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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

20 November 1970. Thought for the Week: "Some men die by shrapnel, and some go down in flames, but most men perish inch by inch, playing at little games."
Canadian columnist Richard Needham in Toronto Globe & Mail, October 14.


"The Prime Minister Mr. Heath has told the Archbishop of Canterbury that the British Government believes economic sanctions and cultural and sporting boycotts will not end apartheid in South Africa…The Prime Minister said the Government's rejection of apartheid was quite separate from British defence interests and responsibilities in the South African area. 'The Government has an inescapable responsibility for the protection of our vital interests. I do not believe that the Soviet naval presence in the Indian Ocean with its potential for improper pressures can be left totally unanswered.' Mr. Heath said the best way of ensuring this is to see that the Simonstown naval agreement between Britain and South Africa remains effective." - The Age, Melbourne, November 17.

Although it is not completely certain as we go to press that the British-Conservative Government will stand firm on the issue of British military aid for South Africa, it now appears that nothing less than a major revolt amongst some of Mr. Heath's "liberal" backbench Members can prevent the proposed agreement from being formalised. This development may appear as only a small and bleak ray of sunshine in a darkening situation, but nevertheless it does indicate that there is still some encouraging health left amongst the British Conservatives.

In a national ABC TV debate with Mr. Edward St. John, Q.C., on Tuesday evening of this week, League of Rights National Director Mr. Eric Butler flatly disputed Mr. St. John's attempt to equate South Africa with Nazi Germany, observing that there was no evidence whatever that South Africa had any aggressive designs against any other nation. Mr. Butler quoted what Dr. Banda of Malawi had recently said at the annual conference of the Malawi Congress Party. Dr. Banda had pointed out that South Africa could easily take over Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania without the use of a single plane from the United Kingdom.
In the same address Dr. Banda scornfully rejected the argument that the sale of arms to South Africa would result in a cold war. "It is already there by the presence of the Soviet Fleet in the Indian Ocean."

Dr. Banda attacked the policies of the so-called non-aligned nations which recently met in Lusaka, Zambia, "Every time the so-called non-aligned powers meet there has always been a condemnation of the United States of America, Britain, and even West Germany, but never the Soviet Union nor Communist China. Therefore it is not true that there is such a thing as a non-aligned conference. If they are deceiving anyone, they are not deceiving me.

There is no doubt that the international pressures on South Africa, Rhodesia, and Portuguese Africa are going to be intensified in accordance with Communist global strategy. Despite some internal opposition the World Council of Churches is standing firm in its decision to provide funds to Communist-backed African "freedom fighters. " It is reported from Africa that the WCC decision came at a most opportune time for the "freedom fighters" that have been having a number of serious setbacks. They have now been given a new and greatly improved international image. An intensification of guerrilla warfare against Southern Africa can be expected.
At the same time both the Soviet Union and Red China are increasing their build up in Africa, while the Soviet's naval planning in the Indian Ocean continues.

It is imperative that Australia and New Zealand do everything possible to help ensure that the Free World's front line in Southern Africa is held. An informed public opinion is the major essential. Readers should make use of two League publications, "Australia's Front Line In Southern Africa", and "Communist Strategy For Controlling The African Continent. " Send a small donation with each order.


The 1970-71 financial Fund of $25,000 is filling far too slowly. Returning to national headquarters on Monday of this week, after 3,000 miles of grueling day-and -night campaigning through to Southern Queensland, Mr. Butler had just attended to the more urgent pile of work confronting him, and was about to work on the annual financial appeal when he was requested by the ABC to meet Mr. Edward St. John in a national TV debate on the South African situation. This vital project could not be neglected.
Assistant National Director Edward Rock left early in the week for another major thrust into Northern N.S.W.
Mr. Jeremy Lee carries on relentlessly. Mr. Butler and Mr. Marsh have a vital meeting of Melbourne businessmen this week, and Mr. Butler leaves first thing on Friday morning for important Western District School. The Financial Report must wait until next week. The battle cannot stop. But supporters can send in donations or pledges for the $25,000 Fund. Let us keep the mounting offensive moving.


"We must accept the fact there is unlikely to be any radical recasting of our economic system, and that the cost-price pressures of recent decades, and which are characteristic of all modern economies, will continue." Mr. Douglas Anthony, Minister for Primary Industries, in a featured article in The Age, Melbourne, November 13.

If anyone needed any confirmation of the truth that the Liberal-Country Party coalition government is firmly under the influence of totalitarian economic "advisers", Mr. Anthony has provided it. "Controlled inflation" is a feature of Fabian-Marxist financial policies, and the communities of the Free World has been saturated with the view that this type of inflation is "inevitable." Mr. Anthony's clearly-stated view that man cannot change the economic and financial policies which are man-made, is an admission that the present Government not only has no alternative to its present Marxist financial policies, but does not wish to consider any alternatives. It is typical of Mr. Anthony's double-talk that his article should be headed, "Family Farm Will Endure."How can the family farm possibly endure if inflation is going to continue indefinitely?

