Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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21 July 1972. Thought for the Week: "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of Socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism".
Nikita Khruschev.


We have received the following report from a Sydney correspondent.

A neutral woman observer who attended the Sydney debate between Mr. Eric Butler, National Director of The Australian League of Rights, and Mr. Edward St.John, Q.C., on Thursday, July 13, undoubtedly expressed the views of the great majority of those who did not attend as bigots, when she said afterwards, This is one of the most frightening experiences of my life. We came to hear a debate conducted by a debating Society which boasts of its years of experience, but what we heard was a stream of bitter personal smearing of Mr. Eric Butler, not only by a man who is a Q.C., but by other members of the audience who gave the impression that the whole affair had been set up for the purpose of an exercise in character assassination.

As far as I am concerned, Mr. St.John completely destroyed himself, while the behaviour of the large Jewish majority was absolutely revolting. The unreasoning hate was so great that I actually feared for Mr. Butler's safety at several stages! One of the ugliest moments in the affair came when a man who called himself Mr. Basil Beirman described Mr. Butler and League of Rights supporters as "Nazi scum". Before leaving the platform he called Mr. Butler pig.

It was a tribute to Mr. Butler that in the face of this type of personal vilification much of it also hurled at him from the large number of young Jews present, he maintained his composure and dignity. Asked by Mr. Butler if he associated himself with the charge that League of Rights members and supporters were "Nazi scum", Mr. St.John was careful to explain that he would not go that far. No doubt he realised the possible implications of associating himself with such an allegation in a public place.

The woman President of the Mosman Debating Society gave the impression of a person rather overwhelmed by the record attendance, which overflowed the Mosman Town Hall. She failed to keep a firm control of proceedings, first permitting Mr. St.John to speak beyond his allotted time and in conclusion to bring in new personal charges, most of them completely false in fact against Mr. Butler, forcing Mr. Butler to attempt to make a point of order in order to dispute the allegations. Mr. Butler, was forced to stand for a period before making a correction, such was the howling and abuse from a large section of the audience.

Typical of the tactics used against Mr. Butler was the contribution of Mr. St.John's first supporting speaker, a Mr. Wood. Mr. Wood's read out a number of statements against Communism made by Hitler and Mussolini and then a statement against Communism by Mr. Butler.Needless to say, the smearer did not mention his Communist background, his career as a reporter with the Communist Tribune.

The distinguished President of the Australia-Rhodesia Society, Dr. C.R.Huxtable, courageously arose to defend Mr. Butler, and asked Mr. St.John if he could explain the reason for his bitter campaign against Rhodesia, and what Australian interests would be served by attacks on Southern Africa. Mr. Butler raised a similar question.
Mr. St.John completely ignored this question, using every minute of his time in reply to throw more smears at Mr. Butler. It was a disgraceful exhibition and provided striking evidence of the hatred of this bitter man. It is to be hoped that there is no truth in one local rumour that a Labor Federal Government would appoint him to the High Court!

One interesting development at the Mosman affair was the arrival of Mr. Ron Bahnisch, who unconsciously helped the League of Rights when he attempted to debate Mr. Butler in front of 700 people in Dalby, Queensland, in late 1970. Mr. Bahnisch told the Mosman audience that he had come 1000 miles to be present. But for all that he said, he might as well have saved his money and his time. Mr. St.John praised him lavishly, presenting the audience with a picture of a brave but lone farmer courageously trying to fight the League of Rights in an extremely "hostile" atmosphere generated by the League in Queensland. Mr. Bahnisch would be well advised not to talk so loosely. He did not realise that he was talking to a League of Rights sympathiser after the debate when he said that he had been going to use Gott's little hate booklet, The Voices of Hate, but had been warned against this by Mr. St.John, who had said that this would enable Mr. Butler to draw attention to the background of the publishers of the book!

Commenting after the debate, Mr. Butler said that the League was scoring heavily with every new encounter with its opponents. He said that in shaking hands with Mr. St. John after the debate he had told him that he was one of the greatest assets the League had!

The first big dividends from the debate came with the first item on the ABC radio programme AM, the following morning, being devoted to the event. Mr. Butler gave an excellent statement, pin-pointing just what the League was really about. Even the ABC interviewer indicated privately that many people were starting to become tired of the unfair nation-wide campaign against the League. Prior to the debate Mr. Butler was interviewed by Mr. Paul Lynch on 2GB. This was an excellent interview in which, for the first time, one interviewer made a genuine attempt to let a League spokesman tell the public just what were some of the policies of the League.

In a friendly but lively discussion with a number of young Jews after the debate, Mr. Butler suggested that they should start to do some thinking for themselves instead of being conditioned to the stage where they could be used for the purposes they do not understand.
Mr. Butler's friendly warning is most appropriate when one examines some of the hysterical comments appearing in recent issues of the Australian Jewish Times, which claims to be "The Voice of Australian Jewry". In its issue of May 25, The Australian Jewish Times reports Mr. Laurence Einfield of the N.S.W. Jewish Board of Deputies as linking the Nazis and the League's Lilac League. Mr. St.John also attempted to link the League of Rights with the Nazis. These are, of course, real gutter tactics.

The Australian Jewish News of April 23 carries a "warning" from Mr. Isi Leibler, Public Relations chairman of Executive Council of Australian Jewry, charging that the League of Rights is "obsessed with irrational and paranoiac anti-Semitism." If responsible members of the Jewish community wish to avoid the impression that they are on the side of those revolutionary forces attacking patriotic bodies like the League of Rights, they would be well advised to curb the irrational and hate-charged statements by the Leiblers. They would also be well advised to stop promoting bitter ex-politicians like Edward St.John.


