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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

28 April 1972. Thought for the Week: "It is indeed true, as history clearly proves, that owing to changed circumstances much that was formerly done by small groups can nowadays only be done by large associations. None the less, just as it is wrong to withdraw from the individual and commit to a group what private enterprise and industry can accomplish, so too is it an injustice, a grave evil and a disturbance of right order, for a larger and higher association to arrogate to itself functions which can be performed efficiently by smaller and lower societies. This is a fundamental principle of social philosophy, unshaken and unchangeable. Of its very nature the true aim of all social activity should be to help members of the social body, but never to destroy or absorb them."
Pope Pius Xl, in the Encyclical. - Quadragesimo Anno - 1931


Mr. Eric Butler provides his first report from the United Kingdom.

"Oh to be in England now that April's there…"was how the poet saw England in the month of April. I did not find it quite that way when I flew into London from Canada. True, the weather smiled temporarily. But I found myself in what can only be described as an embattled nation. The British were just getting over the crippling coal strike, one of the more striking effects of a deadly inflation, which the Heath Government has been unable to halt even with massive unemployment, when they are now in the middle of a major train strike.

Continuing inflation is playing directly into the hands of the Communists who in turn are assisted by those who ignore the basic causes of inflation -accelerating debt and taxation - and urge a head-on confrontation with the Trade Unions. I have a typical letter on this subject before me:
"The people are sick and tired' of rising costs and are ready for a once-for-all confrontation with the unions. Let us have it now." That is a call for the intensified class warfare the Communists require as a preliminary to civil war.

As inflation grows in every industrial nation, so the way is prepared for growing industrial and other social convulsions. The Marxists have long anticipated the present developing situation. Numbered amongst the one million unemployed in U.K. produced by inflation are many "white collar" workers. A recent survey by the Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs reveals that more than a quarter of the white collar workers made redundant by the Rolls-Royce collapse a year ago are still without employment. The survey also reveals that white-collar workers over 35 are finding it increasingly difficult to compete against an increasing number of younger workers available. One Union Secretary states "It is our opinion that there are going to be hundreds of thousands of white collar workers thrown out of their jobs over the next five years." This is one of the results of growing automation and technological progress.

Every industrial nation is now faced with this development, which means that either there must be major changes in present finance economics policies - or an acceptance of increasing Government control to provide "full employment".

Edward Heath pushes on ruthlessly towards his objective of destroying British nationhood inside a "Greater Europe" which has now even more internal problems than the British. In a classic piece of double-talk which would have earned the warm admiration of George Orwell, of 1984 fame, Herr Heath, as he is now called by some, told the House of Commons on April 18 why he was against a British referendum on the Common Market: "In the United Kingdom we have a fully effective and representative Parliamentary system for debating and deciding issues such as entry into the E.E.C. The consent of the people has already been given, by a majority of 112, through the Parliamentary machine."

The consent of the British people on the proposal to destroy British sovereignty has never been given, as it has never been sought. As Mr. Enoch Powell has again reminded Mr. Heath, in a powerful address given on April 8, Heath assured the British people before the last British Elections that there was no question of the U.K. entering the E.E.C. "without the full-hearted consent of Parliament and people." In a deadly thrust, Mr. Powell observed that if Mr. Heath were successful, "He would go down to history bearing with him the indelible brand of broken faith and trust betrayed."

But Mr. Heath is not concerned about broken faith. Typical of his type, he is quite cynical about the people. I have just seen a statement signed by one of his henchmen, before the British Elections, stating that he would oppose the Common Market. He was one of those who, with a political gun at his back, voted against his own pledge. He now denies even his own signature: This is typical of the moral rot sapping the very soul of Western Civilisation everywhere.

But the British people are far from beaten. Following his victory in the House of Commons against the people being consulted on the E.E.C. issue at a referendum, Mr. Heath then followed up with psychological warfare, urging Conservative Members opposing his policy to now accept the "inevitable". There was another man whose name also started with H who once told the British people that their position was hopeless and they should accept the inevitable. That was Hitler, after Dunkirk. Mr. Heath might be well advised to spare a little thought for what happened to Hitler.

The embattled British may yet surprise the world once again. I still recall Mine Host, a former British army colonel, pouring me a pint of bitter before I addressed a meeting in his country pub several years ago, and stating confidently, "Don't let us worry too much old chap. There is always our secret weapon." I waited for the explanation. "Yes, the opposition never knows what we are going to do next, because we never b.... well know ourselves."
I am optimistic enough to believe that Mr. Heath is in for some interesting times. There is, for example, that typically English gentleman who is taking the Government into the Courts on the E.E.C. issue. But more on that some other time.


A commentary from the Assistant National Director of the League (Mr. Edward Rock).

The Melbourne "Age" features a weekly column, Life and Church with guest writers from various denominations. April 14 was given to an article by Rev. Bruce Duncan, of the Redemptonist Seminary, Kew, The title of his article was "The World Must Change; Man's Future At Stake".
No Christian argues with the thought behind the title if it is accepted that the world would be a better place if Christian principles were widely adopted and resulted in political and economic policies reflecting basic Christian truths. But the Rev. Duncan, in his article, revealed the modem apostasy towards this central issue, that man must organise the earth on a collective basis. He quotes with approval the Pope, taking extractions from a Papal letter, Octogesima Adveniens,
"All human resources need to be mobilised.. . for development is the new name for peace."

The Rev. Duncan goes on to comment, ". . . Pope Paul admits that if the world does not take action to solve the development issue, the poor may be justified in turning to violence as the only answer."
It is difficult to imagine either the Pope or the Rev. Duncan could be so naive on the source of violence wracking the world. It certainly does not come from the poor.

