Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

20 August 1971. Thought for the Week: "The essence of Parliamentary government is that it is responsible. The member is responsible to his constituency, the Minister is responsible to the Cabinet, the Cabinet is responsible to the House, and the House is responsible to the country. The danger of all bureaucracy is that it is irresponsible and anonymous. Nobody knows who drafted a Departmental regulation, which may affect the property, the convenience, or even the liberty of millions.
Dr. C.K. Allen, eminent English authority on Constitutionalism.


"The infiltration of the Australian League of Rights into the Country and Liberal parties, first brought to national prominence by the Review on July 11th, has continued in the ensuring weeks to cause concern among senior parliamentarians of both parties. Last week the Country Party's leader spoke out strongly against the ALR and its secretariat issued a confidential report on the League, which is reproduced here." - The Review, August 20th.

Many loyal Country Party supporters are going to find it most embarrassing that a sick journal like The Review, edited by Mr. Richard Walsh of Oz fame, should be able to produce a "confidential" report prepared by the Country Party secretariat. This report is a sloppy rehash of smear material, which the Marxists and their allies have been using up and down Australia for years. It has not been readily available to Country Party members, only selected members being shown copies of the report. The idea behind this tactic is to hope that in repeating what is allegedly in the report, Country Party members may unconsciously embellish and increase the smear campaign against The Australian League of Rights.

But this new all-time low for the Country Party can only react against the Party - as it was designed to do by those who led the Country Party into a dangerous political ambush. We can well understand the Country Party leaders feeling that they are in a desperate political situation, particularly with an increasing number of their own supporters asking bluntly when some effort is going to be made to implement Country Party policy.

For over twenty years the Country Party has been able to placate the rural community. Conservatively minded and loyal, rural Australians supported what they felt was the strong anti-Communist policy of the Country Party. They felt that the Federal Country Party, which is now charging the League of Rights of being a "racist" organisation, meant what it said about defending the "White Australia" policy. It was true that inflation continued, and that the primary producers' financial costs were getting progressively heavier. But the primary producers were told by those elected to represent them, that everything would turn out all right. The primary producers increased production, attempted to cut costs still further - and like the famous Mr. Micamber, waited for something to turn up.
But just as the League's specialist Division, The Institute of Economic Democracy, had been warning for years nothing turned up. The position continued to deteriorate.
Then the Country Party, which used to boast about decentralisation, openly supported the Marxist-type "rural reconstruction" scheme.

The League exposed the Marxist roots of this scheme in They Want Your Land, The Country Party leaders joined with the Keynesian economists in denouncing this exposure. But as the situation deteriorated even more rapidly in the rural areas, tens of thousands of primary producers began to realise that The Institute of Economic Democracy had been correct. The moment of truth had arrived for the Country Party. It had been overtaken by events. It had been found out.

Increasing numbers of members of the Country Party began to realise that instead of fighting to prevent increasing interest charges, heavier taxation and other impositions on the rural community, too many members of the Federal Country Party were more interested in struggling with one another to gain the plums of Ministerial office. And acting on the advice given by The Australian League of Rights, a growing number of informed members of the rural communities have been using some plain blunt language in talking to their paid political representatives.

Unable to meet the constructive pressure, Mr. Anthony and some of his colleagues - not all of them - have been misled into a desperate smear of the League of Rights. And waiting ready to exploit the situation were those who have no interest in the rural community, but who fed out the filth for which the Country Party must now accept responsibility.

If the Country Party feels that the financial policies being put forward by the Institute are no contribution to the destructive inflation now convulsing every non-Communist nation, then why does it not debate and discuss these in a rational, civilised manner? Why does it have to get down to the level of those who produced Gott's little hate booklet, which purports to expose the Australian League of Rights, but which merely repeats smears against the League's National Director, and which had their origin with the Communist conspiracy back during the Second World War.

The Commonwealth Attorney-General has stated in answer to many letters that the Australian League of Rights is a loyal and patriotic organisation, and that there is no evidence whatever to show that it is other than a reputable organisation. We trust that decent Country Party members will ask their Federal Country Party members if they support the political filth being issued y the Party's secretariat. They should demand that this be withdrawn in the best interests of the Country Party. If it is not withdrawn The Australian League of Rights proposes to take firm action against those responsible. The Federal Country Party leader, Mr. D. Anthony, has been written to privately by the National Director of The League of Rights, offering him the opportunity to correct what can only prove disastrous for the Country Party if persisted with.


We are pleased to advise that a limited supply of the famous book - WITNESS, by Whittaker Chambers, is now available. Chambers, who rose to become an assistant-editor of an internationally known magazine, spent years in the 'underground' of the Communist Party in the U.S.A. The book tells of the mental torment of a man who becomes disillusioned with the faith of dialectical materialism, and of his struggle back to Christianity. A penetrating insight is given into the workings of the Communist underground, culminating in the now historic Hiss-Chambers trial. (President Nixon, then a Senator, played an important part in the ultimate conviction of Alger Hiss). Price $4-35 within Victoria; $4-55 South Australia Tas. & N.S.W., $4-65 W.A. & Qld. post free from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, Vic., 3001.


"President Nixon's decision to press for the establishment of a new world monetary system sent shock waves around the world last night". - The Age, Melbourne, 17th August.