"Law enforcement authorities could not stop the flow of drugs into Australia, the Minister for Customs and Excise (Mr. Chipp) said yesterday. - The Age July 10th.

Mr. Chipp quotes convincing figures and draws a picture, which indicates the impossibility of checking the flow of drugs into any country. In the face of a well-organised force now obviously operating on an international scale, this would appear to be the true state of affairs. While accepting this it may be wondered if the attempt by the Commonwealth Police to apprehend draft resister Barry Johnson is a measure of the efforts taken to apprehend drug smugglers, that perhaps a bunch of rover scouts could be more effective. Nevertheless if this is the case, then what other measures are we taking to protect our young people from those who entice them into trying" bit of pot", or "taking a trip" on L.S.D.

Surely one measure would be to ban literature, which encourages any breakdown in morality in the national fibre of the community. The Little Red School Book is one example of how this has been done, establishing the basis on which the peddlers of drugs can obtain recruits for those who think it is smart to give drugs a go.

We would take a lot more notice of Mr. Chipp if he were consistent in his attitudes. As Minister for Customs and Excise, he is responsible for the introduction of films and literature, which compliment the local publication of The Little Red School Book, which, if it were not for the general breakdown caused by the lowering of standards in so much else would probably never have found a market in Australia. It is time we got back to the old-fashioned morality which had no trouble in distinguishing between what was right or wrong, what was filthy or clean, and what was offensive or acceptable. This was no more difficult than recognising cream that was fresh, on the turn, or sour. We need politicians and leaders with that old fashioned ability.


"The Minister for Education and Science (Mr. Fraser) yesterday called on the richer independent schools to broaden their base of enrolments in the community." - The Age July 12.

In all the argument over State Aid involving funds extracted from the taxpayers pool, administered by the Commonwealth, to aid independent Schools falling into financial distress, the old adage, "he who pays the piper calls the tune" has been continuously overlooked. Chickens are now coming home to roost.. Mr. Fraser's request will soon become a demand. That is the way of Governments, especially bureaucratically controlled central government. Mr. Fraser, in the address he was giving to South Melbourne Rotary said, "Despite the critics, elitism in education has no part in the Government's thinking." Precisely, we have been saying year in and year out that this Government is a socialist government, which is gradually reducing everyone to a dull uniformity. The main technique being used to achieve this goal is through financial coercion.

Mr. Fraser told his audience "The provision of Commonwealth Government funds... is also aimed… to prevent independent schools becoming a refuge for the wealthy." He went on to say that the Government did not wish to encourage mediocrity or parent participation, but his first remarks cancel out the latter. Mediocrity and uniform central direction run together.

There is no particular virtue in financial independence (which should not be confused with financial wealth) if coercion destroys selection through political direction of financia1 resources. If Mr. Fraser were true to the political creed to which he gives lip service at election times, he would be working for the full financial independence of the individual so that parents could freely choose the school, and pay the fees, to ensure the maximum diversity and choice in such institutions. State aid is a trap, which will eventually result in the complete socialisation of independent schools.


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Papua New Guinea's Chief Minister (Mr. Somare) yesterday issued a blunt warning to white "troublemakers". - The Age July 10th.

The emergence of the Pangu Pati party, with its leader Mr. Somare, as the head of a coalition government in New Guinea is a matter of some significance to Australia and our future defence strategy. The party which Mr. Somare heads was founded to press for "independence immediately" several years ago.

In the rush of events since those years we tend to forget that such an aim at that time was considered a political joke, and the radical nature of the new party supposedly excluded it from being taken seriously. Today it is the dominant force in the political power struggle by all those involved in shaping events in New Guinea. The number involved is of necessity very small, because the basic factor about Papua New Guinea is the tribal structure and the complete ignorance of the indigenous peoples of the operation of a modern sophisticated central government system.
In this situation those who seek to exploit ignorance in the quest for power are at a great advantage to those who seek to protect the ignorant and the innocent.

Mr. Somare is making noises we have become increasingly familiar with as the cry for "independence" and "self-government" reaches a crescendo. His warning to so-called white "trouble makers" was in effect the same old threats issued by political demogogues in the newly "emerging' countries who have never played any tangible role in the economic progress of the country, but with a certain facility for political oratory, achieve a position of power from where those who have provided the country with any real progress are threatened unless they hand over the goods. Mr. Somare is telling New Guineans of Australian extraction that such is the price of peace under his Government. "If you involve the people of this country in your companies we will avoid trouble and instability."


What is Money?

Instead of the cumbersome method of exchanging cattle for supplies from merchants, a major development took place when leather discs, representing the cattle were issued. It is important to note that the owner of the wealth was issuing the money representing his wealth, in the same way that a railway makes its own tickets; but not in the same sense that the farmer of today "makes" money when he says he does.

Coming down through history, a new type of money was evolved. Rare metals, like gold and silver, were regarded as wealth. Those holding these metals, in plate, or other forms, started to deposit them with the goldsmiths for safe keeping. The goldsmith issued receipts against these deposits. It was not long before the owner of the receipts found it much more convenient to use these receipts to do his business rather than draw his gold or silver out of the goldsmith's safe, pay it to someone else, who would then re-deposit the metals with the goldsmith.

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