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On Target

2 July 1971. Thought for the Week: "One of the things we know more of is what we don't know."
Professor H.M. Kolsen. Economics professor, University of Queensland, Financial Review, June 22nd.


Our Thought for the Week above is taken from an article, The Radicals Zero in on Bourgeois Economics by Michael Byrnes in the Financial Review. The views of leading professors of economics at Australia's universities are reported. They are all as barren as the thought expressed by Professor Kolsen. It appears that there is some soul searching going on amongst our theoretical, academic economists. They are discovering that the Keynesian oracle has clay feet. Their world is collapsing and they are discovering they know less about more. All we can say is hooray for that; perhaps some sense will flow into the vacuum. Or will it be the promotion of a world economic control to take the place of the failing national systems?


"The country crisis has ... spawned an extremist group who angle their appeal to country men in desperate straits. Delegates spoke privately about Mr. Eric Butler's League of Rights which, as the Institute of Economic Democracy, is peddling rather weird economic theories and a way-out political philosophy to farmers in N.S. W. and Queensland". - John Garrick reporting on the N.S.W. Country Party conference, in The Australian, Jan. 26.

The hierarchy of the Australian Country Party has become increasingly desperate about the impact of the League of Rights on a growing number of Australian primary producers who are starting to realise that they have been betrayed by many of those who claim to represent them. Mr. Carrick's smearing attack is about as silly as the recent claim by a Sydney Bulletin writer that the League of Rights was "infiltrating" the Country Party in Queensland.

There is not one iota of truth in this charge. Anyone who has attended a League of Rights Social Dynamic course knows that the League does not attempt to persuade members of any political parties or other organisations to leave these to join the League of Rights. Supporters of all the political parties, including the Labor Party, have attended League of Rights lectures and Seminars. The Federal Member of the Country Party who attended a Social Dynamics School heard nothing about the League of Rights claiming that the farmers' economic problems "are caused by the international communist-Jewish financial conspiracy", as alleged by Mr. Carrick in his smear. Neither did the Federal Member of the Australian Labor Party who recently heard Mr. Eric Butler lecture on the finance-economic crisis, and subsequently attended a Social Dynamics School.

What the League of Rights has demonstrated (see They Want Your Land, price 36 cents, post free) is that the rural "reconstruction" programme is Marxist in conception. At a recent meeting in N.S.W. Country Party Member, Mr. Ralph Hunt, Minister for the Interior, felt it necessary to launch a public attack on The League of Rights, specifically mentioning Mr. Eric Butler and Mr. Jeremy Lee, falsely claiming that the financial policies proposed by the League were similar to the flooding of Indonesia with useless paper money by the late Dr. Soekarno. As Mr. Hunt has had the League's proposals outlined to him personally, he knows much better.

It will be recalled that On Target commented favourably on Mr. Hunt's initiative late last year when he called for the establishment of a special financial institution to make available to primary producers long-term loans at low interest - a part of the Country Party's own Federal policy. But Mr. Hunt appears to feel that having been appointed to the Federal Cabinet, he must now attack the League for continuing to advocate Country Party policy: Mr. Eric Butler has challenged Mr. Hunt to meet him personally and in public to give Mr. Hunt an opportunity to substantiate his false allegations against the League.

In his Australian report Mr. John Garrick also writes, "The Country Party Federal MP from the New England area of N.S.W., and deputy speaker, Mr. Phil Lucock, says the radical right has made significant gains in some Country Party branches in the New England area and a larger number in Queensland. Mr. Lucock said he doesn't disagree with the League's position on South Africa and Rhodesia but does disagree with its extremism".
It would be instructive to have Mr. Lucock, who has spoken as a guest at a New England Regional Dinner of The League of Rights, to explain what he means by "extremism".

As the League is insisting that the Country Party should make an attempt to implement its own stated policy on finance, subsidies, decentralisation and Communism, Mr. Lucock can hardly be suggesting that this is a manifestation of "extremism". Could it be that what is found "extreme" - the "way-out political philosophy" mentioned by Mr. John Carrick - is the League's insistence that in a genuine political democracy the Member of Parliament is the PAID SERVANT of his electors, and that the responsibility of the electors is to take the necessary action to ensure that their Federal Member is instructed on what results are required or not required.
This "way-out political philosophy" is dealt with exhaustively in Social Dynamics, which can be studied personally by those unable to attend League schools. (Price $1.06 post-free).

Mr. Carrick reports that one of the "surprising reactions" to the rural crisis was the resolution proposed at the N.S.W. Country Party conference, that the Country Party should leave the Federal Coalition unless the proposed payment of 40 cents a pound for wool was paid. Unless the Federal crisis is eased by some realistic Federal Government policies, we predict that the press will be shortly reporting some more "surprising" developments from the rural areas. An increasing number of primary producers have learned from the League of Rights that the basis of power is knowledge. And through the League knowledge is now spreading rapidly right throughout Australia.


In a report published in The Chronicle, June 26, Mr. Bjelke Petersen hit out at the League for allegedly advocating that governments should create money to solve financial problems, and additionally he had been urged "To wipe out our debts and let's start all over again". Mr. Bjelke Petersen said this would lead to the same situation as prevailed in Germany and Japan at a time when "one needed a sugar bag or chaff bag to carry the money away because it was practically worthless" We believe Mr. Bjelke Petersen knows better than to make such baseless accusations against the League.

