Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

1 September 1972. Thought for the Week: "Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival."
Sir Winston Churchill.


"The Australian League of Rights has moved into the Darling Downs electorate with a campaign aimed at having all candidates for the Federal election sign contracts with the electors. State director of the League Mr. Jeremy Lee, in Toowoomba yesterday, explained that for the next six days, he would be urging Downs dairy farmers to insist on the contracts." - The Chronicle, Toowoomba, Qld.. August 25th.

Interviewed on the ABC radio programme PM, Mr. Jeremy Lee explained that the League of Rights was not asking political candidates to give the League a pledge, but to make a firm contract with the electors the candidates are asking to employ them. Adding to Mr. Lee's comments, National Director Eric Butler says that the League of Rights had laid the groundwork for the biggest national campaign in its history. The first press advertisements were appearing and these would be expanded shortly. They would be backed by a nation-wide display of a striking poster, and a variety of printed literature for mass distribution.

The central theme of the League's campaign will be to highlight the importance of electors taking the initiative in selecting what they feel are the major issues, and of the electors insisting on written contracts with all candidates, irrespective of their political labels. Mr. Butler says that it is hoped that the overall League campaign will create an atmosphere, which will assist Electors' Associations and other groups to take effective action. He also says that the new developing campaign against the League, heralded by the recent Nazi Smear by Primary Industry Minister Sinclair, will have no effect whatever on the rapidly developing League national offensive.


"Canberra. - "Go out and sell the Budget" - that was today's message from the Prime Minister Mr. McMahon, to Government MPs. After talks with Liberal Party officials, Mr. McMahon believes that the effects of the Budget have not yet been felt." - Vincent Matthews in The Herald, Melbourne August 24th.

When Labor leader Whitlam challenged the Government to have an immediate election on the Budget, Treasurer Snedden was one of the Government Members who said he would welcome such an election. No doubt Mr. Snedden was so enraptured by his own Budget that he genuinely felt that everyone else would be also enraptured. Our own considered view is that the McMahon Government has recovered very little, if any, of the electoral ground it has been steadily losing.

Whether or not the Government can recover sufficient electoral support will depend on much more than "selling" the Budget. The Government will have to convince the electors that it has decided to turn its back on the Fabian-Socialist financial policies which, in spite of restrictive policies resulting in unemployment and a depressed economy, have continued to generate increasing inflation. It will have to provide concrete evidence that it is going to stop the sell-out of Australia to foreign investors, and that it is going to tighten up on Australia's immigration laws.

Country Party leader Anthony and his colleagues may be taking some comfort from the fact that wool prices have increased, that wheat sales have improved, and that the proposed new Rural Bank will be a good propaganda issue for the elections, but the primary producers are painfully aware that their financial costs continue to increase, and that there is no sign of relief from the debt burden which continues to force Municipal rates progressively higher.

A press report states "New cost pressures are fast wiping out the freight rate saving won by the wool industry for shipping to Europe. With only weeks before the new season's first wool leaves Australia, it is clear that higher brokers' charges are going to cut the cheaper freight rate advantages by half."

Continuing inflation is the most subversive financial and social factor undermining the non-Communist societies. So far from believing that his Budget will curb inflation, Federal Treasurer Snedden said in his Budget speech that the Government is working on the basis of a likely 9 percent increase in average annual weekly earnings during 1972-73. This increase will automatically increase the taxation paid by the wage earner. But then there is inflation.

During the financial year ended June 30th average wages increased by 8.1 per cent. The Consumer Price Index, which is most conservative, shows that prices increased by 6.1 per cent over the same year. But other figures provided by the Commonwealth Statistician in detailed income and expenditure tables show that the true rate of inflation was actually 7.6 percent thus almost obliterating the increase in wages. This will be the case over the next twelve months.

