Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

30 June 1972. Thought for the Week: "Although it (the U.N.) will not take action against Communist or "neutralist" aggression, it will take action against the internal policies of anti-Communist States. It wages a bloody and expensive war against the anti-Communist State of Katanga. It voted sanctions against anti-Communist Portugal. It voted sanctions against anti-Communist Rhodesia. "There should be nothing very mysterious about the one-sidedness of this performance. That the net advantage of U.N. activity should accrue over the long pull to the Soviets and not to the West is implicit in the structure of the organization - or, more exactly, in the complex interaction of Liberal policies, Communist intransigence, and the U.N. machinery."
M. Stanton Evans in The Politics of Surrender


"Common Market currency exchanges will be closed tomorrow because of the floating of sterling." - The Age June 26th.

The decision of the British Cabinet to allow the international bankers to decide the value of the British pound sterling - which is the real meaning of decision to allow it to "float" - represents just one more sell-out by the treacherous politicians engineering Britain into the Common Market. Australia's role in the whole sordid affair is almost as bad. Advised by Keynesian trained economists in the Treasury, wedded to the concept that financial policy is a means for organising world global control of trade, the McMahon Government has stuck for the moment to the policy of parity with the U.S. dollar. But that is only because the U.S. dollar will be allowed to survive the pound sterling until replaced by the Euro-dollar or a world currency symbol.

To get the whole matter into perspective, the dark and deadly policy of allowing speculation in currency by the international manipulators is blatantly immoral. Currency manipulation on this level is war. It has to do with the destruction of national sovereignty, in this case of Britain primarily, but also all other nations caught up in the drive towards financial-political centralism. Had Britain, and to a lesser extent - but not much lesser - the Commonwealth, had political leadership which was not mesmerised by the evil propaganda that Britain and the Commonwealth were anachronisms overwhelmed by the tide of events, the pound sterling would be maintained as a unit reflecting stable values protecting the investments, savings and trade of a united people. Such would be an anchor for the rest of the world, and its contribution towards stability and freedom would be paramount.

Over a decade or more, British and Commonwealth politicians have forsaken what should have been traditional policies as they have moved into the embraces of the internationalists. Even now, if Australia and New Zealand made the right proposals to Britain, appealing to the people, and not the corrupt politicians, the situation could be altered, but Mr. McMahon is too busy protesting on behalf of Communist front organisations about nuclear test in the Pacific to be bothered about the real future of this country.


"The Prime Minister (Mr. McMahon) said last night he had "not ruled out" the idea of sending an Australian ship into the French N-test area to stop the bombs." - The Age, June 26th.

The current furore over the detonation by the French of a nuclear device in the air in the Pacific has resulted in the international apparatus of the Communist conspiracy pulling out all stops in the anti-nuclear propaganda warfare. Such propaganda has one simple purpose quite removed from any crocodile tears about fall-out and pollution dangers; and that is to ensure the monopoly control of such devices by the fast cementing political axis of the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A.

Mr. McMahon has done everything demanded of him by the left-wing tearjerkers. With Mr. McMahon joining forces with Dr. Jim Cairns and the blatant Communist front, the Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament, Mr. McMahon is giving Communism the respectability of orthodoxy. This in no way changes the Communists, theirs is still loyalty to an international conspiracy designed to destroy national and individual freedoms.

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted Alger Hiss, the American traitor, as saying, "By the time I am eighty I expect to be respected and venerated." His confidence is not ill founded when one considers it is the norm that patriots receive no praise and die unsung and forgotten today, but those who prosper treason go from strength to strength. Recently Hiss was granted a pension, and we have no doubt he is the recipient of substantial endowments from those sources, which have been financing treason for many long years. He will turn eighty years of age in 1984! No doubt by which time as it stands now; the Australian Prime Minister will be a nominee of the Communist Party.

The rush of the gadarene swine since the Nixon visit to Peking-Moscow is now reaching its climax. A few short years ago Mr. McMahon's predecessor, Sir Robert Menzies, was reminding gullible clergymen that the Congress for International Disarmament was a Communist front. Today, like Alger Hiss, they are almost respected and venerated.


"One sixth of the people living in Australia were not Australian citizens, an independent Liberal candidate at the next Federal elections claimed yesterday." - The Age, June 5th.

Miss Helen Berrill, who is opposing Mr. McMahon in his electorate of Lowe, made the claim on figures released by the Department of Demography at the Australian National University. Miss Berrill claimed the situation was deteriorating. She established a point of vital significance when she observed, "The question of Australia's defence and security cannot even be considered until the real essentials of the nature, status and sentiments of her people are resolved."

The successful defence of any nation needs the acceptance of a strong consensus of agreement before commonly agreed policies are acceptable. Miss Berrill points out that the figures show that 1,300,000 citizens of other countries now live in Australia, along with "600,500 non-naturalised aliens." The figures combined make up one sixth of the present population in Australia. Countries from which many of this 2,000,000 are drawn are India, Ceylon, Pakistan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and a number of other African and Asian nations.

With such a heterogeneous population it is impossible to obtain that unanimity necessary for successful defence, or a stable society. Grievances of one section against the other can easily be exploited, especially the question of race and colour by those forces of revolution always ready to seize on such issues to advance the destruction of stable society. Mr. McMahon could find himself with a hot potato on his hands in Lowe, and be forced to make a realistic explanation to his electors on this important issue.


