Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

13 February 1970. Thought for the Week: "Communism spells an alphabet of horror from A to Z. Albania to Zanzibar. Africans flock to South Africa for the work and welfare it provides; but Europeans are not noticeably eager to break through the Berlin Wall or to seek jobs in Siberia."
Mr. John Biggs-Davison, British Conservative M.P.


" the United States, Britain and France continued to study Soviet Notes warning that the Middle East was close to crisis point." - The Age. Feb. 5.

The impression given by the Soviet of righteous concern over events in the Middle East and the way the world's press has given serious consideration to what amounts to a cheap propaganda stunt, is a measurement of the deception which is being practiced to hide the reality of the Soviet's policy.

It has been pointed out repeatedly that the only basis for peace in the Middle East is the withdrawal of Israel to boundaries agreed to in the United Nations, have been the subject of a Security Council resolution, and agreed to by the Arab leaders. Additionally Mr. Rogers. U.S. Secretary of State in January insisted that Israel should abide by the 10 point resolution of the Security Council, which would have brought a basis of settlement with an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank of the Jordan, and agreement to internationalise Jerusalem. Such is the political and financial power of the Zionist movement in America that it took just one week to have the chief executive officer of the American Government, President Nixon, repudiate his secretary of State and promise Israel additional arms and guarantees of support.

When Bertrand Russell passed on last week after a lifetime of supporting the growth of international socialism, the press eulogised over him as a philosopher and pacifist. His death bed statement calling for the restoration by Israel of Arab territory carried a great deal of truth, even if made in support of his spiritual home in Moscow. He said the tragedy of the people of Palestine was that their country was "given" by a foreign power to another people for the creation of a new State, which resulted in numerous people being made permanently homeless. However Israel's Prime Minister Mrs. Meir has refused to budge "one inch."

James Reston of the New York Times, influential supporter of Israel's cause in America, alleges Israel's policy of aggression is to force a ceasefire! Supporting his case he points to the incongruities of Israel's policies. "It is comparatively weak and is counting on military strength - it appeals to justice and is not just to Arab refugees - it asks for mercy and is merciless in attack - it cries for a decent order in the world and for principles among nations, yet scorns and even vilifies the United Nations, which, despite obvious weaknesses, is the only instrument of international order and justice we have."

Justice and equity in the Middle East is dependent upon a resurgence of moral fibre amongst Western nations, which will deal with the expansionist policies of both Israel and Communism.


Mr. Patrick Walsh writing in the January issue of Canadian Intelligence Service reports how Mr. Trudeau's Canada continues to give aid and sustenance to international Communist revolutionaries.

"In Montreal this month, the West German Maoist-oriented agitator, Danny Cohn-Bendit ('Danny the Red' of the infamous 1968 Paris riots) participated in a violent demonstration in the courtroom during the trial of the Quebec FLQ terrorist leader, Pierre Vallieres, and was ejected from the courtroom, but was allowed to proceed to Toronto to tape a CTV show. And this revolutionary agent has now had his visa extended to permit him to carry on his subversion on into February!

Other comparatively recent arrivals in Canada are Stanley Cray reported as one of the main instigators of the Montreal riot last year, and Kwok Wing Lai, a Red Guard from Hong Kong. Gray is at McGill University and Kwok Wing Lai enrolled at the University of Manitoba where he set up the Canadian Student Movement (CSM), which is controlled by the Maoist Marxists. He immediately began publishing the Manitoba Student as a vehicle for Maoist propaganda, and opened a bookstore, a branch of the Progressive Books and Periodicals, which has branches popping up all over Canada.
Stanley Gray is identified as a leading member of the Front de Liberation Populaire, which is the above ground name for the terrorist FLQ responsible for the bombing and terrorist outbreaks in Quebec.

In another article in the same edition of C.I.S. Keith Bradbury, reporter for the Vancouver Sun interviewed a well dressed and well to do Maoist revolutionary. Bruce Cruise, who normally after a University education in British Columbia would have become a Vancouver lawyer, but who is the leader of the Canadian Communist Movement (Marxism-Leninism). Cruise in a frank interview with Bradbury said. "I think one thing that is important to stress is that we are consciously organizing and preparing for the armed overthrow of the Canadian government. We declare our aims - we don't hide them. …
"In Quebec it can be safely said that within the next two years you will see the rise of the working class in an armed fashion and the reactionary forces will attempt to crush these revolutionary movements.
In the final analysis, approximately 90 per cent of the Quebec people - 5 or 6 million workers - will be organized into a broad front for national liberation.
"The actual quantitative shift from a movement of several hundred or a thousand to one of millions is based on several things: one of the major things is the development of the objective conditions, which means the disintegration of the economic base."

