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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

28 July 1972. Thought for the Week: "Politicians and "intellectuals" are attracted to the concept that events are propelled by some mysterious tide of history or happen by accident. By this reasoning they hope to escape the blame when things go wrong."
Gary Allen in None Dare Gall it Conspiracy, p.10.


"London, Tuesday. West Germany has fired a first shot across the bows of the British Parliament, as a warning that British legislation must conform to Common Market rules. Legislation now passing through Westminister gives new aids to industry and development areas in Britain. West Germany has formally asked the Common Market Commission in Brussels to investigate these new aids, to see if they are compatible with the Common Market treaty." - T. S. Monks reporting from London in The Sydney Morning Herald, July 19th.

The move by the West Germany Government must come as a chilling shock to all those useful innocents who have tried to insist that nations joining the European Economic Community do not make a major surrender of their self-governing powers. The West German Government of Willy Brandt has adopted an attitude towards the British which Hitler would have warmly supported. Hitler was reported to have said not long before the end of the Second World War that while he might lose the military war, his programme would still prevail. Prime Minister Edward Heath is on record as saying that he was hoping to assist reach an objective in Western Europe similar to that of Hitler and Napoleon - but by different methods. The Common Market is a major feature of the accelerating drive towards "One World". Running in double-harness, now quite openly, International Finance and International Marxism are the major forces behind this drive.

The West German Government has not even waited for the British Government to make the final act of surrender to the European Economic Community before warning them of the facts of life. In an effort to improve the desperate economic conditions in selected parts of the United Kingdom, the Heath Government has been passing legislation to provide regional aid. The West German Government has formally asked the Common Market Commission in Brussels, headed by the Socialist Dr. Mansolt, to investigate this regional aid to see if it is compatible with the Common Market treaty. The West German note to the Common Market Commission reads: "It is not in the interests of Britain to introduce regional aid now which will - under the Rome Treaty rules - have to be changed after January 1st. when Britain becomes a member of the Market."

The European Commission cannot act as yet, which the West German Government knows, but it is issuing a threat in order that the British will know that there will be no special dispensations if the Heath Government is successful in forcing the British surrender to the EEC. The German Government is under considerable pressure from German industrialists, who look forward to destroying a big section of British industry. If anyone had said at the conclusion of the Second World War that twenty-seven years later the British would be surrendering the very sovereignty they had fought to preserve, he would have been branded a dangerous traitor. But as Gary Allen shows in his new work, None Dare Call It Conspiracy treachery against one's own nation and traditions has become fashionable. However, as the naked truth becomes increasingly clear for all who are not blind to see, so does the tide of opposition to treachery swell around what is left of the non-Communist world.


None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by the brilliant American writer, Gary Allen, is the perfect instrument with which to break through the conspiracy concerning the real forces behind the world conspiracy. Compact and lucid, it documents the nexus between International Marxism and International Finance. The more widely this book is distributed, the greater the chance of survival for the non-Communist societies. A single copy is $1.12 posted. But we urge as many readers as possible to take advantage of the special discount offered: Six copies for $4-00 posted. Then sell-do not give away - to others at $1-00 and use the small profit to buy more copies. We propose to flood Australia with this explosive work. Every reader can help at no expense to himself.


This high pressure, expensively financed educational campaign amongst all Christian churches, including the Roman Catholic church is promoted by the Australian Council of churches. "Development is for People" if a main theme and a publication with that title is of some interest. We are told, "development is humanity's top priority for action. . . we are in a race against time." The accent is that is the underprivileged nations do not get justice, the resultant social explosion will result in the destruction of those greedy, evil nations which have withheld what should have been given. Any student of history can readily recognise the basic Marxist interpretation of social injustice, and promotion of justifiable revolution in this concept.

But as we read further we get plenty of the same Marxist propaganda. Laced with continious assertions that the underprivileged sweat and toil but "no matter how hard they work" those grasping, greedy nations exploit them so viciously to ensure they remain in subjugation. "No matter how hard they work, we continue to grow richer than they because we have the upper hand."

Space here does not allow full comment, but it is obvious the "development" the A.C.C, is concerned with in this exercise is not spiritual development as so many christians may think would be the first objective of a christian body. The type of development envisaged is social revolution of the Robin Hood type, robbing the rich to feed the poor. The basic ploy behind this policy is that it gives power to acquire the wealth of others, which is used to feed the power of those filching it, but never results in any alleviation of the destitution of the poor and underprivileged, but results in a levelling down process, spreading the poverty.

Western technological superiority is the product of a philosophy. Basic to that philosophy is that it is impossible to get figs from thistles. If the ideas which have produced the figs in Western society are followed through it will be found in the institutions which have been set up to produce an environment in which individuals have been able to develope their talents. They have done this despite all forms of difficulties, obstruction and oppression. Having caught a glimpse of the true nature of man under God, some men within the Western world - not many - established a basis from which others could benefit. The fact that the basis they established has been perverted, and the results of the perversion threaten us all, does not alter the basic problem, the reconciliation of man to the truth which frees, builds, and developes the individual. And it has to start with each, black or yellow, brown or white. One time it was thought this was the primary role of the christian church, at home and abroad, thus giving to mankind the only basis to solve social and personal problems.


