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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
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Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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30 July 1971. Thought for the Week: "It is clear from any more than a superficial reading of Labor's policies that we are in truth and in spirit an internationalist party. It would be odd indeed if a Socialist Party were otherwise."
Mr. Gough Whitlam in Beyond Vietnam, published by the Victorian Fabian Society. Pamphlet number 17.


"But we can still assume that the swing of about 4.3 percent against Labor in the Brisbane electorate of Merthyr is a far more representative guide to general public opinion than Maryborough's 17 per cent, and that Mr. Bjelke-Petersen and his opponent, Mr. Houston, are correct when they say that law and order was the main issue ... could it be that Mr. Robert Hawke has become an increasing liability in the Labor Party's electoral prospects?" - From editorial. The Australian, July 27th.

The massive anti-ALP swing last Saturday in Queensland's two by-elections has been bitter medicine for those sophisticated press commentators who tried to convince their readers that the electors would show their strong disapproval of "police-state" methods by voting against the Queensland "fascist" Government. Contrary to The Australian's viewpoint, the truth is that the ALP has been staggered by the 17 per cent swing against the ALP in Maryborough. This has been a traditional Labor electorate, and it is clear that large numbers of Labor voters deserted the Labor party in revulsion against the A.L.P's open alliance with violent demonstrators against the South Africans.
Moderate Labor supporters are already making it clear to Mr. Whitlam that he must dissociate himself and the ALP from the violence of the anti-South African activists.

One Canberra political analyst has expressed the opinion that the McMahon Government's best hope of winning an election with a reasonable majority, is that the planned South African cricket tour during the coming summer should be permitted to take place, and that any violent demonstrations should be exploited for a "snap" "law-and-order" election. The ALP has got to face the truth that if it refuses to free itself from the present association with a program of mounting violence, it is going to seriously jeopardise what most objective observers would agree is its encouraging prospects of winning the next Federal Elections.

As we predicted, the no-win policy in Vietnam has resulted in a situation, which has turned into an electoral hazard instead of an asset for the Coalition Government. The Government might have scored electorally off the ALP's visit to Red china if the betrayal by the Nixon Administration had not taken place. But Prime Minister McMahon has further cut the ground from under his own feet with the open admission that it has also been seeking to make contact with Red China.

The limited Federal Government financial support for the wool industry is unlikely to do much more than temporarily slow down the erosion of rural electoral support for the Federal Country Party. Country Party leader Doug Anthony made it clear at the West Australian conference of the Country Party that he is keenly aware of the electoral disaster threatening the Country Party. He no doubt realises that while the Liberal Party might score on a "law-and-order" election, this could not prevent the Country Party from losing some representatives. The rural crisis is now so deep that any election in the immediate future would see even former Defence Minister Malcolm Fraser, Liberal representative for Wannon, Western Victoria, struggling to survive against the strong ALP candidate.

In a series of articles on the rural crisis in Victoria, John Sorrel of The Herald, Melbourne, quotes the young grazier in Wannon, whose family has farmed in this area for five generations. He was educated at the Geelong Grammar School, and he planned to send his own sons there. Now he is being forced off his property by the rural crisis. John Sorrel quotes him as saying, "I consider it my duty to vote against this Government, who have lived for so long on what we made for them, and who now have dumped us in time of peril." That is typical of the language being used right throughout rural Australia today by those who have been traditional Government supporters.

It is ironical that only the activities of revolutionary extremists, the arrogant methods of Mr. Bob Hawke, and the acquiescence of the ALP, may save the McMahon Government. The large number of decent Australians who support the ALP, and the moderate parliamentary representatives of that party, would be helping to serve their country if they faced the truth that promoters of the mounting revolution against Australia are not over-concerned about whether or not their activities destroy the ALP's electoral prospects or not. The same revolutionaries are convinced that they only have to keep the present Coalition Government under increasing pressure, and that it will continue to retreat.

Most of the revolutionary ferment in Australia stems directly and indirectly from the destructive financial policies of the Coalition Government, and its failure to take the necessary form steps to uphold a strict rule of law. Australia is facing the greatest crisis in its history. The threat is even greater than when the Japanese were at the northern gates. Australians were then a comparatively united nation. Today they are badly divided, with the forces of subversion and revolution deeply entrenched inside.

The Queensland by-elections have demonstrated that there is still plenty of health left amongst the Australian people. But that health has got to find some type of realistic expression at the next Federal Elections. Only the rapidly growing grass-roots activities fostered by The Australian League of Rights can provide the basis for political action, which will ensure that sufficient representatives pledged to fight for policies of survival are elected at the Federal Elections. It is significant that as the League of Rights program gathers increasing momentum, there is a nation-wide attack on the League, in which elements in all the three major political parties are involved. These elements must be effectively exposed for what they are, and the patriots of all parties be pressured by an enlightened electoral campaign into uniting in support of policies which could provide Australia with a fighting chance of survival as a free nation.


"Australia, which had defied conquest by the bayonet in war, was now being conquered by the cheque book, the Labor Federal member for Riverina (Mr. A. J. Grassby) said yesterday." - The Age, July 19th. Melbourne.

