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Edmund Burke
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On Target

6 March 1970. Thought for the Week: "Each political party, when in opposition demands an almost complete reversal of the policies of its opponent. However, when they are in power, the actual conduct of one party resembles that of the other, to a degree, which would be amusing - if it were not alarming."
Dr. Colin Clark. Formerly economic adviser to the Queensland Government and the Director of Agricultural Economics at Oxford University. Now Fellow of the faculty of economics at Monash University.


"We believe there are great benefits in uniformity of income taxation throughout Australia. We think it would be wrong to return to the situation of about 30 years ago when income tax rates varied considerably from State to State." -Mr. Gorton, speaking to the Premiers at Canberra, February 26.

When six Premiers belonging to the same parties as the Federal coalition Government meet, there should be some uniformity of thinking on fundamental matters, especially those relating to political philosophy and the means by which it is worked out in financial policy. However, the opposite was the case at Canberra last week. The Federal leaders took up the cudgels of their official opposition, the Fabian Socialists, while the Premiers fought a rear guard action to restore the platform to which the Liberal and Country Party give lip service

The Federal representatives, Mr. Gorton and Mr. Bury bought up the Premiers and the plank of Federalism very cheaply, a few million dollars, in exchange for the birthright of the Australian people. Sir Henry Bolte the only Premier to offer any resistance, and whose rearguard action was defeated by a cheap political trick of passing vital motions in his absence, clearly espoused the true position when he said; "One would gather the impression that everything is going to be solved as long as some cash is found, I want to make it abundantly clear that is not so. There is more involved than just the money."

What is involved is whether the Australian people will have more control over their own destiny through the control of autonomous governments, which are decentralised, and in intimate contact with their problems. Or whether they will be forced into acceptance of a centrally controlled bureaucratic state. Mr. Gorton has opted for the latter. It is up to concerned people to challenge him.

State parliamentarians must be encouraged to lead an opposition as virulent as any which would oppose the Labour Party on such straight forward issues such as nationalisation of industry and commerce. Senators should stand up and be counted on this issue and use the Senate as a house to protect the States from this cheap takeover bid. Mr. Gorton must be shown that the battle is far from won by himself and his fellow socialists it is just beginning.


"At the moment we are almost a Communist State - it sounds incredible, doesn't it? - I deplore it." - Mr. John McLeay M.P., speaking on Rhodesian television.

Mr. McLeay must be congratulated on his refreshing honesty. Many of his fellow Liberals are running for cover and have almost joined Dr. Cairns who was immediately called upon by the press to answer Mr. McLeay. Justifying his statement Mr. McLeay pointed to the infiltration of Trade Unions, the Church, Universities and the Press. All of which is obvious enough, and worries most Australians, especially those supporters of the Government who see their leadership back peddling all the time in the face of the Communist advance. However the manifestations Mr. McLeay points to are the result of policies of weakness by the Government, not that they have not the power to deal with Communist subversion. The real power they hold is in the political and economic fields.

The Government has compromised with Communist policy on Vietnam and made a rod for their own back. Their basic economic policies are inflationary and provide a fertile field for Communist Agitation and the moralising of pink parsons who can justifiably point to the problems of the less able and the less fortunate. Their policies of taxation and control of the individual's purchasing power are giving increased control to the central bureaucracy heavily infected with socialists who promote their ideas through education services, health services, and other social services. Credit control is now such that the businessman cannot operate without looking at government policy controlled by socialist bureaucrats. All the manifestations are as Mr. McLeay has indicated, "... we are almost a Communist State and after 20 years of Liberal - Country Party Government.

The time for a house cleaning and reversal of policies is overdue. It is to be hoped that Mr. McLeay's honest bluntness will lead to the necessary changes, which will cut the ground from under the feet of the Communist and their assorted dupes in the socialist environment. Australians also would like to breathe the pure air of freedom, which the Rhodesians enjoy.


"Mr. Eric Butler reports from New Zealand.

At my public meeting in Auckland I was able to experience at first hand the tactics of different sections of the revolutionary movement in New Zealand. The most vociferous were members of the Progressive Youth Movement, an organisation that holds up Mao Tse-tung as one of its heroes. The pro-Chinese Communist Party of New Zealand, under the leadership of V.G. Wilcox a revolutionary who has received first-hand training in Red China, favours a much more militant approach than does the pro-Soviet New Zealand Socialist Unity Party. But all revolutionary factions are united at present in attempting to have this year's All Black Rugby tour of South Africa cancelled.

