Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

29 January 1971. Thought for the Week: "The height of madness is reached when a man gives his assent to false images, and makes those that are true to be false."


"Canberra - The Prime Minister, Mr. Gorton, last night forecast a multi-racial society in Australia through maintaining the present policy. However, he said he wanted to see Australia remaining 'overwhelmingly homogeneous' as it was the only way to avoid racial tension. 'I believe in the present application of our immigration policy, but under it people of other races can come in and be assimilated', he said on ABC television." - The Sun, (Melbourne) January 26th.

Those who viewed critically Prime Minister Gorton being interviewed by ABC's Robert Moore can readily understand why the public rating of the Prime Minister is so low. He not only "waffled" on vital issues, but also on Australia's immigration policy he indulged in what can only be described as double talk.
We were no great admirers of Sir Paul Hasluck when he was Minister for External Affairs, but his Australia Day message was extremely well done. He spoke directly and everyone could understand clearly what he was saying. But what was Mr. Gorton saying on Australia's immigration policy?

The Sydney political commentator, Mr. Alan Reid, whose comments are usually objective and balance, has observed that a close study of Mr. Gorton's speeches over the years reveals that in many cases Mr. Gorton is all things to all men. Those who support the strict observance of Australia's present immigration policy can find comfort in Mr. Gorton's claim that he wants to ensure that Australia remains a homogeneous nation, and that he does not want to import race tensions. But what does Mr. Gorton really mean by talking in one breath about creating a multi-racial society in Australia - as an "ideal" - and in the next about maintaining a homogeneous nation?

A study of the transcript of the ABC interview is essential to read the Prime Minister's thinking. We quote:
"Question: What did you mean by multi-racial then, a multi-racial society?
Prime Minister: I meant a society in which there are people with colored skins, of different racial extraction, such as in fact we have in Australia at the moment. We have Australians, we have Aboriginals, we have Australians of Chinese extraction, of Japanese extraction, of a variety of races. You see, Singapore - I was speaking in Singapore and speaking to the Singapore Alumi people - Singapore says, 'We are a multi-racial society', and so they are. They are Chinese, Malays, Indians, Europeans, Eurasians, but they are also a homogeneous society. I don't know the percentage, but I would think that 90 per cent at least are Chinese."

Mr. Gorton knows that the percentage of Australians of Chinese extraction, most of whom whose history goes back to the pioneering days, is minute. The number of people of Japanese extraction is too small to be worth even discussing. But perhaps Mr. Gorton intends to increase that number? There is no question whatever that under the Gorton Government the numbers of non-Europeans entering Australia are increasing. Does Mr. Gorton propose to continue increasing the rate of entry to the point where 10 per cent of the Australian community is non-Europeans?

In his ABC interview he quoted what he had said in Singapore: "I think if we build up gradually inside Australia a proportion of people without white skins, then there will be a complete lack of consciousness that it is being built up." He then commented in his interview, "we will have a multi-racial country without racial tensions - and perhaps, the first in the world." Unless words have completely lost their meaning, the Prime Minister's concept of "maintaining" the present immigration policy means bringing into Australia an increasing number of non-European. This policy must be strongly challenged before the situation gets out of hand. Mr. Gorton must be divorced from reality if he believes that there can be a build up of non-Europeans in Australia with "a complete lack of consciousness." Already the growing trickle of non-Europeans is producing strong reactions. As our many European friends of non-British background will testify, even they and their families have problems of adjusting to a new social environment.

Has Mr. Gorton studied the reports from welfare workers on the problems concerning the integration of Turkish migrants into the Australian community? Typical of Mr. Gorton's style of double-talk, was the use of his Singapore address to attack the Governments of Queensland and Western Australia for alleged "discrimination" against Aboriginals. Mr. Gorton does himself no credit, and seriously reflects upon his own nation when he obviously seeks to curry some type of favour with Asians by publicly attacking two Australian States from a platform in Singapore. Spokesman for both the Queensland and Western Australian Governments have replied very appropriately to Mr. Gorton, drawing attention to irrefutable facts, which one would hope the Prime Minister knew about. Whatever the truth, the Singapore performance was inexcusable and the Prime Minister should be censured for his action. His whole concept of creating a multiracial society must be rejected in the strongest possible manner by the Australian people.


"Like a malignant cancer that strikes at a healthy man, inflation is eating at the heart of Australian prosperity. It is a disease that feeds on itself - in the process it can leave great hardship." - The Sun, (Melbourne) January 27th, in a feature article.

There may be some argument about what causes cancer, and whether a really healthy man does contract this disease. But there is no argument about what causes inflation. The basic cause has been exposed for over 50 years, but every effort has been made to suppress it, and to foster the view that "controlled inflation" is the "price" which must be paid for economic development. The Fabian Socialist theoreticians understand this clearly, and one of these, John Strachey, blatantly observed that inflation is the most certain method of destroying the free enterprise system and forcing far reaching, "reconstruction" plans for the free society. Much as some of his devotees may care to deny it, the late John Keynes must take much of the blame for the type of policies all Governments are pursuing with such disastrous results.