Mr. Grassby was indirectly attacking the policy of "capital inflow" through which the Government is selling out the national assets of Australia to foreign interests. The technique being used to achieve this act of folly is a system of accountancy, which has been elevated to become the master rather than the servant. Australia's great natural assets, her mineral wealth of nickel, iron ore, coal, copper, etc., is being ripped from her bowels as fast as modern techniques of production will allow and is being shipped out, not for the benefit of Australia or future Australians, but will in fact ensure that Australia and our coming generations have little or no future. They will inherit what Mr. Callaghan of the Commonwealth Bank recently described as "an international quarry hole."

We recently pointed out how the use of the same techniques in chequebook accountancy is being used to transfer control over Australia's greatest national asset, the wool industry, into the hands of international banking groups. Their agent, Sir William Gunn made it clear (O.T. July 2) that the international bankers would agree to a financial solution to the survival of the Australian wool industry based upon government control of the industry. The government will administer the asset bought and delivered to the bankers, "conquered by cheque book", in the words of Mr. Grassby.

Licensing as now proposed in the dairying industry, and as being pursued in Europe under the Mansholt plan in the E.E.C. will be the next step. In the final analysis, those controlling finance will then foreclose on assets, which for so long have been in pawn to them. The path towards the administration of such world socialism will be through the kept and tame politicians so busily engaged in selling out our national assets in return for political privilege and handouts. Australian farmers will no doubt have noticed that hard on the demand by Sir William Gunn for acquisition of the Australian wool clip in return for financial support from European bankers, Mr. Anthony dutifully declared that he favoured acquisition within the next few years.
The sellout goes on apace. And we have no doubt that the same Mr. Anthony now supporting Government control of the production and distribution of wool will have the effrontery to present himself as an anti-Communist at the next Federal Elections'.


"Canberra - The Australian Government has been regularly impounding information material sent from Rhodesia to the Rhodesian Government's information centre in Sydney. The Foreign Affairs Department says this in a reply to the United Nations Secretary-General. (U - Thant) Disclosure of the Customs Department's confiscation follows a report to the UN Security Council by its 15 members sanctions committee. " - The Age, Melbourne, July 21.

The above item of news should shock at least a few Australians into a realisation that their Federal Government has abdicated some of its policy-making authority to the UN, where the Marxists exert enormous influence and control. The same Australian Government, which abjectly acts on the instructions of the UN to prevent a friendly, anti-Communist Rhodesia from sending information to Australians takes no steps to prevent Communist propaganda from overseas countries being imported. Red china can send all the printed material it likes.

It is an opportune time to also draw attention to the little -known fact that mails between Australia and South Africa, and Rhodesia, have been seriously disrupted by Trade Union action in Sydney. If Australians writing to friends or relatives in South Africa have wondered why they have had no acknowledgment to recent letters, it is probable that their letters are still in the large number of mail bags piled up in Sydney, where they are to remain until the South African rugby tour of Australia is finished. We know of at least one Australian family seriously affected by this boycott of their correspondence to South Africa, and vice versa.
We are not aware of any Federal Government action to ensure that there is no hold up of the mail of Australians.

With the McMahon Government openly hankering after increased export prospects in Red China, and the general international move towards seating Red China in the UN, there is no doubt that the policy makers at Canberra are stressing that nothing must be done concerning Southern Africa which might upset "world opinion", particularly as there is increasing pressure at the UN to have Australia listed as a "racist" nation . Australia has been moved up into the front line of the struggle for the world. It desperately wants a Government, which will boldly proclaim that it regards Southern Africa of the greater strategic importance, and that it will not support any further offensive policies against South Africa, Rhodesia, or the Portuguese.


Mr. Hawke and the ACTU have expressed their righteous indignation of the apartheid (separate development) policy of the South African Government. It would be instructive to have Mr. Hawke's views on the Israeli Government's policy of apartheid against the Arabs, but we presume that Mr. Hawke would not wish to say anything to upset Australian Political Zionists who paid for his trip to Israel. But it would be instructive to hear what Mr. Hawke has to say about the efforts to the ACTU and affiliated Unions in improving the conditions of pastoral workers in Australia. We specifically refer to Section 12, clause (2), sub-section (d) of the Workers' Accommodation Act of 1952 and Regulations, which reads: "Workers of any Asiatic or Pacific Island race shall be provided with sleeping quarters in a building separate from any building in which sleeping quarters are provided for workers who are not of such a race.


"Canberra - For Australia to insist that Taiwan was an Independent nation would be an act of sabotage against President Nixon's proposed trip to China, the Leader of the Federal Opposition (Mr. Whitlam) said yesterday. He was speaking to the National Press Club on the ALP delegation to Peking. " The Advertiser, Adelaide, July 27th.

Returning to Australia with glowing stories of the vast export market awaiting Australia in Red China - if Australia will submit to Red Chinese blackmail and grant Red China diplomatic recognition - Mr. Gough Whitlam is making it brutally clear that he wants Taiwan to be sacrificed to the criminals in Peking. As the Red Chinese have successfully used Mr. Whitlam to carry their propaganda, we have no doubt that Mr. Whitlam is echoing their view when he said at the Canberra press club that the Red Chinese expected a "diminution of the American military presence in their vicinity."
The Red Chinese look forward to a comparatively defenceless Taiwan. As distinct from the question of recognising Peking, Mr. Whitlam should be asked does he favour that the 16 million people of Taiwan should be sacrificed to Peking. A definite answer should be demanded on this point.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159