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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

17 December 1971. Thought for the Week: "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them".
Matthew 7:20


On July 25th, 1920, Pope Benedict XV made the following prophetic statement:

"The coming of a world state is longed for, and confidentially expected, by all the worst and most disordered elements. This state, based on the principles of absolute equality of men and a community of possessions, would banish all national loyalties. In it no acknowledgment would be made of the authority of a father over his children, or of God over human society. If these ideas are put into practice, there will inevitably follow a reign of unheard terror."

The concept of creating the perfect society through centralised power is as old as man. History provides numerous examples of the disastrous results, which always flow from policies of centralised power. But modern "education" provides the young with little knowledge of history. A recent survey revealed the depressing fact that a large number of senior Australian students are completely ignorant of the major events of the post-Second World War years. Many did not know what had happened in Korea, and some thought that Czechoslovakia had become an independent State after the Second World War.

Minds starved of knowledge of the lessons of history are more susceptible to the immature idea that the problems of mankind can be solved by making them bigger. When the famous British historian - Lord Acton propounded the law that all power tends to corrupt, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely, he was speaking as a Christian aware of what Christ had said on this vital subject.

St. Matthew IV, 8-9, reads: "And the devil taketh him up onto an exceeding high mountain and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them. And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me."
This was an offer of world power. Christ rejected that offer, indicating quite clearly that God's will was not going to be done on earth through power centralised on a world scale.

One of the major fruits of the First World War was the League of Nations. It failed dismally to achieve any of its state objectives. But it did pave the way for the Second World War with its false promise that it could maintain world peace. The British foolishly followed a policy of disarmament under the hypnotic influence of the unreal doctrine of "collective security". This suited the long-term strategy of the Soviet Union,
(see The Red Pattern of World Conquest, by Eric D. Butler, $1.07, post free)
which wanted a Second World War. That war provided sufficient conditioning to persuade people to accept a further step towards creating a World State, the United Nations.
Measured against the promise that it would guarantee world peace. U.N. has been a disastrous failure. The world has moved from one convulsion to the next, making a mockery of the Christian message of peace on earth and goodwill towards all men.

The mind of man has become numbed by the constant violence and terror: Millions liquidated as the Communist advance has moved forward; Korea, the Middle East, Vietnam, the Congo, Nigeria, Cuba, Ireland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, India-Pakistan, student riots, racial strife, semi-civil war in the United States. Nothing so graphically demonstrated the hypocrisy and double-talk at the U.N. than the admittance of the mass murderers of Peking as representatives of a Government allegedly working for peace. The presence of President Nixon's principal adviser, Dr. Henry Kissinger, in Peking when the U.N. vote was taken on Red China, was the decisive factor that persuaded a sufficient number to desert Taiwan in favour of Peking. Taiwan now becomes an "internal" affair for Peking to resolve. It will be "1iberated" at the appropriate time, resistance by Taiwan being presented as evidence of a civil war, which no more concerns the rest of the world than did the liquidation of the Biafrans (remember them?) by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

And progressively the world is prepared for passive acceptance of the World State. As the policies of centralisation produce the inevitable friction, so the campaign grows stronger for still more centralised power to deal with the friction. Massive inflation in the U.S.A., the result of financial policies of astronomical debt and crushing taxation, has enabled a Republican Administration to impose the most far-reaching controls ever imposed on the U.S.A. in peacetime. Ex-President Lyndon Johnson has gasped with astonishment at how the Republican Nixon has done what he would have found impossible.
A Liberal-Country Party Coalition in Australia drives Australia down the Socialist road at a pace which the Labor-Socialists would have found extremely difficult to sustain.

It is the same story all over the world, the rush of the Gadarene swine towards the abyss.

Every policy, which takes power further away from the individual, is another step towards the establishment of a World State and a new Dark Age. Every policy of centralism is anti-Christian and should be exposed as such. The creation of a World State requires that individuals be treated as a collectivity of complete equals, of passive units capable of being manipulated as a mathematician manipulates statistics. The equalitarian dogma denies the essence of life, the uniqueness of each individual, and his potential to develop that uniqueness. That potential can only be fulfilled through effective decentralisation in all spheres of human activities.

The Christmas Season is an appropriate time to ponder on the truth that the creation of a peaceful, stable world requires a rejection of the philosophy of centralised power in favour of the Christian philosophy of love; of true unity based upon diversity, attraction and voluntary association as opposed to compulsion. The alternative is between Life and Death.


"Sydney - The decision to admit China to the United Nations and to expel Taiwan was a major victory for communism, according to the Anglican Archbishop (Dr. M.L. Loane). There may have been convincing arguments for the admission of China, but the expulsion of Taiwan has "very serious overtones", he writes in the Sydney Anglican magazine "Southern Cross." - The Age, Melbourne, December 13th.

At a time when an increasing number of Christian clergy are joining in the chorus about the necessity of "peaceful co-existences" with Communism, or are actively supporting various revolutionary movements, it is refreshing to have an Archbishop speak out so strongly on the continuing threat of Communism. Dr. Loane asks the pertinent question, "Does this (the U.N. decisions on Peking and Taiwan) mean that a majority in the United Nations will now take the view of Peking that Taiwan is a rebel part of Mainland China?"
Dr. Loane comments "non-alignment and neutralism are doomed."

