Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

30 March 1972. Thought for the Week: Jesus came and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, "Peace be unto You."
John 20:19


Our quote from John's gospel is taken from the Aftermath of Christ's resurrection. His followers were huddled in a locked room, fearful of the possible actions of those who had murdered Christ, and that the same fate would be theirs. Christ appeared in their midst with the greeting, "Peace be unto you." That message given 2000 years ago to those, who whilst fearful, had not lost their faith in Christ, is just as valid today to those who follow him. The followers of Christ have no need to be fearful of the designs of Christ's enemies, as the timeless story of the resurrection continually reminds us. They did their damndest on the first Easter, and failed miserably, while Christ triumphed to over-come the full force of Satanism.

Satan, once again through the power of the State is filling the hearts of many who should be faithful with fear. In our item last week, which dealt with the attitude of an Anglican Bishop towards the League and how he was "weary of the intellectual and emotional arguments he has with them", we were unable to conclude, because of lack of space, our full comment. The Bishop had gone on to say how much his views had been influenced by the "Christian socialism" of his father. In this expression we have the summation of those forces hell bent on the re-crucifixion of Christ.

Socialism is the elevation of the State as the answer to the problems of mankind. The construction of bigger and bigger organisations is seen as the final solution. A World Church and the U.N. are becoming the golden idols of the twentieth century churchman who has lost sight of the essential nature of the Christian message in its relation to man and his institutions. The control of the institution by man recedes as it becomes bigger, and instead man is controlled by his institutions and lives to serve them.

There is no compromise for the Christian on this issue. Christ told us "ye cannot serve God and mammon." He also said if we did try to serve both we would learn to hate one and love the other. The Communists and their fellow travellers love the United Nations and support the World Council of Churches. They do so because they have rejected God's basic laws. The Australian League of Rights is under great attack because it seeks at all times to ensure that man-made institutions are to serve God's laws. There are times when the going gets rough. It will get rougher, but we should remember that though the whole armoury of the forces of evil be pitted against us, the salutation, "Peace be with you" is a reminder that those forces will never ultimately triumph, and that those who prevail until the end in Christ's work, to them is the ultimate victory.


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Canada

All the signs indicate that Prime Minister Trudeau is preparing for a June election. He does not have to have an election until next year but it is obvious that even with the aid of the colourless Conservative leader, Robert Stanfield, the Trudeau charisma is waning. I have been studying objective surveys prepared by experts, and these suggest that at present Mr. Trudeau would be returned to lead a minority Government. There is widespread support for the view that if defeated, Mr. Trudeau would refuse to lead an Opposition, but would probably move to the international scene, where he would, of course, be completely at home.

Advised by old London School of Economics boy, Louis Rasminsky, of the Bank of Canada, the Trudeau Government's attempt to solve the inflation problem through a restrictive financial credit policy, has failed miserably. In spite of large-scale unemployment and pressure on business organisations, figures just released in Ottawa reveal that the general price level rose by nearly 5 percent over the past twelve months. The published unemployment figure is 635,000. This percentage of unemployed would, in Australia, make the defeat of the Government certain. But in Canada it is cushioned by many different types of financial assistance. However, it is now recognised by the Trudeau Government to be an electoral handicap, which must be at least partially removed by a reversal of credit policy. In other words, the battle against inflation is going to be temporarily halted until the next Federal Elections are over.

If Mr. Trudeau can win, then there is no doubt that he will face the inflation issue with even more restrictive measures than in the past. He will ask Canadians to admire him for taking 'hard and unpopular measures', just like those taken in the United Kingdom by "Conservative" Edward Heath. And Canadians will move down the Socialist road at an even faster rate than they are moving now. And what if Mr.Trudeau should be defeated by the Conservatives? I regret to predict that they will still continue to move down the Socialist road. No Government, irrespective of label, can halt the progressive centralisation of power until it starts to modify a financial policy, which generates increasing debt, taxation and inflation. That is why the Marxists attack all organisations urging such a modification. If they can get "conservatives" to be the front-runners for the attack, so much the better.


The Queensland Country Party has now advocated the appointment of an Ombudsman. The institution of this office, originating in the Scandinavian countries, is that a man is appointed - not elected - to a special post, and whose task is to represent those in the community who are suffering personal injustice, and do not have recourse to adequate representation under the present system. Those who understand the principles that underlie the English parliamentary system will realise immediately that the necessity for an ombudsman is a strong indictment of the manner in which our system of representation has been perverted.

Under our parliamentary system if the right relationship between Elector and Elected has been established, the concept of an ombudsman would be completely unnecessary. This was quite apparent in the strange reasoning given by the State President of the Country Party, Mr. R. L. Sparkes for seeking an Ombudsman. Due to the growth of the bureaucracy, he said there was much likelihood of injustice to individuals in the community. We agree completely. Therefore he went on, an Ombudsman is needed to alleviate such injustice. We could not agree less! Surely the right approach would be to reduce the size of the bureaucracy! Indeed, Mr. Sparkes should be forcefully reminded that his party originally set out to achieve this. It has governed for 23 years, during which the bureaucracy has grown at an unprecedented rate. So the thinking of those like Mr. Sparkes can be seen to be completely devoid of any real statesmanship.

