Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

11 June 1971. Thought for the Week: "I promise you that when we will throw the last shovelful of dirt on the grave of capitalism, we will do it with China".
Nikita Khrushchev, to Communist China's Ambassador to Russia, 1963.


"There is no longer room to doubt that the United States is entering a new and diminishing phase, both in its own national history and in its influence in world affairs". C.L.Sulzberger, New York Times commentator, in The Age, Melbourne, June 8th.

The social and moral rot within the United States has been described in detail over many years in these pages. C.L. Sulzberger doesn't tell us anything which we didn't know already; he merely gives more confirmation that the whole erosion of the American political and social fabric, brought about by such forces as highly organized subversion, crises and tensions attributable to economic factors, the highly organized drug attack on American (and our) society, is bringing about the DEATH OF A NATION; which phrase John A. Stormer took for the title of his second book.

Those who have not already read the famous NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON by John A. Stormer, the carefully documented narrative of America's retreat from victory, and greatness, should do so as a matter of urgency. The price is 75c. and it is available from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne. Including Postage is 93c.


"The influential Institute of Applied Economic Research has called for the Treasurer (Mr. Snedden) to bring down a 'mildly expansionary' Budget in August". - The Age, June 8th.

The Institute is based at Melbourne University. It wants the next Budget to be 'mildly expansionary' because it says the incomes of the people in general are suffering from inflation. We don't have to be convinced about that. It says that this would enable people to buy more clothing and foodstuffs. If people haven't enough money to buy sufficient clothing and foodstuffs then they are bordering on the poverty line.

Readers will recall that we quoted a statement by Professor B. Dunphy, in last week's On Target. Professor Dunphy is Professor of Business Administration, and Head of the Department of Behavioural Sciences, at the University of N.S. W. and he said that there is poverty now in Australia, which is causing concern. We know that this is right.

The Sneddens, McMahons, and Bury's tell us that we have TOO MUCH MONEY: there is too much money chasing too few goods; and that this is causing 'demand inflationary pressures'. The existence of the hire-purchase debt alone (every man, woman, and child in Australia owes the hire-purchase companies approx. $300-00) is irrefutable evidence that there is a SHORTAGE of money in the community, and this is recognized by the Melbourne University-based Economic Research Institute.

Our Treasurer, Mr. Snedden, has warned that the Budget will be 'tough'; that means we shall pay more in taxes, direct and/or indirect. We have always known that there is a desperate shortage of purchasing power in the community, which is overcome only by the individual shackling himself with onerous debt, but now, even a strictly orthodox economic body is raising the alarm. This Institute also said that the major problem now emerging in the economy is cost inflation. We have been saying that for over twenty years. We say further that cost inflation will destroy the Western economic structures if radical re-adjustments are not made in the whole accepted fabric of Western finance-economics. And it won't take all that long.


With a magnificent contribution of $2,000-00 last week from a dedicated Melbourne supporter, the League of Rights 1971 Fund has surged past its objective of $25,000. The total as of the time of going to press is $25,668! The surplus will be allocated towards the 1972 League of Rights Expansion Fund. Those who have not yet made their donation to the League of Rights 1971 Fund may still send in their contributions, which will be set against the 1972 Fund.


"The Queensland Postal Telecommunications Technicians' Association last night rejected a move to boycott work on broadcasts of Rugby and cricket tours by South African teams". The Australian, June 8th.

There is strong evidence that the anti-South African campaign is being mounted with more ferocity in Australia than any other country. We use the term 'anti-South African' advisedly, because that is what it is. The sport angle is only incidental to the main issue. There is more than ample evidence that the whole campaign is being master-minded by International Communism; the spearhead is the revolutionary student movement, aided and abetted by the Left-wing of the A. L.P., and the liberals in the Churches, and others.
'Apartheid' is the catch-cry. The newfound 'conscience' of certain trade union leaders, such as, Mr. Bob Hawke and Mr. George Slater, is not troubled by racial atrocities in East Pakistan, Biafra, Ceylon, Tibet to name only a few regions of the world, where there has been genocide.

A persistent problem, which confronts the South African Government, is to keep waves of Bantu from illegally entering the country; not from leaving, as in Eastern Europe, and Red China. Apartheid means 'separate development' and that is what it is. Those who have BEEN to South Africa will agree that it is working, and that no other policy COULD work at the present time. But this is all shilly-shallying - South Africa ITSELF is the target; not the lads who'll come to Australia to represent their country in Rugby and cricket. There is not the space to develop the issue here.

We advise all those who have not already studied the League brochure - "Australia's Front Line in Southern Africa" - to do so without delay. Price 16c. Post free, from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne.

As evidence that the Communists are throwing everything they've got into the anti-South African campaign comes the item of news that Mr. George Slater, Federal Secretary of the Amalgamated Postal Workers, proposes that his union ban all mail to and from South Africa during the South African sporting tours. This is, of course an 'act of conscience' - Kremlin conscience.


"President Mobutu, of the Congo, closed down the Roman Catholic Lovanium University indefinitely yesterday, and ordered its 2,000 students drafted into the army for two years. Belgian radio and television reported from Kinshasa". - The Australian, June 8th.

