Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

23 June 1972. Thought for the Week: "Great lords and gentlemen, what means this silence? Dare no man answer in the cause of truth?"


"The Russians are eager to get access to advanced U.S. technology and long-term industrial credits in order to modernise their backward industrial system. They are pressing for removal of restrictions on American exports to the Soviet Union, for prevision of export-import bank credits to help finance shipments of capital goods to Russia, and for the extension of U.S. most-favoured-nation status to Soviet trade." - U.S. News & World Report, May 29.

President Nixon has claimed that his recent "summit" meeting in Moscow has advanced the prospects of world peace. The cynical Marxists in Moscow are quite happy if the American President, supported by most of the world's media, fosters this dangerous delusion. If the people of the non-Communist nations can be encouraged to accept this delusion then their will to take effective anti-Communist action is weakened.

Just prior to President Nixon's visit to Moscow the Communist Government of North Vietnam launched a massive conventional military campaign against South Vietnam, a campaign which would have seen the complete defeat of South Vietnam if it had not been for the support given by American air forces. Making the same disastrous mistake as in Korea, where the South Korean air force was denied attack bombers, the American Administration had not extended "Vietnamisation" to the South Vietnam air force. President Nixon has embraced the Johnson policy . He cannot afford politically to preside over the military defeat of South Vietnam by the Communists, but, like Johnson, he is so obsessed with his peace image, that he goes along with those in the American Administration who Refuse to fight to win.

The Marxist strategists in Moscow understand all this perfectly well, and that is why they gave their full support to the North Vietnam military campaign just prior to Nixon's visit to Moscow. The highly sophisticated weaponry used by the North Vietnamese is supplied by the Soviet Union.

The Americans have lost over 50,000 lives, and have experienced their nation being torn apart in a long drawn-out conflict which has in fact been a war with the Soviet Union and Red China. The Soviet made little fuss about the mining of Haiphong, realising that this act was more for political effect in the United States than for military purposes. Even the bombing around the Haiphong-Hanoi area was only precipitated by the threat of high-ranking military officers to resign with a public protest if nothing was done to destroy the vast stocks of Soviet supplies which were to be used in the North Vietnam military thrust in the south.

But iron-tight limitations were put on what could be bombed, as Nixon did not want any head-on confrontation with the Soviet if Soviet ships were hit. Such a confrontation would upset the efforts of his top adviser, Dr. Henry Kissinger, to work out a political settlement of the Vietnam War through the Soviet.

The Soviet leaders know that the Nixon Administration is geared to a phased withdrawal from South-East Asia, and elsewhere. The Strategic Arms Agreement signed in Moscow on May 26 leaves the Soviet in the position where having obtained an approximate nuclear balance, it is left free to pursue the type of warfare which the Marxists are confident will ultimately produce the World State. Agreements mean nothing to the Marxists, unless they advance their long-range objectives. There have in the past been seven summit meetings between a U.S. President and a Soviet leader. 25 "agreements" have been reached and the Soviet has violated 24 of them. But in spite of these violations, and the overwhelming evidence that the Soviet is backing wars of' "liberation" as in Vietnam, and a multitude of revolutionary activities around the world, an increasing flood of economic aid from the U.S.A., and other countries, has been financed to strengthen the Soviet's economic base.

Last year American reconnaissance photographs taken of thousands of Communist trucks destroyed in Laos by U.S.A. bombing raids clearly showed that they had been built in Soviet factories constructed by the Ford Motor Company in the thirties. Increased economic aid for the Communist Empire, backed by powerful international consortiums, dramatically demonstrates once more the thesis of that remarkable book, The Naked Capitalist. Like the visit to Peking, the Nixon Moscow visit was another public relations exercise, which masked the really important decisions. The most deadly blow the non-Communist nations could deal the Communist Empire would be to cut off all economic assistance for twelve months. But to do this would mean challenging the financial policies which the "experts", most of them Socialists, claim makes it "inevitable" to export increasing qualities of production to those pledged to destroy the very system which makes this production possible.


"A meeting of the Commonwealth sanctions committee in London tomorrow will discuss plans to strengthen the trade blockade against Rhodesia." - The Australian, June 19.

Nothing so vividly reveals the state of the world than the spectacle of the non-Communist nations seeking ways of financing a greater flow of exports to the Communists while at the same time they seek ways and means of applying an economic blockade against a small nation, which is holding a front line against Communist pressures on Southern Africa.
Recent reports of the mass killing in Burundi provide yet one more piece of chilling evidence of what happens when the one-man-one-vote dogma is introduced into the "liberated" African States.

Speaking in Melbourne last Friday, June 16, Mr. Eric Butler presented a picture of mounting Chinese pressures and influence in Tanzania and Zambia, which the mass media "overlooks". Mr. Butler also told his audience of the bizarre fate of the late Anglican Archbishop Oliver of Zambia. The Archbishop was one of those who never lost an opportunity of criticising the Rhodesians and South African while overlooking the totalitarian policies of "humanist" Kenneth Kauanda.

Following the death of the Archbishop in a car crash in Eastern Province, the Anglican Church became engaged in a horrifying Court Case, following action against a firm of undertakers, alleging that they had lost the Archbishop's body! One witness said that he had taken the body to the Ndola Monkey Fountain Zoo, and had put it in a bonfire in the corner of the garden, as the crematorium was out of order. He did not visit the place for several weeks nor did he collect the ashes. No one knows what happened to the mortal remains of Archbishop Oliver. Such are the results of Kenneth Kauanda's "Africanisation" programme.

It is not surprising that the growing collapse north of the Zambesi increases the resolve of the Rhodesians and South Africans to maintain government in civilised hands. Their opponents obviously favour chaos and a return to barbarism. This is just what the Marxists revolutionaries desire.


