Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

22 January 1971. Thought for the Week: "I think one needs to be ruder and more direct to the people in political authority."
The Duke of Edinburgh.


"Canberra - Australia may soon face a mini-Budget, higher taxes and interest rates, and tougher credit restrictions. The Federal Treasury is likely to make these recommendations to the Prime Minister, Mr. Gorton…Treasury officials are believed to favour increases in income tax, and excise duty on beer, wines, spirits and cigarettes. Officials say the wage boost handed down by the Arbitration Commission has led to inflationary pressures." -The Herald, (Melbourne) January 18th.

Mankind enters a New Year beset by an expanding number of problems. But at the heart of many of these problems is man's attempt to operate a finance-economic system which is blatantly being used to pursue policies which are increasingly destructive to the traditional social order, and which if persisted with must result in major convulsions, both national and international. This is not a matter of opinion warped by gloomy pessimism; it is question of fact, which can be readily demonstrated by both arithmetic and a little commonsense.

There can be no argument that those imposing policy through the finance-economic system do so basically in accordance with the teachings of the Fabian Socialist John Maynard Keynes, the man who allegedly introduced "science" into economics, "The evil that men do lives after them," certainly applies to Keynes.

Let us consider the following significant report from Roy Macartney in The Age, (Melbourne) January 19th. "The 'expansionary' 1972 Budget which Mr. Nixon will send Congress later this month is expected to produce expenditure of about $225 billion, and forecast revenue of $15 billion less. This is the Keynesian deficit budget of which the President spoke recently to television viewers. His administration is trying to get the economy moving again by fiscal pump priming and by relaxing restraints. One year ago Mr. Nixon declared in his State of the Union message: 'We must balance our federal Budget so that American families will have a better chance to balance their family budgets.' The President has undergone a remarkable turnabout in 12 months, from the laissez faire Republican President reposing his faith in the free, untouched market, to the interventionist Keynesian he says he is today. "

All that the Nixon Administration's credit restrictions did was to slow down the rate of inflation not remove the cause. The result is that growing unemployment and other effects of the restrictive policy were so politically disastrous that this policy is now replaced with one of increased credit expansion. It is estimated that the Federal Reserve Board will have to expand the money supply by up to nine per cent per year to serve the proposed expansion policy. But it is also admitted that at best inflation will be 4 per cent.

The Marxists are well aware of the deadly eroding effects of progressive inflation on the free enterprise system and the institutions of the Free Society. Attempts to "control" inflation by restrictive financial policies, similar to those now being urged by the Canberra Treasury "experts", are also destructive of the foundations of the Free Society. But irrespective of whether an expansionist or restrictive credit policy is pursued, complete collapse can only be averted by a progressive expansion of debt. Debt is being generated at a much faster rate than it can be met. Anyone doubting this basic fact should consult the official figures and he will discover that the total amount of all kinds of money in the hands of the Australian people is at present approximately $13,000 million, but that their total debts (public and private) are now approximately $40,000 million.
A programme of ever-increasing indebtedness automatically means that taxes and rate must be also increased merely for the purpose of servicing debt.

Persistence with Keynesian financial policies makes it inevitable that economic and political centralisation is intensified. The Marxist "reconstruction plan for the rural industries solves no basic problems for the primary producers; in essence it proposes progressive elimination of "uneconomic" units and an increasing debt burden on those amalgamated into bigger units. While increasing debt, increasing taxation and increasing inflation continue, it is elementary that there is no end - except collectivism and eventual collapse - to the centralising process, as admitted in a recent letter by Sir William Gunn.
After stating that inflation will continue irrespective of the Government at Canberra he continues, "Therefore, units which are sound units today, will not be in 10 or 20 years' time and, therefore, we ought to have machinery which enables woolgowers to become bigger if they wish to do so.

At one time the States were comparatively sovereign units. Now Keynesian policies have resulted in a situation where the Victorian Premier, Sir Henry Bolte, correctly states that they are rushing towards bankruptcy. It is astonishing that any intelligent person looking at what is happening in every developed country can believe that present finance-economic policies can be continued for much longer without a major disaster.

