots of the matter must be initiated before it is too late.


"Sir Robert Menzies believes the U.S. and its allies might have won the Vietnam War by now "if it had been fought as wars are usually fought. - The Age, October 26th.

For a man who for sixteen years was the most influential force in formulating Australian foreign policy Sir Robert is admitting to either an ignorance, or incompetence, which is difficult to accept in a man who had such ability. The Vietnam War has been used by the Communist conspiracy to destroy the West. Competent experts pointed out time and again that the longer the war was drawn out the greater the value in propaganda and subversion to the conspiracy.

The first mistake made by Sir Robert and his Government, for which succeeding generations of Australians will hold him responsible, is that the war was not "fought as wars are usually fought," namely that war was declared, thus ensuring that the allies take every step to destroy the enemy and his supply lines. Instead, under Sir Robert, we refused to declare war and announced a policy of limited warfare, assuring the Communist North Vietnamese government we had no wish to invade and defeat them, and at the same time assuring them we would have no objection to their allies, China and the Soviet, supplying them with all the artifices of war.
Time and again top military experts have declared that if allowed to operate under the first precept of warfare, that "there is no substitute for victory", that they could have won the war in three to six months.

The politicians, timid, fearful, and often corrupted by the virus of communist sympathy, refused to accept such advice. They stand forever condemned for their weakness and must accept the responsibility for supplying the communist conspiracy the platform through which the epitaph of civilisation may well be written.

Underlining the deterioration is the statement by Sir Roden Cutler when opening the Returned Servicemen's League conference in NSW. He quoted figures of 12,500 shot dead in America, but only 8,000 died in Vietnam. "This is a frightening indication of the extent to which domestic violence has increased," said Sir Roden, after he revealed that his own life had been threatened three times.

The Canadian tragedy and 12,500 American citizens shot dead, including 64 police officers, 22 in the last 3 months, (The Age, October 27) testify to the truth of Sir Roden's remarks. The peg on which domestic violence and the challenge to civil authority and parliamentary government has been hung is the Vietnam War. Is Sir Robert's halfhearted explanation the result of a troubled conscience?


"One hundred bishops led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Ramsey, have expressed their disquiet to the British Government over the proposed resumption of arms sales to South Africa," - The Australian, October 27.

Dr. Ramsey sent a letter couched in the above terms to Mr. Heath according to a statement released from Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop's house. Of 112 Bishops only 12 did not favour sending the letter. Such is further evidence of the deep penetration of that corruptive force operating within the churches, especially the leadership, which is running parallel with the revolutionary forces of the world.

Coming on top of the decision by the World Council of Churches to actually finance proven revolutionary forces dedicated to violence, terrorism and massacre in Africa, on the puerile pretext of giving the money for some form of social services, reveals a sickening hypocrisy that must test to the utmost the intestinal fortitude of many Christians. The perversion is almost complete.

South Africa or Rhodesia are the most peaceful countries in the world. They have never threatened the peace of any other country, nor do they have highly vocal revolutionary organisations stationed abroad trying to tear down the government of countries with whom they disagree. Africans living within their borders are more content than in any other part of Africa. If oppressed and discontent, by sheer weight of numbers could destroy the white minority, but in fact the white minority have provided their African brothers with a continuous example of goodwill and an orderly society in which they need have no fear.

It is left to the British Bishops and the W.C.C. to try and bring an end to such order and peace, and to encourage the same forces, which have enslaved millions of people. Where were the edicts from Lambeth Palace or the W.C.C. when the Czechoslovakian people were forcibly stripped of any semblance of freedom? Or the Hungarians and Tibetans. Was there any protest to Mr. Wilson when he joined with Mr. Kosygin in destroying the Christian Ibo's of Biafra? And what of the Christian Negroes being destroyed by the Moslem Arabs in The Sudan.

We are treated to the most nauseating defence of such hypocrisy. It may well be that with the aid of the organised Christian church unholy terror will be unleashed on Southern Africa to the chants of approval coming from the citadels of such organisations.
"Yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you shall think he offereth service to God."


A referendum at Devonport on Saturday, which the Tasmanian Health Minister, Dr. Abbot, had declared illegal, produced 3250 votes against Fluoridation, and 485 in favour. " The Australian, October 26th.

The mass media (press, radio, T.V.) have suppressed the information concerning two referenda on fluoridation, which were held in two Victorian towns this year. Hamilton and Portland both decisively rejected the fluoridation of their respective water supplies. We venture to say that if the referenda had been carried, that the mass media would have fairly hummed with the news, as the policy of the mass media on this issue of fluoridation is to give it the strongest support.

It is quite tantalizing to ask oneself why this should be so. There are those of a quaint innocence still in the community, who believe that the mass media merely report news, and do not indulge in mass brainwashing. We suggest that such people now ask themselves why the pro-fluoridation policy of the mass media is continually advanced in the face of repeated rejection of it by local referenda, when the opportunity for this IS provided.

There have been instances, such as Bacchus Marsh. Vic. where fluoridation has been introduced clandestinely. It would appear that the Tasmanian Health Minister is now placed in an embarrassing political position; a just reward for his undemocratic behaviour. We are not altogether naive, and we make no apologies for suspecting that there is big money involved behind all the phony "public-interest" window-dressing with which the mass media have presented fluoridation. We could mention two industries, one a near monopoly: and the other a total monopoly, whose comments would be interesting.

Our comments are clear. The Australian people are being brainwashed and manipulated into the acceptance of a measure, which they reject out of hand when provided with the means of doing so. Further comment is redundant!


Mr. Ivor Benson, the distinguished South African journalist, author and student of world affairs, will arrive in Australia on November 29 for a short tour of Australia under the auspices of The Australian League of Rights. Seasonal conditions preclude an extensive tour of rural areas, but Mr. Benson will be visiting all capital cities and several provincial cities. Mr. Benson has had a colourful career, one of the highlights being his scooping of the world's press with his exclusive photos and stories on the Congo disaster in 1960. Mr. Benson was the only newspaperman to remain in Elizabethville as the city was looted. He will be using his exclusive Congo slides during his Australian lecture tour.

Prior to the Rhodesian declaration of independence in 1965, Mr. Benson was adviser to The Rhodesian Information Department, and later acted for a time as chief censor. Mr. Benson has a vast first-hand knowledge of Africa. He was in Europe before the Second World War, during which he served with the South African forces. Details of Mr. Benson's tour are to be finalised. He will speak in the Collins Room, Federal Hotel, Melb. Monday Dec. 7. Mr. Benson will arrive in Australia fresh from covering the American & Canadian scene.

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