Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

21 April 1972. Thought for the Week: "Psycho-politics is perhaps the most dangerous single weapon in the armory of Communist psychological warfare which has been used relentlessly in the last twenty years, not only by the Communists, but by all propagandists of the Left who quickly spotted a weapon that could be fired with deadly effect against the habitual honesty and trustfulness of the ordinary citizen."
Ivor Benson, in The Opinion Makers.


In his last report from Canada, before leaving for the United Kingdom, Mr. Eric Butler provides some sobering comments on the future of the Canadian Confederation.

I am preparing this report shortly after lunching with a former Canadian Cabinet Minister, from Western Canada. We were discussing the Quebec problem and the possible future of the Canadian Confederation. "Well, what would be wrong if we permitted Quebec to become an independent State?" the Cabinet Minister asked. It is certain that a partnership which no longer works, which produces increasing friction, should not be continued merely for the sake of blindly insisting that Canada is one nation. The whole cannot be greater than the parts, and if those parts are in conflict then it may prove that the only way to remove the friction is to provide complete sovereignty for the parts.

Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police under-cover agent Mr. Pat Walsh, a Quebecer himself, has outlined a powerful case on security grounds against permitting Quebec to leave the Canadian Confederation. As the former Canadian Cabinet Minister observed, any granting of independence to Quebec to become a separate State would have to be on the basis of the rest of Canada's security being guaranteed as far as possible. It is certain that the longer the present situation continues to fester, the greater the opportunity for the subversives and revolutionaries to exploit the feeling in Quebec.

If a genuine Confederation had been maintained, with the maximum sovereignty for all the Canadian Provinces, the present desperate situation might never have arisen. But as in all cases of excessive centralisation, there has been mounting friction between the Provinces and the Central Government, and between the Western Provinces and Quebec with the Western Provinces increasingly resenting the amount of tax subsidies they are providing for Quebec. They are also increasingly resenting the fact that the Liberal Governments of Lester Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau have progressively eroded Canada's links with the United Kingdom and the rest of the Crown Commonwealth.
There was little concern in Quebec when the Red Ensign, containing the Union Jack, was taken down. But there was bitter feeling in the rest of Canada. Now the institution of the Crown is being eroded, again in the face of strong opposition from English-speaking Canada.

I have many good friends in Quebec, French-Canadians, and I am aware that they wish to see Quebec remain inside the Canadian Confederation. They believe that there has been a tremendous benefit from the long association between French and English-speaking Canadians. But it appears to many observers that unless a rational discussion takes place concerning how Quebec should be granted complete sovereignty, and, of course the responsibility which would go with it, then the Canadian Confederation may finish with the type of situation now wracking Northern Ireland. There is no doubt that English-speaking Canada, freed from the Quebec problem, would be much better placed to solve its own problems.


Those readers who are not familiar with the quite horrible, subversive, deadly plan of attack on Society known as Psycho politics - have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with it. What is Psycho politics "..the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through 'mental healing'. The Capitalist does not know the definition of war. He thinks of war as attack with force performed by soldiers and machines. He does not know that a more effective, if somewhat longer war can be fought with bread, or, in our case with DRUGS, and the wisdom of our art. The Capitalist has never won a war in truth. The psycho politician is having little trouble winning this one."

The above extract is from Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Communist Textbook on Psycho politics. Price 52 cents, post free from Box 1052J, G.P.O., Melbourne, Victoria, 3001.


We have had a letter from the President of the Bible Union of Australia (Vic.), the Rev. Dallas Clarnette, who advises us that two pamphlets are available, and that League supporters may wish to avail themselves of them for public educational purposes. We strongly recommend that League supporters do take the Rev. Dallas Clarnette up on his suggestion, and obtain copies of these pamphlets.

One is titled - Sex Education in Schools - and is a report by the Bible Union of Australia on the Sex Education programme planned by A.S.E.P., for use on a trial basis in selected Victorian Schools. This pamphlet is available from the Secretary of the Bible Union, the Rev. W. A. McEwen, of 2 Swindon Grove, McKinnon, Vic., 3204. The Rev. McEwen has informed us that he will make the pamphlets available say at $1.00 for 20; $2.00 for 50; $3.00 for 100. Many readers may be interested to know more about, and support the work of the Bible Union of Australia; in which case they may also contact the President, the Rev. Dallas Clarnette, 36A Stanhope Grove, Camberwell, Vic., 3124.

The second pamphlet -'It's Not Very Nice, But… ", consists of extracts concerning the notorious S.I.E.C.U.S. (pronounced 'seek us'), the Sex Information and Educational Council of the United States prepared by the American authority on Communist subversion, Gary Allen.

These pamphlets are available from D.C. Shelton, c/- Box 8, Nundah, Qld., 4012. The price is $2.00 per 100.


"The Victorian Labor Parry yesterday voted to back the North Vietnamese military drive in South Vietnam." - The Age, Melbourne, April 17th.

It is obvious that the Left wing is still in control of the Victorian Labor Party State Council, Official A.L.P. policy on Vietnam is for a political, not a military solution. The Victorian proposal flies in the face of A.L.P. policy. The Editorial in The Australian, April 18th, sums up the situation and its implications well
. . . "After Federal intervention in Victoria, it seemed that A.L.P. leaders could carry the Branch with them through compromise and negotiation. But this latest piece of mischief has left Mr. Whitlam no option but to dissociate himself from it, to the detriment of his authority, and the Party's reputation. The Government is a long way from losing the next election as long as Labor carries on behaving like this."

