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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

17 September 1971. Thought for the Week: "The cost of government has become great and the consequent burden of taxation so heavy that the system of free enterprise which built our great material strength has become imperiled. The rights of individuals and communities have rapidly been curtailed in the advance towards centralised power and the spiritual and material strength amassed through our original concept of a federation - erected upon the local responsibility and autonomy of its several components - shows marked deterioration."
The late General Douglas MacArthur addressing the Texas Legislature. June 13th, 1951.


"Geneva, September 10th - The World Council of Churches, already bitterly resented by the South African Government for its support of African nationalist groups today granted further funds for organisations opposing racism. The WCC announced from its headquarters here that it was giving $200,000 to anti-racism organisations in South Africa and elsewhere. - The Age. Melbourne, September 11th.

South Africa continues to be one of the major strategic targets of International Communism. The Marxist strategists are no doubt highly delighted that the World Council of Churches has given further respectability to the Communist-backed African terrorist organisations masquerading as "freedom fighters." The Church Times, London, August 6th, carries a most informative letter by the Bishop of Mashonaland, Rhodesia, making nonsense of the claim that the WCC grants to terrorist "liberators" are "right." The Bishop a critic of the Rhodesian Government, says that aid in money to the two Rhodesian terrorist organisations ZANU and ZAPU, appears to him "uninformed and unethical."

As for the wives and children who are supposed to benefit, the members of these two organisations in Zambia and Tanzania are not allowed to have their wives with them. The money sent to Zambia and Tanzania cannot reach their families and so "can only be spent on men preparing for violent attacks upon this country" (Rhodesia.) The stark truth is that at least part of the WCC financial grants will be used to assist African terrorists, many of them trained by the Communists in Communist countries, to murder their fellow-Africans in order to advance the Communist drive against Southern Africa.

Following the recent summit conference of the Organisation for African Unity (OAU) in Addis Ababa, a resolution was carried stating, "there exists no basis for a meaningful dialogue with the minority regime of South Africa."
This resolution was hailed by both Moscow and Peking as a momentous decision. Like the term "racism", "minority regime" was originally coined by the Marxists to use in their campaign of psychological warfare. The term "minority regime" is one, which defies precise definition, but it could be perhaps applied to the ruling cliques in Moscow and Peking. It can certainly be applied to nearly all the African States, where one-party tyranny is the norm.
No "world opinion" is being mobilised against these African States.

The WCC appears to be silent on the "racism " being imposed by the Africans against the Indians in Kenya. We do not visualise any worldwide protests against Kenyan sporting teams because of their Government's policy concerning the Indians!

As observed by the South African Ambassador to Australia, Mr. Mills, while the cancellation of the South African cricket tour was regrettable, it will have no bearing whatever upon the South African policy of separate development, generally described as apartheid. We liked the comment of one South African who said that as the Australians had obviously surrendered to the threat of violence from a small minority, it was much better not to have anything to do with such a "weak" nation. But even if supported by the World Council of Churches, the African terrorists hold no fears for the South Africans. Informed South Africans know that African terrorists are only the front-runners for the real threat to come: that of the Red Chinese, now flooding into Tanzania. They are much more concerned about Moscow and Peking - and the incredible stupidity of the non-Communist nations who give aid and comfort to the common Marxist enemy.


"London, September 13th - Bernadette Devlin, the Roman Catholic civil rights leader, bitterly denounced the Eire Prime Minister (Mr. Lynch) at a rally in Belfast yesterday. She accused him of supporting 'British Imperialism' ". - The Age, Melbourne, September 14th.

It is a monstrous distortion of fact to describe Miss Bernadette Devlin as "the Roman Catholic civil rights leader. " Miss Devlin is a professed Marxist, and she is backed by the International Marxist movement, which is making a major effort to turn the whole of Ireland into a Cuba right at the British backdoor. During a visit to the U.S.A. early this year, Miss Devlin told the Irish-American weekly, Irish Echo, "We are too far to the left to be Communists if you speak of communism in the Soviet sense. Soviet Communists are 50 per cent Communists who want half-withdrawal from Vietnam and 50 per cent changes here and there. We are, in fact, far left and they are far right. In fact we are true Communists."

The use of terror by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) is designed to break down completely law and order in Ulster as a preliminary to imposing a Marxist Government. In one of the great classics of our times, Witness, Whittaker Chambers refers to the long-time influence of the International Communist conspiracy in the IRA. The IRA is illegal in both Northern Ireland and the Eire Republic. But it has managed successfully to use Eire as a base from which to operate. Those using the IRA, and revolutionaries like Bernadette Devlin, have no interest in the grievances, real or imagined of Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland.

The most significant and encouraging part of The Age report quoted above was buried towards the end. It read, "Leading Roman Catholic churchmen joined yesterday in condemning the gangs of Republican guerrillas now terrorising Ulster. A statement signed by Cardinal William Conway, Catholic Primate of All Ireland, and five fellow bishops, asked: 'Who in his sane senses wants to bomb a million Protestants into a United Ireland?"
The bishops went on to condemn "the vicious evil of intimidation, from whatever source", and appealed to Catholics to realise the genuine fears and deep frustrations of the Protestant community.
We find it thought provoking that instead of this important statement being headlined, it was the views of the Marxist Bernadette Devlin, which were featured.