Mr. Eric Butler will be the guest speaker at the annual dinner of the Sydney Council of the Australian League of Rights, on Friday, July 14th. The title of his address is: "The Financier-Marxist Power Maniacs Strategy for World Control" Donation for the Dinner, to be held at the Delroo Colonial Lounge, 128 Croydon Avenue, Croydon Park, is $4.50. Book through Mr. Frank Salter, Box 579, P.O. Parramatta, N.S.W. 2150 - or ring 635 9686.

Mr. Butler also debates Mr. Edward St. John Q.C., at the Mosman Town Hall on Thursday July 13th, on the League of Rights. Those intending to be present for this event must be seated by 7.45 p.m. It is anticipated that many of the Sydney news media will be covering this lively event.


The W.A. Council of the Australian League of Rights is to hold its SIXTH Annual Dinner and Seminar at the PALACE HOTEL. St. Georges' Terrace, Perth, on Saturday, 26th August. Seminar: "Australia-In the Context of South East Asia and the Indian Ocean". Time: 2.30 p.m. Speakers: Mr. Ivor Benson. Former Assistant chief Editor of the Rand Daily Mail (South Africa), and Mr. Robert C.I.Shih, Consul of the Republic of China. Dinner: Time: 6.30 p.m . Cost - Dinner & Seminar $6.00 single $11.00 double $ 5.00 student Seminar Only $1. 00 per person. Please forward booking fees to The Secretary, W.A. Council, Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 16, INGLEWOOD, W.A., 6052.


"Shift work and irregular working hours could lead to a reduction in marital and family happiness, a social worker told the Arbitration Commission yesterday." - The Age, Melbourne, June 27th.

It sometimes amazes us that people with some sort of qualifications in the social "sciences" can spend so much time and energy, and money, in "researches" into aspects of life and environment, which anyone, possessed of normal common sense knows anyway. We do not wish to be willfully sarcastic concerning the efforts of the lady social worker who was giving evidence; but really, anyone with experience of life well knows that the pressures of the "rat-race" are placing an intolerable burden upon marriages. Any mother knows that the control and discipline of children is easier with the father in the home. We don't need a trained social worker to tell us that wives experience loneliness when their husbands work irregular and unpredictable hours. We know that these pressures will grow worse as the "rat-race" intensifies, and man is deflected away from the real and eternal values, essential to happiness, which are embodied in the Christian faith.

Many years ago; near twenty in fact, a great man, the late James Guthrie, wrote a brief analysis of Modern Society - "To What End?" It is still as true and relevant to the present state of society as the day it was written. Fortunately, we still have copies of this wonderful analysis - 12 cents for 1; 30 cents for 5; 50 cents for 10, post free from Box 1052-J, G.P.O. Melbourne, Vic., 3001.


"British money has been flooding into Australia in anticipation of sterling being devalued. Some of it has gone into stock exchange investment." - The Australian, June 24th.

The Money Game", as played now by major trading nations is just like a game of musical chairs. Now Britain has been caught "without a chair", and is forced to take strong "remedial" action to get back into the game. It was the turn of the U.S.A. a few months back; when the World Trading Orchestra, playing the Wall Street Waltz, and the Zurich Mazurka, caught Uncle Sam "without a chair", and he was forced to devalue. Before then the French franc, had its turn, and the British pound had a previous turn "without a chair": and so it goes on.

The merry money game continues; this time the Paris Polka is playing, and the President Pompidou is reported to be desirous of canceling the October European summit meeting, making the "floating" of the British pound the excuse. All, no doubt, with the purpose of putting extra political pressure on Britain to accept French terms in connection with Common Market entry, and trade generally. The spirit of trust between future Common Market members is quite touching - the French Journal de Dimanche stated only recently that it was not necessary to believe any reassuring statements by the British Prime Minister, Mr. Heath, since "everyone knows that in questions of currency the most honourable statesmen lie like fairground barkers".
As Mr. Heath promised once that he would never take Britain into Europe without the full support of the British people, we consider that the French have every reason for their own particular opinion of Mr. Ted Heath.

Coming to the local scene, a sort of "mini Musical Chairs" goes on at Canberra whenever the Big Game is played by the Group of Ten, or whatever it is now. The Country Party and the Liberal Party have a little game between themselves, and to the tune of the Coalition Tango one beats the other to the policy "chair". The Country Party wants no part of any appreciation of the Australian dollar against sterling, as this will hit Australia's already harassed primary industries, and would want Australia to follow sterling down. The Liberals are anxious to keep a wary eye on the Japanese Yen, as they represent big industry, which doesn't wish to be at any disadvantage in the event of the revaluation of the Yen etc. The Games goes on. The World Bank Band strikes up.


The Division of Labour-Cultural Heritage

Two hundred years ago a farmer was hard pushed to farm up to ten acres on his own. Today, one farmer can farm hundreds of acres, not because he is capable of more labour than his forbears (he may be less capable) but because his tractor, for example is a concrete expression of the cultural heritage, embodying "know-how" in bringing metals and other materials into the correct relations, produced on the assembly line (the division of labour) and powered by oil taken from the earth and transported by the application of the same cultural heritage.

It is a fact that as a result of his heritage, modern man has an economic basis for an expansion of individual freedom. The problem of producing man's physical requirements has been solved, primarily by the discovery and application of Truth. Why, then, is the individual not gaining full access to his heritage? This question can only be answered by examining the vital role of money in society.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159