Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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28 May 1971. Thought for the Week: "lf we insist on dealing with man as an abstraction, isolated from (the) natural order, the problems of birth, disease, ageing and death become morbid obsessions. If we view life as a whole, all these are endowed with meaning and purpose and the life of man and his instinctive actions become intelligible as being part of the behaviour of the Great Life itself".
Sir C. Stanton Hicks.


League of Rights National Director Mr. Eric Butler returned to Australia last week. At meetings in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne he has provided an overall picture of "The Struggle for the World". The following are his observations on the mounting international campaign against Southern Africa.

The day before I arrived in Rhodesia from the United Kingdom, a Portuguese ship was seized by terrorists off the coast of Southern Africa, in the Mozambique Straits. This significant event was ignored by the Australian mass media. South African security officials expressed the opinion that the event marked a new stage in the Communist-backed campaign against Southern Africa, as this was the first time action had been taken against shipping on the high seas.
There has been a lull in the terrorist campaign across the Zambesi, but this must be seen merely as a temporary situation.

Much more ominous is the increased terrorist pressure on the Portuguese territories the building of the Tanzam railway line by the Red Chinese, and the Red Chinese contribution towards a Tanzanian navy. The Red Chinese are using the building of the Tanzam railway to build up an increasing number of Red Chinese in Tanzania and Zambia and are undoubtedly looking forward to the time when they will run this railway. It is only necessary to study the plight of the Zambian railways to understand why the Red Chinese will want to run the railway system they are building known as the "crash-a-day system", the Zambian railways provide a tragic example of what "Africanisation" means in practice. Expensive diesel engines have been wrecked, some beyond repair.

The Sudanese administration of the Zambian railways was removed following his observation that if he sacked every incompetent African, there would be no Africans at all working on the Zambian railways. A Canadian team of railway experts was brought in late last year, but they are also finding it impossible to operate an efficient system when it is almost impossible to sack an African for incompetence. The incompetent employee simply appeals to his friends in President Kaunda's ruling party, and cries that he is being "discriminated" against. The Canadians are supposed to have the Zambian railway system operating under complete Zambian management at the end of five years. No realist believes that this is possible.

At about this time the Tanzam railway should be completed, so it is more likely that the Red Chinese will take over. In the meantime the Zambian economy continues to deteriorate, while the recent assaults on English girls recruited by the Zambian Government are indicative of the break down of law and order.

The South Africans continue to express growing concern about the evidence of increasing Soviet naval activity in the Indian Ocean. It was early in 1969 that a Soviet rocket cruiser and guided missile destroyer paid an official visit to Mauritius. This was followed in July 1969 by the visit to Zanzibar of the rocket ship, Uporny and the naval tanker Yogoriyk. The Soviet now has naval facilities on the island of Socotra, which forms part of the State of South Yemen. The Chinese had also attempted to gain a base here, but could not match the superior strength of the Russians, who are now reported to be in the process of also establishing an air base.

Reports are coming through of trouble in the Comoro Islands. The four islands in the group lie roughly between Madagascar and Portuguese Mozambique. Coinciding with the pattern of the Soviet and Red Chinese strategy against Southern Africa, is the intensification of the anti-South African propaganda campaign in Australia, the South African Prime Minister, Mr. John Vorster, has recently stated that at present there is more anti-South African propaganda in Australia than in any other country, This is undoubtedly true, and indicates that the Marxist strategists realise that Australia is of the greatest importance. It is also a tribute to the influence of the Australian League of Rights.

I was interested to learn that I had been viciously attacked by a "Melbourne correspondent" (identity not revealed) of the South African English press because of my support of a more realistic Australian attitude towards South Africa. This followed my appearance on two ABC TV programmes. Miss Judy Todd, at present back in Rhodesia, also attacked Mr. Ivor Benson following his tour of Australia under the auspices of The Australian League of Rights. The battle for Southern Africa is part of the battle for Australia. And all the signs indicate that the battle is going to become much fiercer.


Since our last report, two weeks ago, on the progress of the League of Rights annual financial appeal, there has been a big upsurge of support, a further $2,000 being contributed. $830.00 of this was provided by one dedicated South Australian supporter. Another South Australian supporter donated $350, a Melbourne supporter $115, a Victorian country supporter $70, a West Australian supporter $50 and an Adelaide supporter $50.

Two tremendous meetings, the best ever, to hear National Director Mr. Eric Butler in Perth and Adelaide last week, also responded magnificently to the appeal to ensure that the 1971 fund of $25,000 is filled by the end of June. The grand total is now $22,400. The balance of $2,600 can be easily provided if the large number has not yet responded match the dedication of those who have. Northern N. S. W. and Queensland, contributions to Box 17, Alderley, Queensland, 4051. All other donations to Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001.


Five Liberal and four Country Party senators voted with the DLP yesterday in a bid to end Federal probate duty. - The Sun, May 19.