The bosses of the Kremlin or Peking, or the revolutionary leaders of the West, are a lot of things, but one thing they are not - they are not poor; they do not suffer from a poverty of material or financial resources. But it is disturbing to read further the Pope quoted again - "when the established order is violently and unbearably oppressive, and there is no other way to change it."
The alternative to such violence? The Rev. Duncan is quite specific.
"But that is Pope Paul's whole point. Radical social change can be brought about another way - by setting up world government." A

fter concluding that world government would "pull the spines out of national rivalries...check the trend to over -industrialisation....distribute food more equally and efficiently.......deal with "the threat of pollution and the need to preserve our planet's resources," the Rev. Duncan concludes "Admittedly, the advantages of a world government are overwhelming."

There you have it, the final solution. Individuals and nations are incapable of solving their problems, but a world government will do it for them! All wisdom and authority resided in World Government, and the United Nations is a starting point, we are assured.

We are also assured that the issue of establishing world government will be resolved in the political arena. Again this is a very naive assessment of power politics. Politics as it is controlled is a far cry from the basis established from Pope Paul's letter, "To take politics seriously is to say that each and every man must do what he can for the good of all."
Confusing idealism with reality will not bring a solution.

To say that each and every man must do what he can presupposes individual sovereignty that he certainly would not have under World Government. When Christ rejected World Government he did so on the grounds that it was an evil temptation and that control over "all the kingdoms of the earth" was offered as a means of finally destroying the kingdom of heaven, which he told us is "within you". A highly personal thing, epitomising the essence of individual sovereignty.

Looking at the Rev. Duncan's article further we can only conclude there is a great deal of confusion over such matters as he quotes Pope Paul again in insisting that "the economy serve man, not man the economy." Such is individual sovereignty, the control over the institution by man. Another Catholic philosopher Lord Acton, with more understanding of the question of power, warned that the corruption of the individual proceeded furthest as power became more absolute. World Government against individual sovereignty?


"The Minister for Housing (Mr. Kevin Cairns) last night strongly supported the Queensland ban on the Little Red School book." - The Australian, April 24th.

Mr. Cairns asserted that the Queensland decision to ban this book had the overwhelming support of most Queensland parents. We are sure that this would always be so once the electorate had the correct facts. The result of the forthcoming Queensland State elections will at least give some indication of the way people are feeling about this issue, which can, and probably will, assume even larger National debate. We are not swayed by Mr. Chipp's statement that the majority of the communications, which he has received, do support his decision to release the book. If we are accused of bias, then, we are proud to be biased on this matter - we are unswervingly biased against filth and degradation, especially of the young, and of the subversive erosion of respect for proper authority.

We are also suspicious that, even if Mr. Chipp's claim that most communications do support him is correct, the Leftwing has been busy organizing a "Support Chipp" campaign. We still believe that the final judgment has yet to be passed by the electors of Australia on Mr. Chipp.

Whilst on this unpleasant tack, The Australian (April 20th) reports that The Campaign Against Moral Persecution, in South Australia, is urging the South Australian Authorities to include information on homosexuality in that State's new Sex Education course; planned for introduction next year. The 'Chairman' of the C.A.M.P. organization. (set up to promote and represent the interests of homosexuals!) has stated: -
"We think it's important that children have a true perspective of homosexuality.....What children should know is that a homosexual experience is a part of growing up......The subject should be treated in a relaxed manner and not treated as a mysterious, nasty, thing....The inclusion of information on homosexuality in the course might do much to help children who might otherwise be so pushed around by society to conform to the usual heterosexual view that they will reach adulthood as damaged, alienated people, unable to enjoy relationships with hetero, or homosexuals."
(How terrible! What a tragedy to be unable to enjoy relationships with homosexuals. Is there no depth to which the depravity merchants will not descend?)

The C.A.M.P. organization, of course, takes its name from the police term K.A.M.P. (Known Associate of Male Perverts). There is widespread confusion in society concerning homosexuality: is it right or wrong - a sickness - a vice - a sin? We do not pretend to be theologians, but we know that the Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin. The Christian judgment on homosexuality is that it is a perversion of the procreative instinct placed in Man by God, and as such, an evil thing; a vice and a sin - of the very Devil.

Now we have associations presuming to advance the cause of, and represent, Sin. Truly, Satan's helpers are burrowing like termites; they have stepped up the attack on our young. The Communists say that if they can destroy the faith and patriotism of just one generation of a nation then they will capture that nation. The Communists are being given ample assistance by the mass media (they are only reporting NEWS you know), the Left-oriented journalists, commentators; the 'enlightened' academics. God help us!


We are pleased to announce a fresh consignment of the book.
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A further consignment of The Naked Capitalist, by W. Cleon Skousen, is on the way. The ordering for this book is the heaviest we have ever experienced for any major work. Price $2.24, post-free.


The Division of Power

(contd.) When the predominantly British population in the American colonies revolted against the British Government of the day, they were revolting against a government which was denying traditional principles of British constitutional government. In his 'Origins of the American Revolution', John C. Miller observes: -
"In rejecting natural law, Englishmen also denied the colonists' contention that there were metes and bounds to the authority of Parliament. The authority of Parliament was, in their opinion, unlimited. The supremacy of Parliament had come to mean to Englishmen an uncontrolled and uncontrollable authority. Indeed, the Divine Right of Kings had been succeeded by the divine right of Parliament.
It was the refusal of Americans to bow before the new divinity which precipitated the American Revolution."
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