Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

22 October 1971. Thought for the Week: "I feel it is always good strategy to stand up for the right, even when it is unpopular. Perhaps I should say, especially when it is unpopular".
Hon. Ezra Taft Benson.


"Mr. Anthony is right in pointing up the history of outright bigotry with which the League has been associated. There is no doubt that many, perhaps most, members of the Australian League of Rights are decent, patriotic Australians. They are probably not familiar with the origins and associations of the League and do not recognize the despicable bigotry of the line it is surreptitiously pushing". - Opening paragraph in an article entitled, The Australian League of Rights in the official journal of the Democratic Labor Party, Focus, October 1971 edition.

When opening the annual seminar of the Australian League of Rights, former Supreme Court Justice of Victoria, Sir Reginald Sholl said recent attacks on the Australian League of Rights should be taken with several grains of salt. D.L.P. supporters would be advised to heed such advice before taking seriously the diatribe of misrepresentation penned by the anonymous author of the article in Focus. The whole article smacks of hysteria with accusations of treachery and anti-semitism.
We may well ask the question, why has the DLP found it necessary to join attacks by the major parties on the Australian League of Rights? The DLP has always tried to represent itself as a neutral critic of the policies of other parties, adopting an objective view of all policies and the evidence presented for them.

Students of politics should now realise that there are serious chinks in this armour. The reason is quite clear; it has always been so, and this attack by the mouthpiece of DLP policy should make it increasingly clear. As a party the DLP is concerned with obtaining power on the terms of those, whom it is thought in today's materialist world, dictate the distribution of power. To be part of it the DLP must attack those who set themselves in opposition to such forces. The function of parties is to keep people arguing and obsessed with matters of little relevance. Noises about foreign policy, decentralisation of power etc. makes no impact in reality when the means to such ends are never attacked. The League of Rights is attacking such means in its campaign to restore responsible government through responsible representation in both political, economic, and financial policy. Such policies are a frontal attack on the party power structure and will be resisted by all parties seeking power. We welcome the latest attack coming now from the DLP, knowing it will lead many of its adherents to question that path it is taking.


"The Chief Secretary (N.S.W.) Mr. Willis was asked yesterday to take action against a Women's Liberation sex instruction manual". - The Australian, October 15th.

In last week's On Target we carried an item concerning the Women's Liberation Movement. We commented on the seizure, by Queensland police, of Women's Liberation sex pamphlets in their recent raid on the Brisbane Communist Party printing office. We now have further evidence that this Women's Liberation Movement is a Communist front, the chief purpose of which is to spread corruption among the young girls of the nation - the future mothers of the next generation.

The Australian article went on to report thus: - "In the Legislative Assembly (N.SW.) Mr. J.G. Jackett (Lib.) said members of the N.S.W. Women's Liberation group, including Miss Denise Aaron's, daughter of the Leader of the Communist Party of Australia, had given a copy of the manual to a 12 year old girl outside Strathfield High School yesterday". The manual was entitled - "What Every Woman Should Know".

The very maximum publicity should be given to the now, obvious, affiliation between Women's Liberation and the Communist Party.


"The Pilot of a Belgian charter plane and its American passenger were held by police following the discovery of four tons of arms believed to be on their way to Northern Ireland". - The Age, Melbourne, October 18th.

We cannot affect surprise - there has been a long history of affiliation between the forces of Marxism and the Irish revolutionary movements. Many naive people still overlook the fact that Miss Bernadette Devlin is a Maoist revolutionary leader, and no sympathiser or supporter of the Catholic Church.

Amsterdam police said that they believed the arms were on transit to the Irish Republican Army: - the plane had taken off from Prague, and all the arms were made in Czechoslovakia.
Our "Thought for the Week" from ON TARGET of June 18th may well be re-printed here - "The English are incapable of making a Socialist revolution, therefore foreigners must make it for them. The point to strike at first, is IRELAND" - Karl Marx in 1870.

