Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

26 May 1972. Thought for the Week: "The final battle for Christianity would be over the money problem. Till that is solved there can be no universal application of Christianity. "
Balzac - French Novelist


Following the recent statement by the Australian Foreign Minister, Mr. Nigel Bowen, criticising Rhodesian and South African racial policies, a statement publicised in both Rhodesia and South Africa; Mr. Eric Butler, speaking in Salisbury and Bulawayo, Rhodesia, strongly criticised the Australian Government's double standards. Mr. Butler criticism has been widely reported, and an incomplete report actually appeared in an early edition of the Melbourne "Herald" on the 10th May. Mr. Butler said:

"The attack on Rhodesian and South African racial policies by Australia's Foreign Minister Mr. Nigel Bowen provides striking evidence that Australia does not lag behind the rest of the world in producing politicians who are experts in the art of double-talk and doublethink. Mr. Bowen is a member of one of the most mediocre Federal Governments in Australian history, one with such a disastrous record that in sheer desperation Australians show every sign of voting for a Labor-Socialist Party in which they have little real confidence. The sheer hypocrisy of Mr. Bowen's statement is breath-taking.

The traditional Australian immigration policy has been designed to maintain a homogeneous European community. That policy clearly discriminates against all non-Europeans in other countries who may wish to settle in Australia, and has the support of the overwhelming majority of the Australian people. In a cowardly attempt to placate what is called world opinion, Mr. Bowen's Government has in recent years permitted an increase in non-European migrants. But having discovered that the appearance of even a small number of non-Europeans has resulted in widespread concern in Australia, Mr. Bowen's colleague, Dr. J. Forbes, Minister for immigration, has recently launched an attack on the Labor Party, claiming that a vote for Labor at the coming Federal Elections would open the floodgates to massive non-European migration.

While Mr. Bowen is lecturing South Africans and Rhodesians on their racial-policies, these designed to meet situations, which do not exist in Australia, his Government cynically prepares to exploit the race question as a major issue in a desperate attempt to hold on to political power.

I find it sickening that a Government which is at present literally groveling in an attempt to establish relations with the mass murderers in Peking, hoping that Australia may obtain a few economic crumbs from this exercise, should be attempting to create the impression that it is acting from high moral motives when it attacks Southern African racial policies. Mr. Bowen states that his Government opposes force being used against the Governments of Southern Africa, but then says that it will help to wage economic war against Rhodesia, in accordance with what Mr. Bowen describes as Australia's 'international obligations'. This double-talk means that Mr. Bowen's Government has its foreign policies made for it by the United Nations, an organisation being used by the Communists in an endeavour to produce chaos in Southern Africa. No doubt if this chaos were created, Mr. Bowen and his colleagues would then wash their hands of any responsibility for the disaster.

The double-standards of the present Australian Government are symptomatic of the moral rot at present sapping the strength of the whole Western world. Until that rot is removed, Western Civilisation will continue to retreat in the face of its dedicated Marxist enemies.

Reports to hand from Rhodesia state that Mr. Butler's public meetings have been very well attended by most enthusiastic audiences. His Salisbury meeting was partly televised.


Recent months have been marked by the emergence of increasing violence on the Australian political scene. Bomb outrages involving elements with the Yugoslav community, the burning of the Third World (Communist) bookshop, the bombing of the offices of the Communist party in Brisbane, the use of weapons of the same vicious intent at the last Moratorium march in Melbourne as used in the assault on police during the Springbok tour, in this case using flagpoles, which were if effect lances to spear horses and police as well as missiles of heavy iron bolts and nuts, rocks etc.

To the trained communist the pattern of violence described is progress towards revolution and the violent overthrow of authority and government. One of the basic techniques is the introduction of the agent provocateur element, and in this respect the press and television commentators over the last few days have been giving considerable space to the activities of the National Socialist Party, decked out in their brown shirt uniforms, jackboots and swastikas, all designed to set the stage for fresh outbreaks of violence, and serving notice that the next federal elections in which the National Socialists are fielding candidates, will produce opportunities for that purpose.

'These methods and tactics are alien to the Australian and British tradition of resolving political differences and policies through accepted democratic practices. They spring from an alien philosophy, repugnant to the Australian people, but a philosophy that has undermined the political institutions of our country - the subversive doctrines of Communism and left-wing infantilism.

The philosophy of the National Socialists, while claiming anti-communist motivations, seeks to establish the same total state structure as results from socialism and communism. The war between Hitler and Stalin was over power, not principles, philosophy or an alternative group structure in society. Just as Hitler used his brown shirts and the Gestapo, and the Communists their K.G.B. and squads of revolutionary assassins to obtain power, the evolution of similar violence in Australia and the nations of the West is designed to usher in the same type of totalitarian state.
Against these developments the constitutional processes we have inherited are designed to protect the populace.

The Australian League of Rights and all those concerned to maintain a law abiding community using those constitutional processes to obtain reforms, must insist that the whole weight of the law be used to protect the community against those who would use violence and force to obtain political objectives.


