Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

13 August 1971. Thought for the Week: "Because the signs of our times point to a struggle between absolutes we may expect the future to be a time of trials and catastrophes for two reasons: firstly, to stop disintegration. Godlessness would go on and on if there were no catastrophes...God will not allow unrighteousness to become eternal. Revolution, disintegration, chaos must be reminders that our thinking has been wrong, our dreams have been unholy. Moral truth is vindicated by the ruin that follows when it has been repudiated.
Adversity is the expression of God's condemnation of evil, the registering of Divine Judgment. As hell is not sin, but the effect of sin, so these disordered times are not sin, but the wages of sin, catastrophe reveals that evil is self-defeating; we cannot turn from God without hurting ourselves."
Bishop Fulton Sheen in Communism and the Conscience of the West. (1948)


"The Deputy Prime Minister (Mr. Anthony) yesterday accused the Australian League of Rights, the extreme Right-wing movement, of trying to use the Country Party to 'push its own views'. Mr. Anthony, who is leader of the Country Party, told the party's SA branch annual conference at Nuriootpa, in the Barossa Valley, that the league was trying to 'horn in on the Country Party's own objectives'. He warned country people of the dangers of becoming involved with the League . . .." - The Age, Melbourne, August 7th.

The full story of the mounting national campaign of smearing The Australian League of Rights must remain for the future. But the campaign has now proceeded to the stage where it has become a major national political issue. We will be surprised if the campaign is not carried into the Federal Parliament when it reassembles next week.

Having succeeded by his consciously extreme statements against the League, South Australian ALP Member Clyde Cameron must have been delighted when the Federal Country Party leader, Mr. Anthony over-reacted to hotly dispute the charge that the Country Party "was a creature of the League." Mr. Anthony went on to say, "I want to dissociate the Country Party from any connection with the League of Rights. " He then launched into a vicious attack on the League, one of his charges being that the League was "pro-Nazi." The Advertiser, Adelaide, which had featured on its front page the initial attack on the League in South Australia by Mr. Martin Cameron, recently elected LCL Legislative Councillor, and Mr. Clyde Cameron, ALP. carried the Anthony attack on page 3. It was left to the Melbourne Age of Saturday, August 7th, to feature Mr. Anthony's allegations on the front page under the headline: EXTREMISTS THREATEN CP, SAYS ANTHONY.
Until the event of the Anthony attack, the Melbourne daily press had not carried any reports on the nation-wide anti-League campaign. But now it joined in the chorus of hate and vilification. The Sun of August 7th carried a small report on the Anthony contribution. Needless to say, The Australian continued to play the same steady anti-League role it has played since the beginning of the campaign.

Then on Saturday, August 7th, the leader of the Victorian Country Party, Mr. P. Ross-Edwards, took up the campaign with some silly comments, which enabled Mr. Eric Butler to score heavily in the Melbourne Herald. On Friday evening, Mr. Butler had been rushed at short notice to appear in the ABC national TV program. "This Day Tonight", where he participated with Mr. Roy Earle, Queensland State Director of The Institute of Economic Democracy, in a defence of the League and its policies.

An editorial in The Age of last Monday was a classic sample of vicious smearing. Mr. Anthony is commended for his effort, but it is observed, "Mr. Anthony's comments should not be interpreted as arising from fear of the League of Rights. " If Mr. Anthony does not fear the League, and there is no reason why he should if he genuinely means to attempt to implement the many excellent policies of his own Party, then why has he joined the national anti-League campaign? Why has the Federal Secretariat of the Country Party prepared a most dishonest report on the League for widespread distribution? These and similar questions must be asked by every opponent of Socialism and Communism in Australia.
It may be that Mr. L.H. Wilksch, the delegate at the South Australian Country Party conference who told Mr. Anthony that he "was out of his depth in his criticism", is correct. But who is "advising" Mr. Anthony on a course which can only react disastrously against the Country Party?


"With the Springboks rugby team only hours out of the country, anti-apartheid organisers in Sydney yesterday released details of how they would stop cricket matches during the proposed tour by South Africa this summer. The organiser of the anti-apartheid movement (Mr. Peter MacGregor) said that if the tour went on the cricketers would face a campaign of mirror flashing, walking in front of sight boards and loud local distraction." - The Age, Melbourne, August 10th.

One might easily react to the threats of Mr. Peter MacGregor and his colleagues by describing them as manifestations of the larrikinism now so prevalent in Australia. It is right that even if they are attending Universities, the MacGregors should be described as arrogant larrikins who know no law except that of the gutter. But this approach misses the more important point that those master-minding the anti-South African campaign are, with the aid of much of the mass media, conducting a brilliant dialectical exercise.

