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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

9 June 1972. Thought for the Week: "In this age the man who dares to think for himself and to act independently does a service to his race.
John Stuart Mill.


"Australia must be saved from a 'straight jacket of socialism', the Prime Minister, Mr. McMahon, said last night." - The Sun, Melbourne, Tuesday May 30.

Someone should remind Mr. McMahon of the old tale once told to children before the "enlightenment" of television displaced realism for fantasy. The boy who continually cried "wolf" to arouse help when the wolf was not really there, brought about his own demise when the wolf finally did appear, devoured him after the boy had cried fruitlessly for help from sympathetic neighbours, who had come running on previous occasions. The "wolf" cry of socialism has been raised at every election by the Lib-C.P. coalition since 1949, and each time the electors have been misled and betrayed.

Former Prime Minister Mr. John Gorton is much more realistic. While Mr. McMahon is saying now "It's time the people knew the dangers of a Labor alternative," Mr. Gorton has reminded us several times in recent months that there is little difference between the main parties. The Labor Party is a disciplined, socialist party. It is obvious that Mr. McMahon does not understand the differences, which should, but do not, divide his party from the Labor socialists. He asserts that this difference lies in that the Liberals were "free to act and interpret our policies and platform without duress or interference." This is utter humbug and an increasing number of electors recognise it as part of the old wolf cry designed to mislead. The Liberals are straight jacketed as rigidly as the Labor politicians and for the same reason, to impose socialism. If there is any difference it is the Liberals are party to deceit and hypocrisy, while the Labor Party are honest socialists - if the word "honest" can be equated with socialism, it being a creed of deceit and fraud.


It is symptomatic of what we have said above that the mass media should see fit to report what is now becoming so widely understood as to render it useless to ignore it, the exposure of supposedly conservative politicians for what they really are. The Melbourne Age June 6th, features a report on the campaign now sweeping the U.S. which is exposing the control exercised by left wing financial groups over the policies of Richard Nixon. The best selling paperback, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, by Gary Allen, is biting deep into those conservative groups that for so long have been hoodwinked by the false and unscrupulous mouthings of slick politicians like Nixon, who have consistently sold them down the drain. Time is running out for the Nixon's and McMahon's and their slavish cohorts. Even if they retain their positions, the power they are permitted to exercise will be built on the rubble heap of societies marked by the decay and death brought about by socialism.
(None Dare Call It Conspiracy is on order and we anticipate delivery within a month to six weeks. Watch for future announcements.)


"A Victorian Liberal backbencher, Mr. Neil Brown, yesterday criticised the Federal Government's attitude on Rhodesia and South Africa." - The Age, May 24.

Mr. Brown has built his reputation in parliament on the basis of his youth; he is the youngest M.P. in the house. Evidently he is not only young in years, but understanding also. While it may be the popular past time with politicians, who are seeking to carve themselves a niche in the tricky business of power politics, to attack Southern Africa and Rhodesia, believing this will ensure their safety in a world increasingly brainwashed by the mass media on the subject, Mr. Brown may yet find that in Australia he has calculated wrongly. Australians may be dumb on many things, but they have a heritage of sticking to friends and sniffing the wind correctly when it comes to enemies, and assessing the facts behind the verbiage. Especially so when it comes to national safety, and apart from the addled minority, noisy in their politics, as becomes protagonists of the Marxists revolution, Australians as a whole have not succumbed, after years of propaganda, to the smear of racism against the Rhodesians and South Africans.

One of the most interesting aspects of Mr. Brown's attack on South Africa and Rhodesia was when he questioned Australia's reluctance to support U.N. policy. Mr. Brown had only returned a few days previously from Europe where he attended an international conference under the chairmanship of Prince Bernhard, of Holland, famous for his sponsorship of conferences of the Bilderberger One World Movement. Former FBI officer and Professor of Law, W. Cleon Skousen, reveals much in his best seller The Naked Capitalist about Prince Bernhard's association with the Bilderbergers, but in None Dare Call It Conspiracy the following is to be found on page 95:

"Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, head of the secret One World Bilderberger Movement, a former Nazi S.S. Storm trooper ("we had lots of fun together") Bernhard now works with the Rothschild's and the Communists to promote a world super-state of the elite, Bernhard holds yearly secret meetings with high U.S. officials, bankers and industrialists to map plans for merging the U.S. and the Soviet Union into a world government."

As reported in his parliamentary speech Mr. Brown made it clear he believed Australia should support U.N. resolutions on Southern Africa. He had never so declared himself before. Opposition to Southern Africa by the One Worlders, communists, and their hordes of brainwashed pinks, is a fact of life. Mr. Brown must have got his orders, or was thoroughly brainwashed at the latest conference of the One Worlders.


A public meeting to hear Mr. Eric D. Butler give a first hand report on world issues will be held for Melbourne supporters and their friends on Friday June 16, at 8p.m. The venue is the Legion Memorial Hall, 197 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Ample parking is available and supporters are urged to make the maximum use of this opportunity to have as many people as possible hear Mr. Butler report on important developments in America, Canada, England, Ireland and Africa. Take a note of the time and place.


"The Liberal MLC for North Province, Mr. W. L. Withers, claims that the Commonwealth is discriminating against whites with grants and subsidies it pays for the secondary education of children of Aboriginal descent. He sent a telegram and letter yesterday to the Federal Member for Education and Science, Mr. Fraser, urging him to extend the grants to the parents of white children in isolated areas." - The West Australian, Perth, May 30th.