The famous British historian, Sir Arthur Bryant has warned of the consequences of continuing with the present financial policy of expanding debt. He of course understands what happened to past Civilisations. The burden of debt and inflation was a basic cause of the rot which destroyed Rome. And as Sir Arthur knows full well, it is the same policies being used to attempt to convince the British people that they must join the Common Market - "Get bigger or get out - and accept conditions of which Sir Arthur comments, "Had he been victorious, Hitler himself could hardly have demanded more."

The only hope Australians and the peoples of the non-Communist world have of averting increasing convulsions and loss of freedom is to apply their common sense and will to challenging present subversive finance-economic policies. They must make it clear to their political representatives that they pay them to resist all policies of destruction and to insist on a reversal of policies, which past experience has demonstrated, must be increasingly disastrous. As the Duke of Edinburgh has suggested, it is time for a little more rugged approach to those elected to serve as the political representatives of the people. The situation is too serious for any further make believe.


The big battles of 1971 are already looming large. The victories of last year will have been in vain unless The League of Rights continues to move forward. It has no other source of finance except that provided by those who wish to resist the rising tide of totalitarianism both within and without. The League meets the Marxist challenge at all levels. But battles require ammunition. A handful of supporters have set a magnificent example. 380 have between them donated and/or pledged $15,215. $25,000 is required to meet the League's minimum requirements. 1000 supporters contributing an average of only $10 each will ensure that no battles are lost through lack of "financial ammunition." Send donations or pledges to Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne, 3001. Northern NSW and Queensland supporters should send to Box 17 Alderley. Queensland, 4051.


"The Minister for Immigration Mr. Lynch yesterday gave details of non-European migration to Australia to clear up 'misunderstandings' on Australia's revised immigration policy. Mr. Lynch's statement followed a telegram by the Premier of South Australia, Mr. Dunstan, last week to the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. In The telegram, Mr. Dunstan said Australia should admit people from any country in the world and end the White Australia policy." - The Australian, January 18th.

Premier Dunstan's telegram to the Prime Minister of Singapore on the eve of a Commonwealth Conference at which it was clear that racial issues were going to be warmly debated, was undoubtedly designed to embarrass Prime Minister Gorton and to assist all those attacking Australia's immigration policy. It has been described as a neurotic act. It might also be described as a treacherous act. Veteran ALP Federal Member, Mr. Fred Daly, made it clear that Mr. Dunstan was violating Labor Party policy on immigration.

Mr. Lynch's "clarification" of his Government's policy was far from completely satisfactory. As he admits, the number of non-Europeans entering Australia is increasing. If the rate of increase continues Australia will have within the next ten years a large minority of non-Europeans. As the minority grows, so will the pressure to open the door wider. Prime Minister Gorton's defence in Singapore of Australia's immigration policy also left much to be desired. On one hand he defended the present policy of maintaining a homogeneous people, but then went on to say that Australia would be a multiracial nation in the future. His suggestion that a multi-racial nation can be created given time is contradicted by thousands of years of history.

The use of the term "discrimination" as a political swear word is but one more example of current semantic sabotage, of wrenching words away from their original and true meaning. A person who discriminates was originally one who acted in a responsible and thoughtful manner, one to be admired. Every form of life discriminates in its own favour. What is required at present is some straight-from-the shoulder language concerning Australia's immigration policy. A refreshing example of this was provided last month by the former Australian Ambassador to Greece, Mr. H.B. Gullett, at one time Government Whip at Canberra. Addressing the Canberra Rotary Club on December 21, 1970 Mr. Gullett warned that, "We in Australia can be sure that we are shortly going to be under increasing pressure from do-gooders, from the churches, from Afro-Asians and, do not forget it, from everyone who wishes to see this country weak and divided."

Mr. Gullett joined the increasing ranks of those questioning even the present immigration policy, which was bringing to Australia a large number of "totally unskilled, semi-literate and defenceless people who were expected to fit into the community with no effort on Australia's part at all." Mr. Gillett said that outside critics of Australia's immigration policies should be told to mind their own business. He also rejected the argument that Australians should bring in Asians or others to do work which Australians were not prepared to do themselves. "If we want teachers, doctors for the outback street cleaners and so on we shall have to find them amongst our own ranks", he said. This point should be made to Mr. Lynch, who claims that he is allowing in non-Europeans with "special qualifications." Non -Europeans with special qualifications should surely be serving their own people in their own countries?


