Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

7 April 1972. Thought for the Week: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last. "
Winston Churchill.


"What dark deeds do the distant Rhodesians have in mind, one wonders? Things must be serious for Australian officialdom to get so alarmed just as the rest of the world is settling its differences with Rhodesia. Perhaps it is a plot to subvert us into a new U.D.I. But the whole thing sounds so reminiscent of the Goon show that Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty will no doubt prove to be at the bottom of it all." - Editorial, The Australian. 3rd April.

Although The Australian editorial is clever and funny we do not take quite the same lighthearted approach to this matter; there is more in this than meets the eye. It is stretching credulity too much to accept that there is no connection whatever between the forcible breaking and entry into, and theft of documents from, the Rhodesia Information Centre in Sydney some few weeks ago, and now the drum-beating publicity given to the "exposure" of documents from the same Rhodesia Information Centre which have "quite by chance" turned up under the microscope of a national weekly journal, and a Melbourne daily newspaper, THE AGE - the same newspaper which recently ran a series of four highly critical articles on the Australian League of Rights.

The League is mentioned in the 'disclosures" - the League makes no secret of its pro-Rhodesia position - on the contrary - ever since U.D.I. in 1965 the League has recognized that the integrity of Rhodesia and South Africa is a massive stumbling block to Communist - induced chaos in Southern Africa, a chaos which is vital for the success of Communist global strategy. There have been the expected howls of rage from the Left - calls for "investigations"; even the closure of the Centre, and the expulsion of its Director and deputy-Director. There have also been reports that Australian officials of the Africa Desk of the Foreign Affairs Department are "advising" that the Information Centre be closed. If the officers of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization are concerning themselves with this matter they will no doubt be asking themselves two questions, among all the others,
One is -"How and why did the burglary of the Rhodesia Information Centre in Sydney take place. Are the documents, which were stolen, the same documents which have now "turned up" in the offices of two Australian newspapers, one of them, THE AGE, being one of the most influential newspapers in the nation."

The second question, which A.S.I.O. may well ask itself, is - "What is the real purpose of the officials of the Africa Desk of the Foreign Affairs Department who, allegedly, are 'advising' the Government to close the Rhodesia Information Centre."

We observe that there appears to be no shortage of literature from Red China available to Australians: we do not have diplomatic relations with Red China! Not until Mr. Whitlam will be sitting in the box seat at Canberra, which will probably be the case at the close of this year. We are accused of being most suspicious people. Be that as it may, we make no apologies for being suspicious again that this Rhodesian Flap is a try-out by the Left to jockey a nervous, dispirited probably already defeated Government; on the defensive to the point of panic, to jockey it into striking against Rhodesia. If the Government does this, an anti-Southern Africa precedent will have been set, and the sights of the Left will then be raised and trained onto the South African Embassy itself.

We believe that the Masters in the Kremlin and Peking are feverishly alarmed that Australia and New Zealand will forge strong links with Southern Africa, leading to an outright military alliance, then with the development and possession of nuclear weapons, such a alliance would be in a very strong position to resist intimidation by the- forces of World Communism. We think that this is what is behind all the commotion.


"I contest the claim that sex education can be entrusted to all and sundry without specialist training. I can think of teachers who would deal with the subject admirably; I knew others whose personal views would have made them the last people on Earth to give instructions on sex". - Senator Frank McManus in a letter to the Editor of The Age, Melbourne, April 4th.

Senator McManus sounded one of his usual common-sense warnings when he went on to observe - "When in so many cases today teachers impose their personal, social, and political opinions on their pupils, I have no doubt the same will happen in sex education, and I fear the worst...."

There is everything to be said for a second look at the new programme. It is pleasing to note that Bishop Arthur Fox Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sale (Vic.) has spoken out strongly against the Sex Education course now being given trials by A.S.E.P. Bishop Fox, of course, decries the giving of sex instruction divorced from a moral basis. He said in an article in The Herald, Melbourne 29th March, that "I am afraid that our modern affluent and permissive society, leaning towards the degradation of sex, is not conducive to discipline and self-control. Without these curbs, sex education can be seriously harmful and detrimental."

True to form, the Left wing is pushing for the introduction of Sex Education in schools. Dr. Moss Cass, always reliably on the side of the attackers of a decent society has attacked Mr. Malcolm Fraser (The Age, 1st April)"…Surely it is not up to any Minister of the Crown to decide what morality should be preached?" So says Dr. Cass.

The League insists that there has to be a sufficient authority exercised by the State to prevent the inundation of society by organized avalanches of filth. This control necessarily has to be vested in a Minister of the Crown. Dr. Cass desperately wants this control removed. He also attacked the decent Christian women who are doing their best to alert a complacent society to the potential dangers of this Sex Education issue. Mrs. Veal pointed out, as did Senator McManus, that some teachers with their degenerate and revolutionary views would be the last people any parent would want to be giving Sex Education to his or her children. Dr. Cass says that Mrs. Veal "ought to be ashamed of herself" for making such an assertion. We fully agree with Senator McManus and Mrs. Veal.

