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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

18 August 1972. Thought for the Week: "Among other things, House wrote that the conspiracy was to insinuate itself into the primaries, in order that no candidate might be nominated whose views were not in accord with theirs. Elections were to become mere charades conducted for the Bedazzlement of the booboisie. The idea was to use both the Democrat and Republican Parties as instruments to promote World Government."
Gary Allen, speaking of 'Colonel' Edward Mandell House (President Woodrow Wilson's 'special' adviser), in None Dare Call It Conspiracy.


"Canberra- The Government is expected to try to amend the Constitution to give it greater power in emergencies created by national strikes. The Prime Minister (Mr. McMahon) foreshadowed the move last night."-Allan Barnes, Chief Political Correspondent, in The Age, Melbourne, August 4.

The Marxist textbooks stress that every crisis, resulting from what are termed the "inherent self-contradictions of the capitalist system", forces further steps towards centralization of power. But as each new step towards centralization fosters more crises, the overall result is that each step towards centralizing power creates conditions justifying still more steps. The end result is a State, in which all power has been centralized, leaving the individual with no power at all.

Mr. McMahon and those of his colleagues who agree with him-including Mr. John Gorton, attempted to use the oil strike as a justification for giving the central Government at Canberra greater power. The fundamental cause of the recent oil strike, like most strikes, is the policy of destructive inflation, which all the Marxists welcome. The Federal Government has all the power required to end inflation and to take the "heat" out of growing industrial friction. But it refuses to use that power because this means challenging the whole underlying concept of Keynesian-Fabian financial theories.

Immediately following the Prime Minister's claim that the Constitution should be amended to give the central Government greater powers, Fabian Socialist Gough Whitlam predictably supported Mr. McMahon and called for the holding of a referendum on industrial affairs at the same time as this year's Federal Elections. Mr. Whitlam has recalled that in 1946 the Chifley Labor Government attempted to have the Constitution changed to give the Federal Government the greater powers now sought by Mr. McMahon.

In 1946 the Liberal Party campaigned against granting increased industrial powers to Canberra. But such is the plight of the nation, and the erosion of belief in fundamental principles, that present-day Liberals are prepared to join with the Socialists to further centralize power. Mr. McMahon has stated that he is a Federalist and "consequently had never been what could be regarded as a strong believer in drastic changes to the constitution". But having said this, the Prime Minister provided a classic example of double-speak by saying that his experiences had convinced him that the Constitution must be changed to give the Federal Government greater industrial powers.

Should a referendum be held on the greater powers sought, Australians will have the spectacle of the Socialists and "anti-Socialists" running in double-harness. Consistent with its basic principles, the League of Rights will be leading the opposition to any further centralization of power.


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Through Action for World Development, socialists within the Australian Council of Churches are developing a variety of the basic Communist techniques involving the destruction of individual and national sovereignty over economic and political policies. In this case the strategy is to persuade us to empower our own Government to increase the burden of taxation and make grants to the United Nations, and its appendages. This organization itself dominated by, and carrying out Communist policies.

The tactic should be plain for all but the most gullible to see, but it is in spite of the tremendous appeal made to the best instincts of mankind; that we are our brother's keeper; and should be, even to the point where we are prepared to sacrifice our own interests. Such a credo when applied by those who are ruthlessly determined to place their own interests first, has a devastating effect upon those Christian nations whose response is more from the heart than from the head. The case of the United States of America is very much to the point.

The following figures on aid given to other countries over a decade or more indicates the extent to which material aid, often given as a direct grant to Communist countries, but often to the so-called underprivileged has not only failed to do what those promoting Action for World Development has claimed for such giving, but has financed much of the propaganda designed to make the giver anathema to the takers.

Congressman Otto E. Passman, Chairman of the Foreign Operations Sub-Committee of the Congress of the United States informed Congress that the total net Foreign Assistance to 127 nations of the world from 1946 to 1971 is as follows:
$138,446,200,000 Total net disbursements.
$ 74,434,597,000 Interest (net) paid on money borrowed to give away.
$212,880,797,000 Total cost to the U.S.A.

Of the world population of three and one-half billion, all but 31 million have received aid from the U.S.A.


In his August newsletter, Jesus to the Communist World, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand tells of some of the tactics being used inside the Christian Church in an endeavour to destroy his credibility. It is of interest that the attack is not only from the liberal wing of the Christian churches, but is also now promoted by some evangelical groups. We quote from the newsletter.

"The Swiss evangelist Krems publicized that according to unchallengeable proofs he possesses, my wife and I are owners of a brothel in the U.S.A. According to a report, the Evangelist Leonovich asserted that I run 9 restaurants, bought surely with money stolen from the mission.

"About Dr. Fred Schwarz, of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, the tools of the red dragon had published that he bought his doctorate in medicine for $50. The same sources say that neither I nor my son have really been ordained and bear the title of Lutheran pastors by fraud."