Mr. Eric Butler will be the guest speaker at the annual dinner of the Sydney Council of the Australian League of Rights, on Friday, July 14. The title of his address is: "The Financier-Marxist Power Maniacs' Strategy for World Control." This will be a no-holds-barred address. Donation for the Dinner, to be held at the Delroo Colonial Lounge, 128 Croydon Ave., Croydon Park, is $4.50. Book through Mr. Frank Salter, Box 579, P.O. Paramatta, N.S.W., 2150 - or Ring 635 9686.

Mr. Eric Butler debates Mr. Edward St. John, Q.C. at the Mosman Town Hall on Thursday, July 13, on the League of Rights. Those intending to be present for this event must be seated by 7.45 p.m. It is anticipated that many of the Sydney news media will be covering this lively event.


"The Country Party M.P. for Maranoa, Mr. Jo. Corbett has been asked to introduce a private member's Bill seeking the abolition of death duties. The request, from the Rural Women's Action Campaign, follows Mr. Corbett's statement at a public meeting that he did not favour death duties. The move is part of the widening campaign by the R.W.A.C. against death duties." - The Chronicle, Toowoomba, June 17.

The stimulating activities of the Rural Women's Action Movement are further evidence of the growing grass-roots activities by Australian electors who are learning fast how to associate to bring pressure on their elected representatives to get the results they want. The man who is spearheading the nation-wide campaign against death duties, Senator Syd Negus, is making a second visit to Queensland under the auspices of the Rural Women's Action Movement.

Reports from Queensland also reveal that Electors' Associations demonstrated the tremendous future they have in Australian politics. 400 electors attended one Electors' Association meeting. Some of the politicians, and aspiring politicians, do not like the growth of the Electors' Associations, but they are finding that they cannot ignore them. If Mr. Jim Corbett makes the move requested of him against death duties, which after all, is in keeping with his own party's policy, he should be given every ounce of support from all over Australia.


"Canberra - Australia was witnessing a breakdown in respect for the law, the Attorney-General, Senator Greenwood, said last night. He said there was an alarming lack of appreciation of the need for law and order enforcement. What ought to be the concern of all Australians is the fact that law enforcement and the need for the rule of law are being made issues of political partisanship Senator Greenwood said. But the rule of law was above party politics. "- The Sun, Melbourne, June 20.

We could not agree more with what the Attorney General has said. We have been analysing the causes in the breakdown of society for many years. But Mr. Greenwood and his colleagues not only ignore basic causes, but actually foster them. May we remind the Senator that The Little Red School Book skillfully fosters the concept of revolt against proper authority by the young and immature. Mr. Chipp may not have been able to prevent this vile document from being distributed, as he argues, but did he need to condone it?

The most insidious violation of the rule of law is in the field of finance economics. The Government of which Senator Greenwood is a member has been imposing inflationary financial policies for years. Inflation is not only immoral, but it helps to foster economic policies, which are destructive of the human personality. It helps to drive women out of the homes at the expense of their children. It undermines faith in the future. Until such time as Senator Greenwood and his colleagues find the fortitude to tackle the Marxist finance economic policies they are pursuing under the guise of what are known as Keynesian economics, there will be further disintegration of Australian society with less respect for the rule of law.


Federal Cabinet last night agreed on a compromise plan for the future marketing of the Australian wool clip. The compromise ended a struggle between Liberal-Country Party members of Cabinet on the wool issue.. .After a tense three-hour discussion, Liberal and Country Party Ministers decided on amalgamation of the Wool Board and the Wool Commission... Country Party members of the Cabinet won a one-year extension of the price deficiency scheme, under which growers are guaranteed 36 cents a lb. for their wool." - The Age, Melb. June 21.

As we have said on numerous occasions, no contemplated changes in the marketing of Australian wool can have the slightest effect on the basic problem confronting the woolgrower. That basic problem is continuing inflation. There has been a lot of loose talk about "archaic" marketing methods, with the urban elector being given the impression that if only more "streamlined" methods were applied to the wool industry, he would be saved the subsidies which he believes he is paying the woolgrower. If a genuinely independent investigation were made into the operations of the Wool Board, some of the harsh truths about this expensive bureaucratic monster would be revealed.

We know of no evidence whatever to suggest that the woolgrower has received any value whatever for what he compulsorily contributes to keep the Wool Board operating. We never cease to marvel at how people, forced into a desperate position by inflationary financial policies, can then be "conned" into submitting to more controls, which will allegedly solve their problems. One of the greatest rural myths is that the Wheat Board has virtually saved the Australian wheat grower from starvation prices. Like a cracked record, the theme is repeated that wheat prices were desperate in the early thirties before the Wheat Board and "orderly marketing".

The improvement in wheat prices was brought about by the same factor, which eased the Great Depression; an enormous expansion of new credit for the war. The wool industry can be placed on a firm basis without putting it in a Socialist straight jacket, a policy, which now even the DLP, advocates with its support for compulsory acquisition.


The Division of Labour

An example- In the early days of nail making one individual, working on his own, drawing the hot metal into lengths, cutting into required sizes, sharpening the point at one end, and creating a head at the other, was perhaps capable of making, say 50 nails a day. But when the total process was divided between four individuals, one drawing the metal, one cutting it into lengths, one sharpening points and one creating heads, then the total result was not simply four times 50; i.e. 200 nails a day; but an enormous increase on this total. For the sake of demonstration, assume that the total was 300. Clearly the increment of association resulting from four individuals associating in this manner has produced a profit of 100 nails. No logical person can dispute that each of the four nail makers would be entitled to an equal share of their increment of association. The division of labour principle is a major feature of modern production. It is the application of an important natural law.
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