Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

9 July 1971. Thought for the Week: "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad".
Luke 8:17


"The Australian Union of Students has paid for anti-apartheid, anti-Springbok literature and helped meet the cost of Bishop Edward Crowther's visit with $1,580 provided by the Government". The Age, July 3rd. S

hortly after being elected Prime Minister. Mr. McMahon announced a Federal grant of $12,000 to bodies engaged in the battle to combat racism. Not even gullible Liberal politicians should have thought that this money would not find its way back to those groups using the race question to destroy civilisation. Now the evidence is in front of their eyes, and they should be brought to account for their stupidity.

They have subsidised organised violence throughout Australia on a massive scale, culminating in the battle fought by Victorian police last weekend, in which the revolutionaries came armed with knives, stones and lead, with nails protruding, crackers encased in lead and marbles to roll under the hooves of police mounts. The majority of the revolutionaries were students who would never be at the university if it were not for government subsidies. They are fed on a continuous diet of revolutionary journalese coming through subsidised funds. Such funds are in the form of compulsory levies on all students, which go back to the Student Representative Councils in charge of printing and distributing the highly inflammable literature, which passes for the university press.

The role of the revolutionary student is the key to present policy of the international conspiracy. This was made clear in 1966 by a leftist Church-front organisation in South Africa, the University Christian Mission. In its publication, One For The Road, we find: - "The only revolutionary class left in the Western world today is the community of students.... The proletariat, the 'workers' of pre-revolutionary Europe have had their day.... Nevertheless it is not simply the case that the revolutionary forces, which first revealed themselves to the world at the beginning of the century in the fantastic phenomenon of Marxism, are spent.
Rather it is true to say that they have passed into the hands of a new section of society…A new figure has stepped into the political arena of the world, a new force has revealed itself that cannot be ignored; it is the power of the student community; Student Power".

Mr. McMahon, elected to leadership of a party which relies on political power by exploiting opposition to revolutionary communism, could quickly demonstrate his own pledge that he would pursue a very "anti-socialist anti-communist" policy by dealing with the revolutionary student. The flow of funds could either be cut off or controlled in such a way as to restore responsible control over this ready raw material of the revolutionary apparatus. First, all scholarships should be paid to the parents of students, not to students. Had parents not been robbed of their financial credit by the welfare government of the Liberals, they, the parents, would be paying the bills of their children's education, and having a much more direct say in what paths in education their children would pursue.
Secondly, student bodies should be stripped of the vast sums compulsorily levied and paid to them. University papers would then have to stand on their merits, and would exist on the basis of the voluntary support gained by legitimate sales.

This Government is the responsible agency underwriting revolution in Australia. It should be held accountable. One or two simple measures would cut off the main source of supply of funds, and restore sense and responsibility into tertiary education from which it is now completely missing.


"Look, I've been fighting for the past 20 years in South Australia to abolish the bloody thing and where have you people been?" - The Age, July 2nd.
Mr. Don Dunstan, Premier of South Australia replying to a student delegation who challenged him to take direct control of the South Australian Police Force and abolish the Legislative Council. The Age reported "Radical student confronted the South Australian Premier at Melbourne last night over the arrest of 88 demonstrators in Wednesday's Moratorium march in Adelaide". Mr. Dunstan was attending an anti-apartheid dinner. In an angry exchange with students he said he had suggested to the S.A. Police Commissioner that police avoid a confrontation. Asked why they had not done so Mr. Dunstan replied, "…because the police force in South Australia is independent. It's in the Police Act". The students replied "Change the Act", Mr. Dunstan, "How do I change it when I have an Upper House that is the most reactionary in Australia?" Student "Abolish it". Mr. Dunstan then made his intemperate reply, which we use for our heading.

Upper Houses stand in the path of anarchy and revolution. Mr. Dunstan admits that without a strong upper house he would make the police force in S.A. an instrument of his own political policies; rather than, as it is now, an independent part of the judicial structure, maintaining law and order. Mr. Dunstan is tilting at windmills. The Trinitarian system of government has been resisting the efforts of power-lusters like himself for hundreds of years, and although it is in greater danger of subversion today than ever before we believe it to be far stronger than the Dunstan's of this world.

Mr. Dunstan, himself, some weeks ago, acknowledged the inherent strengths of the system he would like to see destroyed. Criticising the annual Governor's levee he was forced to admit that the system of having a monarchial representative as an independent umpire had not been surpassed with anything better. He made the comment that this was essential in times of crisis. Just so!

We are going through a great crisis in the irresponsible use of power by a militant minority of anarchists and revolutionaries, supported and sustained by a co-operative mass media, academic and church (not Christian) bodies, encouraged by the supine weakness of governments, both State and Federal. It is well that the other branch of government, the Queen's representative be there to uphold the ameliorating influence of constitutional power by which the rights and liberties of the people are protected.

Mr. Holding, Labor leader of the opposition in Victoria took the Governor of Victoria to task for attending the Victoria v South Africa rugby match, and said it gave the stamp of approval to racism. Nothing of the sort. Sir Rohan was only exercising the freedom, which all individuals have under the system of government, which he serves.