Mr. Anthony's "reconstruction" schemes, modeled on those first put forward by the Fabian Marxists nearly 40 years ago, simply mean that having amalgamated the present "uneconomic units", the bigger units will also be "uneconomic " within a few years under the inflation which Mr. Anthony says must be accepted, and still further "reconstruction" will be required. Although it is true that Mr. Anthony appears to be so dull (or brainwashed?) that he cannot even grasp the most elementary facts about the creation of financial credit by the banking system, is it really possible that the man supposed to be the responsible Minister for Primary Industries, can believe that the family farm can possibly survive under the relentless pressure of inflation?
If the rural community is prepared to continue tolerating Mr. Anthony and those who talk as he does, it is signing its own death warrant.


We have much pleasure in acceding to the request of the Maranoa Regional Council of the League of Rights, that their thanks are extended to all those supporters throughout Southern Queensland and Northern N.S.W. who provided such a stirring display of strength at the Dalby debate on November 4. Some supporters flew in by plane, many traveled long distances. The evidence continues to mount that the League's massive support at the debate continues to have nation-wide repercussions.
Readers should know that a reporter from Melbourne Truth rang the League's office in Melbourne and alleged that Mr. Eric Butler had threatened Dr. Leigh Wallman with his clenched fist at the Dalby debate. The reporter also charged that the reason Mr. Butler had "threatened" Dr. Wallman was because of his Jewish background. Those at the Dalby debate know that Mr. Butler was on a platform, and at least 30 feet away from Dr. Wallman. There was no suggestion whatever of Mr. Butler threatening Dr. Wallman with his clenched fist. Truth reporter also charged that top radio commentator Norman Banks runs the League in Melbourne when Mr. Butler is away. He was astonished to be introduced on the phone to Assistant National Director Mr. Edward Rock!

There are many aspects of Dr. Leigh Wallman's association with the Dalby debate which his Liberal Party colleagues should carefully examine. The following questions might be considered: Did Dr. Wallman have any association with Mr. Ron Bahnisch, Mr. Butler's opponent, before the debate? Did Dr. Wallman assist Mr. Bahnisch to make contact with Mr. Edward St. John and Mr. Isi Leibler? If not, why did he attempt both before and after the Dalby debate to smear Mr. Butler and "The League of Rights?" And what is his connection with Truth, if any?
Yes, that Dalby debate was historic in more ways than one!


"It surprised me that grave warnings were voiced about the danger of communism, but hardly a whisper of the spread of the Nazi party in Australia. I have tried to find the answer and, I believe, based on my war experience, that the RSL is now controlled by the officer class." - A Perth W.A., correspondent, A.M. Wilson, in a letter to The Australian, November 17.

Canadian and American experiences have shown that at least some of the so-called Nazi activities were in fact being promoted by Jewish Communists. We are extremely cautious concerning all build-ups of any Nazi threats in Australia. The Herald, Melbourne, of November 14, featured on page 3 approximately half a page of photos of a "punch-up" at a Nazi Senate meeting in the City Square. It would be instructive to know whether photographer Lester Howard, credited with the photos, works for The Herald. If so, how did he come to be present to take photographs? Or did Mr. Howard "just happen" to be present with a camera?

There are only a handful of Nazi Party (National Socialist) members in Australia. Some of these are undoubtedly sincere, but misguided. Hitler's philosophy is certainly abroad in the land, but it is an unfortunate truth that much of it finds expression, not through the Nazis, but through the centralist policies of the Federal Government. These policies would be continued and intensified under a Whitlam Government. Labels can be used to disguise reality.
The famous American political figure, Huey Long, said not long before he was assassinated that America would eventually submit to Fascism but this would be under the label of democracy.


"Quite suddenly Enoch Powell is back among the headlines. . . He has cast acid on the Government's talks-and-sanctions policy towards Rhodesia. ... His latest broadside was fired during a weekend radio interview. High wage settlements, he said, were a symptom of inflation, not a cause. It was 'stupid talk' to denounce union leaders in fighting for higher pay for union members. The Government had ultimately to take the blame for inflation and the Government alone could halt it." - The Age, Melbourne, November 18.

It is refreshing to have a politician of Mr. Enoch Powell's standing bluntly stating that ending financial inflation is the responsibility of Governments. A genuinely free society of responsible individuals requires justice. A just financial policy is the most urgent necessity for the West if it is to withstand the mounting pressure of International Communism. An unjust financial policy provides the Communist agitators in industry with an ideal situation to further their disruptive tactics. Continuing inflation erodes the value of wages and, under the present financial policies, leaves the trade union member with no alternative but to seek still higher wages.

The Achilles heel of the British Conservative Government is its financial policy. At a time when he tells the nation that he is going to fight inflation, Mr. Heath is starting to dismantle the British price support programme for British agriculture, thus making higher food prices, and more inflation, inevitable.

In desperation the New Zealand Nationalist Government is resorting to Government price "freezing", in its attempt to deal with inflation. This will be just as disastrous as was the similar policy attempted by the British Labor Government under Harold Wilson.

If Enoch Powell can give a lead in attacking the basic causes of inflation, he will emerge as one of the greatest British political leaders of all time.
All election comment authorised by Eric D. Butler, 273 Little Collins Street Melbourne.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159