1971 starts with the International Marxist creasing their pressure against the non-Communist world. 1970 saw the Soviet increasing its strength and influence in the Middle East. But the Middle East news tended to obscure the two greatest achievements of 1970: The non-Aggression Agreement between Willy Brandt's West Germany and the Soviet Union, and the first Marxist Administration in South America, Chile under President Allende. Allende is already acting as anticipated by those who had studied his record. He has provided the Red Chinese with a diplomatic base from which to compete with the Soviet in South America.
The February issue of Intelligence Survey will deal in depth with the Marxist background of Willy Brandt, the man who has served Soviet strategy skillfully.

The Russo-German Agreement means that Bonn now recognises the Soviet's permanent domination of Eastern Europe. It was quickly followed up with massive German economic assistance to the Soviet Union. German Communists are now free once again to work openly. The stage has been set for the Soviet dream of harnessing German industrial efficiency in the interests of world domination. Where are those superficial commentators who claimed that the European Common Market would be major barrier to Soviet strategy!


On Target is a record of true history. League actionists may obtain valuable reference material from On Target. To assist readers to preserve and make effective use of their On Target, the following is now available: A complete index to On Target, 1970. (20 cents post-free) Cardboard folder with fastener and printed title, 1970 plus index (80 cents post-free.) Cardboard folder with fastener and printed title, 1971. (60 cents Post-free. Order from The Australian League of Rights, Book mailing Service, P.O. Box 16, Inglewood, 5052, Western Australia.
Print name and address in ordering. And please indicate whether both folders are required.


Political Democracy

Prince Philip's statement, quoted in "The Thought for the Week", concerning the necessity of a "ruder" and more "direct approach" to politicians, is one which indicates very clearly the necessity of electors establishing the correct relationship with Members of Parliament in a democracy. At the present time the politicians are being used as rubber stamps by those exercising power and making policy - the permanent "experts". In many cases the politicians are obviously overawed by the "experts", primarily because they do not grasp that their correct function is to act as an instrument for conveying policy - i.e. results desired - to the permanent Government officials, and insisting that the officials find the beset ways and means of implementing desired policies.

At a pre-Senate Election meeting at Walcha, N.S.W. (which will be reported on shortly at length as a guide for future similar meetings) Country Party Member Mr. Phil Lucock, said that he could not answer the questions in the Independent Rural Policy Statement. There are no "questions" in the Independent Rural Policy statement, only a list of policy requirements. But Mr. Lucock said "the questions had been put to the various departments and when they got the replies back he would take them further."
To date the "experts" in the departments have merely provided politicians with false reasons why, for example, inflation can only be "controlled" not eliminated.

The essence of the struggle taking place today is whether electors can make the necessary effort to develop machinery through which they can initiate policy and effectively control their paid political servants. Real democracy is impossible unless sufficient electors are prepared to make the effort to become involved, to grasp that they must give orders to their political and Governmental servants, instead of passively taking orders.

1 The League of Rights exists to help individuals to create a society in which they have both freedom and security. It provides that knowledge and "know-how" without which the individual feels powerless to do anything.
2 The VPA structure is designed to provide individuals with a form of association through which they can take meaningful action. This association provides a source of social power, which can be applied in numerous different ways. Individuals can make a start with letter writing.
3 They can move from this to campaigns such as the Independent Rural Policy campaign, which require a systematic approach to members of the community, inviting them to participate in another form of association.
4 Then there should be electors' meetings, not only prior to elections, when all candidates should be invited to attend to answer specific questions, but at intervals between elections.

Electors have got to use their will to make it clear to the politician that either he makes every effort to carry out the clearly-expressed policies of the electors, or he will be removed at the first opportunity. Democracy is a form of self-government for those who believe that they should have the freedom to make their own decisions. It requires sufficient men and women of faith and vigour to inspire their fellows to grasp that they can exercise effective control over their institutions - even if they have to be a little rugged and direct to achieve it. Remember; the alternative to genuine self-government is government by someone else.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159