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On Target

22 September 1972. Thought for the Week: "Any government which gets so big that it can give you everything you want, will also be so big that it can take everything you've got."
William E. Miller.


"Canberra. - Two Labor frontbenchers today accused the Government of having identified with an extreme Croation organisation known as the Ustasha. Dr. Cairns (Vic) said some government members and ministers were sympathetic to the terrorists because of their anti-communism. The government was afraid of losing DLP votes if it attacked the organisation, he said. The Labor spokesman on industrial affairs, Mr. Cameron, said some ministers have had personal contact with the Ustasha leaders and had appeared on platforms with them." - The Herald, Melbourne, September 18th.

The terrorist bombing in Sydney brings home to Australians the harsh truth that no country in the world is immune from the use of violence as a political weapon. But just as disturbing as the Sydney bombing itself has been the campaign of propaganda flowing from it. Dr. Cairns has called for the removal of Senator Greenwood as Attorney General. When Senator Greenwood, speaking as the Attorney General states that there is no evidence to support the allegations of Dr. Cairns, and others, we can see no good reason why he should be disbelieved.

If a Croation terrorist organisation does exist in Australia, one would expect that long before this those charged with the security of Australia would have found evidence of this existence. It is one thing for Dr. Cairns, loudly supported by the Communists, to charge that the Ustashi are operating in Australia. But as Senator Greenwood said concerning the Cairns allegations, "Either he has information on individuals which he should give to the Commonwealth Police or say why he is blackening the name of the whole Croation community. Is this the way he would deal with the criminal law in this country? I believe people can only be judged guilty on the basis of evidence put before a court.

The Australian of September 18th reports that President Tito's private secretary, said in a telephone interview "the Yugoslav Government had provided the Australian Government with "conclusive proof" that right-wing extremist Croation members of the terrorist Ustasha organisation were being trained in Australia."

"Conclusive evidence" provided by Communist Governments is not notoriously reliable. Neither was the "evidence" provided by Mr.Marijan Jurjevic, when he spoke at the Unitarian Church, Melbourne, on Sunday, September 10th. Dr. Jim Cairns was chairman. This meeting was both publicised and advertised in the Communist Tribune. Mr.Jurjevic has been making charges about the Ustasha for a long time and has been supported by the Communists. According to Senator Greenwood, the police have not found Mr.Jurjevic reliable on the subject of the Ustasha. But in spite of the lack of any evidence to support the allegations concerning the Ustasha, Dr. Cairns and his supporters have been virtually endorsed by sections of the press.

Predictably enough, The Age, Melbourne, on September 18th, charged in its main editorial "Documentary evidence of their (Ustasha) activities has been supplied. But the Government has prevaricated. A number of daily press cartoons endorsed The Age allegation that the Federal Government was shutting its eyes to the reality of the Ustasha.

We have on many occasions been extremely critical of the present Federal Government, and of Senator Greenwood, the Attorney-General, but there appears to be no good reason why the Government should attempt to suppress any information it may have concerning a Ustasha terrorist organisation. Even the Yugoslav Ambassador to Australia, Mr. Uros Vidovic, qualified his statement on the Sydney bombings by saying that while he "believed" that the Ustasha terrorists were behind the bombing, "I can't say that explicitly, because I don't have the evidence, but that is what I believe" (vide The Sun, Melbourne, September 18th.)

While many have taken it for granted that the Ustasha were responsible for the Sydney bombings, few have raised the question of whether the truth could be that once again Communist agents have been playing the same type of bloody game they have been noted for over a long time. Federal Ministers Dr. Mackay and Mr. W. Wentworth speculated along these lines. In a comment following a Captive Nations Week meeting in Sydney, Mr. Wentworth said, "It could be that the communists are endeavouring to create a right-wing plot just as they did with the Australia First Movement during the World War II."

Whatever the truth about the Sydney bombings, we have little doubt that they are related, as are similar incidents around the world, to the fact that as Communist dictator Tito comes to the end of his life, Moscow is attempting to prepare to exploit the situation. We will report more on this later.