Mr. Snedden will have the greatest difficulty in "selling" a financial policy, which on his own admission is not going to improve the lot of the average wage earner. As we assess the situation at present, the McMahon Government is still faced with a real threat of electoral defeat.


"The Central Committee of the World Council of Churches decided last night to sell the council's shares in companies dealing with the white majority of southern Africa. The 120-man committee also called on the council's 250 member churches - which have more than 350 million followers - to put economic pressure on international corporations to pull funds out of the areas as well." - The Age. Melbourne, August 24th.

The decisions by the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches provide further striking evidence of the subversive policies of this organisation. It has already provided funds for Communist-backed terrorists masquerading as "freedom fighters". It now proposes to increase these funds from $400,000 to $1 million. The funds are allegedly for the purpose of "combating racism." Needless to say, there have been no protests against the racism of Uganda and other African nations.

The World Council of Churches has a very selective type of conscience. We can find no record of any protest against the brutal exclusion of the racially mixed Rhodesian team of athletes from the Olympic Games. This disgraceful episode was a classical example of the widespread hypocrisy and double standards now so common in international affairs.

Like a breath of fresh air was the comment at Canberra on August 24th by Mr. Alan Jarman, Liberal Member for Deakin, who said: "In the last week or so two events of some importance have occurred on the international scene. One was the announcement by President Amin, the dictator of Uganda, that 80,000 Asians, almost all of who were born in that country, and many holding Uganda passports, would be expelled...The second event was the expulsion of the multi-racial Rhodesian team by a vote of 36 to 31 from the Olympic games on the ground that Rhodesia is a racist country. One of the 36 countries voting for the expulsion of the multi-racial Rhodesian team was Uganda… "

I think it is time that all Australians woke up to the farce which is being played in international politics and in the international forums of the world. We live in a world of double-standards both at home and abroad. The left wing in Australia has long branded South Africa and Rhodesia as racist countries. But neither South Africa nor Rhodesia, whatever else may be levelled at them has ever expelled en masse people born in their countries as Uganda is doing - and doing on purely racist grounds.

It is not so long ago since we had the South African rugby tour in this country disrupted by left-wing demonstrators. The same people were successful in having the South African cricket tour to Australia cancelled. Not a word of concern has been uttered by those who so actively demonstrated against the South African rugby tour or the South African cricket tour…But the same people tell us that even if we do not agree with Communist China we should play ping-pong with people from that country, trade with them and have diplomatic relations with them.

When Churches calling themselves Christian, join with militant anti-Christians in adopting double-standards concerning Southern Africa, it is not surprising that increasing numbers of people no longer take the Christian Church seriously. Victorian readers of On Target should challenge all supporters of The World Council of Churches to attend the League of Rights National Seminar on September 24th and learn the truth about Southern Africa.


"Four men of Chinese descent were arrested last night when they tried to sell 20lb. of heroin worth about $8.3 million to under-cover narcotics agents. The regional director of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Mr. Daniel Casey said the arrests were the latest indication of growing involvement by Chinese in heroin traffic in the United States." United Press report, New York, in The Australian, August 25th.

Just prior to the announcement last year of the Kissinger-Nixon policy of appeasing Red China, the late American FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover issued a comprehensive report warning that if the U.S.A. granted Red China diplomatic recognition, one of the prices to be paid by the American people would be increasing exposure to the Red Chinese drug programme. The Hoover report was so embarrassing to the Kissinger-Nixon policy that Kissinger personally took steps to have the report suppressed as far as possible.

A number of informed patriotic American commentators described the attempt to play down the drug menace in order to appease Red China, as a "national disgrace". Recognition of Red China by the Canadian Government has made the task of the Red Chinese much easier. Much of the drug business is conducted by Red Chinese seamen through Western Canadian and American ports. Those who claim that Red China has no aggressive designs outside China might care to explain why the Peking Government is involved in promoting hard drugs in other countries.


