Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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27 November 1970. Thought for the Week: "The Christian conception of sovereignty was expressed in the words, 'For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.' This is the basic sovereignty, personal sovereignty, to which all other sovereignties are subservient in the reality of the Universe. And must be made so in the actual world, otherwise the kingdom of God cannot be sought, and the kingdom of Satan, the Prince of the world, will dominate us."
John Mitchell in World Government Is Anti-Christian.


"The DLP deserves congratulations on their success which I believe shows public support for the policies on defence advanced by both the Government and the DLP" - Prime Minister Gorton's comment on the Senate Elections.

Irrespective of how the Senate election results are interpreted, the central and indisputable fact is that the electors handed out a major electoral rebuff to the Gorton Government. The percentage primary vote is, as we go to press, one of the lowest ever obtained by the non Labor parties. The Government can take little consolation from the fact that the ALP also lost electoral support compared with its vote at House of Representatives elections last October.

The desperate position of the Government is demonstrated by the Prime Minister's attempt to suggest that because there was a big electoral swing to the DLP, this in some way was an endorsement of the Government's defence policies. Unlike his election campaign for the House of Representatives in October, Mr. Gorton reverted to the traditional Menzies-Holt tactic of making defence and foreign policy a major election issue. But the fact that this tactic failed dismally pin-points the truth that revolt against the Government was primarily on domestic issues. If the Government wishes to survive, it would be well advised to face this truth immediately and to start with corrective action.

One of the features of the Senate elections was the substantial increase in the DLP vote in the rural areas, League of Rights actionists correctly predicted this increase immediately following the announcement by the DLP that it had taken up the policy of long-term , low-interest credit to help meet the rural crisis. As demonstrated by the dramatic vote for Independent candidate Nebus in Western Australia, the DLP also correctly assessed the importance of firmly promising to support relief from probate and other succession taxes. The hard-line defence policy of the DLP, with Senator Gair at one stage advocating the bombing of Hanoi to bring the Vietnam war to an end, would of itself have little "pull" with rural electors, most of them sound on defence anyhow. The rural shift to the DLP was a clear message to the Government to do something constructive - or else!

It should also be recorded that the DLP generally has adopted a much more positive approach on the growing Commonwealth-State crisis. In one case Senator Gait used a 50 word telegram to get an answer to League actionists asking where the DLP stood on the questions suggested in the special brochure, "Australia's Liberal-Socialist Road to Serfdom," There is no doubt that the mounting League of Rights campaigning is having an increasing political impact right throughout Australia.

While it is most unlikely that the Senate fragmentation of the traditional Australian voting pattern will be reflected in the next elections for the House of Representatives, it is not impossible for to DLP to further increase its electoral strength if the Government refuses to modify some of its present policies. If persisted with, these policies must produce growing social friction just as certainiy as the night follows the day.

There is little doubt that the subject of pensions was a factor in the Senate elections, although it is hard to see how the ALP did any better than the Goverment on the issue. But the pensions issue is linked with a much more basic issue, the increasing inflation which Government spokesmen preach is "inevitable." They have surrendered to Fabian-Marxist theories of economic determinism. If the Government Members, and its right-or-wrong supporters, think that they can go on surviving by attempting to blackmail the electors ("Consider the disaster of a Whitlam Government" while doing nothing to reverse their own Marxist policies, they could find that the erosion of support could result in a desperate electorate deciding that a declared Socialist Government could do no more damage than the Gorton Government.

The stabilizing influence of the non party Australian League of Rights was never more necessary to provide some seasonable prospect of Australia averting the disasters threatening the very future of the free society.


"Shopkeepers must seduce customers into buying things they do not need, and this must be done through a series of 'beautiful traps' a convention was told yesterday." - The Australian, November 21.

The propagator of this perverted drivel is an associate director of a leading Sydney department store. He mentioned that the shopkeeper must become a creator of desire, not a fulfiller of needs. However, some of the statistics advanced if reliable, are of interest to those who have managed to stay aloof from the Mad Hatters Tea Party, which is what much modern merchandising has become.

This "authority" asserted that by 1980 people would spend only 8.2% on clothes, as against 1l.6% now. But spending on alcohol, medical expences, education, travel and entertainment will increase substantially. All this please note, is caused by affluence. Furthermore , says the authority, today's customer doesn't need the merchandise on displays; she (presumably the housewife) goes into shops not to buy what she needs but to find out what she wants. Customers today have everything they need.

Perhaps an enquiry, as to why people are spending an increasing amount of their income on alcohol, medical expenses, education, travel and entertainment could prove revealing. Is it that these are forms of escapism from an ant-heap (big city) which is becoming insufferable. The increased spending on medical expences would need to confirm this view, and this in spite of the fact that medical science is continually expanding knowledge. It would not surprise us if a disproportionate amount of this accelerating expenditure on medical expenses is connected with nervous disorders. The drug menace would be a reflection of this. Not only are the young threatened with addiction to hard and soft drugs, but it seems that the average housewife is on some type of sedative drug.

