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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

27 February 1970. Thought for the Week: "Our national life is ended as soon as it has lost the power of noble Anger. When it paints over and apologises for its pitiful criminalities, and endures its false weights and unadulterated food, dares not decide practically between good and evil, and can neither honour the one nor smite the other, but sneers at the good as if it were hidden evil, and consoles the evil with pious sympathy, the end is come. "
John Ruskin in The Queen of the Air quoted in the preface of The Cult of Softness by Sir Arnold Lunn and Garth Lean.


"I wouldn't welcome a treason trial, but I'd gladly face one." - Wilfred Burchett, The Age, February 20.

Whitewashing communist traitors has become a stock in trade for the press. It works hand in glove with the presentation of pro-communist propaganda under one or another guise. The process is not necessarily deliberate but results from breakdown and permeation by those who wish to use the public media as a means of obtaining a one-way presentation of "news".

During the Australia wide campaign to release conscientious objector John Zarb from prison last year, the height of the campaign coincided with the visit to Australia of the Rev. Richard Wurmbrandt. The left wing apparatus attracted to its demonstrations in favour of Zarb the usual motley crew of demonstrators, described as follows by Dr. Jim Cairns from the pulpit of Wesley Church, Melbourne last Sunday when in a fit of pique he accused Australians of being a nation of sheep in political or social questions. "Only a small minority of people had radical political ideas and only a few hundred had rejected conscription to take part in protests, demonstrations, meetings or marches."

At the same time as the pro Zarb demonstrations were receiving headline treatment for days on end, with similar accommodation from television and radio stations, the Rev. Wurmbrand was attracting thousands of "the sheep" Dr. Cairns criticises but apart from the odd radio or T.V. interview he hardly rated a line in the press, and certainly not headlines over a protracted period.
But conscientious objectors teach-ins; moratoriums etc get the full treatment.

Now another press bonanza for Wilfred Burchett who for years has been nothing but a well-paid Communist propagandist who would like to see his native land turned into a prototype of a new Communist satellite state. The situation is heightened by the weakness of our government and our Allies in having never declared war against North Vietnam, or against Red China during the Korean War. Had this been done the likes of Burchett could be dealt with openly and honestly. Instead the Government shulks in in silence, afraid to speak up until the safety of parliamentary privilege is assured. Members should be challenged to face the reality of their indecision in the past and the presentation of another propaganda bonanza in the present.


Our New Zealand readers will be pleased to know that the first formal steps have been taken to establish a League of Rights in New Zealand. In recent years increasing numbers of New Zealanders have become interested in The Australian League of Rights, subscribing to League journals and obtaining League literature, while Mr. Eric Butler has been welcomed as a lecturer by a number of groups. The concept of a New Zealand League of Rights, patterned on The Australian League of Rights, has been mooted for several years. Now it has been formally adopted.

Following an address on the League concept by Mr. Eric Butler in the beautiful historical grounds of The Elms, Tauranga, on Saturday afternoon, February 21, Mr. Sidney Wood announced that a small ad hoc committee the New Zealand League of Rights had been established, and that a number of people throughout New Zealand had already indicated their support, The first committee is taking immediate vigorous steps to promote the League nationwide. Readers wishing to support the New Zealand League of Rights are invited to write to The Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Sidney Wood, Omokaroa, R.D.2 Tauranga, sending $1.00. They will then be placed on the League's mailing list. Donations to help develop the League will be welcomed.

The formal establishment of The League of Rights in New Zealand completes the chain of League development throughout the old British Crown Commonwealth: Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.


"The day is coming according to a population expert when married couples will be issued with a licence to have no more than two children." - The Australian, February 17.

Australia is being plagued by purveyors of a combination of permissive morality, social decadence and socialist planners. A few weeks ago it was Robert Chetwyn from England pleading for more lewdness on the stage. We currently have the sex play, Oh Calcutta! of which Mr. Justice Little in the Supreme Court said, "One word describes it - filth." Now we are being subjected to the advice of one, Dr. D. Wolfers, also from England (what a cross England is forced to bear these days) who puts himself up as an expert on birth control and the population explosion. The premise from which he arrives at his conclusion are those of a completely integrated socialist who worships the State as the beginning and end of all activity, and therefore the final arbitrator over that most precious gift of all the right to live.

The voices of such men are now being heard at the highest circles as news from the U.S. indicates. Dr. Wolfers reasons, the State is increasingly accepting the burden of educating children and helping to raise them. The time will come when the State must decide how many people it can afford to educate."