"If Christian pacifism is to survive the seventies it must free itself from the stranglehold of militant left-wing politics". Bernard Smith, in Challenge, U.K.

"Challenge" is the journal of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship in England. Mr. Smith made some trenchant remarks concerning pacifism, and pacifists, in his article, from which we quote. Reviewing the U.S.A. scene, he says: - "pacifists have sold out to the so-called 'anti-Vietnam' movement; they have been seduced into believing that it is a peaceful movement. In fact, it is inspired by violence and hatred for everything Western - its object is the violent overthrow of American Society".

Speaking especially of the protest movements, Mr. Smith says that serious thought has been replaced by mindless slogans; the militant Left has borrowed the concepts of Christian pacifism and twisted them to its own purposes. Bernard Smith is insistent that the Christian pacifist must alert himself and realize that he is being taken for a ride, and that the militant Left respects neither religions nor moral convictions.
Also, by persisting in the alliance with the militant Left, Christian pacifism is severing its roots in the Christian philosophy of man, and in the Gospel itself. This alliance must end, says Bernard Smith.

Our quotes are from the report of the "Challenge" article by Bernard Smith in See : the journal of the Anglican Archdiocese of Melbourne: July 1971.


"The British Opposition Leader, Mr. Harold Wilson yesterday gave his strongest indication yet that he was going to lead the Labor Party against entry to the Common Market." - The Age, Melbourne. July 5th.

Very many of our politicians, economists, and the wise-acres in the political commentary "industry", have written off Britain's entry into the Common Market as a forgone conclusion. It is nothing of the sort! We have been informing our supporters time and time again, that the vast majority of the people of Britain are solidly anti-Market. The main pressure, by far, for Britain's entry is coming from those forces, which are allied, to International Finance. The British people don't want it, but the British people are going to get it, whether they want it or not.

Isn't Democracy wonderful? It's really astonishing that so many nice, but naive, people still think that by putting a mark on a piece of paper every few years, that somehow or other, they are participating in the machinery of government. ALL political parties are proceeding in the same direction, at differing rates of speed, as the politicians are mere public relations officers, and not very good ones at that, for the REAL administrators of policies; the entrenched bureaucrats.
And please bear in mind that the same policies do not necessarily originate in Australia, or in any other country; but are the spawn of Internationalist power-groups.

A typical case in point are the policies of Fabian Socialism, now accepted as Gospel by so very many of the highly placed 'experts' in government administration. In the hands of these persuasive intellectuals, many politicians of ALL parties are small pieces of plasticine, to be kneaded with amused contempt. (Read THE FABIAN SOCIALIST CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMMUNIST ADVANCE: price 46 cents, post free, from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, Vic. 3001).

The sheer irony of the Common Market situation in Britain is that it may well be the Socialist Party, miscalled the Labor Party, which will snatch Britain from the Common Market trap. And it IS a trap! Normally the Socialists would be the keenest advocates of any policy, which favours internationalism. Harold Wilson himself was strongly pro-Market when he was Prime Minister. But now he is not Prime Minister, and human ambition asserts itself. Hunger for personal power over-shadows doctrinaire political tenets. If Harold Wilson becomes convinced that an anti-Market position will return him to office, he will bring the British Labor Party out AGAINST Britain's entry into the Common Market. And Britain will be saved; this time!

Rejection of the Common Market by Britain would be a real and positive reverse for the Internationalists. Britain would then be forced to look towards her kith and kin; the Crown Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, Canada) and that would be dreadful, wouldn't it?

Isn't it a bitter pill to swallow that it is the Conservative Party, whom one would properly expect to the champion and protector of Britain's independence and sovereignty, which is leading Britain into submergence in a United States of Europe. No longer then, will Britain be ruled by British bureaucrats, fronted by the House of Commons politicians, from whom we should expect at least some real affection for the Motherland; but by Eurocrats from Brussels, with no affection towards the British heritage whatsoever.

It is small wonder the Duke of Edinburgh spoke out so bitterly against the Common Market recently. Typical of the perfidious man was the savage rejoinder by Geoffrey Rippon, the Common Market 'negotiator'.

If British Labour comes out AGAINST entry, it is unlikely that Britain will enter the Common Market, and we shall have a breathing space during which we must be doing all that we are able to regenerate those forces of Commonwealth cohesion and strength which, although sapped by years of Socialism and subversion, have still held us together. It can be definitely said that the Monarchy has been the centre of such forces of cohesion and strength. The Crown has still preserved our freedom. (Read FREEDOM WEARS A CROWN: by John Farthing - The Case for the Monarchy: $4.00 post free, from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, Vic. 3001).


"A Canberra economist, Dr. A.R. Hall, last night said Federal Budgets were transmitting inflation to the economy". The Age, June 30th.

We cannot remember economists in past years giving warnings that high taxation was itself inflationary. But they are now. We were saying just this twenty-five years ago; and indeed, long before that certain students of economic realism were saying the same thing. Leading economists in the world now admit that inflation is BUILT INTO the modern finance-economic system. Only a radical change in the rules governing this system can prevent its otherwise certain fragmentation.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159