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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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25 June 1971. Thought for the Week: "A great civilisation is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome's decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her falling trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars. The political causes of decay were rooted in one fact - that increasing despotism destroyed the citizen's civic sense, and dried up statesmanship at its source".
Dr. Will Durant in The Story of Civilisation, Vol. III


"Dalby - Country women boiled into action here yesterday with a blunt threat to State and Federal politicians to halt inflation - or else. A meeting of more than 100 rural women resolved with only two dissentients: 'that our paid electoral representatives take the necessary steps to halt inflation in this country. We give notice of imposition of electoral sanctions if results are not forthcoming'." - The Courier Mail, Brisbane, June 17.

Recently formed in Western Queensland, The Rural Women's Action Movement is the latest manifestation of the growing determination of members of the Australian rural community to defend themselves against the Marxist policies which have already driven many thousands of Australian primary producers from their properties, and which threaten to destroy whole rural communities.
"The Women of the West" are making it clear that they are determined to stand with their men and fight back. Main guest speaker at the Dalby meeting last week was Mrs. A.J. Peake, wife of a Biloela farmer, mother of five children and grandmother of three. Mrs. Peake said, "There's a rumble across the country and it's not thunder. The rumble is fast turning into a roar. The primary producer is rising in revolt. Add your contribution!" Mrs. Peake stressed that inflation was the primary producer's main problem, not drought.

While The Courier-Mail gave an excellent coverage of the Dalby meeting, the reporter could not resist a slightly sneering reference to The Australian League of Rights; "The committee (the Rural Women's Central Action Council Committee) is linked by membership of its members with the League of Rights, an organisation headed by extreme Rightist 'God, Queen and Commonwealth' apostle Eric Butler".

Mr. Butler makes the following comment from North Queensland

"The Australian League of Rights is a non-party service organisation which exists to help any group of Australian electors to exercise their democratic rights. As a result of the nation-wide educational activities of the League, increasing numbers of the Australians in all walks of life find that they are now capable of taking constructive action about the problems confronting them. The League is not seeking to become a type of mass organisation, but is a specialist organisation prepared to advise and guide any individual or group of individuals wishing to make use of its services". I certainly recommend support for the rural women in Western Queensland who have demonstrated tremendous initiative in getting their action movement started."

The editor of Ladies Line, Mrs. Jean Luscombe, and assistant Queensland State Director of The League of Rights, attended the Dalby meeting by invitation and was reported in The Courier-Mail as having explained the meaning of "electoral sanctions". "It's an idea which is unfortunately new to our parliamentarians", she said. "They've completely forgotten that they're in Parliament to act on the instructions of the electorate. They don't take kindly to being told this and will have something rude to say.

We have to remember what the Duke of Edinburgh said: 'We have to start being ruder to our politicians'." Clearly the women attending the meeting grasped the idea, and responded strongly when the motion was put that Members of Parliament either do something about inflation or face the electoral consequences. The motion was moved by Mrs. R. Barlow wife of a Wandoan grain and beef farmer, and mother of three children. Mrs. Barlow said that, "the time for soft-soaping tactics had gone". Prime Minister McMahon talks grimly of "tough" budgets, but if the "Women of The West" gain momentum it will be Mr. McMahon and his parliamentary colleagues who are going to have a tough time in the near future!


"Manufacturers are pessimistic about the general business outlook in the coming half-year, according to the June survey of industrial trends by the Bank of New South Wales and the Associated Chambers of Manufactures of Australia. In keeping with these gloomy expectations, a rising proportion of manufacturers reported that lack of orders was the major factor limiting production during the June quarter". - The Australian, June 15.

While the "experts" and the politicians keep on talking about the basic cause of inflation being "too much money chasing too few goods", those with the greatest knowledge of real economics, such as the manufacturers, are pointing out that they are only operating to a fraction of their full capacity. It is time that businessmen ceased to be influenced by the pronouncements of so-called economists. These theorists, most of them Marxists of one type or another, know nothing about real economics, the growing of food, the transformation of one type of material into another, and the construction of roads, bridges and buildings. These theorists know little outside the Marxist financial theories they have been brainwashed with at Universities.

The tragedy is that the practical businessman is at their mercy. and of the politicians who blindly accept what these theorists have to say. On April 21 of this year Prime Minister McMahon addressed a National Association of Manufactures. He said "We don't want to strangle the economy in attempting to cure inflation". That is exactly what Mr. McMahon's "advisers" propose to do through a "tough" budget. Mr. McMahon had the effrontery to appeal to the manufacturers "to keep costs down."

Every businessman knows that one of his major costs is the high interest rates he is forced to pay on the credit he must have to operate at all. On the same day that Mr. McMahon was telling the manufacturers to keep their costs down, he was rejecting in the Federal Parliament a suggestion that the present record high interest rate should be lowered. He made the revealing statement that the Reserve Bank would "shudder" at such a thought, and went on to say that "interest rates must be sustained at the present level to control inflationary pressures in the economy." (vide The Age, Melbourne, April 22)

Mr. McMahon's statement that the theorists controlling the nation's credit policy through their control of the Central Bank, would not tolerate any suggestion of lower interest rates, proves beyond argument that the change from the Gorton Government to the McMahon Government was merely a change of public relations men. Karl Marx's fourth step for Communising a State was centralised credit control. Businessmen who wish to defend the free enterprise system against increasing Socialism must challenge the present centralised credit policies being imposed upon the community.