"Brussels. Monday - A West German warning that the enlarged Common Market must tackle the inflation problem urgently coincided with a new Common Market report that European prices are continuing to increase. The new West German Economics Minister, Mr. Helmut Schmidt, told a finance paper that the problem of inflation was one of the major priorities facing Europe." - Howard Williams in The Herald, Melbourne. August 28th.

This report provides further confirmation of the truth that basic finance-economic problems or any other type of problems are not solved by making them bigger. Insanity has been described as divorcement from reality. In this sense large numbers of people are today quite insane. The reality of the massive problems of the United States of America is beyond dispute. And yet in the face of this reality large numbers of people have claimed that inside a United States of Europe the peoples of the member nations would be able to more easily solve their problems.

It has constantly been maintained that bigness is an answer to inflation. The average price increase in the Common Market countries was nearly 6 percent, for the twelve months ending in June. All the evidence indicates at least the same increase over the next twelve months. If the British are pushed into the Common Market monopoly next year, one of the first consequences will be a major increase in food prices. The overall picture for Western Europe is clear; major social and political convulsions stemming from a finance-economic policy which has the Marxists and their philosophical brothers, the International Financiers - (see The Naked Capitalist for the evidence), rubbing their hands in anticipating of still further centralisation and bigness - all necessary of course, to "solve" the problems created by the present centralisation!

The grassroots movement spear-headed by The British League of Rights is the one remaining major barrier to The Big Idea.


"Hong Kong. Tuesday. AAP. - Police have smashed a Soviet spy ring operating in Hong Kong. The South China Morning Post reported today that police are holding two Hong Kong businessmen." - The Herald, Melbourne, August 25th.

All over the world the Soviet Union continues to operate a comprehensive international espionage system. Every type of blackmail and bribery technique is used. Women play a major part in Soviet espionage activities. Diplomatic activities often are a cover for other activities. For this reason it is significant that the recent appointment of Mr. Dmitri Musin as the Soviet Ambassador to Canberra indicates that Moscow sees Australia of considerable importance to Soviet strategy. Mr. Musin has had vast experience. He was First Secretary in Canada when Canada moved decisively towards a pro-Communist foreign policy. As deputy head of the Soviet Mission in the United Kingdom up until 1969, he was no doubt aware of the creation of the vast Soviet spy apparatus against which the British eventually reacted violently by expelling large numbers of Russian officials.
We predict that Mr. Musin is going to concentrate upon Soviet-Australia trade.


The organisers of the Annual NEW TIMES Dinner still have some vacancies for those eligible to attend. Donation of $6-00 must accompany booking. Friday. September 22nd, at the Victoria, Lt. Collins street, Melbourne, starting at 6.15 p.m.

League National Seminar, Saturday, September 23rd

South Australian Annual Dinner, Saturday, October 14th. Guest speaker Mr. Jeremy Lee, Subject "Education."

New England Annual Dinner, Tamworth, October 7th Guest speaker Mr. Ivor Benson.


Statements By Banking Authorities on the Creation of Money

(contd.) The MacMillan Commission Report on Finance and Industry (1931) to the British Parliament goes on:

"Let us suppose that a customer has paid into the bank $1000 in cash and that it is judged from experience that only the equivalent of l0% of the bank deposit need be held actually in cash to meet the demands of the customers; then the $1000 cash will obviously support deposits amounting to $10,000. Supposing that the bank then grants a loan of $900 it will open a credit of $900 for its customer and when the customer draws a cheque for $900 upon the credit so opened the cheque will be paid into the account of another of the bank's customers. The bank now holds the original deposit of $1000, and the $900 paid in by the customer. Deposits are thus increased to $1,900 and the bank holds against its liability to pay out this sum (a) the original $1000 of cash deposited, and (b) the obligation of a customer to repay the loan of $900... The bank can carry on the process of lending, or purchasing investments until such time as the credits created, the investments purchased represent nine times the original amount of the deposit of $1000 in cash."

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