"Canberra - Members of Parliament were almost totally ineffectual, Dr.Moss Cass, ( Lab. Vic.) said last night. He said that although he was an MP, he felt 'pretty irrelevant" to the decision making in Australia," - The Age, Melbourne, September 13th.

It is rarely that we find ourselves in agreement with Dr. Moss Cass. But he has drawn attention to a reality of modern politics that is examined in the League of Rights School on Social Dynamics. Mr. Eric Butler, author of the textbook on Social Dynamics has been criticised for saying exactly what Dr. Cass has said. Mr. Butler observes in his textbook that modern party politics is a facade behind which real power is exercised.

(Mr. Butler will be conducting a Social Dynamics School in Melbourne on Sunday, October 1st. at the Loyal Orange Lodge. Elizabeth Street. Details on request)

Dr. Moss Cass claims that backbenchers made speeches simply to put on a show for visitors in the public gallery, or to obtain printed copies to circulate in their electorates. He also made the point that most people in Australia felt they were irrelevant to the decision making in the community. This is undoubtedly true.

The League of Rights is attempting to encourage electors to rectify this situation by associating through Electors' Associations. It also provides the very foundation of social power, which is knowledge. Members of Parliament are going to continue as little more than rubber stamps so long as electors refrain from taking constructive action to elevate the status of Members to one of being their genuine representatives.


"Canberra. - A Labor Government would have greater control over the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, according to Mr. Cameron (Labor S.A.) Mr. Cameron, Labor's industrial relations spokesman, said yesterday a minister should have direct control over ASIO." - The Sun, Melbourne, September 18th.

In support of his claim that ASIO was abusing its powers, Mr. Cameron said, "I can personally point to at least two instances of false ASIO reports which resulted in a respectable, law-abiding citizen being deprived of his employment." Mr. Cameron went on to say that "The secrecy applicable to ASIO activity lays the system wide open to abuse characteristic of the police state."

A major feature of any effective security organisation must be secrecy and protection of the members of the security organisation. With the Soviet Union increasing its interest in Australia, Australians require a security and intelligence organisation as free from party political interference as possible. We would be most apprehensive about any "reforms" introduced by a Labor Government at Canberra.


Mr. Eric Butler provides the following interesting comment.

Shortly after returning from overseas this year I was approached by the Chairman of the Students' Club at Ormond College, Melbourne University to speak at a Pleasant Sunday Evening. I agreed to do this on Sunday, September 17th. The Chairman wrote: "Seeing this is an election year it may he appropriate for you to speak on your philosophy and point of view in regard to "Australian Politics, 1972". If this topic is not to your liking please do not hesitate to suggest others." I was informed that the talk usually lasts about 30 minutes, followed by questions and discussion. This appeared to be a straightforward arrangement.

But just before 3 p.m. last Sunday I was rung at home by a student, who said he was representing the Chairman, to be told that unfortunately the Master of Ormond College had not been told about my address, and that he was insisting that if I was to speak then some other speaker should be present to put an opposite view concerning the League. If I would agree to appear under the new arrangements, Mr. Mike Richards of the Melbourne Political Science Faculty would put the opposing view. It will be recalled that Mr. Richards wrote the four hatchet articles on the League of Rights, which appeared in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald early this year, and which have subsequently been republished in brochure form and widely distributed by groups of persons whose modesty apparently precludes them from revealing their identity.

In view of this type of anonymous activity I was rather amused by one of Mr. Richards' criticisms of the League last Sunday night. 'League supporters write letters to Members of Parliament without mentioning that they are League Supporters'

I did not question the student's version of why there was a change in the agreed programme although I did feel that it was rather strange that the Master of Ormond College should apparently feel that it was in some way dangerous that a group of University students should be exposed to a League of Rights speaker without an opposing view being put. However, I decided to appear, even if only to hear at first hand what Mr. Richards might have to say. I also felt that it might be advisable to ring up my Assistant National Director, Mr. Edward Rock, and invite him to come also, as an observer.
Unfortunately I did not have access to the excellent small recorder used to tape Mr. Richards when he spoke on the League of Rights at the meeting on "Fascism" at the Unitarian Church on Sunday, September 10th.