"The Australian Rugby Union has decided that the South African Springbok Rugby tour will go ahead as scheduled ". - The Australian, June 22.

If the South African sporting tours are carried off successfully, and there is every chance that they will be, then the Government will benefit from this in no mean manner. Effective public opinion polls indicate most strongly that the great majority of Australians want the tours to go on. There has recently been one Australian newspaper, which conducted a poll, which indicated the reverse. This poll was useless, as people were asked to send in cutouts from the newspaper to indicate their own opinion. What happened, of course, was that the Communists, and the Left generally, bought up issues of this newspaper by the thousands to send in a negative opinion on the issue in question. Poll where genuine opinion was sought, and where there was no opportunity for "fixing", showed the positive result - the tours go on.

We have mentioned earlier, but we mention again - that the purpose behind this opposition from Communists and the Left, to the South African sporting tours is not just merely concerned with the principle of Apartheid at all. South Africa ITSELF is the real issue. South Africa is holding up the THE STRUGGLE FOR THE WORLD.

Communist global advance. THIS is what it is all about. What International Communism is after is the energising of that myth, World Opinion (in reality, highly organised mass brain-washing) up to the point where the nations of the West are hypnotised into active hostility against South Africa. Even military intervention cannot be ruled out. Believe it or not, a detailed plan of military assault by the West on South Africa has been in existence for many years. It was prepared by a West Point military academy expert, under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment for World "Peace." We shall republish it if there is sufficient interest. You can be sure that the "United" Nations will be in it up to its eyeballs.

We remind readers about AUSTRALIA'S FRONT LINE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA (price 16 cents, post free) which deals with the realities of the South African "campaign" now being given the works by International Communism.

We are now pleased to announce that A MESSAGE FROM SOUTHERN AFRICA by Ivor Benson, the eminent South African author-journalist, who made a brief tour of Australia last year under the auspices of the Australian League of Rights, is now available. (Price 62 cents, post free) This deals with the importance of the Cape sea-lanes, the penetration of Red China into East Africa, Apartheid, mass media brainwashing. A really first-class booklet, which should be in the hands of all our readers and their friends. Please write for it NOW. Send to Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne 3001.

Readers will be interested to know that already an active Australia-South Africa Association has been formed in Western Australia to give every assistance to the South African lads, and generally to spread as much enlightenment as possible. Beware of the "Friends of Africa" organization : it is a Communist front!


"The Labor Party would be inviting political suicide if it interpreted its new immigration policy as a quota or open-door policy in regards to non-European migrants, Mr. F.M. Daly said yesterday. - The Australian, June 22nd.

Mr. Daly is apparently still the A.L.P, Parliamentary spokesman on immigration, although Mr. Whitlam has said that Mr. Daly will not be Minister for Immigration in a Labor Government. So where do we go from there?! What will be in the back of the minds of electors, by no means excluding even firm Labor supporters, is the question - "Is this the open-door?"

The League of Rights makes no bones about stating that there have been far too many migrants of a non-European background allowed into the country already. Australia has been this far reasonably blessed with political stability, although we can see serious troubles ahead. Political stability is not possible without a homogeneous population. If elements of different racial and cultural backgrounds are allowed to develop in a formerly homogeneous population, then there will he tensions and frictions. This has always happened; and it WILL always happen. It's just a fact of life. Whether we like it or not is inconsequential. Those who are calling for an open door on immigration are fools, or subversives who are promoting discord within Australian society. The A.L.P will suffer for what it has said already on immigration; the more it attempts to move its adherents towards the lowering of immigration barriers, the worse injury it will do itself.


Mr. Bernard Potter, former newspaper editor in Kenya and South Africa, a military and political radio commentator, soldier, airman was once a Labor Party candidate for the British Parliament. He holds an honors degree in economics. His book The Fault, Black Man… was recently launched in South Africa and sold out within a week. Mr. Potter presents evidence from anthropologists and historians to show that Black Africa is the most stagnant form of society ever known and incapable of industrial progress. He points out that the nearly 40 so-called independent black nations have become the "land of the begging bowl" supported by handouts. They cannot finance their own development and even with billions of foreign-aid there is no gratitude. "They stay alive thanks to grants-in-aid, loans and various forms of subvention, but they contribute little if anything to the sum of human happiness and welfare and less to the total of human knowledge and goodness. They are the burden of our time."

Hard words, true, or false? Australian foreign policy in the Indian Ocean, in our failure to cooperate with South Africa is based upon the precept that we cannot afford to antagonise the Afro-Asian bloc in the U.N. If Mr. Potter's book lives up to the reports it only illustrates how great is the power of propaganda over the minds of our politicians when they accept the falsity of 40 votes in the U.N. against the reality depicted by Mr. Potter.

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