The Citizens' Association for Racial Equality (CARE) is the major front organisation being used. This organisation, which has been successful in duping a number of the clergy, played a major role in sponsoring the recent tour of Miss Judith Todd. Incidentally, the last report I have on Miss Todd is that she is still in Australia, living quietly in Sydney. It is reported that Miss Todd's father Mr. Garfield Todd, former Rhodesian Prime Minister (deposed by his own colleagues) will be visiting New Zealand, and Australia shortly. No doubt he will also be developing the theme that civilised people like the New Zealanders and Australians should not play games with the "Fascist beasts" in South Africa and Rhodesia. Needless to say, no campaigns are being mounted to cut all relations with the Communist countries!

It is estimated that from 800 to 1000 New Zealanders could be visiting South African and Rhodesia at the time of the All Black Rugby tour. The South African Government has made it clear that New Zealanders of Maori descent will not be discriminated against in any way. As I observed at the Auckland meeting, the opponents of the rugby tour must be frightened that if large numbers of New Zealanders visit South Africa and Rhodesia, they will come back with a much more truthful picture than the one generally presented through the mass-media. Thus the frantic efforts to stop the tour. It is anticipated that the campaigning against the tour will be intensified as the South African cricket tour of England gets under way.

So far the Holyoake Nationalist Government has refused to heed the opponents of the All Black Rugby tour of South Africa. It has more pressing problems. Three months ago the Nationalists were returned to office in the face of a strong Labor challenge, with a majority of six. But the shock by-election result on February 21, when the Government lost what should have been a safe electorate, demonstrated that a general election today would almost certainly see the Government swept from office. Which once again raises the question of how democratic government can be made to work effectively. Modern governments claim that once they have managed, irrespective of how, a majority of votes on a certain day - election day - they are then entitled to do what they like, even if a few weeks after the election it is clear that a majority oppose their legislation.

Two factors are obviously concerning the New Zealand electors. First is the increasing inflation, which is now starting to have a serious impact upon the New Zealand farmers. This question is going to become progressively more acute. The Nationalists have no suggestions for dealing with the problem. And cynical commentators observe that they do not think that visiting officials from the World Bank (the brain child of top Communist agent Harry Dexter White) will be able to assist!

The second issue of intense national interest is the proposal to raise the level of the magnificently beautiful Lake Manapouri for hydroelectric power. There has been widespread national opposition to what has been described as a proposed act of national vandalism. Conservationists and others have stressed that other sources of power are available without ruining a unique national asset.

The essence of democracy is negative, the right to say "No." New Zealand electors have most decidedly said "No" to Mr. Holyoake. His majority is now only four. The situation is favourable for effective action by League of Rights actionists!


"Plans to unite the Moslem communities of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji will be proposed at the annual conference of the Australian Federation of Islamic Societies, in Brisbane in April." - The Australian, February 18.

Last year saw a big influx of Turkish migrants of the Islamic faith migrate to Australia. Problems of settlement due to language and other physical problems have been encountered. But further difficulties are evident which arise from customs of worship and the integration of the practices of Moslems, which integrate daily living with the practice of their faith.

It is evident that pressure is now to be applied to the Government for special concessions and for departures from the normally accepted restraints placed upon Australians. The question of special schools, special courts, separate holidays from constituted Australian holidays, and special times for worship during the normal working week. It is evident that additional strains must be thrown upon the Australian community and the body politic.

Knowing the propensity of the left wing for taking up the "causes" of splinter groups, there is a great danger that the Moslem minority will be exploited for the purpose of creating increased friction. The spokesman for the Australian Federation of Islamic Societies appears to be the general secretary of the Australian Federation of Moslem Students' Associations Mr. C.L.M. Wilmot who gave an indication of the antagonism prevalent amongst Moslems to the laws of this country. He said, "The common law of England is based on Christian principles. Our laws are rather different."
He went on to accuse Australians of having prejudice against Moslems, not recognising that inevitably where there is a settlement of an alien group in a homogeneous population friction develops. The Government is ultimately responsible for a policy, which is destructive to all concerned.


The total of the League's $25, 000 appeal now stands at $13, 926.69. A total of $601.70 has been subscribed since our last announcement a fortnight ago. We now enter into probably the most intensive campaign of our domestic political life in Australia. To halt the march of centralist power, and to challenge policies of inflation and rising costs. We are proceeding in faith that the necessary ammunition will be subscribed to fight this battle. Have you passed your share of the ammunition yet? "Faith without works is dead."


"Mr. Phuong said that it was no surprise that the original decision to promote Moratorium Day all over the world had been taken in East Berlin last year by the Congress of Communist Youth." - David and Goliath, Newsletter for Young Australians for Freedom, February.

Additional to our report last week it is interesting to note that once again Dr. Cairns has leaped to spearhead a movement which was the result of a direct injunction of the Communist conspiracy.

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