"Dear Comrades and Friends" so starts the letter from Brian Pola, goaled university student who defied the order of the courts to stay off Latrobe University campus. His letter is to "Struggle", subtitled, "Newspaper of the Worker-Student Alliance." In Communist parlance the worker-student alliance is the revolutionary base of the present social struggle.

Mr. Pola's letter is a classic in Marxist terminology, and it is obvious his university studies have led him to the conclusion that Marxism has all the answers to the world's problems. Intertwined is the revolutionary zeal to convince the students they are the pawns of capitalists. "The university is indispensible to neo-capitalism. You, as a student or academic, are indispensible to capitalism." But Pola's attitudes underlie his resentment against the "contradictions in capitalism," "I feel constant anger....It has never gone away whilst I have been in prison. I hope it never does. I love this anger because I know where it is directed. My anger is born of bitterness, my bitterness born of injustice, and that injustice born of the contradictions in capitalist society."

We would be first to agree with Mr. Pola on the contradictions which result in destruction of economic justice, but doubt if Mr. Pola understands the nature of the forces producing the contradictions he rails against. He rants against the authority which has to deal with his acts of violence, and advocates additional violence. "Imprisonment is an act of violence. As such, it must, if necessary, be met with violence. The sooner begun, the sooner done."

What the unfortunate Mr. Pola does not understand is that the real "contradiction" in the social structure is that the victory of his doctrine of violence would lead to the complete victory of those responsible for the contradictions he rails against. That is the simple purpose of those shadowy forces promoting revolution, for whom Mr. Pola is just the meat in the sandwich. We hope he gets hold of a copy of None Dare Call It Conspiracy so that he can learn the real name of the game.


Early Country Party stalwarts like Dave Drummond must be gyrating in their graves after the recent conference of the Queensland Country Party held at Surfers Paradise. Perhaps the atmosphere of the plush affluence of Surfers Paradise is responsible for the hazy thinking which seems to come out of political conferences held at Surfers Paradise amongst the glitter, the acres of wall to wall carpet and bare flesh, and that warm soporific glow induced not only by the natural sunshine but also its liquid variety.

We would like to think that as Mr. Anthony talked about the compulsory acquisition of the wool clip by big brother in the best phraesology of the doctrinaire Marxist; some of his listeners might have been vaguely disturbed asking themselves was not the next step price fixing and quota control, leading to full socialisation of this once prowdly independent industry?

Then Mr. Anthony was joined by Mr. Bob Sparkes, State President, advocating the Government should publish its own paper to offset the bad image created by left-wing sympathisers in the present media. We would like to comment that the present Government does not really need enemies with the friends it has, but more importantly, how does Mr. Sparkes imagine that the same left-wingers would not make it their business to slip into the proposed Government journal. That sunshine at Surfers must be really soporific. Perhaps if the conference was held under the barbed wire out on the Barcoo there might emerge some realism. We could certainly do with a rule of law for the mass media, applicable to all newspapers, and framed in such a way to ensure as near as humanly possible impartial reporting of the news. Elimination of interpretive reporting, and comment restricted to editorials would be a good start.


"As one of the world's top 12 trading nations, Australia would suffer an explosive cost problem if a 35 hour week became the national norm." - Sir Reginald Swartz, The Chronicle. Queensland, July 10th.

Mr. Anthony joined in the chorus of similar comment by all members of the Government on the result of a 35 hour week when he addressed the state Country Party at Surfers Paradise.

Under the umbrella of a financial policy which generates inflation through increased costs, undoubtedly under present rules a 35 hour week would produce increased costs and give the inflationary spiral a significant boost. The point the politicians are incapable of grasping is that this is a financial problem generated by a false manipulation of figures. It is not an economic problem accompanied by a realistic set of figures.
The real question is,"can we produce the physical requirements of the Australian population with a reduced working week." The answer is undoubtedly "yes." When politicians pursue policies which make the figures fit the facts they will find it is physically possible to reduce working hours for more than 35 hours.


"Eighteen Anglican Bishops have joined an appeal to the Prime Minister to hold an inquiry into poverty." - The Sun, July 19th.

It is understood by those who know something of the pressures exerted in the political field that financial policies never reflect reality; therefore politicians must be kept in line. To defend the unreality they must pursue, politicians learn the art of double-speak, prevarication and sidestepping the question. Bishops and clergy are in a different situation. Their vocation is to pursue truth for its own intrinsic, uncontaminated, value. We trust therefore that on the question of those policies which generate poverty in a society with the greatest productive capacity known in history they will not fall for the Government's story "we can't afford it" when referring to pensioners, and others suffering economic destitution. If the Bishops pursue truth assiduously enough it will lead to correct answers, and they might start, metaphorically speaking, to plait a whip to drive the money changers out of the temple.


The Evolution of Money

The goldsmith's receipts were a great convenience for all. They were the lineal ancestors of the modern bank note. They acted as money because everyone had faith that those holding the receipts could at any time draw gold or silver to the value of the receipts from the goldsmiths.

It is important to grasp that now it was the custodian of wealth who was creating money, not the owner of the wealth, as was originally the case.

The next major development in the evolution of money took place when some goldsmith observed that his clients left their gold and silver with him indefinitely, and that it would be safe for him to issue more receipts than the wealth deposited with him. It was extremely unlikely that all his receipts would be presented at the one time. What started as a dishonest practice became convention, and the more flexible form of money helped immeasurably with the development of trade and commerce.

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