Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

24 March 1972. Thought for the Week: "We value trade least for economic reasons and most for political reasons."
Khrushchev, 1955


"The summit talks between the British Prime Minister, Mr. Heath, and President Pompidou, of France, have been an undoubted success". - The Australian, 21st March 1972.

The proposed French referendum issue, which inflated the hopes of many anti-marketeers, was disposed of "in 90 seconds", according to the newspaper report. The French people will be asked, in the referendum whether or not they want the E.E.C. enlarged to include Britain, Ireland, Denmark, and Norway. President Pompidou is a strong advocate of an enlarged Europe, and he would not have proposed the coming French referendum if there were any chance that the French people would reject it. The referendum is to be held for internal political reasons; it will mean firstly a vote of confidence in the present French Government, and Mr. Pompidou's Presidency, and will cut the ground from under the vocal opponents of the ruling Party in the French Parliament, who apparently are hanging their principal opposition on an anti-Market, or rather anti-enlarged-Market stance. It is unlikely that the referendum means more than that.


"'The Little Red Schoolbook"'- a pocket edition of pupil power against nonsensical authority - will be on sale in Australia in a few weeks." - The Herald, Melbourne, March 16th, 1972.

This is just one more wearisome example of disruptive material being introduced to, or being unleashed on, our young. It is not surprising that Melbourne journalist, Claudia Wright, praises the book highly in her columns. It is disturbing, to say the least, that the article claims that Mr. Don Chipp, the Minister for Customs and Excise, is personally responsible for the release of The Little Red Schoolbook. Our comment is unnecessary: we shall be content to re-print a few extracts from the book.

"There ought to be one or several contraceptive machines in every school. If your school refuses to install one, get together with some friends and start your own contraceptive shop.". . . "Don't feel ashamed or guilty about doing things you really want to do and think are right just because your parents and teachers might disapprove. A lot of these things will be more important to you later in life than the things that are "approved of". "Be yourself."

Claudia Wright's tone throughout her commentary on this book is one of high praise for the book, and sneering mockery of the forces, which are concerned to maintain social decency. Her final comment is a masterpiece of hypocrisy. . . "How about Dr. Rendle-Short and all her supporters having a go at society's violent crimes and increasing bashings and robberies for a change?"

Anyone who is sincerely concerned about these evils will realize that such social demolishers as The Little Red Schoolbook, by holding proper authority up to contempt, will guarantee the promotion and increase of these very evils.


It has been well said that the manipulation of Finance produces crises in society, which are exploited by International Communism. Although the mechanics and techniques of this control require much study to gain a working knowledge of it, the results of it are obvious to all except those who won't see. By way of example, we can do no better than quote from a handbill, now being distributed in Melbourne, (and we have no doubt throughout Australia) by the Communist-front Socialist Youth Alliance:- . . . "The Socialist Youth Alliance sees the present period in Australia as one of widening and deepening opposition to the Capitalist system. The rising militancy of workers in response to the current economic crisis, and the attacks on their wages and conditions - the development of a mass opposition to Australia's involvement in aggression in Vietnam - the growth of the Women's Liberation Movement (another Communist front; Editor) demanding an end to the degrading and exploited position of women in Capitalist society - the rebellion of university and high school students against repressive school conditions - the birth of militant black movements demanding self-determination; and overall an increasing feeling, especially among young people, of solidarity with revolutionary movements all around the world."

This militancy, increasing dissatisfaction with capitalist society now being masterfully exploited by the agents of International Communism, are to be laid right at the door of a serious shortage of purchasing-power in the hands of the ordinary individual. There have been many excellent books written on the techniques, which have been employed to bring all this about, and we won't go into this enormous subject here and now. If we can alert the ordinary person that there IS a cryptic power-movement, with iron control over the forces of International Finance, control exercised with the intention of bringing about in the world a most highly centralised World Government, no matter what label is attached to it, and which will mean the extinction of the freedom of the ordinary individual,' then many will want to know more about the manner in which this policy is being carried out.

The book, THE NAKED CAPITALIST, by W. Cleon Skousen, will convince anyone not brainwashed or hypnotised, that there IS a nexus between International Finance and those shadowy forces pushing for World Government. We have observed frequently the impact of this book on wild young revolutionary students, and it has been electric, turning them into serious students of Social Engineering and supporters of the League. Many a Left-wing academic has had the arrogance and smugness knocked out of him by this book, which then gives us the opportunity to begin to educate him; education he receives humbly and thankfully. Stocks at present are good, but already the flood of orders has started, so please send in your remittance of $2.24 (this includes postage) for The Naked Capitalist, by W. Cleon Skousen, to Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, Vic. 3001.