The panic action by the Federal Government either indicates how little it understands the policies producing inflation, including the 1970 Budget, or that it is only concerned about the possible political repercussions. As we go to press the Cabinet is still meeting, and there is speculation concerning the question of whether the Government will decide to bring down a "mini-Budget", the main feature of which would be increased taxation, or decide upon yet one more "credit squeeze".

It is almost certain, of course, that some immediate relief will have to be given to the pensioners. But while present finance-economic policies are pursued, eliminating inflation is impossible. The government itself does not believe that inflation can be eliminated. It has become completely subservient to the over-paid power-lusting and Socialist permanent officials. Anyone who doubts what we have observed should ask his Federal Member of Parliament, if a member of the Government parties, does he believe it possible to operate a free enterprise system without inflation. Ask for a definite answer.

Twenty-one years of progressive inflation have taken place under a Coalition Government elected on a firm pledge that it would eliminate inflation. If the present "advisers" have produced this result with their policies of heavy taxation, high interest charges and "credit squeezes", is there any evidence that they are now going to do any better. None whatever - unless electors take the advice of the Duke of Edinburgh, who urges electors to speak more rudely and directly to their political representatives.

Following the Arbitration Commissions decision late last year to increase wages by 6 per cent. Socialist Dr. Jim Cairns came out once again with his concept of a national authority to control both wages and prices. Dr. Cairns said, "We ought to have a Ministry for National Planning and we ought to have a Planning Commission, one part of which would have to deal with wages and prices."

The history of the past twenty-two years have demonstrated that every new crises in the finance-economic system is used to further centralised control, which is the essence of Socialism, even if the label is not used. Unless the Gorton Government comes to grips with the realities of the inflation problem, and instructs the permanent officials either to implement policies which will at least stabilise prices, without wrecking the economy, or to get out and make way for those who will, the political backlash could result in the election of a declared Socialist Government.


"A major propaganda campaign to swing public opinion behind Britain's attempt to enter the European Common Market opened yesterday in direct challenge to strongly-entrenched opposition. The effort by distinguished pro-Europeans signals the beginning of a crucial national debate. Public reaction may well determine the success or failure of what many believe to be the most important issues now facing Britain." - The Australian, January 27th.

Big finance is being used in a desperate effort to swing British public support in favour of a policy of national suicide. From the beginning of the Common Market project, the great majority of the British people have instinctively rejected the concept. As more understanding developed about what was really involved, the destruction of British agriculture, a much higher cost of living, and progressive loss of sovereignty to a group of super-bureaucrats in Brussels, opposition to the Common Market has strengthened to the point where all opinion polls are agreed that the overwhelming majority of the British people are against joining the Common Market.
Even Prime Minister Heath, a dedicated Marketeer from way back; has had to admit that it would be difficult for Britain to join the Common Market in face of deep British opposition.

While there are those in the United Kingdom who support British entry primarily because they feel that they will benefit materially, the powerful drive to force Britain into the Common Market is promoted and backed by powerful international forces including International Finance. The influential German-Jewish International Financier, Sigmund Warburg, has provided financial and other support for the campaign in Britain.
The destruction of the United Kingdom as a sovereign nation would be the deathblow to any prospect of maintaining any meaningful links between members of the British Crown Commonwealth.

The destruction of the British world has long been a major objective of those seeking world domination. Lenin was one of those who saw that world domination was impossible until the British Commonwealth had been destroyed. There are some observers who believe that Prime Minister Heath is a much more devious politician than is generally realised, that his approach on the South African arms issue was dictated, at least in part, by no great concern if the British Commonwealth further disintegrated. This would merely help him in his drive to take Britain into the Common Market. The recent dramatic evidence of opposition inside the Labor Party is a reflection of the British grass-roots revolt against the Common Market. Mr. Heath not only has the change of Labor Party policy to contend with; there is the formidable Enoch Powell who in the recent debate on the Common Market in the House of Commons, said that the British people were against entry due to a "deep and wise instinct against becoming a minority part of the electorate of a political entity embracing virtually the whole of the continent of Western Europe."

As "negotiations" approach an end, the hour of decision is near. It is this situation that the forces of the anti-British marketeers are being thrown into the battle in a desperate effort to stampede the British people. If the British people can win the Second Battle for Britain, the general situation will be much brighter. We are pleased to report that The British League of Rights, under the direction of Mr. Don Martin, is playing an increasingly important role in this Second Battle for Britain.


"A group of New England men are planning to put up an independent candidate in the Armidale electorate at the State election on February 13. The group consists almost entirely of men on the land, both landholders and employed men. Under existing policies of the State and Federal Governments, they declare, their circumstances have gone from bad to worse. 'We see no hope in the policies of the present coalition governments and none in the alternatives of A.L.P. governments' one of their spokesmen, Mr. W. J. Mc Carthy at Dangorsleigh said today". - The Armidale Express, (N.S.W.) January 18th.

This revolt in one of the most conservative areas in Australia indicates the growing groundswell of revolt against the Liberal-Country Party coalition. Federal Country Party Members would do well to heed the warning.


This is filling far too slowly. And the battle is growing warmer. Can we hear from YOU immediately? Thank you.
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