The Labor Party joined with the Liberal Party, other than dissidents to defeat the bid to end probate duty. It is heartening that four Country Party and 5 Liberal Party senators joined together with the DLP to force the Liberal-Socialists to rely on the Labor-Socialists to maintain this viciously penalising tax. The way in which the Cabinet system buys the soul of those who acquire such "promotion" was indicative in the attitude of Country Party senator Drake-Brockman, Minister for Air, who refused to join his fellow C.P. senators in crossing the floor to vote against the Government. Mr. Drake-Brockman said that just because he voted against the amendment it did not mean he was in favour of probate. Action, not words is what counts, but Mr. Drake-Brockman, normally well thought of for his independent judgment, has only recently been elevated to the hallowed status of a junior member of Cabinet, which a politician joins on the implicit understanding that he never votes against the Government.
Conscience and principles come a very bad last where love for power and position is dominant.


"The Federal Government strongly favours restriction on wool production as a move to raise the price". - Laurie Oaks writing in The Sun, May 20.

Although Mr. Anthony's intention was clear enough argument has developed over his use of the words, "developing some kind of supply management techniques". The use of quota controls is a natural progression by the bureaucratic mind, and there is no doubt that Mr. Oaks interpreted correctly the intention of Mr. Anthony.

Victorian Country Party M.P. for Wimmera has clearly stated his attitude in reply to a question put to him by the Wimmera Mail-Times, "Grower wool quotas? Over my dead body. I won't have them at any price".
Obviously Mr. Anthony had not consulted the rank and file of his party before making remarks designed to bring about acceptance of wool quotas. Such licence by Cabinet members should equally apply to backbenchers, who should be equally free to express their minds and cross the floor to vote against legislation, which on many occasions is presented before the parliamentarians have had the chance to discuss the issues involved.
We trust Mr. King will be just as forthright in the event of any legislation threatening the independence of the producer.


A new League of Rights expansion step of great historical significance will take place in Melbourne on Saturday, September 18, when The Australian Heritage Society will be officially launched at the League's Annual National Seminar. The Seminar theme will be, "Preserving Australia's Heritage", and three outstanding Australians will deliver Papers. Sir C. Stanton Hicks of Adelaide will present a paper on Australia's ecological heritage, the Hon. George Reid, Victorian Attorney General, on Australia's constitutional heritage, and Sir Raphael Cilento on Australia's racial heritage.

Because of the attendance expected, and the necessity for adequate space for display purposes, the 1971 League Seminar will be held in the Younger Ross Hall, 110 Keppel Street, Carlton. The League of Rights will attempt to arrange private accommodation if required by country and interstate visitors wishing to attend the Seminar. Requests must be made well in advance.
The Annual "New Times" Dinner will be held on the Friday evening, September 17. Those eligible to attend and desirous of doing so, should make a booking as early as possible. The donation of $5 per person should be forwarded to Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne, 3001.


"The Federal budget in August will be a tough one. The Federal Treasurer (Mr. Sneddon) said this yesterday on his arrival at Adelaide airport. 'I don't give any indication of the degree of toughness' he said. 'But we are concerned at the economic situation. There is a very real inflationary pressure'." - The Age, May 25.

When a politician uses the word "tough" in that sense it simply means he intends to make another raid upon the fast dwindling reserves of the hapless taxpayer. No doubt of course with his concern about inflation and the incidence of too much money chasing too few goods Mr. Sneddon will strenuously reject any suggestion that politicians be granted a pay rise, agitation for which has been the subject of secret meetings with Mr. McMahon. Treasurers come and treasurers go, but Marxist policies of heavy and progressive income tax accompanied by rigid central banking policy control, multiplying general indebtedness, private and public goes on relentlessly. The Marxists declare it is all inevitable.
They are dead scared that one-day common sense will prevail and a government will annunciate the principle that to defeat inflation it is first necessary to reduce financial costs.

While there is genuine free enterprise financial costs will remain at their lowest, unless other factors operate. Marxist economists make sure these other factors do operate. Debt on an increasing scale, rising taxation and a deficiency of real purchasing power brought about by deliberately inflating the cost structure, which controls the price level. Obviously neither Mr. Sneddon or his advisors have faced this question realistically because in the face of doing what has been done a thousand times before, and has failed a thousand times, they now propose to make the same mistakes all over again.

We can predict with certainty the result. The increase in taxation or other forms of confiscation will lead to an increase in costs, which will force up prices. The pressure for increased wages will bring a fresh surge of inflation. The communists and the trade union militants will happily exploit the situation.

Only when there are sufficient men of integrity in parliament. Man who are free, not bought by a lucrative salary with perks that are prepared to say "no, it is madness and stupidity on a national scale; I cannot be associated with such lunacy". When such language is used to reject Mr. Sneddon and his treasury officials advice we may start to clarify the position.


"Moratorium campaign chairman Dr. Jim Cairns, flew back after 17 days overseas and said: 'There will be some mass action of civil disobedience'." - The Age, May 25.

Having cleared his strategy and campaign orders, and with the aid of child delinquent specialist Dr. Spock, Dr. Cairns is hoping to revive his ailing programme of promoting the communist technique of war in the streets. As The Age remarked editorially recently, he is in danger of becoming a bore.

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