It appears obvious to us that the strategy of International Communism is to promote, through the escalation of armed rioting, a state of civil war in Ireland, out of which will emerge a Communist base, after the fashion of Cuba, from where all the forces of Communist revolution can be directed at Britain - psychological, military, subversive. It is in Britain's vital interests to put down the forces of revolution now battling furiously to capture Ireland as a base - a dagger at the heart - to wound and kill, if possible, the country we still look to as the head of the Commonwealth.


"Lyndon Johnson says in his White House Memoirs that the Kennedy Administration's role in the overthrow of President Ngo Dinh Diem was 'a serious blunder'. - The Age, Melbourne, October 18th.

Ex -President Johnson says the overthrow of Diem caused political chaos in South Vietnam and became a principal factor in Johnson's subsequent commitment of ground combat forces there. He further contends that the expansion of the war grew directly out of the coup d'etat against the South Vietnamese leader three weeks before Johnson assumed the Presidency on November 23rd, 1963.
We must mention that we reported just what ex-President Johnson is now saying in our brochure - "End The War In Vietnam -By Winning It", which we published in the very early months of 1968. There are a very small number of these left, if any supporter would particularly like to have one. (Price 10 cents, plus postage 7c from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001.)

Under the subheading of The Key Mistake, the author of this particular section of this brochure, Dr. Josef Kalvoda, of Louisiana State University, stated on December 14th, 1967 that - "Although our (U.S.A.) Ambassador Nolting, and our military commander in Vietnam, General Paul Harkins, stood firm behind Diem who was re-elected President in 1961, and who was hailed at the inaugural ceremony by the then Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson as the 'Churchill of South-East Asia', certain U.S. officials were actively encouraging the Vietnamese generals to stage a coup d'etat against him.

The 'Diem must go' school persuaded President Kennedy to make public his demand for 'changes in policy and personnel', and to institute cuts in our economic assistance to South Vietnam. The C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency) representative in Saigon, who had warned against the ouster of Diem, was replaced. Ambassador Nolting, who stood by our ally, was succeeded by Henry Cabot Lodge, and the latter gave asylum at the U.S. Embassy to Trich Tri Quang, a bonze who had had contacts with the North Vietnamese communists and who has since become considered to be an agent of the Viet Cong".
"All these changes, the anti-Diem propaganda campaign conducted by the Voice of America beamed into South Vietnam, and the aid cuts, led several Vietnamese generals to believe that the U.S. Government wanted them to overthrow President Diem. Following a military coup, Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu were murdered on November lst, 1963".

Dr. Kalvoda reported that the Diem Government was stable, had popular support, and had the most excellent intelligence system working against the Viet Cong. Diem kept the conflict a Vietnamese affair solely. The Vietnamese Army alone was able to take care of the communist guerrillas. After Diem's murder the excellent intelligence network was disbanded, the Army Forces purged of Diem's followers. One government after another fell. Tens of thousands of American soldiers died because of this 'blunder', if it was only a blunder, by the policy makers of the American Administration.

Further information of this period is given in "The Usurpers" (Price $1.18 post free from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001.) especially in the chapter - The Build Up In Vietnam. The author of The Usurpers is Dr. Medford Evans, former Chief of Security Training for the United States Atomic Energy Commission.


A tight-lipped Sir William Gunn returned to Australia yesterday saying he had no comment to make on the floating of a Northern Territory land company on U.S. stock markets. "If I said anything I could go to the penitentiary". - The Australian, October 19th, 1971.

What has Sir William got to hide? The remark about being sent to the penitentiary was no doubt meant to be flippant, but could indicate that Sir William has a guilty conscience. More people are realising each day that the rural depression is being exploited for quick profits by cynical exploitation, almost akin to expropriation by those in the situation to cash in on the financial destitution of the Australian rural community.