For those who object Dr. Wolfers proposes, compulsory abortion, prison and a heavy fine. He was joined by his wife who recommended that "guilty" parents who had more than two children should be punished by being forced to "pay for the education and entire up bringing of any additional children." There speaks the voice of the fully conditioned suppliant of the totalitarian philosophy. Mrs. Wolfers cannot conceive that most parents would love to bear the full responsibility of bringing up and paying the education of all their children, if they were not hindered in doing so by the rapacious State destroying their independence through taxation, financial policies of inflation, and other sophisticated means of robbery.

Let us put the record straight for the benefit of the Wolfers combination. The words of U.S. Congressman Richard H. Poff in Human Events November 2, 1962 are sufficient. "The difference between a free nation and a slave nation can be simply stated. In a free nation, the people accept the responsibility for their own welfare; while in a slave nation that responsibility is turned over to the government. Or to put it another way, meaning the same thing, in a free nation the state gets its rights from the people; while in a slave nation, the people get their rights, if any, from the State."

The sickness that Dr. Wolfers and his wife suffer from is the lack of spiritual hormones. Man is just a lump of flesh under their philosophy. It interests us that most of the abortionists draw their support from the humanist, socialist, materialists in our midst.


"The Vice-President (Mr. Agnew) struck hard at critics among street demonstrators and the new media last night and vowed to keep speaking out strongly on issues confronting the country. - The Age, February 23.

Mr. Agnew has a gift for rhetoric and the phrase, which stings the self-righteous hypocrisy of the left wing moralists. He is handing out medicine, which for so long has been the prerogative of the left. Referring to the shambles the left wing made of the conspiracy trial in Chicago when not only the defendants but also the defending counsel made a mockery and contempt of the court Mr. Agnew said, "the implications vilifications and obscenities (in the trial) the posturing and the spectacular dramatics, the irrelevant political mouthing only delayed but did not deter the administration of justice."

Mr., Agnew praised the jury which "saw the defendants for the anarchists and social misfits they really are." He blasted what he termed the "liberal news media" and charged that those in the news business "spew out nothing but drivel." (We would agree in at least 95 per cent of content.) Mr. Agnew continued, "The Liberal news media have been calling on me to lower my voice, " I would like to do this but I will not make a unilateral withdrawal and therefore violate the confidence of the silent majority. "To penetrate that drivel disseminated by the liberal news media we need a cry of alarm. "When dissidents stop pledging allegiance to Ho Chi Minh and Mao Tse -tung, I will lower my voice." Mr. Agnew said that law abiding Americans "need a strong voice to penetrate the cacophonous drivel of seditions eminating from the best publicised clowns in our society and from their fans in the Fourth estate." Mr. Agnew used an earthy analogy to re-define freedom, which no doubt was not lost on the protestors in the street and their apostles of violence. "My freedom stops where your nose begins." Judging by what the left wing is promoting through their "democracy in the streets, "their freedom begins where their opponents nose ends.


"The United States declared the formal end of the Cold War, announced that co-existence with the Communist world was a keystone of U.S. foreign policy." - The Herald, Melbourne, February 19.

The writer of the above was Peter Costigan who has a penchant for reporting matters favourable to the liberal - socialist viewpoint. His report could hardly constrain the exaltation at what was described as "historic." "… the man who would have bombed the Viet Minh and most of North Vietnam to bits to save France its Indo-China colonies… the man who was almost hysterical in telling Khruschev of the evil and impossibility of Communism."
"In his historic 40,000 words... President Nixon declared the post war era in international relations had ended, and a new era and a new American view of the world had begun."

We have news for Mr. Costigan. Unless Mr. Nixon is playing some deep and deadly game of dialectics in reverse to mislead the Communists, he has only confirmed the policy which successive American administrations have been pursuing, guided and dominated by a consortium of liberals and socialists working hand in hand with members of the Council of Foreign Relations. This is no new departure Mr. Nixon has taken. What it is is a brazen betrayal of the millions of Americans who elected him in the belief that he would reverse the policies of betrayal which had been destroying them. The best that can be said for Mr. Nixon is that he is a complete captive himself, and he has found that the seat of power already occupied by superior forces to him.


The announcement of the formal establishment of the New Zealand League of Rights reveals another step forward in the battle for civilisation. Much must be initiated in the belief that we will never be neglected by our supporters in ensuring the continuity of our work. Help us to maintain that progress by sending your donation in to help swell the League's appeal for $25,000.


"The former Federal Minister for the Navy, Mr.C.R.Kelly, said yesterday that the Government subsidy results for recent dairy produce had been disastrous. The Age, Feb. 18.

Mr. Kelly is right to point out the disastrous results of the application of the subsidy technique to reduce production costs. Undoubtedly what has happened in dairying has been tremendous over production without any attempt to relate production to consumption. Had the subsidies paid out in the past been applied to the price of butter, reducing the cost to the consumer, and then returning to the producer the amount of the subsidy on the basis of butter consumed, a realistic measurement of production and consumption would result.

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