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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

16 June 1972. Thought for the Week: "....reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle."
George Washington.


Shortly after Mr. Eric Butler arrived in Western Australia from South Africa, he was contacted by Mr. Robert Moore of the ABC to ascertain if he was willing to appear on the national T.V. programme, "Monday Conference". Mr. Butler agreed to appear next Monday, June 19. As announcements about this programme were made at both Mr. Butler's Perth and Adelaide public meetings, we draw attention to the fact that Mr. Moore contacted Mr. Butler at his home last weekend to say that his arrangement with Mr. Butler had to be cancelled as higher authorities wished to interview the visiting New Zealand Prime Minister, Mr. Marshall. Mr. Moore did not indicate when Mr. Butler might be interviewed.


"The national organiser of the National Socialist Party, Mr. Cass Young, said he held Jews, communists and Left-wing activists responsible for the damage to his St. Albans house on Sunday. But the director of the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies (Mr. Doron Ur) said the Jewish community had nothing to do with the ransacking. Mr. Ur said, "I don't deny that there might have been Jews present, but the community as such had nothing to do with the organisation of this." - The Age, Melbourne, June 13th.

The pre-meditated attack on the home of Mr. Young is but one more disturbing example of the growing note of violence in Australia, to which we drew attention in our issue of May 28th. The mob of political vandals, which broke into Mr. Young's home on Sunday June 11, while he and his wife were attending a Nazi Conference behind locked doors, was responsible for an estimated $2000-00 worth of damage. What was the purpose of this type of political thuggery? In an editorial on the incident, June 13th, The Age comments, "It was an act of utmost stupidity", as "The attack has put them (the Nazis) into the sympathy-arousing position of victims of premeditated violence. It will not deter them from their activities. On the contrary, it has given them the publicity they crave and, if Mr. Young's threats are to be believed, it will encourage them to retaliate with force."

We doubt The Age's view that "the anti-Nazi rampage was a tactical blunder." It has been obvious for some time that there has been a plan to exaggerate the importance of the Australian Nazi Party. If Mr. Cass Young and his wife are as genuine as they appear to be, they would be well advised to give some serious thought to the question of whether they are not permitting themselves to be used for the purpose of increasing violence in Australia. Our assessment of Mr. Cass Young is that he is a poorly informed and rather naive young man. We have every sympathy with him because of the large amount of damage done to his house. But if he and his colleagues insist that Australia needs yet one more political party, must they further demonstrate their political immaturity by wearing Nazi uniforms?
Australians have nothing to learn from either the philosophy or polities of the late Adolf Hitler, the "anti-Communist whose immaturity was also exploited to advance International Communism.

Mr. Patrick Walsh, the former undercover agent for the Royal Canadian Police, has made the following thought provoking comment: "Anti-Semitism is a key weapon in the Communist arsenal - its most effective and deadly weapon used to smear patriots, freeze the timid with fear, and generally divert attention away from Communist activities. And on occasion, where there is no "anti-semitism" it has to be created. And it seems that the "Rockwells" - with no significant following, but with great publicity and incredible co-operation from the news media are created, built up and used for these purposes. A hideous ogre is created, and then publicly 'associated' with any patriot whom the Red wish to destroy."

If there are no trained agents-provocateur working to build up a "Nazi menace" in Australia, then this is the only country in the world where this has not happened. The real Nazi menace is that the Cass Young's are exploited in an attempt to destroy patriots working inside the framework of the Rule of Law and in accordance with British and Christian traditions.


As briefly reported in our last issue, the League's 1971-72 Basic Fund of $25,000 has been filled. Funds are still flowing in and the League's faith has been confirmed. Will all those who made pledges please ensure they are still met by the end of June. The League has already planned the biggest national offensive ever, before the Federal Elections. It is making rapid advances now on all fronts.


A Labor government would accept N.S.W. and Victorian offers to transfer State railways to the Commonwealth, the Federal Opposition Leader, Mr. Whitlam, said yesterday." - The Australian, June 13th.

Mr. Whitlam is quite correct when he states that schools, hospitals, and railways, represent a crushing burden on State Budgets. Mr. Whitlam makes much mention of such undeniably existent blemishes, on the railways scene, as poor morale and run-down rolling stock; but these are effects themselves of a hamstrung and frustrated management, with insufficient funds to do a proper job. It is true that the poor morale and run-down rolling stock flow on from this. Mr. Whitlam shows that he apparently does not understand the real nature of centralism very well. He says:- "When we hear people talking about centralism, we should never forget that the most centralised authorities in Australia are the State Governments." And then follows a rather silly statement - "The railway systems, particularly in the mainland States of N.S.W., Victoria, and South Australia, symbolise this domination of the State capitals."

It is only natural that State railways would be administered from the centre of Government in each State; the capital. State railways are decentralised in that each State is responsible for the administration of its own railways, as each State is responsible for its own Education, Health (hospitals, etc.), Roads and Highways etc. etc. They are decentralised, not centralised, as Mr. Whitlam claims. If they were centralised, they would be administered by and from one central authority; no doubt in Canberra.

The veils of centralization are many and varied. It is highly inefficient, in that, for example, the immediate decision-making for speedy functioning of any system is further and further delayed, as the degree of centralization mounts. What an owner of a one-man business would decide and do, at once, becomes further and further delayed as the amount of bureaucracy, red tape, lines of communication, etc. all reduce efficiency. Further, centralisation gives the power of decision-making to officials who have no intimate knowledge of local affairs, or local attachments (no pride in what is being done). We could go on like this; and so could the reader.
As a sound general rule the further the individual is removed from control over his organisations (by centralization), which are supposed to serve him, the poorer will be the results to that individual.