Questions were asked in the House of Parliament about Sir William's new company, Gunn Resources and Exploration Inc which is offering 900,000 units of common stock to American buyers through the New York share brokers Walston and Co. Opposition M.P's were asking for legislation requiring a major proportion to be bought by Australian capital. The Australian "content" of Sir William's new company amounts to himself and his son, Bill.

The Sydney Morning Herald, October 15th, listed other board members. Chairman is Reuben B. Resnik, a lawyer noted for his World War II Jewish relief work. Vice President is Richard M.H. Thompson, who lives in France. Two directors are Major-General Moshe Goren, an Israeli reserve army officer and industrialist, and Mr. Frederick H. Schoreder, a Walston and Co. director. Company secretary is Paul S. Turner, a Los Angeles attorney.

Gunn Resources and Exploration Inc. is "offering" 6,250 square miles of good Australian "top end" land to American buyers. Only in the absence of Australian resources can this type of sell out take place. By "resources" it is becoming increasingly well understood that Australia does not lack physical resources, only financial resources, and that we are losing our heritage through the culpable lack of responsibility by the politicians to ensure that the situation is corrected.


"The Reverend Ivor Bailey speaking to the conference (Methodist) in Adelaide said, "I agree that it is a misuse of the pulpit to advocate the policies of a particular party, but to abdicate the political field altogether is a denial of the gospel of incarnation". - The Australian, October 18th.

There is more than enough evidence available to show that the Christian Church in its organisational structure is manipulated today to forward the interests and objectives of the world communist state. Resolutions pour out against involvement in Vietnam, conscription through which troops are sent to such theatres of war, or by which the nation can be defended against attack. Communist terrorists trained and armed by communist instructors and weapons attack southern Africa and are called "freedom fighters", while those defending their country are called "supremacists" and "oppressors".
Funds collected in Christian Churches are sent to support organisations that are behind the terrorist groups, and a great deal of cant and nauseating hypocrisy is employed to justify such payments.

The function of the Church is to act as the defender of the faith by which all moral judgments are made. If incorrect judgments are being made it should be obvious the faith is being weakened or watered down. Support for non-Christian organisations like the United Nations and various Communist fronts fighting for "freedom" has confused Christians who place "brotherly love" above Christianity. The ability of the Church to make right moral judgments and instruct the faithful is above party politics, or direct involvement in politics, but would certainly set the basis on which political judgment is arrived at.


The Inverell Agricultural Show Committee has invited Mr. Bob Hawke to open their 1972 show. If Mr. Hawke is not available they will extend their invitation to Mr. Douglas Anthony.
That is the shape of the political future as seen by many country people.


The Use of Social credit

(Continued :-) . . . "Proposals for the use of Social Credit as a remedy for the present (1935) ills are not primarily concerned with the production side of business. Probably the greatest body of expert knowledge in the world is concentrated in the production system in one form or another, and this body of opinion may be left to continue its undoubted success as in the past. But when we come to consider the distribution of the product, we are met with a less satisfactory situation.

The phrase of "Poverty amidst Plenty" has become enshrined amongst the clichés of the English language. Social Credit, in consequence, is primarily concerned with the distribution, and not with the administration or technique, of production. Its problem is poverty, not plenty, and poverty consists of lack of money, the essence of money being credit - the belief that money will do what it is supposed to do.

Economic production is interlocked with the distribution of money through the agency of wages, salaries, and dividends. The existing financial system stands or falls by the perfectly simple proposition that the production of every article distributes enough money to the general public to buy that article. The orthodox economist says it does, the Social Engineer says it does not.
The Socialist complaint against so-called capitalism is that money has been distributed inequitably, that is to say, that some people, the 'Capitalists', get too much, and some, the 'Workers', get too little. Hence the Socialist is permanently committed to a policy of 'soak the Rich'.

It is a primary tenet of Social Credit theory that though this inequitable distribution may exist, it is a secondary consideration to the fact that not enough money is distributed to buy the goods that are for sale, and that in consequence, redistribution is not an economic remedy, whilst being a political irritant of a high order".
To Be Continued

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159