We were also treated on Easter Saturday evening to watch a T.V. Four Corners debate on the issue of the necessity etc. etc. of making the smoking/possession of marijuana less of a crime. What was really meant was the legalislation of the smoking of "pot". Dr. Cass was there yet again, urging that the "official" attitude to "pot" be broken down. He was diligently assisted by Senator Wheeldon who seemed intent upon making all witnesses as embarrassed as possible. His rather nasty performance has cost the A.L.P. hundreds of votes if not thousands.
The witnesses for the Cass-Wheeldon faction were the Anglican Dean of Perth, Dean Hazelwood, a scientist, and an ex-policeman. None impressed; Dean Hazelwood impressed least of all - his facetious, superficial approach to a deadly serious subject dismayed many Anglicans. To his credit the Minister of Customs and Excise, Mr. Don Chipp, turned in a creditable performance he was ably assisted by a Liberal backbencher, Mr. Turner. This debate is mentioned here because of its importance to the moulding of an informed public opinion on drugs, and also to highlight again the Left wing's support for issues, which will fragment society.

The Sex Education issue, happily, is now being given national ventilation, and the League claims its share of the credit for forcing this issue into the open. We have little doubt that the Course was being sneakily "eased in"' to Australian secondary schools before the two Christian ladies and the League pounced on it. Let all who read these lines be assured that we'll shake this issue like a rat, and flush out all the rottenness that lies underneath it. We realize that very many of the supporters of Sex Education don't appreciate the real, underlying implications of it, but they will by the time we have had our say.


"The Federal Secretary of the D.L.P. (Senator Kane) yesterday accused the Minister of Customs (Mr. Don Chipp) of playing "a major role in eroding the moral basis on which Australia's society depends." Mr. Chipp has been criticised for releasing this book, originally published in Denmark in 1969, and which praises unrestricted sex, contraceptive 'shops' in schools etc. We have seen The Little Red Schoolbook, and it peddles incredible filth. We are in full agreement with Senator Kane when he claims that this book - "sets out to undermine his (the child's) respect for every form of traditional and accepted authority - authority for those who wield power in politics, industry and education; authority of parents and teachers, the authority of the Inherited Christian moral norms of Western Civiliation."

According to News Weekly (22nd March) one of the book's producers in Denmark has since become a Christian, and says...."The book has nothing to do with education. Its sole aim is to train future generation in radical anarchy." We don't doubt that this is correct; and we don't doubt that Mr. Chipp has much to answer for by the release of this abominable book.


"A nation-wide workers' control movement, with 1,000 key activities in the metal trades industry is likely to be operating within 12 months, a communist union leader said at the week-end." - The Australian. 2nd April.

Mr. Laurie Carmichael, a very shrewd operator the Communist Assistant Federal Secretary of the proposed 200,000 member Amalgamated Metal Workers Union said at the 23rd National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, that support for the Communist Party within the metal unions was big enough to form such a control movement. Carmichael called for the formation of massive workers control movements in all major industries, that means the organization of tens of thousands of men into strike action to further the aims of the Communist Party of Australia.

The Government could prevent the proposed amalgamation of the three metal trades unions if it took a strong enough stand; but it won't. The D.L.P. has warned the Government that the proposed amalgamation is the first step in a communist take-over of factories and workshops and the League agrees that this danger is very real indeed. The essence of Socialism/Communism is centralization of power; in the political, financial, union, educational, - in every sphere of human activity where power and control can be centralized to be the more easily captured by a ruthless conspiratorial apparatus.
(Read "Theory of Subversive Action" by the Belgian expert on subversion, Roger Cosyns-Verhaegen. Price 72 cents; post free from Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne, Vic., 3001.)

We fear that the Communist Party of Australia will force a confrontation with the Federal Government, whether it is Liberal or A.L.P. when Mr. Laurie Carmichael, the Party's senior industrial strategist presses the strike button. We wonder what sort of role Mr. Robert Hawke will be playing at that time. Will he be the "peace-maker"; or will he revert to the militant firebrand he was on his assumption of the Presidency of the A.C.T.U. We wonder!


The orders for "The Naked Capitalist", by W. Cleon Skousen, are the heaviest for any major book we have ever advertised - and rightly so. Supplies are still adequate, but a period is approaching when the book will be temporarily out of stock. Second larger orders are now coming from those who have read this book, which picks out the nexus between International Finance and the forces working for World Government. The price is $2-24, post-free.

We now announce THE NAKED COMMUNIST, also by W. Cleon Skousen. An earlier book than The Naked Capitalist it deals with - the background to Communism - appeal of Communism - Philosophy OF Communism - Communism in the modern world etc. It is a truly marvelous work by this gifted writer and researcher. Price: $3.95 within Victoria: $4.15 to S.A., Tas. and N.S.W.: $4.25 to W.A. and Qld.


The forces of Satan are pressing in ever more ominously against the small band of believers who have the Light, and are engaged in a desperate struggle to allow the Light to shed its rays upon a world near-overcome by Darkness. The little band knows that if it is obliterated, then others will take its place.... Help the little band tend the Light that beams Truth to those ready and waiting for it. Your donations will keep the Light ablaze. During the past week 13 supporters donated $367.66 bringing the total up to $21,684.80.


Centralised Government

The more highly centralised government becomes, the more difficult it is for individuals to control the government. If governments take over more and more power from the individual, doing things for the individual, who, in a genuinely free society, the individual should do for himself, then it is inevitable that the major part of government progressively becomes a swollen bureaucracy, a type of army of occupation whose top officials become the real policy makers. Politicians are reduced to the role of rubber stamps legalising what the permanent officials lay down.

The perversion of the parliamentary system is being carried out along the lines laid down by the Communists' bedfellows, the Fabian Socialists. More and more power is being delegated to the permanent official who makes his own rules and regulations that have the force of law. A former Lord Chief Justice of England, Lord Hewart, very aptly described this as The New Despotism.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159