Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 October 1971. Thought for the Week: "You cannot fight a system, you can only fight the people who put a system into operation. You cannot fight robbery, you can fight only robbers. You cannot fight malaria, you can only destroy mosquitoes. One of the most pestilential features of our present civilization is the idea that if someone is paid by an organization to do an injustice, the responsibility for the injustice lies upon the organization, and not upon him".
C.H. Douglas in "Dictatorship By Taxation"


"The United Nations has extended for two years the contract of a Russian information official - two days after he was described in a news report as a 'veteran KGB officer'. A spokesman for the Secretary-General, U Thant, said the Russian mission had agreed yesterday to allow Vladimir P. Pavlichenko to serve two more years as director of external relations for the UN Office of Public Information". - The Australian, October 7th.

Mr. Pavlichenko has been identified by American security authorities as an agent of the Russian espionage agency and that one of his key assignments was to make contact if possible with American scientists. The KGB man has reacted in typical Communist manner to the allegations against him: They are "slanderous and false". This is what the Soviet spokesmen have charged concerning the espionage agents the British Government has expelled from the United Kingdom. We can imagine the type of "information" provided from the UN by a KGB agent!

Patriots who draw attention to the domination of UN key positions by Communists are "extremists" - and, of course, "fascists". Those who wish to understand the role of the Soviet in establishing and using the UN to advance International Communism, should read, The Fearful Master, (by G.Edward Griffin) $l-18 post free) the book rubbished by Mr. McMahon when he was Minister for External Affairs.


"Brisbane detectives last night raided the Communist Party printing office in Brisbane and seized more than 300 Women's Liberation sex education pamphlets". - The Australian, October 9th.

The Queensland Police Commissioner, Mr. Whitrod stated that the pamphlets seized were similar to those which Women's Liberation Movement members distributed outside Brisbane High Schools a couple of weeks ago. We are not in the least surprised that there has been found in Australia this concrete evidence of a link between the Women's Liberation and the Communist Party. Students of Communism know full well that a major aim of the Communists is to destroy the morale of the West as a prelude to an all-out attack on it. This is being done in many different ways - the promotion of sex, drugs, pornography, is some of them.

An issue of an Italian Communist Party publication stated its aims thus: - "As a tactical policy, our aim is to defend an enterprise that is pornographic.... condone homosexuality… praise actors in such plays (pornographic) as champions of freedom…. such bourgeois people, however cynical and contemptible they may be, are fighting on our side. They are in effect, ants working voluntarily, and without pay for us, as they eat the very roots of bourgeois society". Morally corrupt people do not and cannot fight for moral principles; have not the will to resist Evil. The Communist strategy is to remove the people with moral principles - by corruption Satanic? Yes!


"It is not so easy now to say we are against Socialism, because, when you come to think of it, we are not, never have been, and we are not". - Mr. J.G. Gorton in The Sun, Melbourne, October 6th.

It isn't so very long ago that Mr. McMahon, the present Prime Minister, said, on his assumption of office, that he would be "very anti-Communist and anti-Socialist". He accused Mr. Whitlam, the Leader of the Opposition, of allowing himself to be "played like a trout" by Premier Chou En Lai during Mr. Whitlam's recent visit to China. Now the ex-Prime Minister, Mr. John Grey Gorton, former Parliamentary Leader of the Liberal Party, states that the Liberals are not against Socialism, never have been etc. This is evidence enough of the great flounder that is Liberal Party policy and cohesion.
Mr. Gorton also added, on his A.B.C. T.V. appearance that the differences, which were once so sharp and great between the Liberal and Labor Parties, were now becoming very much blurred.
So where does the elector stand?

The Prime Minister is supposed to be very anti-Socialist, and the immediate past Prime Minister, who is still a powerful figure in the Liberal Party, states on T.V. that "we" (meaning nothing else but the Liberal Party) are not anti-Socialist. The situation would be comical if it were not so serious.

The Liberal- Country Party coalition has lost its direction, and is muddled; confused. It is going nowhere with industrial relations, nowhere with foreign policy; defence seems to be up in the air. It is said that governments are not voted "in", but are voted "out". There are very strong reasons for us to believe that the McMahon Government is on the way "out".