Education (which can mean many things) is also mentioned as a growing expense. This, of course, is a necessary one, as today's young men and women will not achieve a desirable credit-rating in the eyes of the hire-purchase companies without the status of a tertiary-education qualification! As for the 'affluence', this is merely a thin film floating on a deep sea of debt. This affluence would be converted into catastrophe overnight if the controllers of the nations credit policy were "advised' to turn off the credit tap, as they did in 1929. But the "advisers" and "planners" all philosophical Marxistz, keep using the threat of a major depression to force acceptance of the destuctive programme of increasing debt, more Government controls, and an "acceptable" level of inflation.


"Under Chilean law, the President has almost total powers to advance whomsoever he wants to head the various branches of the military. Now hear this. Under Chilean practice, every officer who is senior to the man who is advanced, is compulsorily retired. That means that by elevating the right captain say, President Allende could retire the whole senior military, and thus diminish the threat to his regime". William F. Buckley, well known American columnist in The Wanderer Oct. 1.

The Marxist victory in Chile, is of explosive significance in the stuggle for the world. It provides the Communists with their second major base in Latin America, Cuba being the first. Long-range Communist global strategy stresses the importance of using the global "rural areas" of the world, Latin America, Asia, and Africa to encircle the "global cities" of the world.
Back in 1968 a major Communist international strategy conference was held in Montreal Canada. It was known as the "Hemispheric Conference To End The War In Vietnam". One of the principal operators at this conference was Senator Salvador Allende. The Marxist President of Chile has six years in which to consolidate control of Chile. His biggest problem is Congress, but it can only maintain its independence if supported by the armed forces. President Allende is in the position to make these forces his own personal instrument.

Apart from providing another Latin-American Marxist base for the encirclement of the U.S.A., Chile is also of great strategic importance because it is one of the world's major copper producers. President Allende has lost no time in moving to nationalise the copper industry. Banking and insurance is also to be nationalised. Moscow strategists recognised the vital importance of bringing Allende to power in Chile. They sent one of their top agents - the notorious Victor Louis the journalist who leaked the Krushchev memoirs to the Western world - to help with the Allende campaign.

There is little doubt that if Allende can move towards complete C ommunist control of Chile, this will lead to South Pacific bases for the Soviet navy and unrestricted passage through the Strait of Magellan. It could also lead to Peru and Bolivia, both under Leftist regimes, being completely subverted and also brought into the Soviet orbit.

Australians and New Zealanders should take out their world maps and notice how increasing Communist influence in Latin America makes South Africa and the international water way around the cape. of Good Hope of greater importance than ever to the Free World.


It is a well established fact that all over the world Communist revolutionaries attempt to exploit the problems of race. Australia is not exempt from this revolutionary tactic, and in recent times there has been considerable propaganda about the "rights of aboriginals". But who is an aboriginal? Recently Mr. Justice Gillard defined who is an aboriginal in connection with a will by Miss Agness Margherita Barry, who left her property at Pine Avenue, Elwood, Victoria, as a holiday hostel for Aboriginals. Mr. Justice defined the word "aboriginal" as applying to full bloods only.

A correspondent from the Northern Territory provides the following valuable comment: "a Mr. B. McGuiness, Director of The Aboriginal Advancement League took Mr. Justice Gillard to task and described him as a racist. Mr. McGuiness is no doubt a coloured person, "I want to suggest that it would be almost impossible to find an aborigine. i.e. a fullblood, down South. Those people who are claiming to be aborigines down South are coloured people and therefore have absolutely no right to the title 'aborigine'. By the principle being applied by these so-called Southern 'Aborigines' a person of mixed Chinese, Afghan, Aboriginal (fullblood) and white blood could also claim to be Chinese or Afghan or even white. Ridiculous, isn't it? And yet the news media are doing their very best to perpetuate this falsehood as well. It would be interesting to know which tribe these Southern 'Aborigines' belong to and what their tribal names are.

"In the Territory there are three clearly and distinctly defined societies, i.e. white, coloured and blackfellas who are aboriginals or fullbloods, and there is only a fringe relationship between these three distinct societies, For example, a black fella will say, 'That other blackfella, or that white fella, or that yellafella', the latter meaning a coloured person. A coloured person could be one who has no aboriginal blood in him but he is still grouped by the blackfellas with those coloured people who have aboriginal blood in them. The large percentage of coloured people in the Northern Territory have some aboriginal blood in them. If someone was to call a coloured person a blackfella, or aborigine, or native, up here he'd have a fight on his hands.

"The full blood has always been called a blackfella or native, although in recent times the Government has begun referring to him as an aborigine. He has never taken exception to being called a blackfella. He knows he is black just as the white man knows he is white, and is proud of it. The coloured person is a different kettle of fish. He is neither one nor the other, and has a very big chip on his shoulder. I recall being told about 15 years ago by a District Office of the N.T.A. Welfare Branch, the Government body which is responsible for aboriginal affairs in the Territory, that the coloured person or Yellow fella holds tremendous enmity towards the white man.

"I would like to suggest that the coloured people are more susceptible to communistic influence than the blackfella and I would further suggest that organisations such as the Aborigine Advancement League, are riding on the back of the word 'aboriginal' to obtain Government grants and Royalties such as are available from the Gove Bauxite Mining project. As individuals, coloured people would have absolutely no right or titles to these funds, but as a group trading on the term 'aboriginal' they will obtain grants, and if they are communistic sponsored organisations, as I believe they could easily be, then the Australian people will be paying to have their throats cut."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159