The Country Party has declared open season on the League in the hope of mending their depleted fortunes. They have no hope of doing so, even if the League disappeared off the face of Australia tomorrow, which it won't. Present disastrous policies of the Treasury-Reserve Bank, rubber stamped by supine politicians will inevitably lead to disintegration, as debt and inflation pile up, destroying business and property.

Low interest-long term loans, and re-writing the present debt structure is not advocacy of printing chaff bags of money. To undo the build-up of disastrous policies over a long period, an approach based on realistic alternatives such as put forward by the League is required. In the meantime a recent report reveals conclusively the objectives of those in charge of financial policy. The Australian, June 29th, carries the headline GUNN FAVORS ACQUISITION WOOL SCHEME. This does not surprise us.
Socialism has clearly been the objective of those controlling financial policy.

Having reduced the farmer to pauperism, final terms are now to be imposed. Sir William reveals completely in the following report that control of the wool industry by international financial interests is the final objective. "Sir William said he had had talks with European bankers on the provision of finance to underwrite the scheme which would need $300 million. He said the bankers were definitely interested in providing the finance for an acquisition scheme approved by the industry and the Federal Government if the Government could not finance the scheme".

It is obvious the bankers are only prepared to deal with Governments. A government-controlled industry is a socialised industry with all the consequent loss of freedom by the individual producer. Also the Government is to act as the agent for the financiers with ultimate control in the hands of the . financiers. The Country Party is selling out to the financiers. Mr. Bjelke Petersen would be better to spend his time and energy challenging Sir William and his mentors. Once the deal is done the Country Party will be pushed aside. Countrymen are only interested in supporting those who represent them, not those who sell out to big business and international finance.


Melbourne and Victorian supporters should make every endeavour to hear an important address by Mr. Eric D. Butler as he reveals all the factors involved in the present deteriorating international situation. Bring as many friends as you can, and attend The Collins Room, 3rd floor, Federal Hotel, Melbourne. July 9th. 8 p.m.

SYDNEY ALSO: Sydney supporters should book in for the Sydney Annual Dinner on July 6th, to be held in the Parish Hall, St. John's, Parramatta. Mr. Butler will be the guest speaker.


"We are populating and breeding ourselves into a fearful mess. We should never allow into Australia any people who are uncontrollable in their population increase". - Mr. H. B.S. Gullett, speaking to Melbourne Legacy, reported in The Australian, June 24th.

Mr. Gullett said in his address that Mr. Lynch, Minister for Immigration had revealed that colored immigration into Australia ran at approximately the same rate as immigrants from Greece. He said the Greek population had risen to 250,000. "But these Asians will multiply much faster than Greeks". Mr. Gullett said he favored the White Australia Policy. "Its greatest virtue is that it means just what it says. We must bear in mind that the human race, in a great part of the world, is behaving with the intelligence of lemmings". (Lemmings belong to the rodent family which every few years breeds prolifically until population explosion point is reached. They then rush towards the nearest river and drown in hundreds of thousands). The analogy could be grimly true in years to come. The legacy of such irresponsible policies will face our children with insoluble problems unless nipped in the bud now.


"I still remember with horror the words attributed to Baldwin (former British Prime Minister). "They were something like this: "If we had told the people what was needed for defence we would have lost the last election". - Mr. John Gorton, Minister for Defence reported in The Age. June 23rd.

Mr. Gorton was taking a rise out of Mr. McMahon and Mr. Snedden who have just refused to go along with Australia's programme for nuclear development on the grounds that we have not enough money. The question was not decided on the grounds of physical capacity to produce nuclear reactors and defence weaponry. The financial "experts" advising Mr. McMahon and his Treasurer are not concerned with realities. The picture presented in their ledgers are much more important.


The U.S. Government was advised two months before the overthrow and murder of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963 that it should "encourage and assist" a coup against him - The Age, June 24th.

State Department documents are quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times to substantiate what is really history to those who have kept themselves informed on the undisclosed history of the Vietnam War. The Sun-Times reveals that Mr. Roger Hilsman, Assistant Secretary for State for the Far East was responsible for the advice given to the U.S. Government that President Diem was expendable. Mr. Hilsman is one of those Harvard Fabians whose influence on history has always been one of sympathetic aid to Communism. At the time President Diem had the Viet Cong beaten. At the same time, controlling over 80 per cent of the South Vietnam countryside the economy was making remarkable strides. Housing and building programmes were at the highest rate in the history of South Vietnam. Rice was in abundance with exportable surpluses. Education was also proceeding at a record level, and generally speaking the morale and the economy of the nation was at a high level. If such a situation had continued President Diem and the South Vietnamese would have defeated the Viet Cong within a measurable period of time - without American troops. At the time they only had advisers in the country. The communists were rescued from their predicament by the aid of the Hilsman's, Harriman's and Cabot Lodge's backed by such journals as The New York Times, which makes a habit of revealing only, that which aids international communism.

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