Coming back to the State railways, the State railways system is not able to serve the individual Victorian, Tasmanian etc., as it should, because it is deprived of adequate finance to do just this. Mr. Whitlam is merely obscuring the issue by talking about wage increases, and increased charges, higher fares etc. These take place right enough, but they are effects again. The basic cause of all the States various financial difficulties, and all the poor and inadequate services which flow on from them, state system of State financing. Sir Henry Bolte, in recent years, made the accurate remark that unless the States have the power to raise their own taxation, then they are finished. The States' borrowings from the Commonwealth are creating an impossible debt burden for the States, and for Local Governments, within the States. In Federal Hansard recently, the Prime Minister revealed the amounts of interest payable by the Commonwealth, State, and Local Authorities. Over the past twenty years the amount of interest payable by the Commonwealth has decreased approx. 25% in the same twenty years the States' interest bill increased approx. 750%, and what's more the interest bill of Local Government increased approx. 990%; and these are still increasing. This is the fundamental reason for the morbidity of the States; which will grow worse and result in the collapse of State Government in Australia; if something is not done about the system of Commonwealth-State finances.

The crux of the matter is one of FINANCE that has to be solved, otherwise Big Brother will take over the lot!


"The Democratic Labor Party wants the Federal Government to take a stronger line on foreign takeovers and monopolies." - The Australian, June 13th.

This is fair enough, as far as it goes - the man in the street today is quite concerned that our country is being gobbled up, a little bit at a time, by these 'nation-buyers' from abroad. The wrangle now engaged in by the politicians is how best to attempt to put some order into the wrangle. There is talk of this Commission and that Commission, which are attacked along Party line, and all and sundry are put to the task of making the unworkable, work!

Yet again, the basic fault is removed from the effects. "Selling off the Farm" is an effect of the manipulation of international finance, by those who are in the position to control international finance. As long as enormously powerful financial interests are able to operate giant reserves of capital within a system which is devised for not only just this, but also to guarantee that the giant reserves of capital become even larger still, then the 'nation-buyers' will gobble up more and more of our 'Farm".
The well-meaning little politicians might as well flap their arms and think that they will fly to the moon.


We do like to read our fortnightly copy of "Struggle", a Communist publication of the Worker-Student alliance. The issue of 29th May, (No.15) divulges the following in formation:- "Thursday, 8th June, 1.00 p.m. Members of the official Irish Republican Movement in Australia will be speaking at Monash University. Everyone is welcome; look up the Union news-sheet for that day and exact place."
"June 10th, 11th, and 12th. National Conference of the National Socialist Party of Australia will be held in Melbourne over this long weekend. W.S.A. (Worker-Student Alliance) will publish as widely as possible the venue for this conference so that comrades can ensure that it does not take place."
Everyone knows now what took place over the long weekend!


"Britain's pound sterling is coming under fire again, and the word - 'devaluation' - once a dirty word in the language of international economics - is being heard once more." - The Age, Melbourne. June 13th.

It is a mere six months since the major trading nations of the world thrashed out a realignment of currency values. We observed at the time that it would not be long before the next world monetary crisis would take place, and also that such monetary crises would be recurring events. We are of the opinion that these crises will recur with more frequency as time passes. The crisis of December last was brought about by the plunge of the American dollar on the world monetary markets, a 'phenomenon' that a great many 'financial experts' thought they would never see.

Now it is Britain's turn again; her balance of payments has fallen into the red; yet once more! Soaring inflation, strikes, industrial turmoil, have sent prices jumping up and up, to the stage where the Nation's trade falls off, as is happening. The orthodox 'treatment' is - devaluation; Britain's goods become cheaper on the world markets, but all overseas imports into Britain become that much dearer - everyone works harder for the same, or less result. Manufacturers cut their costs (especially labour) to the bone; the makers of automotive marvels (automation) sell more of their product in order to allow hard-pressed manufacturers to slash the work force (wages); thousands more redundant workers are tossed on to the unemployment scrap-heap; and not all unskilled men and women; large numbers of middle-ranking executives, of considerable training and ability, are now finding that they are too old at forty!

This is modern Britain: and it will happen here also. We repeat again - Finance creates the crises for the International Communist/Socialist arm of the world revolutionary movement to exploit, and manipulate. If you don't believe us, then read "The Naked Capitalist", by W. Cleon Skousen. (Price $2.24, post free, from Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne, Victoria, 3001.)


The Mechanical Advantage

The Cultural Heritage

Not only has the human being inherited the basic capital wealth mentioned; he has also inherited the truths of the Universe. Labour did not create the truth which man has termed the 'mechanical advantage'! Man discovered this truth when he found that by using a log as a lever, he could easily lift a weight, which he could not even budge with his own muscle power. The mechanical advantage and many other similar truths provided the very foundations of the modern industrial system. Having been discovered by earlier generations of men, knowledge of these truths, and how to use them, was passed down to succeeding generations. This is called the 'cultural heritage'. It is this cultural heritage, making use of the vast capital resources of the Universe, which has made possible, not only higher material standards of living for present generations, but which has made it possible for individuals to have greater time to devote to activities, cultural and otherwise, other than those forced upon them by economic necessity.

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