Pastor Wurmbrand continues with many other examples of similar attacks, mentioning amongst them that made by the United Presbyterian Church whose donation of $10,000 to the Communist Angela Davis indicated its true sympathies. As Pastor Wurmbrand remarked, "they all wish to discuss who is Wurmbrand. None of them has ever said a word against Communists . . ."

The key to the hatred of the Communists for this courageous Christian is his exposure of the forces behind the promotion of Communism, as he goes on in his newsletter to expose the nexus between Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Willy Brandt and the Communists who are waging a non-stop war against Christianity.


"The ANZ Banking Group Ltd. thinks the Federal Government should reverse its present policy of cutting back on the number of migrants." - The Herald, Melbourne, Aug. 11th.

The current basic failure of the Australian economy, according to the ANZ Bank's latest quarterly survey, is that it is not achieving the output of goods and services of which it is capable. It also points out that the resources of men and. machinery are not fully employed. There is nothing wrong with our economy; that is, our ability to produce goods and services, that a sane financial system will not remedy. The problem lies in the very system that requires full-employment of men and machinery to be forever expanding the economy to keep the country from going bankrupt.

It is interesting to note that the bank does not assert that the inability of the nation to produce all it needs is the basic reason for the failure of the economy (there is no such inability), but that full capacity of production, is not achieved. Where is the 'full capacity of production' and the 'full-employment' of men going to end?
As a greater amount and more sophisticated machinery replaces man, is he to devote what could be increased leisure time into making yet more machinery so that he and the machinery he makes could always be at the peak of activity?

There is no problem in Australia caused by us not meeting our requirements; houses, cars, food and clothing, are in, or potentially in, plentiful supply. The problem, in varying degrees within the community, is the lack of money to obtain these things. This shortage arises among other reasons from the Government's policy of borrowing credit from its own creation, the Reserve Bank, at interest and charging the loan as a debt to the community.

Under the Keynesian policies which our government is pursuing, an influx in migrants certainly does stimulate the economy in that there is thereby provided a further expansion of the money supply because of new loans made for an increase in production. But as those loans would have to be repaid, at interest, the problem is aggravated rather than solved. Increasing our migrant imports or as other economic theoreticians would have us do, increasing our market exports, is dealing with effects not causes.


The 1972 Seminar of the Australian League of Rights will be held on Saturday, the 23rd September, at the Isabel Younger Ross Memorial Hall, Cnr. Keppel and Swanston Streets, Carlton, Melbourne. The 'theme' of the Seminar will be "Australia's Future and Southern Africa". Papers will be read by Mr. Ivor Benson, South African author/journalist; Dr. Walter Henderson, Australian Constitutional authority; and Mr. Carlos de Lemos, Portuguese affairs authority. The Seminar will commence at 2.00 p.m. Other papers at 4.00 p.m., and 8.00 p.m. All League supporters are well advised to make a special effort to be present; and to bring as many of their friends as possible.


"Half a million Australians live in poverty. Even the Government won't deny that. And the evidence is plentiful that it doesn't want to fight an election on the issue."
We can do no better than reproduce a section of the editorial comment from the August issue of "See" (organ of the Anglican Church in the Archdiocese of Melbourne), without comment from ourselves; it is unnecessary!

"One hundred thousand Australians who want to work can't find a job. The Government admits this. "One million married women have to go to work to keep the wolf from the door; 700,000 of them full time. The Government supplied those figures. "But what do the political parties say? They say, 'OUR power and glory is ALL that matters. To hell with the people. (Emphasis in original.) "You and I EMPLOY the members of Parliament, be they in Government or Opposition. Their responsibility is to us, not to the 'Party'. And that's something they don't like being told! "Now is the time for us to act. Let us not wait until we have been 'conned' by the political carrots, which the Budget will offer. "Even less should we wait until Election Day when we will be confused, misled, and even tempted to believe the platitudes and promises of the campaigning candidates. "Tell him (candidate), 'I am a Christian, and I am telling you, my employee, to note well that on election day my vote will go to the man who gives evidence, now, of his concern for the poverty stricken people in this affluent country. And to hell with party politics'.


Further Statements by Banking Authorities on the Creation of Money

In his book, Elements of Banking, Professor McLeod wrote:

"When it is said that a great London Joint Stock Bank has perhaps £25,000,000 of deposits, it is almost universally believed that it has £25,000,000 of actual money to 'lend out', as it is erroneously called . . . It is a complete and entire delusion. These 'deposits' are not deposits in cash at all . . . They are nothing but an enormous superstructure of credit."

The Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, one-time British Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Chairman of the Midland Bank, addressed a meeting of shareholders of the Bank on Jan. 25th, 1924, and said, as recorded in Post-War Banking:
"I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create and destroy money. The amount of finance in existence varies only with the action of the banks in increasing or decreasing deposits and bank purchases. We know how this is affected. Every loan, overdraft, or bank purchase creates a deposit, and every repayment of a loan, overdraft, or bank sale, destroys a deposit."

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