The 'Black is Beautiful' boys and girls at our universities wouldn't know what hit them if the authorities 'did a Mobutu' on them here. There are times when one is so infuriated with the loutish behaviour of the small but militant clique of revolutionary students, and frustrated to the point of exasperation with the spinelessness of the university 'authorities' that one could accept with pleasure the prospect of this element being given a couple of tough years of army service. Our democracy doesn't work that way, nor would we want it to. Nevertheless, it is horribly wrong that 95% of the students at our universities, who are fine young people, should have the 5% who are malcontents, misfits, revolutionaries inflicted on them and their universities. These revolutionaries want to destroy the whole structure of society - nothing else will satisfy them.

Professor B.R. Williams, Vice-Chancellor of Sydney University, said a few days ago that linked with the question of student behaviour was the matter of university finance. He said - "the growth of student power, or protest movements of various brands has had a powerful influence and not altogether a beneficial influence on the community's attitude to universities". We don't doubt that this is true. We say that it is their own fault largely. There are universities in the U.S.A. and the U.K., which don't have any student-power problem. They expel student revolutionaries and disrupters; and these don't get back either.


The National Director of the Australian League of Rights, Mr. Eric D. Butler, will address his first public meeting in Melbourne following his recent return from abroad. We have made arrangements for him to address a public meeting on FRIDAY, the 9th of JULY, at the FEDERAL HOTEL (Collins Room - 3rd floor) on the corner of Collins and King Streets - at 8.00 p.m. Further details of the nature of his address will be provided shortly, and also a report of his current activities in Queensland.


Only 13 of an eligible list of 660 sick and wounded North Vietnamese prisoners of war have agreed to be repatriated, official sources claimed today. - The Age, June 1.

Occasionally, through the fog of propaganda about the delights of the great peoples' republics there comes irrefutable evidence to the contrary. When only two prisoners in one hundred choose to return to their socialist paradise, a fact beyond dispute is established. Ninety eight per cent want to opt out. The alternative they have chosen is as we know, no great haven of rest and peace, but how preferable it must be to the organised slavery of body and mind, which is Communist tyranny.

But a dreadful prospect is also inherent within the report from which we quote. It appears that the Americans are exerting pressure to force the South Vietnam Government to forcibly repatriate the North Vietnamese prisoners in the hope American prisoners of war will be released. Having failed to win the war by honourable and legitimate means, and be in the position to dictate terms of settlement including the return of prisoners of war the Americans could be engaged in macabre acts. This would not be the first time.

It is now history that thousands of former Russian prisoner of war's fought with the Nazi's against Stalin, and under the terms of settlement arranged with the Allies, they were forcibly repatriated. Many thousands committed suicide while the fate of those who returned is unknown it is no feat of imagination to guess.

The Korean "settlement" featured protracted bargaining over the fate of the thousands of Chinese prisoners of war in American hands. Similar figures to the above disclosed the same horror of returning "home". No doubt those vociferous voices raised in the name of peace will come to the aid of the North Vietnamese prisoners. We ask you to watch for the announcements from the World Council of Churches, and the A.C.C., the A.I.C.D., Amnesty, Messrs. Whitlam, Cairns, Cass, Klugman, Cohen and company.
More appropriately, will we hear from Mr. McMahon and Co.?


"Probate and the rural reconstruction scheme were working at cross purposes and did not make sense", - Comment by Mr. Bernie Dunn, Victorian M.L.C., reported in Wimmera Mail-Times, June 2.

An appropriate comment would be that neither rural reconstruction nor probate makes sense. Both are designed to destroy private family ownership in farming. For along time academic experts (?) have been saying the day of family farming is finished. Probate has been a part of the financial policy of debt-taxation-inflation used to destroy the economic independence of the family farm. It is ruthless and inhuman in concept, being the final blow administered after death in the long-term plan of socialist-economists to destroy private property. Rural reconstruction is to be applied with equal ruthlessness, which is not surprising as it comes from the same stable.

We have evidence of the ruthless intent of the Commonwealth Rural Reconstruction legislation, which has been forced on the States from Mr. Ian Morton, Chairman of the Rural Finance and Settlement Commission in Victoria who has to administer the scheme in that State. Explaining in a broadcast over the ABC on May 17 why only approximately 10 per cent of the 1,100 applicants had any chance of success he complained that it had been made clear that the legislation left no room for discretion to the administrator, and there was little flexibility.

To quote Mr. Morton from the script "In fact, when it comes to the straight financial clauses we are required to be quite ruthless, as we read it, in interpreting just who's eligible and what the consequences are if we don't interpret it as per the agreement that has been passed".
Mr. Morton continued, "...quite frankly if we didn't feel that we had the sympathy of the Victorian Government in doing it, it's a scheme, and if we didn't have a desire to help who we can, it's a scheme in it's present form we'd just as soon not have much to do with it".

Asked by the interviewer if the scheme as it is would be disastrous to the rural community, Mr. Morton replied, "I'm pessimistic, I don't know what finally the effect will be..."
Mr. Morton finished up by saying that what Australia chooses to do about the problem, as a nation has to be reflected through the Parliaments. We could not agree more. That is where the responsibility lies and where electors must sheet home that responsibility with plain blunt talk and action.

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