Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

29 October 1971. Thought for the Week: "To be conservative is to be a conservator - a guardian of old truths and old rights. This rarely has been a popular office - not with the leaders of the crowd".
Russell Kirk in Enemies of The Permanent Things.


"New York, Mon. - The United Nations tonight admitted China to its ranks. It expelled Taiwan to make room for the Peking government…The General Assembly chamber echoed to wild cheering when the vote result was known. The vote was a stinging rebuff to the United States and allied nations - Australia included". - The Herald, Melbourne, October 26th.

In the notes used for the League of Rights' Basic Anti-Communist School, it is observed that "If the fate of Western Civilisation is going to be decided in the 'United' Nations, then for the first time in the recorded history of man a Civilisation could be destroyed by having a vote amongst those who themselves have not yet demonstrated their capacity for upholding a Civilisation of any description".

The photo on the front page of the Melbourne Herald of October 26th is a chilling glimpse of the stark reality-threatening Civilisation. Many of the delegates are to be seen warmly applauding the mover of the motion expelling Taiwan from the UN, the Communist Malile from Albania, and the African representative from Tanzania. Red China is using Tanzania as its major foothold on the African continent from which to further its strategy of subverting and taking over the whole of Africa south of the Sahara. African nations who voted against Taiwan at the UN may well have been voting for the eventual destruction of themselves by the Red Chinese.

Press reports state that when the vote was flashed on the electronic tabulating board, "UN delegates shouted, sang and screamed. Some of the delegates danced in the aisles". Assuming that the Nixon Administration was even genuine in wishing to protect Taiwan, the end result was inevitable once Washington, strongly influenced by Dr. Henry Kissinger, had made the first surrender by moving to recognise Peking.

The pathetic sudden effort by Prime Minister McMahon to jump on the American bandwagon has ended with what could prove a substantial political victory for his opponent Mr. Whitlam. Mr. Whitlam reacted to the UN decision with the observation that it was "inevitable, proper and desirable". Mr. Whitlam can now project an image of a man of vision and perception, compared with a man by-passed by events. Mr. McMahon can only restore his credit by starting to take an independent stand as the world crisis deepens. This means standing up to the Dr. Kissingers. Mr. McMahon and his colleagues might carefully note the treatment Washington meted out to Prime Minister Sato of Japan.

Without the slightest warning President Nixon dramatically changed course on Red China, and then while the Japanese were still reeling, hit them again with a finance-economic policy of far-reaching consequences, not the least of which may well force the Japanese into the Communist orbit in the near future. Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Bowen, states that while "disappointed" that Taiwan had been expelled from the UN, "the government was pleased that the People's Republic now would be represented in the UN and take the China seat on the Security Council". Mr. Bowen said that the seating of the Red Chinese "would help in Australia's efforts to establish normal relations with Peking."
It would be instructive to have Mr. Bowen explain sometime just what is meant by establishing "normal relations" with the mass murderers running China. Peking will regard such relations as the opportunity to use diplomatic immunity to further subversion and espionage against nations foolish enough to believe that the hard-nosed men in Peking have changed anything except their tactics.

There are perilous days ahead. Events are going to expose the dangerous double-talk of the gullible and wishful politicians and others who see Red China's entry into the UN as a major step towards world peace and stability. It is instructive to look at the voting on the expulsion of Taiwan from the UN. In spite of friction inside the Communist world, there was solid unity for Red China and against Taiwan. Mr. Trudeau's Canadian Government continued to run true to form. All members of that "barrier" against Communism, the European Economic Community, voted for Taiwan's expulsion. Mr. Heath's "Conservative" Government did likewise, as did the Government of Eire, a Government with a long record of pro-UN support. And then there was that staunch "bastion" against Communism in the Middle East, Israel, which consistently supports pro-Communist policies.

The expulsion of Taiwan from the UN has provoked some bitter comment. Senator Gair of the DLP and others are charging that the UN has lost its credibility. But as we have said from the beginning, the UN never possessed a moral base and was an instrument forged to foster the long-term objective of World Government. It is to be hoped that the shock of the Taiwan affair will bring home to an increasing number of people the truth about the UN. (Light On The United Nations, 37 cents, post-free, is the booklet to circulate as widely as possible at the present time. Forty-Six Angry Men is the bloody story of what UN "peace-keeping" troops did in the Congo. Price $l-12, post-free).