There have been recurrent financial crises this century, which have plagued the industrially advanced nations of the world. There have been devaluations, balance of payments emergencies, the gold crisis of a handful of years back; and now the dollar crisis. We have asserted all along, and we again re-emphasise that the monetary system, followed by all Western nations, contains the seeds of its own destruction, and will collapse. This was forecast over 50 years ago by the late C.H. Douglas, who demonstrated mathematically (he was one of Britain's foremost mathematicians of the time) that this could not be otherwise. We have been expecting something like this from the U.S.A. for some months now. It is germane to print what Myers' Finance Review (U.S.A.) had to say on November 6th, 1970
..."The U.S. Treasury has already printed up an enormous supply of new currency differing markedly from the present denominations. The report is that the new currency will be used internally in the U.S., and that all the old currency within the U.S. will be called in. The old currency, as long as it continues to exist, will be used outside the U.S.A.....But for many months I have been receiving reports that the Treasury has been stocked with huge color presses. It seems to me that this internal U.S. currency would in itself be a most effective foreign exchange control. It is not redeemable, it could not be converted in Euro-Dollars."

The U.S.A. has a serious balance of payments deficit, and the measures announced by President Nixon aim to 'cure' this economic ailment. The President brought down a vastly expansionary budget last year in order to stimulate the American economy. This hasn't happened, and there is inflation to boot. Non-Government American economists estimate the U.S. inflation rate to be 10% Professor A. A. Waters, Cassel Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, has stated that modern economics has failed. He stated this in his address given at Monash University (Melbourne) on 26th July. He coined the word - "stagflation" - the phenomenon of rapid inflation along with exceptionally high levels of unemployment, as is the case now in Britain and the U.S. A. His own words are . . . "I believe that over the last few years economics has experienced a humiliating failure".

The world economic outlook is grim; as forecast over 50 years ago. The International Communist apparatus will exploit to the full the social chaos that will automatically ensue from a general world economic collapse. The two are hand in glove!


Monday. August 30th, 8p.m., Collins Room, Federal Hotel, Melbourne. Mrs. Jean Luscombe editor of Ladies Line speaks on the mounting attacks on the family.

West Australian Annual State Dinner and Seminar, September 11th. 2.30 p.m. "Women in The Rural Crisis", Mrs. N. Maugham, CWA State President. 3.45 p.m. Mr. Don Maisey, MP. speaks on the family farm. 8 p.m. "Now: About Rocking The Cradle", by Mrs. Jean Luscombe. Venue for Seminar and Dinner: Park Towers, Hay Street.
Dinner and Seminar, $5-00 per person, Seminar only: $1-50 per person. Tickets from Mr. Ray White, Box 16 Inglewood. Or ring Mr. White at 74 6625 (Priv.) or 71 9180 (bus.).

National League Seminar, to launch The Australian Heritage Society, Saturday, September 18th, Melbourne, starting at 2 p.m. Papers by the Hon. George Reid, M.P. Sir C. Stanton Hicks, Sir Raphael Cilento. Entrance $l-00


The National Director of The Australian League of Rights, Mr. Eric Butler, and the Secretary of the Institute of Economic Democracy, Mr. Jeremy Lee, will participate in a debate with two of the League's foremost critics. The Institute of Economic Democracy is a specialist division of the League, which concerns itself with the economic problems of the rural industries. The two critics of the League are Dr. Leigh Wallman, and Mr. Edward St. John, Q.C. Dr. Wallman has been prominent in the Liberal Party, and Mr. St. John has clashed with Mr. Butler in the past over the South Africa issue. Our latest information is that the debate is to be videotaped on Saturday, the 2lst August, and is to be screened on THIS DAY TO -NIGHT (Channel 2 A.B.C.) on Monday, 23rd August, at 7.30 p.m.
We can't give an ironclad guarantee that the date will be Monday 23rd, but that's the best information we have. Should the debate not be shown on this day, then watch succeeding days.


"Universities adapted, changed, and survived by taking a long, hard look at the long-term results, a pro-Vice-Chancellor of Melbourne's Monash University, Professor J.M. Swan, said yesterday". - The Australian, August 17th.

He rebuffed the revolutionary activities of the students in his address to the Australian Union of Students. He told them that they want everything, and they want it now, in contrast to the long-suffering university administrator who is wholly concerned with favourable long-term results. This, of course, is the impetuousness of youth, attributable in the main, to the young's necessary lack of experience of life. The irritating reality of this situation is that the communists, and their dupes, play upon these qualities of the modern student.

The student has replaced the 'wharfie' as revolutionary material - this happened years ago. The student is young, inexperienced, idealistic, of higher intelligence, pampered, kneaded in the High Schools by communist or pro-communist teachers. He has an income, usually a Commonwealth or State scholarship, and he has the time for activities outside those of mere economic necessity, as is not the case with nearly every person reading these lines. Ideal revolutionary material!

The public is sick and tired of the stupidities of undisciplined children at our universities. Undisciplined children need discipline. If the authorities at the universities are unable to impose this; and they are really not molded for this responsibility, then other means have to be brought forth to deal with this new situation. The communists have probed a basic weakness in university administration. Various suggestions have been put forth, all with some merit. We believe that the scholarships should be paid to the parent of guardian, and not to the student directly, in order to put more authority back into parental hands. If convicted of a civil offence, students should be expelled, and the scholarship immediately cancelled.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159