Mr. Withers has previously drawn attention to glaring examples of anti-White discrimination by the Commonwealth, and is to be congratulated for his courage in drawing attention to a question which is an open invitation to a campaign of vilification by the anti-European racists, The moulders of "world opinion" have created the impression that Europeans who discriminate in favour of their own rightful interests are "wicked racists" while discrimination against the European in favour of non-Europeans should be warmly applauded.

There has been a massive campaign over a long time, to develop a type of guilt complex in Europeans everywhere, persuading them that they have a type of duty to put the interests of all others ahead of their own interests. This has resulted in policies, which have been disastrous for the European, and quite often also disastrous for those non-Europeans allegedly alerted by these policies.

The theory of "equal rights" for aborigines is in many cases the product of the type of mind which believes that "all men are equal", and that they can therefore all be forced into the one political and economic mould. The truth is rather different, as witnessed by the disastrous results of the policy of insisting that aborigines working on northern cattle stations should all be paid the same wage as Europeans. Many of these aborigines can now be seen, with their families and relatives, who previously lived on the stations, on the fringes of northern towns under shocking conditions. The agitators are already at work amongst them.

The European in Australia has a responsibility towards the aborigines. But he is not going to discharge that responsibility realistically by pretending that aborigines are the same as Europeans, and by spending large numbers of money on aboriginal children in northern areas while failing to do the same for European children in the same areas. If the Commonwealth can provide grants and subsidies for school fees, text books, uniforms, living costs, pocket money, and three return trips per year for aboriginal children attending secondary schools away from their homes, then at least the same should be provided for European children.

All over the world the European is being told that he must put the interests of non-Europeans ahead of his own interests. If the Europeans accept this policy, they will be acquiescing in their own destruction. It is time for some straight thinking about race and reality.


The State Elections in Queensland, due on the 27th of May, have already shown that the concept of electoral action has taken root in many areas. Typical was a meeting on May 10th in the Condamine electorate, where over 400 people turned up to hear four candidates answer questions from a selected panel. It was perhaps a sad symptom of the times that both the Country Party candidate, Mr. Vic. Sullivan, and the State President of the Country Party Mr. R. L. Sparkes let their party down very badly.

It was clear that both men were frightened of being committed in any way, and tried to bluster their way through. Mr. Sullivan called the Association "despicable" when the President of the Electors' Association explained the aims and objectives of the Association to those attending. He then went on to deliberately misconstrue the objectives of the Association, by claiming that he would not commit himself to a "body that was unrepresentative of the electorate". He ignored completely the fact that the Electors' Association does not claim to be representative, and that it does not aim to dictate to any elector how he or she should vote. Rather does it seek to provide each elector with more information in regard to the commitments made by candidates, which the voter can use as he thinks best.

As Mr. Sullivan well knows, the Electors' Association is a service organisation rather than a representative organisation. This fact was not lost on the audience, and when the State President of the Country Party, who was a guest in the audience, tried to disrupt the meeting in a childish display of bad manners, he was sternly shouted down by the audience, who appreciated the true purpose of the meeting. The other three candidates behaved in exemplary fashion, and answered the questions in a sincere and forthright manner.

A similar meeting in Toowoomba saw seven out of ten candidates face up to an impartial questioning from the Darling Downs Electors' Association. It was generally agreed afterwards that this was a very worthwhile service, which would be to the advantage of all electors, irrespective of party affiliations.

The Graziers' Association of Biloela, after inviting myself to speak on the general concept of true representation, also conducted a "Meet the Candidates Night." Again, three party candidates answered searching questions. The Association has prepared a circular for wide distribution on the answers given by each candidate, and has induced considerable interest. No doubt the Graziers Association will be written off by Mr. Mike Richards as a "League front organisation", but it is apparent that many electors are becoming impatient with unfounded exposures and hysterical recriminations, and will have none of it.

Press reports also gave coverage to a meeting organised by the Association for the Preservation of Local Government, at which the Queensland Premier, Mr. Bjelke-Petersen and his Labor opponent answered questions before an audience of 250 ratepayers and Councilors, from many areas, and again answers will be given a statewide distribution. This body, started very recently by ratepayers and Councilors in the South Burnett area of southern Queensland, already is supported by 51 councils, who obviously like the opportunity of fighting leadership. But the growing number of Electors' Associations are whetting their teeth for the Federal Elections at the end of the year, and experience gained in the State elections will be put to good use in the months ahead.


The Basis of Real Freedom Is Economic

Economic freedom depends upon productive capacity. And a nation's productive capacity can be described as its real credit. The following are irrefutable facts concerning a nation's real credit.

The basis of all wealth is sunshine, solar energy, minerals, including oil, water, and the soil. It is self-evident that no individual or group of individuals produced this wealth. The Christian could put the position as follows; Sunshine, solar energy, water, soil, are a part of God's capital. They are a gift to the human being in the same way that a father gives a property to his son. The fact that some individuals might use an inherited asset, one towards which they contributed no labour whatever, in a wasteful or immoral manner, is not a legitimate reason for abolishing the principle of inheritance. It is simply an argument in favour of developing a greater sense of responsibility and morality in individuals inheriting wealth.

Thousands of years of human history have clearly demonstrated that collectivism encourages a far more irresponsible and anti-social attitude towards wealth of any kind than does private personal control.

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