We do not take quite as definite a view of the faction-scrapping as The Australian, but there is no doubt that Senator McManus is quite right when he says (The Age, April l7th)...:'Such a decision clearly shows the falsity of claims that the Victorian A.L.P. has been reformed and is no longer subject to extreme Left control . . . "
The same old gang is running the show.


"The Prime Minister (Mr. McMahon) yesterday rejected suggestions that Federal Cabinet should try to over ride the Minister for Customs (Mr. Chipp) on the issue of The Little Red School Book." - The Age, Melbourne, April 18th.

We have given our views in previous issues of ON TARGET on The Little Red School Book, and we repeat: it's purpose is to peddle filth - to undermine respect for proper authority - to degrade. We are not impressed by the quality of the "defenders" of this gutter-production; they are the usual and expected Leftwing journalists, T.V. and radio commentators; our wonderful "enlightened" academics, and now the Prime Minister. We believe that many, thousands of electors will turn away from the present Liberal Party Government at Canberra in sickening disgust, when they are appraised of the nature of this filthy book.

One person we know is so incensed that he intends to have some less savory extracts from this book put out in pamphlet form, and distributed in Mr. Chipp's electorate so that his constituents can see for themselves the vile nature of the book, and pass judgment on Mr. Chipp. Very few people would actually buy the book themselves and read it, in spite of all the publicity. We realize that Mr. McMahon may have preferred to have the book banned, but declined to do so because of intra-Party politics: i.e. the possibly harmful effect on the Party, and the electorate, by over ruling one of his Ministers. So, Mr. McMahon either agrees that the book should not be banned, or, he agrees that the book should be banned, but declines to do so on the grounds of political expediency: principle and morality don't come into it.

We feel that we haven't heard the last of The Little Red School Book. As the evil filth of some of the contents comes to be more widely known, and some 'sugar-coating' of a few acceptable chapters doesn't mask the rottenness of the whole production; this book will come to haunt those who were responsible for unleashing it on our young. It is instructive to note that Mr. Chipp accepted 'departmental advice' that there is nothing in the book that could justify it being declared a prohibited import under Commonwealth law. The book IS banned in France, England, and now in Queensland.

Last week we suggested that a bright light should be shone on some anonymous officers of the Department of Foreign Affairs who have been urging the Government to take a more hostile line on Southern Africa. This week we suggest that an equally bright light should be shone on some of Mr. Chipp's "departmental advisers" Who knows what we may find?


"Leading economists yesterday criticised the Government's mini-Budget because it did not tackle inflation." - The Age, Melbourne, April 13th.

We don't believe that the Government's intention in bringing down the mini-Budget is to tackle inflation, it has no idea at all of the manner in which that should be done; it's intention is to save itself, despite all the gooey bleating to the contrary of the Treasurer, (Mr. Sneddon) which no-one believes anyway. All the "leading economists" agreed that inflation is still THE major economic problem in Australia; and in this we are in agreement. All the "leading economists" agreed that something like a prices and income policy was urgently needed (no wage increases without increased productivity etc.). We say that this won't make any difference at all in the long run; inflation will go on apace.

The Professor of Economics at The Australian National University, Professor Cameron, considers that inflation is more a social than an economic problem. This sort of thinking reminds us of the learned dissertation prepared by one of his earlier colleagues during the Great Depression of the early thirties who maintained that the then current economic havoc was attributable to sunspots; seriously!

Inflation is a purely financial problem; it is built-in to the finance-economic system - in this we agree with Professor Paul Samuelson, Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Most of the various Professors of Economics at the various Australian Universities insisted that the mini Budget was introduced for political rather than economic reasons, which is letting the cat out of the cellophane bag!

We'll let another cat out of another cellophane bag - Mr. Snedden will bribe the electorate still further in the 1972 August Budget. Whether this will save the Government or not can be debated; we are unable to ignore the reasoning of those who say that this Liberal-Country Parry coalition Government at Canberra has passed the point of no return, and that the Australian electorate is more concerned now with change than with the Government's endeavours, conceived in desperation to save itself.


We are approaching our goal of $25,000-00, which is the minimum we require to at least maintain the present momentum of League activity. As all our supporters now know, the attacks on the League by the forces which we are sworn to oppose, are being stepped up, and this means that the whole organization is under an extra strain; we can cope with this. What our Enemy may or may not realize is that these assaults upon us do give us the opportunity for striking back, and also for taking valuable initiatives to advance our cause. To exploit these opportunities for initiatives which our Enemy is opening up for us we need extra finance. We have not yet reached the minimum target of $25,000-00 - we feel that many who have not yet made their 1972 donation themselves feel that the Fund will be filled anyway, and that their contribution is not needed right now. This is incorrect. We need every cent right now, not only to get this minimum target out of the way for this year, but also to raise our sights and strike harder blows. Would all those who have not contributed this year, please do so NOW? During the past week 14 supporters have donated $163-00 taking the Basic Fund now to $22,141-20.


The Division of Power

It was also Blackstone who wrote in 1760 that "Herein consists the true excellence of the English Government; that all parts of it form a natural check upon each other."
The division of power in the governmental system was developed to prevent the tyranny of government. The concept of a government, once elected, being able to do as it likes unchecked for a number of years, is a modern and totalitarian concept. Under the British Constitution, the Trinitarian (three-sided) concept of government has been reflected in the House of Commons, the House of Lords as a House of Review, and the Crown possessing the right, in a crisis, of exercising a veto and forcing legislation to receive further consideration. The underlying concept of Upper Houses is that they help to divide political power and act as Houses of Review.
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