If the Whitlam Opposition can only desist from dropping clangors, indulging in internal dogfights, and can persuade Mr. Hawke to play it cool, then it is most likely that they are home and hosed in 1972. We believe that Mr. Hawke is playing it cool, for the time being, and that his image is to be recast, again for the time being, in the mould of a "peace-maker". We don't think the "order" came from Mr. Whitlam, or the body of the Trade Union Movement so much as from a much more powerful centre of influence.

We believe that the Kremlin badly wants a Socialist government at Canberra now as its campaign against Southern Africa intensifies. The recent Springbok Rugby tour revealed that the majority of Australians are pro-South Africa. The McMahon Government has lost support because it surrendered to intimidation over the South African cricket tour, as did the Wilson Government in Britain. There are many observers who have claimed that this was the real reason (the cancellation of the South African Cricket Tour) that the Wilson Government suffered its astounding defeat last year, in spite of all the public opinion poll predictions to the contrary.

South Africa, Rhodesia, and the Portuguese provinces of Angola and Mozambique, are delaying the International Communist advance in that part of the globe. Australian moral, and possible military support will further steel the Pretorian Government in its resolve to resist all aggression. We feel that we are in for a brief era of industrial "peace" until the next Federal election in 1972, at least. The story, of course, could well be different after that.


"Australia should be moving towards arming itself with nuclear weapons, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sir Frederick Scherger, said yesterday". - The Australian, October 8th.

The League is in full agreement with Sir Frederick that Australia should have nuclear weapons. Sir Frederick said that any future attack on Australia would come from a country with a Communist ideology, and that it was more likely to come from China - the threat would be a nuclear one. We are pleased to note that the defence policy of the Democratic Labor Party is for an Australia with nuclear capability. If Australia does not possess a nuclear capacity, then it is a sitting duck for nuclear blackmail. Sir Frederick also stated that Australia had to move towards a military alliance with Japan, and this is sound, if only it can impede the attraction of Japan to the Red China sphere, especially now that the U.S.A. has 'waged war' on the Japanese export trade.

Red China will be there, smiling, with fat orders for the Japanese industrial machine, to suck Japan into the Peking vortex. All this is being brought about by the Manipulation of International Finance. This manipulation is producing conditions favourable to International Communism. Such manipulation by the powers behind International Finance is not fortuitous; it is an intentional policy.


"The Defence Department has warned the Government to make up its mind whether to spend more money on defence, or cut back the size of the defence force". - The Age, Melbourne, October 8th.

In a defence report presented to Parliament by the Minister of Defence, Mr. Fairbairn, it was disclosed that while defence expenditure has risen in recent years, this increase has mainly been attributable to increased salaries. Furthermore, the proportion of money spent on capital equipment has been steadily declining. This is the overall inflationary pattern; more and more money spent on less and less goods and services.


"A recent American study of 250 people who used marijuana for six years had revealed a range of serious mental and physical consequences". - The Age, Melbourne, October 8th.

A new reader would not expect an article on marijuana to be embodied in a newsletter of the Australian League of Rights. The reason it is, and it has happened more than once in earlier pages, is that drugs are an important weapon in the armory of the Communists in their attack upon the West. There is now the strongest evidence that Red China is leading all other sources in pushing the drug attack against us.
(Read "Narcotics", by Dr. Susan Huck, price 26 cents post free From Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne).

Supporters will not have to test their memories too severely to call to mind a Left-wing politician, a radical academic from one of our "seats of learning", or a wild and woolly student revolutionary "leader" (God help us!) who all have called for the 'liberalisation', and/or 'legislation' of 'pot' smoking.

There have been the inevitable lame-brained clerics who have canted about freedom of 'conscience' and heaven knows what else. Mr. C. S. Gillespie, senior vice-president of the Occidental Life Insurance Company, made further disclosures. Of the original 250, no less than 212 graduated to 'hard' drugs (morphine, heroin). All of the 38 who did not go on to 'hard' drugs suffered personality fragmentation of one type or another.

In spite of repeated warnings on the use of marijuana, and other drugs by medical experts at home and abroad, we seem destined to suffer the poisonous exhortations to drug taking by subversives and idiots. The objective is the same one worked for by the dope pushers as worked for by the pornography-pushers-corruption.


"An Anglican bishop who has been in Africa for the past 34 years says African freedom fighters will take over Portugal's holdings in East Africa within 10 years and eventually challenge South Africa." - The Age, Melbourne, October 8th.