"A Labor member said yesterday a phone caller had threatened his life, because he mentioned the League of Rights in Parliament. Mr. R.F.Jackson (Lab. Heathcote) told the NSW Legislative Assembly he had received four threatening phone calls at Parliament House last Thursday and Friday, and two letters. " - The Australian, September 8th.

Asked to comment on Mr. Jackson's allegations by a Sydney morning paper Mr. Eric Butler, National Director of The League of Rights, said that without appearing to be offensive to Mr. Jackson, he had until questioned never even heard of Mr. Jackson. As for his suggestion that his life had been threatened because he had attacked the League of Rights Mr. Butler said that he "could not possibly comment realistically on such incredible rubbish."

Upon investigating we find that Mr. Jackson asked in the NSW Parliament on August 21st about the alleged infiltration of the League into the Country Party. We have no doubt that Labor Member Jackson's questions were designed to further the nation-wide smear against the League. The Australian report also said that Mr. Jackson's car had been broken into and a briefcase and correspondence stolen. The report then went on, "The League of Rights is a right-wing political organisation recently attacked by the Federal leader of the Country Party, Mr. Anthony, following its activity in some Country Party areas. "
The techniques of attempted smearing against the League are following a well-known pattern.


"Canberra - A Liberal backbencher (Mr. D. Cameron) last night condemned the Post Office over increased postal charges. 'I for one am no longer prepared to come into this House to constantly support, year, in year out, increases to the postal and telecommunication charges', he told the House of Representatives. " - The Age, Melbourne, September 14th.

At last there are signs that some Members of the Federal Parliament are beginning to ask serious questions about the manner in which the PMG is being operated. The Government has taken the easy line that the astronomical increase in all charges in recent years is basically caused by increased wages. But now that even the "reputable" economists have had to admit that inflation is not halted by reducing wage costs through increased unemployment the truth must be faced that wage increases are an effect, a stimulating effect, not a basic cause of inflation.

The basic cause is inherent in the present Keynesian finance economic policies. The Government is responsible for those policies. It is also responsible for intensifying inflation by its policy of financing PMG capital works out of taxation, the taxation only being loaned to the PMG which has to be repaid, plus interest.
Speaking in the Federal Parliament on September 13th, Labor Member W. Morrison, charged the Government with "playing a game of monopoly" and using the PMG as a taxing instrument.

It is outrageous that what is supposed to be a public service organisation should be used to tax people twice, and to force them to pay interest on their own taxation. If this policy were stopped, all PMG charges could be at least modified. The unnecessary stimulation of all communication charges is contributing substantially to inflation. Taxpayers should protest to their Members in the strongest possible language - just on this one point.


"Only a fool would now argue that an acceleration in the rate of private spending will take up the slack created by Mr. Snedden's deflationary Budget for 1971-72, " - Economist Kenneth Davidson in The Australian, September 10th.

While the Labor Party, is quite naturally, attempting to make political capital out of the possibility of a major recession, there is no doubt that unless the Federal Government relaxes its present financial policies, Australia is moving towards the type of situation now prevailing in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and the U.S.A. Mr. Davidson observes that "The Government brought down a tough budget in order to bring wage cost inflation under control by allowing the underlying rate of unemployment to drift up. But inflation continues while organisations like the Bank of New South Wales and the Associated Chambers of Manufactures warn that the economy is "running down.

In Australia as elsewhere, events are now dramatically overtaking the theories of the Keynesian economists. Within the framework of Keynesian economics, a society must move progressively towards increasing centralised controls. Every crisis is used to justify this increasing concentration of power and control, as witnessed in the U.S.A. at present, where a Republican Administration is claiming that it is "inevitable" to continue on the Socialist road.

Which ever variant of Keynesian techniques is applied at present in Australia, we can predict with complete certainty what the results will be more centralisation of power, less control by the individual over his own affairs, progressive inflation and heavy taxation.

Economic stability, without inflation or deflation, is obviously possible. Electors must demand that the Government put its highly paid experts to work to produce this result. If the present experts say they are incapable of breaking away from Keynesian concepts they should be replaced by experts who are capable of a little original thinking.


The Hon. Andrew Peacock, Minister assisting the Treasurer, in a recent letter: "there is no evidence of a limit beyond which the individual cannot be taxed. "
Mr. Peacock's gem reminds us of a famous statement made by Sir Josiah Stamp, a Director of the Bank of "England" before the Second World War: "While a few years ago no one would have believed it possible that a scale of taxation such as that at present existing could be imposed upon the British public without revolution, I have every hope that with skilful education and propaganda this scale can be very considerably raised."


"America, in a new move to normalise relations with Red China, has decided to set up a trade office in Peking, Tokyo's mass circulation paper Mainichi said today.
The paper, quoting Japanese Government sources, said the American Government expected to set up the office before President Nixon flew into the Chinese capital for his visit sometime before May next year. " - The Australian. September 10th.

The above information indicates one of the vital clues in the dramatic shift of American foreign policy towards Red China. The Nixon Administration hopes to help solve the American finance-economic crisis by gaining access to what it believes will be a vast expanding market in Red China. Japanese businessmen are thinking in a similar vein. Some of them are extremely unhappy as a result of the Nixon barrier to attempt to slow down the flood of Japanese exports to the U.S.A. Japanese - American relations are at their lowest for a long time.

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