All the evidence confirms the harsh truth that the Communist offensive is global, and that as one front, such as Vietnam, is held at tremendous cost, another front is activated. The Malaysian Government is stepping up its campaign to attempt to halt the growing Communist guerrilla threat. Communist penetration of much of Africa continues. The Soviet continues to increase its influence in the Middle East. The major winner in the India-Pakistan struggle will be both Moscow and Peking.

Back in 1959 Nikita Khruschev said, "We do not negotiate on the basis of the 'give and take' principle. We have nothing whatever 'to give'. We will not make any concessions because our proposals do not form the basis for a barter deal". Presumably Archbishop Loane understands what Communism is about. We wish that some of his fellow Churchmen would show the same realism.


"Peking has rejected a counterproposal by the Australian Government that a trade mission visit China instead of a member of the McMahon Government". - Alan Ramsey in The Australian, December 14th.

It is significant that Peking issued a specific invitation to the Minister for the Army, Mr. Andrew Peacock, to visit Red China. The invitation came through a Melbourne businessman. Mr. J. J. Kibbel, who has been visiting China on business for some years. In our issue of On Target November 12th, we reported an address by Mr. Peacock in which he said that the "emerging China" was not a hostile power. We have no doubt that Mr. Peacock's views were carefully noted in Peking and led to the invitation for him to visit Red China. The proposal was endorsed by the Department of Foreign Affairs, which is not surprising when the views of some of the officials of this Department are considered. But the Minister for Trade, Mr. Anthony, objected to the Peacock visit, arguing that a trade mission should go instead. Presumably Mr. Anthony wishes to emulate the Nixon Administration, which is anticipating American food exports to Red China following the Nixon visit next year.

In his recent television interview Prime Minister McMahon said that Peking had ended all attempts at dialogue. The Red Chinese are treating the McMahon Government with contempt, and will insist upon diplomatic recognition before agreeing to a trade mission. If Mr. McMahon and his colleagues could bring themselves to look at finance-economic realities, asking what Australia requires to obtain from Red China in exchange for Australian exports, they would realise that they have no need at all to make any advances whatever to Red China. If the view is accepted that the future of the non-Communist economies depend upon exporting surpluses to the Communist Empire, then the ultimate conquest of the whole world by Communism is inevitable. It is all in the Marxist textbooks.


"The Federal Government will pump several hundred million dollars into the economy to encourage trading banks to lend more. It will do this by allowing banks to free another $132 million, which could lead to $500 million being available for loans. The move - a marked change in Canberra's economic strategy - should give the economy a massive psychological boost". - Des Keegan, Finance Editor, The Sun, Melbourne, December 14th.

Prime Minister McMahon and his Treasurer, Mr. Snedden, should not be surprised if they find that their credibility rating with the Australian electors is slipping badly. Immediately following his return from overseas, the Prime Minister assured Australians that their economy was basically sound. He told them to have confidence. He knew where he was going and how to get there. Mr. Snedden said on the same day that Australia's productivity was "abysmally low", but was careful not to be specific about what required production was in short supply. He warned of the dangers of "cost-push" inflation. But a number of surveys indicated that a major economic crisis was developing. Now the Prime Minister and his Treasurer are desperately attempting to do what they had previously said was dangerous.
But will the increase in the money supply really have much effect on the basic problems confronting Australians?

The December survey of business expectations by the Bank of New South Wales and the Associated Chambers of Commerce of Australia showed that lack of consumer demand was the major restraint on production, not lack of adequate credit to expand.

As explained in The Creation and Control of Money (price 37 cents, post free) the mechanics of Central Banking have been used to permit the creation of up to $500 million of new money. This new money could have easily been made available as a credit in several non-inflationary ways - consumer subsidies on basic items in the economy, cost-compensation payments to wool producers, thus easing the rural crisis, and for increased pension payments.

But it is to be made available as an interest-bearing debt for further capital production, which we can predict now will inevitably result in FURTHER INFLATION and its disastrous consequences. This is not a very happy thought with which to leave readers before Christmas. But only the truth will lead to action, which will make freedom a reality.


Our Queensland office recently received the following: "Enclosed is a postal order for $5 as a contribution to the work of the League in the coming year. I would like to make it more but as our house was burnt down last month I would like to rebuild my 'library" of League books as I am somewhat without my personal ammunition".
We feel moved and humble when we receive support like this. We know only too well how many of those who have already contributed, including pensioners, are making real sacrifices to carry the League offensive forward. If only all readers would match the effort of our friend whose house was burnt down, we would have the $25,000 basic fund required. Since last week another 19 supporters contributed or pledged $764, bringing the total to $10,598.10. What about an appropriate Christmas Gift from all those who have not yet got around to sending their contributions or pledge? Send to Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, Vic., 3001 or to Box 17, Alderley, Queensland, 4051.

We wish all readers a Happy and Holy Christmas.

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