He is Bishop Alfred Stanway, now deputy principal of Ridley Theological College at Melbourne University. This good man is so blinded by hatred of apartheid that he cannot see, nor understand apparently, the realities of the present situation in Southern Africa.
(Read "A Message From Southern Africa" by Ivor Benson, price 62 cents, post free from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne)

He states that well-organised freedom fighters are dedicated to the overthrow of apartheid. He does not mention why. It is not for the benefit of their fellow Africans. The slaughter and carnage in black Africa has been sickening since those evil colonialists abdicated their control. The carnage in the Congo, Nigeria and Biafra, Zanzibar, and elsewhere: Is this the benefit of 'freedom'?

The bishop does not mention, may not even know, that at least the hard core of these 'freedom fighters' (we prefer to give them their accurate name, terrorists) are trained in either Cuba, Red China, or Tanzania by Communist experts in guerilla warfare. They are armed with weapons made in Russia, Czechoslovakia, and China.

The good bishop claimed that the guerilla movement will move through Rhodesia into South Africa, and that it is only a matter of time before Portugal 'gives in'. We believe that people like the bishop are woefully misguided in their thinking, that apartheid, although by no means an ideal policy, is the only one, which fits the situation in South Africa at this time. The abandonment of it would eventually mean the transfer of political power to the Bantu. The white South Africans say that this would mean suicide for themselves, and the destruction of South Africa as a nation: exactly what International Communism desires.

It is only after one gains an understanding of the aims of International Communism, and its strategy in this vital part of the world, that one can accurately assess the motives behind the massive psychological attack (and guerilla attack) on Southern Africa. It is really tragic that so many good, but misled people fall hook, line, and sinker for the diabolical propaganda of the Communists.

One of the real difficulties of the South African Government is to at least minimise, illegal entry of thousands of Bantu INTO South Africa, not out of it, as in Iron Curtain countries. The South Africans, who have had three hundred years of experience in relationships with the Bantu, declare that these races and tribes, most hostile to each other, have never shown any propensity to sophisticated government, suitable for the control of a modern nation. There is not, and never has been, an African "Nation"; the white man came to an empty Southern Africa, the Bantu came down later. These, and many other little known facts are featured in "A Message From Southern Africa"; knowledge of which will explain the determination of the Governments of Rhodesia and South Africa to fight for their country to the last man, if necessary. Make no mistake, they will fight like furies, and they are our front line. It is in Australia's vital interest to cement our relationships with Southern Africa.


The Use of Social Credit

It is hoped to re-print this article of C.H. Douglas's over the next few issues of the On Target Bulletin because the subject matter is so germane to the present economic condition. It appeared in 1935, and it will provide the reader with a standard of reference by which he may judge the likelihood of a policy of rising prices, increased exports, and immense bureaucratic and administrative wastes and costs culminating in anything but the catastrophe which its analysis suggests.

"An economist is in some sense a professing doctor - sometimes, perhaps, a witch doctor - of the Body Politic. If I were asked to define the difference between a witch doctor and a modern physician, I should say that, fundamentally, a witch doctor accepts the diagnosis of his patient as the description of the disease from which he suffers, and the modern physician does not.

Since the patient, though suffering from heart disease, quite possibly states that a "Devil" has bewitched his breathing, the Witch Doctor resorts to spells, frequently of an alphabetical nature, while exhorting his victim to exertions, which a physician would condemn. Much the same distinction may be drawn in regard to the diagnosis and treatment of trade depression. The idea that unemployment is a defect of the economic system, and that the present (1935) distresses of society flow from it, and can only be cured by its elimination, is both unscientific and incorrect.

The sound economist observes that the best scientific, engineering, organizing, and administrative brains are continuously endeavouring to achieve a given amount of work with a diminishing amount of human labour, and that, therefore, an increase of leisure is both certain, and from their point of view, highly desirable. When he hears that the prime requisite for a restoration of prosperity is a restoration of confidence, he examines the nature of confidence and finds that it grows from the experience that an intelligent line of action will always lead to a desired result, and he concludes, therefore, that confidence follows experience, and does not precede it.

When he observes that the modern production system produces more than is sold, although there are still numbers of the population of modern producing countries in drastic poverty (a reputable economic research body announced last year, (1970) that there was real poverty in Australian cities) he does not conclude that the output of the production system should be reduced in order that it may correspond with the amount that can be bought, but he says that the amount that can be bought should be increased".
To Be Continued.

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