A typical example of the dialectical approach to the question of South African sporting teams is provided in a letter to The Australian, of August 10, by a John E. Renshaw and Ian Gillman, Dean and Secretary respectively, of the joint Faculty of Theology of Brisbane. These two gentlemen are "implacably opposed to racism and to other affronts to human dignity - wherever found." They conclude by stating "We believe, therefore, that in view of all the circumstances, including our obligation to the world community and the threat of a further explosive social situation, the cricket tour should be cancelled. "

The essence of this argument is as follows: - We and a small minority have decided that we are the source of all truth concerning South Africa. Those who have concluded that South African internal policies have considerable merit have automatically demonstrated that they are so wicked and perverted that their viewpoint should not be tolerated, even if they are a majority. The violent activities of the demonstrators against South African sportsmen, and the threat of worse to come, have resulted in the police taking firm action, with the great majority of the Australian people obviously against the demonstrators. As the violent minority is acting in accordance with truth, it is the majority and the police who are in the wrong, and who are therefore responsible for the "explosive social-situation". . Therefore, the cricket tour should be stopped - or Mr. MacGregor and his fellow "idealists" will, in the words of Mr. MacGregor, "disrupt" the cricket matches because "such a high degree of concentration is needed in playing cricket."
Clearly these experts on dialectics do not believe that it is an affront to human dignity to shine a mirror in the eyes of a concentrating South African batsman.
If those promoting the anti-South African campaign are successful in having the cricket tour stopped, Communist global strategy against Southern Africa will be further advanced. And it would be a major defeat for the very foundations of a civilised society - the rule of law.

The enormous amount of finance being invested in the anti-South African campaign is further evidence of the real motives of those promoting it. It has been estimated that the total cost of the Australian anti-South African rugby tour was $15,000, with more than $85,000 provided for bail for the 850 arrested demonstrators. Mr. Greg Macaulay of the Australian Union of Students, at least on the surface the main co-coordinating body for the anti-South African campaign, was carrying $45,000 in cash for bail the Friday before the first Rugby Test in Sydney. By Saturday morning there was $60,000 in the, bail fund. Mr. Macaulay is quoted by The Age investigator Ben Hills (Age, August 10th) as saying, "If we had needed it we could have raised $100,000 in cash money that afternoon."
It is ironic that $1,580 of the cost of the anti-South African campaign was provided by the Commonwealth-financed committee for the United Nations' year against "racial discrimination." The committee granted $680 towards Bishop Crowther's visit. The Australian Broadcasting Commission also helped to meet the Bishop's expenses by paying him $200 for a series of religious talks on radio. The Communist-front organisation, the Association for International Co-operation and Disarmament admits to raising $50,000 of the bail fund. But there are many unanswered questions about who actually provided the substantial funds for the total anti-South African operation.


Victoria: Monday, August 30th, 8 p.m. Collins Room, Federal Hotel, Melbourne Mrs. Jean Luscombe of Brisbane, editor of Ladies Line, speaks on the mounting attack on the family.
Saturday September 18th, League's National "Heritage Seminar", Melbourne, starting at 2 p.m.

WA: West Australian Annual State Dinner and Seminar, September 11th. For all information ring Mr. Ray White 74 6625 or 71 9190. Mrs. Jean Luscombe guest speaker at Dinner and Seminar. Mr. Don Maisey, Federal Country Party MP. will speak on "The Family Unit - Has It a Future in the Seventies" Mrs. Maughan C.W.A. State President will speak on "Women In The Rural Crisis."


"Sydney - Anzac Day marches and the RSL were not in the interests of world peace, a visiting American psychiatrist said yesterday. The psychiatrist, Dr. J. D. Frank, said remembrance ceremonies and ex-service organisations in any country perpetuated obsolete standards."- The Age, Melbourne, August 10th.

Dr. Frank is professor of psychiatrity at the John Hopkins University School of medicine, Baltimore, U.S.A., and is described as "an international figure in discussions on the psychological aspects of war". Dr. Frank is opposed to nationalism, and, needless to say, believes that ultimately a world government "was man's best hope for survival".

In the nature of reality, a world government must be world tyranny. The individual can only develop himself in that group to which he belongs. Genuine nationalism, with the emphasis on diversity, is a natural law. It is not nationalism, which is the basic cause of military conflict, but excessive power in the hands of men who like the Marxists believe that world victory for International Communism is "historically inevitable. " The Dr. Franks of the world are eroding resistance to tyranny by attacking patriotic ceremonies.


"New York. - The United States yesterday recorded yet another frightening rise in unemployment - but the Government said: 'Don't panic.' In the face of one of the most worrying times in the American economy since the crash of 1929, Administration officials staggered the money world by pronouncing that things were better than they thought they were. " - The Sunday Australian, August 8th.

We do not like saying, "We told you so", but we have warned consistently over the years that if the West continued to attempt to operate its finance-economic system on principles obviously false, then a dreadful day of reckoning would have to come. Speaking at the Monash University on July 26, the Cassels lecturer on Economics at that holy of holies, the London School of Economics, Professor A. Waters, frankly admitted that economic events had over the past twenty years flatly contradicted the textbooks. Keynes had been shown to be wrong. Professor Waters admitted that the drastic reduction in wage costs through unemployment was not halting inflation.
We did not see this confession in the press.

The Marxists are well aware that the non-Communist nations are doomed to increasing internal convulsions, and growing conflict with one another, if they will not modify financial policies of rapidly expanding debt, heavy taxation, and progressive inflation which makes further economic and political centralisation inevitable.

The desperate men at Canberra, currently engaged in tearing the Government to pieces, are, like the politicians in all non-Communist nations, now being driven blindly before the storm of events. They will even accept the criminals in Peking as men who might help them to solve their problems, by providing them with a bigger export market. The international financial groups pressing President Nixon to recognise Red China are the same groups who in the 'thirties pressed for the recognition of the Soviet Union. They are the groups responsible for the current American crisis. The world is on the verge of shattering events. The time for constructive action grows shorter.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159