That this is so is evidenced by the latest type of campaigning adopted by the Country Party in Queensland. Its campaign for the coming State election was launched in Brisbane in Mid-March with an "American style" free-for-all, in which gaily adorned marching girls and hostesses escorted John Bjelke-Petersen to a special "sing-in" (theme song "When John came marching home again"). This was featured widely in the Queensland mass media. A new symbol, clasped hands overhead, called the "forged link" has been adopted. Local wits feel that "the missing link" would have been more appropriate. A hired comedian got the audience in the right mood.

To those who are concerned with the real issues in the country, this type of campaigning must induce a feeling of repugnance and despair. We wonder how those who have been persuaded to contribute financially to the campaign funds of the Country Party must feel. We are, however, happy to report that there was no truth in the rumour that President Bob Sparkes performed a special "Dance of the Seven Veils" to titillate the weaker supporters!

Meanwhile, a frenzy of reaction has developed in areas of the party after the controversy with the Australian League of Rights. I was deeply sorry for one young man I recently met who knew nothing about the League of Rights, and was not aware of our platform. He had attended a meeting of his own branch of the party and had initiated a resolution asking that interest rates be reduced and taxation brought back as well. He was amazed at an almost hysterical reaction from one or two other members of his branch, accusing him of furthering a "League of Rights" resolution! It seems that a few leaders within the party are bent on furthering an atmosphere of subjection in which no topic can be discussed on its merits, but on the real or imagined motives of its author. A growing number of members are fighting back strongly against this dictatorial approach.


"The Roman Catholic Bishop of Sale (Bishop Fox) yesterday attacked a sex education course designed . . . for 12 year-old pupils." - The Age. March 23. 1972.

"The school sex education program "Males and Females" is causing concern to the Education and Science Minister, Mr. Fraser. 'It seemed to be an entirely physical and material approach' said Mr. Fraser." - The Sun. March 27, 1972.

It is obvious that concerned citizens are making their protests felt at ministerial level. We trust that the pressure will be great enough to have it dropped. Bishop Fox rightly pointed out that sexual knowledge without the appropriate moral teaching or ethics, would do more harm than good, and Mr. Fraser's remark that the project seems entirely physical and material in approach is also pertinent, but the more pertinent question is why are we, the taxpayers, being forced to subsidise this materialism with its lack of morality and unethical approach. It should surely be obvious that when the fundamental principle of taking people's money for any and every purpose must lead to immoral results, for the simple reason that the original action is immoral. It is one thing for an individual to choose of his own volition to pursue an immoral course. It is another to force it upon others by gaining access through the power of the State to the funds of the intended victims.

The progressive centralisation that has brought Mr. Fraser's department into existence has resulted in the further intrusion into spheres that are entirely the province of the private individual. It is time Mr. Fraser was told this in blunt terms, and that the funds he is misusing should be returned to the taxpayer in the form of taxation deductions.


An association designed to obtain "better and more responsible representation" at the Federal level of politics was formed on the West Coast this week. Known as the Grey Electors Association, it follows the establishment of similar organisations in other mainland states." - The Chronicle, March 24, 1972.

Guest speaker at the meeting was the assistant national director of the Australian League of Rights. Mr. Edward Rock. Mr. Rock pointed out that while the League of Rights was the catalyst in this type of development and had promoted the formation of Electors Associations in different states of Australia, the success of such organisations depended entirely on what support they obtained from within the electorate from those determined to restore the correct relationship between the member of parliament and his electors; that was that the first loyalty of the representative was to his electors and not some outside body such as a Party executive.

Dealing with the publicity that the League had been receiving, he said it was wrong to assume that this sort of publicity was unfavourable. Such an attitude wrongly assessed the true position, which is that people are increasingly sick of the present political parties offering their socialist concepts under different labels, and were suspicious when the Parties combined to defend their vested interests against outside attack. The Australian League of Rights, in providing genuine alternatives was under increasing attack, but such attacks only worked to bring into focus the fundamental purposes of the League.


The enemy would love to see the League short of funds. While people like Pamela Ruskin stir up the Jewish population with stories of the League's "enormous funds" in order to extract money to run anti-League propaganda, let us give her fanciful charge some reality by filling our appeal as quickly as possible. In the last week 13 supporters have given $222-70 bringing the total to $21,539-84.


The Government System

No matter whether the Society they are associated in is large or small individuals require, in principle, the equivalent of the committee of a sporting association. Government might be described as a type of general committee essential to help ensure that individuals can live harmoniously together. Stemming from the totalitarian philosophy, there has in recent times been a careful fostering of the Big Brother concept of Government. The traditional British concept of Parliament was that it was representative of interests rather than of a mere number, and that government was like fire; a good servant, but a very bad master. Constitutional safeguards were therefore necessary to curb the tendency of all governments to increase their power. This tendency is a type of natural law.
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