As a measurement of the dedication of young Mr. Cruise, Bradbury reports on how he became a communist. "Within months of joining a far-left group at UBC (University of British Columbia) known as the Internationalists, headed by East Indian graduate student Hardial Bains, Cruise was espousing Communist points of view. A year later, with only weeks to go until he was to receive his law degrees, Cruise rose one day in one of his law classes, denounced the Canadian legal system as a tool of the bourgeoisie, and quit his legal education on the spot.
"Since then he has devoted full time to Communist organising …"

Australians are shortly to receive a visit from Mr.Pierre Elliot Trudeau who has a long record of committal to Fabian socialism which has steadily permeated Canadian and Western society, making possible the atmosphere at Universities and elsewhere, which breeds revolutionaries like Bruce Cruise. It is to be hoped that no Australian politician will be under any illusionment about the type of man they are expected to welcome to our shores.


In the past week some $300 has been subscribed by a handful of people. With the New Year now well into its stride we wait to hear from those who until now have not subscribed their portion, great or small. It should never be said that we were forced to slacken in the fight for the want of funds. Send that donation now!


"Small farmers should cancel their Victorian Farmers' Union membership and form an organisation of their own, Horsham farmer, Mr. E.W.Peucker said last night." - Wimmera Mall Times February 4.

Mr. Peucker touched on an important aspect of the problem facing farmers today, all farmers, not just small farmers, Mr. Peucker pointed out that there was a ready acceptance by the VFU to sacrifice the small farmer. If the farmer termed "small" is destroyed today, then the "big" farmer is heading for similar medicine. Farmers should be very concerned with the type of organisation they subscribe to in an effort to protect themselves. Generally speaking, the bigger an organisation becomes the more impersonal it becomes, the more dependent upon a super bureaucracy divorced from its membership for the running of the organisation. This is the trend amongst farmer's organisations all over Australia.
The VFU is a typical example. It is the amalgamation of a number of smaller organisations, which had a real knowledge of the problems of its members.

The trend towards bigness in farm organisations has been done in the name of unity. The farmers have been told that a big organisation can get them results the little ones cannot. Well they have the results, their case has never been worse represented than it is today, and they are consequently worse off than they have been for decades. Mr. Peucker gave a valuable lead in his remarks to Horsham farmers in suggesting they should form a separate organisation. The first thing they should ensure is that their Members of Parliament will be prepared to buck their party in the interests of the farming community.

The same can be said for all Country Party electorates in Australia. There is no health in the present leadership of the Federal Country Party on issues vitally concerning the welfare of the farmer. Only a revolt from the grass roots will change this situation, and small organisations within each electorate are the means of bringing this about.


"The State Government surprised farmers last night by declaring its support for their massive protest march through Melbourne next month." - The Age. February 5.

The Minister for Lands in Victoria, Sir William McDonald told a meeting of 600 farmers at Hamilton, the main centre of the rich grazing area in the Western District. "My instruction from the Premier when I came here tonight was to say that he was wholeheartedly in support of it and would do his utmost to bring it about." Dr. Rod Bade, a leading organiser of the march told the audience, "We know we are beginning to be successful because already we have politicians changing their tune."

Now that Sir Henry Bolte has openly revolted against the financial policies of the Federal Government destroying the farmers he should be pressed to lead the State Liberals on an open crusade to have those policies changed, and not give lip service to the Federal Liberals, as he did at the last moment in the elections last October.

In the DLP column published in the Melbourne Herald, February 10 Senator Frank McManus in an article headed WE BACK MARCH reported on another mass meeting at Horsham in the heart of the wheat growing Wimmera district. Senator McManus made a special trip from Canberra to be present. Some of his remarks at the meeting were to the point, others lacked realism. Nevertheless he pledged the full support of the DLP for the march and said the "family farm had to be preserved and the drift to the cities arrested."

The danger of farmers becoming confused was illustrated by Senator McManus' diagnosis of their problems. After saying that rural problems were world wide due to the "have nots" being without cash to buy from the "haves" he said "the first need is for economic and financial measures on the international level to ensure even distribution." Even though Senator McManus conceded that this was something he could not see happening immediately and therefore there was need for a short term financial policy, such a suggestion plays into the hands completely of those who are undermining national and individual sovereignty, and this is the heart of the farmers problem.

The farmers first responsibility is towards Australia. They have fulfilled that obligation. Australia's politicians should fulfill their part in providing a realistic financial policy to reflect the reality provided by successful primary producers. We have not heard that the criterion for becoming a successful manufacturer or member of any of the professions should be an ability to supply the export market!

Dr. Colin Clark, highly thought of in DLP circles made the point recently that under consumption and the need for a market for the "have-nots" is largely illusory. Senator McManus should check with him and then see whether there is need for the farmers of Australia to be put in pawn to an international financial authority.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159