Writing from Southern Queensland, where he is on a speaking tour at the present time, Mr. Jeremy Lee reports as follows:-

"After the first flush of enthusiasm which followed a slight upturn in wool-prices, graziers are facing the fact that inflationary cost rises are already eating into benefits gained. They are faced with the truth which the League has been proclaiming for some time now; that there can be no solution to the primary producers problems, beyond the most temporary breathing space, while costs continue to rise. Something of the desperation was apparent when the Dirranbandi Branch of the Country Party invited the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Whitlam, to speak at a public meeting sponsored by the Branch. Outrage was, of course, expressed by the "my-Party-right-or-wrong" brigade, who seems to believe, if they believe anything, that Socialism under a Country Party label is better than Socialism under any other label. They thus entirely missed the point that the Dirranbandi Branch had certainly not abandoned the principles which the Party professes to uphold, but rather were seeking a fresh alternative to the soul-destroying course pursued by all Parties, with no variation, at the present time.

Some surprise was expressed at the alacrity with which the other Parties joined in the act, and when the meeting finally came off, those attending were, apart from Mr. Whitlam - Mr. D. Killen, representing the Liberals, or, as he informed the audience, representing Mr. Gorton - Mr. King, a Federal Country Party member from Victoria, and Senator Condon Byrne, for the D.L.P. Nearly four hundred primary producers from a 250-mile radius attended the meeting.

The simple solutions which they were looking for - an immediate reduction in interest; a reconstruction of existing debt onto a longer term; some relief immediately available for Local Government, which is on the verge of collapse throughout Queensland; something done about crippling freight charges - were all studiously ignored by the parliamentarians present. It is true that Mr. Whitlam was prepared to offer reduced interest rates. But it was generally felt that not one member really was concerned about either primary producers or a genuine decentralisation programme.
It was stated by more than one parliamentarian "there is nothing we can do about inflation".

Perhaps the most honest - but certainly not the most popular man present was the Press secretary to one parliamentarian, who told a number of the primary producers that Dirranbandi had been written off, and that it had to be accepted that a lot of country towns were a burden on the Australian community, and would have to be dispensed with. There is in consequence a growing realization that there is no alternative now but to produce some mean of ensuring that future parliamentarians are bound by much deeper commitments to their electors.

As a result there is a remarkable growth of support for the various Electors' Associations which have been formed in certain country electorates. The League of Rights takes some pride in having been responsible for initiating the idea. In consequence the Left-wing knockers are already trying to intimidate electors by describing all Electors' Associations as "front organizations" for the League. There is no doubt that the centralisers fear this type of electoral initiative more than anything else. Like all bullies, they greatly fear those who won't lie down.

As one deeply concerned and interested in this organic growth of individual initiative, I have been remarkably impressed with the ingenuity shown by ordinary electors when they have the will. The Electors' Associations are growing by the "bush telegraph" method. No mass rallies, or packed meetings are being organized at this stage. But from individual to individual, and community to community, the idea, and the membership, is growing. A new unity, which cuts right across Party divisions, is self-evident. A new force, quite clearly determined to retrieve government by the people, is under way. It is my belief that it is a force which no intimidation, or hysterical misrepresentation is going to halt.


"For Bishop Garnsey whose headquarters are in Sale, one minor tragedy is that the ultra conservative League of Rights is strong in his diocese, particularly among Anglicans. He acknowledges that some League members are sincere Christians, but he becomes weary of the intellectual and emotional arguments he has with them." - The Herald, Melbourne, March 3rd, 1972.

We thank the Bishop for his charity, and apologise if these remarks are brought to his attention and we further weary him. Mr. Neil Jillett in the article from which the above was extracted was writing a pen portrait of Bishop Garnsey the president of the Australian Council of Churches. Mr. Jillett pointed out the ACC comes under criticism for its political attitudes - "this criticism often implies that the ACC is decidedly Leftist." In this respect the attitudes of the ACC are well known. It vigorously attacked Australian support for the Vietnam War, attacks our laws on conscription of young men and has advised them "bad" laws can be broken. It has taken up the subject of "racism" and apartheid with equal vigour, and has within the last few weeks championed the cause of Germaine Greer, the confessed atheist.

The ACC is equally silent on such matters as the rape of Tibet, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other oppressed peoples suffering under the jackboot of Communism. It is equally silent on those unfortunate Africans who suffer from racism in reverse in the northern states of Africa, where millions of people have come under the control of dictators owing their strength to either the Soviet or Chinese communists.


All policies of monopoly tend to undermine economic democracy. Monopoly exists where the individual does not have a genuine alternative. Socialist-inspired propaganda has convinced many people that the free-enterprise system, based upon what is claimed to be the "wicked profit motive", inevitably leads to monopoly. A clever but misleading propaganda argument is that the profit motive must be replaced with the "service motive".

Profit can best be defined as the result, which accrues to individuals when they make the proper associations. When a seed is planted in fertile soil, and there is sufficient sun and water, the unseen forces of nature operate, and, for example, a fruit tree results, a tree from which a harvest can be taken every year. One grain of wheat produces a hundred grains. The difference between a man's effort and the ultimate result he obtains can be termed profit. When the proper associations are made in the free enterprise system of production and distribution, a financial profit is made. It is the inducement of the financial profit which stimulates manufacturers to make the goods which they believe consumers desire.

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