"The Australian Government has seized the passport of Mr. Srecko Rover, Victorian leader of the controversial Croation nationalist movement, and forced him to return to Melbourne from a world tour." - The Age, May 18th.

The arbitrary seizure of any individuals' passports without explanation of the advice acted upon, or resort to the principles of justice which either convict or establish the innocence of the individual, constitutes a grave departure from the principles of individual liberty, which we look upon parliament to protect. We have no illusions about the political loyalties of Mr. Rover and the Croatians, and have no axe to grind on their behalf. We are well aware of the expediency of the political leanings of the Croatians who at one time found it expedient to welcome Tito and oppose General Mikhailovitch. It appears now, that at least some of the Croats are disillusioned about the glories of Communism, and hunger for the old dream of a national state for Croatians.

Australians find it difficult to follow the complexities of politics in this area of the Balkan States and space does not permit an explanation here. The question we are concerned with is the rights of an individual who has been naturalised as an Australian citizen for 17 years. Mr. Rover alleges the cancellation of his passport was due to pressure by the Communist Government of Yugoslavia on the McMahon Government. Mr. Rover is also under attack from the extreme left wing of the Labour Party through the leadership of Mr. Jim Cairns.

The objective of Communism is to destroy individual liberty and replace it with the selective morality and collective state socialism of Marxism-Leninism. The Yugoslav Government has never deviated from this avowed objective no matter what its dialectics towards the Soviet. As such it is the complete antithesis of the principles, which our Government is supposed to uphold, and in the case of Mr. Rover, appear to have been thrown overboard in the face of pressure from the Communists. Australians will not be happy until a full explanation is given.


"Once discipline is removed from society, then there is not much hope left for the world." Mr. Fred. Chaney reported in the NT News March 28th, 1972.

Mr. Chaney went on to make some pertinent observations of the vociferous minority, which continually advises on what should be done about the Australian Aboriginal. His remarks are worth reporting.

"Southern States which have a very small proportion of their population as Aboriginals seem to have the most vocal experts on the subject. In N.S.W. for example, the Aboriginal proportion of the population is 0.3 per cent, and in Victoria, where there is an abundance of experts the proportion is 0.01 percent. Because we in the Territory, with 33 per cent of the population Aboriginals have to face the problem, we don't say much about it. What we need are not experts in the South, but time in the north. Given that time we could see great results in the development of Aboriginals in this part of the world" - end of quote.
Quite. It is always easier to clean up some one else's backyard or bring up someone else's children.


To take place on Saturday, 3rd June. The time: 2 p.m.: the place: The Groome Park Hall, corner Neil and James Sts., TOOWOOMBA. There will be three most competent speakers (all ladies), and the theme of this Queensland Seminar will be - "From a Woman's Point of View". The Dinner will be held at 'Laguna' Hume St., TOOWOOMBA, on Friday, 2nd June. Bookings to be made to Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 17, ALDERLEY, Qld. 4051. The tariff is $4.60 per person.

Central N.S.W. Seminar and Dinner: Both to be held at DUBBO, N.S.W. The time: 2.00 p.m.: The place: Royal Hotel, Macquarie St., DUBBO. The date: Wednesday. 31st May. The Dinner will follow the Seminar. Details and bookings are available from Mr. A. T. (Tony) Maurice, "Gillinghall". WELLINGTON, N.S.W., 2820.


We have received sufficient quantities of a tract put out some time ago by the (now defunct) New Economics Association. We endorse all the questions which are raised on this one page tract in relation to - The Science (?) of Economics - Among other questions which are raised is the one -".. . why does the economic-financial system continually break down?" Indeed, why is it that while every other science over the past century has passed from victory to victory, the "science" of big business and finance has been so unreliable that there has been a recurring succession of depressions (in the midst of plenty) bankruptcies, increased suicides, unemployment and want?"
We shall make this thought-provoking tract available to readers at 6 for 13 cents, 12 for 24 cents, 24 for 42 cents, and 48 for 72 cents. Order from Box 1052J. G.P.O., Melbourne, 3001.


The Cultural Division of Society

The third division of society is what might he termed the cultural. In this division there are man's Churches and similar organizations developed to serve man's spiritual needs. There are numerous arts, such as literature and music and there are man's varied sporting activities. It is in the cultural field that man really strives to develop and fulfill himself. In this field his associations are generally most satisfactory because the correct principles of association are observed. There is voluntary association for clearly defined objectives. There is effective control of organization by individual members. Individuals readily admit to the highest form of discipline, which is self-discipline.

The basic difference between individuals working in some economic activity, which they find quite meaningless and frustrating, and enthusiastically getting knocked in the mud on a playing field, is that in the case of expending energy on a sport which may be more physically uncomfortable than the industrial activity, they enjoy it because they find some real purpose and enjoyment in it. If the spirit displayed in sport, or similar activities, could be engendered in the field of economic organizations, what a transformation there would be!
But the first essential is that economic activities be directly related to genuine individual requirements. This necessitates appropriate action through the governmental system. Political democracy must first be made a reality.

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