After I had spent most of my opening address in examining the philosophy of power, and stressing that the reality of centralised power could not be changed by different labels, I demonstrated that the League's philosophy was one of decentralising power to prevent abuse, and was in direct conflict with the philosophy underlying Communism, Fascism and Nazism. I was interested to see how the political "science" tutor would deal with the proposition that all League policies, political, economic, financial and social, are the logical and direct reflection of a coherent philosophy.

Mr. Richards took a much more cautious approach than during his Unitarian Church address. Perhaps he had been inflamed by the bright red shirt worn by Dr.Jim Cairns! Or he may have been swept away - even if only temporarily from his carefully cultivated "objective" technique by the opening address of that veteran pro-Communist Sam Goldbloom, who was advertised as the speaker on The Australian Nazi Party. Mr. Goldbloom wasted no time on the comic opera Australian Nazi Party figures like "Cass" Young. He presented a chilling picture of all the Nazi SS men who migrated to Australia after the Second World War. And of how they had settled in the Australian countryside.

Then came Mr. Richards who stressed that the League's main strength was in the rural communities. The Communist Tribune report of Mr. Richards' Unitarian Church address contains the following:
"Mike Richards said that fascism does not necessarily come in jackboots, and that the symbolism of Nazism should not be confused with the substance. Nazism minus the symbols equals the League of Rights, he said."
Carefully choosing his words, Mr. Richards was not prepared to go this far at our Melbourne University meeting.

As a Marxist he naturally rejects the League's finance economic policies. I was interested to learn later in talking to some of his student supporters that "while we are all Marxists we do not support the Soviet Union." My meeting with Mr. Richards confirmed my view that he is a lightweight University tutor of little real understanding of what is happening in the world. Which raises the interesting question, put to him after the meeting by Mr. Edward Rock, but not answered, of how did The Age and Sydney Morning Herald articles come to be arranged and financed. And why was someone of much more substance and much better known, not prepared to put his name to a series of articles which two morning newspapers regarded as of such importance?

The truth is, of course, that Mr. Richards is little more than a front man. That was confirmed for me last Sunday. We have not heard the last of Mr. Richards. For some time he has been busy with the new edition of the little hate book, Voices of Hate, the original edition the work of Marxist Ken Gott. Mr. Richards and his colleagues have been having some problems. However, I am reliably informed that the book should be available very shortly. Communist bookshops will be stocking it.

One of the most interesting features of the Melbourne University meeting was the animated discussion that Mr. Rock and I had with the students who remained afterwards. Following a major thrust from Mr. Rock, Mr. Richards did not stay for any informal discussion where he could be closely questioned. While the great majority of those students who stayed were declared Marxists, against the traditional moral order - "Well, what is wrong with homosexuality?" asked one boy - and almost completely brainwashed on subjects like race, South Africa and Rhodesia there was as always that minority carefully listening to facts they obviously could not answer. I confidently anticipate more students to investigate the League for themselves after my meeting last Sunday. Thank you Mr. Richards.


Statements By Banking Authorities on the Creation of Money

Giving evidence before the Canadian Government's Committee on Banking and Commerce before the Second World War, Mr. Graham Towers, Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, frankly admitted the basic functions of the modern banking system. The following are relevant extracts from the Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence Respecting the Bank of Canada, Committee on Banking and Commerce, 1939:

Question: "But there is no question about it that banks create the medium of exchange?"
Towers: "That is right. That is what they are for…that is the Banking business, just in the same way that a steel plant makes steel…"
(p.287) "The manufacturing process consists of making a pen and ink or typewriter entry on a card or in a book. That is all."
(Pp.76 & 238) "Each and every time that a bank makes a loan (or purchases securities) new bank credit is created - new deposits - brand new money'.
(Pp. 113&238) "Broadly speaking, all new money comes out of a bank in the form of loans"
(pp261) "As loans are debts, then under the present system all money is debt."

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