"A Queensland University economist lashed out at the Australian League of Rights yesterday, calling them economic quacks, and the 'White man's cargo cult' ". - The Chronicle, Toowoomba, Queensland, October 16th.

Those attending a Seminar on Rural Economics in Toowoomba on October 15th were both astonished and angered when a senior lecturer in economics at the Queensland University, Mr. R. Jensen, devoted much of his address to abusing The Australian League of Rights in a most offensive manner. The Seminar was conducted by the Darling Downs Institute of Technology. The type of language used by Mr. Jensen is, regrettably, typical of the manner of far too many arrogant University lecturers who have departed from traditional academic standards. If Mr. Jensen felt it necessary in his Toowoomba Seminar Paper to deal with any finance-economic policies being advanced for consideration by the Institute of Economic Democracy, an organisation devoted to the preservation and extension of the free-enterprise economic system, then he could have done so in an impartial, objective manner, without references to "economic quacks" and the "White man's cargo cult". The use of such language by a University lecturer suggests that he is not capable of considering alternatives to the disastrous finance-economic policies, which he supports.

Mr. Jensen is on record as saying that it is "inevitable" that the rural communities of Australia be reduced to no more than five percent of the total community, with increasing urbanisation. As Mr. Jensen has been asked for advice by the Queensland Country Party, it is perhaps not surprising that the Queensland State President, Mr. R. L. Sparkes, has in two full-page advertisements in Queensland Country Life rehashed much of the type of economic argument used by Mr. Jensen and his fellow economists. Most of the finance-economic policies being advocated are rooted in the philosophy of Marxism, even if many of those advocating these policies are not aware of this. The growing abuse of the League is the result of the League's exposure in depth of the totalitarian policies destroying the Free Society and its Institutions.


"Churches in Communist East Germany have contributed $373,530 to the World Council of Churches to combat racism." - The Herald, Melbourne, October 16th.

We have previously commented on the immoral policy of the World Council of Churches of providing funds for Communist-trained and Communist-equipped "freedom fighters" operating against South Africa, Rhodesia and the Portuguese territories in Southern Africa. Increasing evidence shows that Communist-backed revolutionary activities are to be stepped up against Southern Africa. The substantial financial contribution by the Churches of East Germany is in fact a financial contribution by the Communist Government of East Germany. Even if some of the money has been provided by genuine, but misled Christians in East Germany, no money can leave that country without the permission and co-operation of the Communist Government. The term "racist" is a typical current political swear word, probably coined originally by the Communist psycho political experts. The same experts coined the term "McCarthyism", one that even many anti-Communists now use. The "racist" charge is one of the major ones being leveled against The Australian League of Rights.


"Mr. Whitlam's mid-term electioneering campaign by press conferences has got off to a disastrous start. He chose as his first theme 'industrial relations' and he had with him his shadow Minister for Labor, Mr. Cameron, to 'vouch' for what he claimed was Labor's policy on this important issue. But it turns out that what was being expounded by Mr. Whitlam and Mr. Cameron … is not Labor Party policy at all". - The Tribune, Communist weekly, October 20th.

A reading of the Communist press reveals quite clearly just why Mr. Whitlam and Mr. Cameron had to backtrack very smartly on their proposals for disciplining the Trade Unions. Without the support of those Unions dominated by the Marxists, the Labor Party would have great difficulty in financing its election campaigns. The Marxists left ALP politicians with no doubts about what would happen if they did not tell Mr. Whitlam and Mr. Cameron they must repudiate their proposed industrial policies. Explaining his humiliating retreat, Mr. Whitlam said that there had been a "failure of communication". The truth is that Mr. Whitlam was obeying his masters.


The massive, co-ordinated nation-wide campaign being conducted against The Australian League of Rights is striking evidence of the fact that as the national and international crisis deepens, the League's programme is feared by the totalitarians of all labels. The League is not only "holding the line" it is on the offensive on a wide front. But to maintain the offensive it must have a guaranteed basic fund of $25,000 for 1971-72.

National Director Eric Butler returned to Melbourne last Monday after two weeks of nonstop campaigning in Western Australia, and three action-packed days in South Australia. In Western Australia Mr. Butler covered long distances, co-operating with local supporters to push the League's structure north of Geralton. A Seminar on Local Government saw a new major step forward. The Northern Regional Dinner was a tremendous success. A three lecture Seminar at Three Springs, each lecture directed to different sections of the community, was most successful. A number of Social Dynamic Schools were held. Mr. Butler fitted in a Bunbury TV programme. The stage has been set for the launching of two Electors' Associations, in the Federal Electorates of Moore and Forrest. The Western Australian tour finished with a large and enthusiastic meeting of Perth supporters.

Mr. Butler attended the all-day South Australian State Conference of the League on Saturday, October 23rd. The State Annual Dinner that evening took the League to a new peak of enthusiasm with a new record attendance and brilliant speeches. The State Director, Mr. Frank Bawden excelled himself. The major address was given by Mr. Horton Davies, Director of the Christian Institute for Individual Freedom, who traveled across from Melbourne especially for the event. Two Baptist clergy were present. A picnic at Mount Lofty on Sunday was a new and most successful development in fostering the League concept of family. On Monday Mr. Butler conducted an all-day leadership school for South Australian League actionists. We have received most enthusiastic reports about this. On Monday evening Mr. Butler was lecturing at a League Anti-Communist school in a country centre.

Assistant National Director Edward Rock has recently toured through to Northern N.S. W., working in three Federal Electorates, and attended the New England Regional Dinner on October 15th. Since returning home he has continued to direct the expanding Victorian country program.

Mr. Keith Oldfield, well-known Wimmera League representative, has recently completed a lecturing tour through to Southern Queensland.

Mr. Jeremy Lee, Queensland and Northern N.S.W. State Director, has just completed another "thrust" into Western Queensland, this being followed next month by another intensive lecturing and organisational tour by Mr. Eric Butler.

We know that all our "front-line" actionists can sustain the tremendous current pace. But the financial "sinews of war" must be provided; one of the major expenses is traveling, although supporters have co-operated magnificently to keep expenses to a minimum. The League was able to complete its planned 1970-71 program only because the basic fund of $25,000 was made available. We have got the offensive and must keep it. The League is confident that with a basic fund of $25,000, it can finance its expanding program out of the increased activities, The "key" to the situation is, therefore, a mere $25,000. As we go to press a few have already donated and/or guaranteed approx. $4,000. Two have guaranteed $500 each. Can we have the balance just as quickly as possible?

All supporters KNOW we must have this minimum amount, so why not let us all pull together and get the matter finalised quickly? Northern N.S.W. and Queensland supporters should send donations and pledges to Box 17, Alderley, Queensland, 4051. All others to Box 1052J G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001.



(Continued) . . . "The first point which may raise in our minds a legitimate doubt as to whether the orthodox economist is quite right in regard to this matter (that the finance-economic system is 'self-liquidating'; that is, it generates, or liberates sufficient purchasing power in a given period of time to 'buy' all the goods and services put out in the same period of time) is that the business of making money, and the business of making goods or growing food, have no ascertainable relation to each other. Of course, the manufacturer, the trader, or even the farmers, sometimes talk about "making money". They never make money. They merely scramble for the money that is provided for them in varying quantities and under varying conditions by the bankers, with or without the assistance of the State.

It is a little difficult to pin the banker down as to his own conception as to his position in the community. If he is accused of providing an unsuitable amount of money, and thus causing business depressions, or, to a less degree, frantic booms, he retorts that he is merely a businessman and knows nothing about economics, a claim that he can generally substantiate. If, on the other hand, he is accused of missing a business opportunity, which he does not wish to pursue, he is a little apt to retire behind a high moral obligation to the community. The point on which he is quite firm is that the initiative of decreasing or increasing the amount of money in circulation is his prerogative, and that if production or consumption are out of step with it, that is just too bad".
(Since 1935, when the above lines were written, the centralization of finance has progressed drastically - the so-called 'private' trading banks are virtually under complete Commonwealth Government control via Banking Legislation of 1941, 1945, and 1957. Furthermore, Australia, along with the other signatory nations of the International Monetary Fund, has surrended an alarming proportion of financial sovereignty to an "international" body - or more specifically, to those who control this international body.)

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159